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[Resolved]  SENA Vihar Association — Harrasment to Tenants

I am staying in Sena Vihar , Kammanahali, Bangalore -43. I have been staying here for last 5 year. First i stayed in Block L for 2years and then i stayed in B- Block for 3 years , now i want to shift to bigger accomodation in Block C. The land Lord is agreed to have me as tenant with all terms and conditions agreed. But the Sena Vihar Association (Retd. Army People) say that according to society rule , no one can stay in society for more than 5 years , so they won't allow me to shift but rather i have to see a house outside sena vihar as my 5 years are competed. They never mentioned it earlier and alsomy owner is not aware of this rule. Whe i try to convince them or ask for the reason of this rule , they incraese their voice (loudness) and say that this is top managemnet rule and you cannot ask for it. They are not ready to listenm to talk much abput it and just want that we should folow this wrong rule and leave Sena vihar.
This problem is faced by some other tenants also , how ever most of the owners are also against this rule and examole is my own current and future owner whos eflat we want to take.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue . Is this a valid rule that people cannot stay at a place (not house) fo r more tahn 5 years and that too without any reason.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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On the outside Sena Vihar seems like a lovely place to stay, clean, great walking space, safe, well regulated. But on the inside this is more like a retirement home with frustrated, rude senior citizens who have no respect for younger generation however nice you are to them.There is plenty of nepotism going on here. You can get away with pretty much anything if you have a relative on the welfare association. These so-called relatives party into the night, make their dogs all over the place, let their kids run wild... Apparently they don't rent out single bedrooms to single women but there are a couple whose daddies have pulled a few strings. All people do here is wait for a chance to put you down. The place is restrictive and stifling. I'm always looking over my shoulder to check if i haven't done anything wrong! It's miserable to feel this way as an adult like you're in school and the principal will pull you up for you indiscretions anytime.If your kids are playing beyond a certain time in the common ground area, they're shouted at, if they play below your building, they're shouted at... My children have gone from a blossoming brave ones to a meek, shivering messes who refuse to go play outside because some "uncle" will scream at them.You cannot entertain guest in your home because your normally "amicable" neighbour goes to bed at 9 pm and will have the guards ringing your doorbell down.But this all is acceptable if you're a relative of the owner's association. The owner's association is another nightmare to deal with. Self-appointed moderators who think it's okay to scream at you rudely anytime and anywhere. There's no point taking up the issue o[censored]nfairness with them as they will raise their voices and shut you up.There is religious discrimination practiced by the association as well while scanning out tenants as well. A Muslim colleague of mine had applied for registration the same time as us as there were two flats available under the same owner. The owner was ready to rent out the apartment to them as well but was told by the association that they didn't want Muslims in the society. We were approved being Hindus which i think is ridiculous. I almost wish we hadn't got through the screening process as well. There are so many of these "incidences" that I can keep typing all night. The year has been extremely stressful and I'm glad my rent period is coming to an end. This place is just not worth it. Do so at your own risk.
Please send mail to [protected] you will get full help, support with documental evidence that you do not need to move out, if your owner has absolute sale deed, then he is the boss of his place and it is his choice to give it to any body whome he likes, association is just to see if all the common areas are clean and not to bother any one .they will tell you it is in the bylaws, but it is not the law of the land, by law means nothing
Looks OK from the outside, inside contains rot. The focus of the association is to keep the bricks painted and fiddle with plants. Real problems such as:

1. Piling up garbage and the wretched stench every single morning
2. Clogged drains breeding mosquito larvae
3. Main roads are clean. Anything that is immediately visible is kept clean. Everything that is partly hidden is very dirty - plastic bottles everywhere, paper, and other junk.
4. Cleaners seem to be a union, whose supervisor seems to be one of them. Cleaners regularly harass for money. Piles of trash not cleaned.

In other words, the focus of the asosciation, is to keep the place tolerable from the outside and pay no attention to the place's real problems.

I have just recovered from dengue fever and am now looking for guidance on how to make the association accountable to maintaining sanitary conditions of garbage. Can they be liable for larval breeding and mosquito proliferation?

I am about to lodge a formal complaint at the BBMP and require inspection of the premises.
I have been living in Sena Vihar for Over 10 years... I find tge above feedback absolutely Rubbish... I am a Civilian and under 30___Wonderful Premises, with good facilities, Safety and good neighborhood
Hi, I have been living there for many years now and I can well relate to the misery of the tenants . I am glad that it is not just us who is feeling miserable living with the senior guys who pulls their trigger at minor issues . The tenants( read as outsiders especially the IT crowd ) is looked down upon, and nepotism - ah, let's not talk about it .
Every day they make us feel as if we are living on the LoC with Pakistan . I shudder to think that these people were once guarding our borders. But still we continue there since the society is well maintained and provides enough play-space for children. Neither do I want to reveal my name for I am sure they will hunt me down if they happen to read the comment .

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