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Nestaway Technologies — repeated breach of service level agreements (sla)

 Gagan Ramachandra on Sep 18, 2018
I have been living in my current apartment for over 2 years. When i moved in, i had my rental agreement sorted directly with the owner (And his representative) and everything was seamless.

Nestaway came into the picture about a year ago. They started managing the property and since then, dealing with them has been a major cause of stress in my life. Here's a summary of my problems:

About a couple of months ago, without any intimation, i got an sms from nestaway that i would be moving out. I called them to clarify that i am not. They agreed. However, i kept getting...
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Nestaway Technologies — owner of rented home very very unethical.

 Priti Sahu on Sep 15, 2018
Hello! I stay in hyderabad in a nestaway flat!
The owner of this flat is rolling this home off from the app (Nestaway) and telling all of us to vacate the flat (According to the agreement - minimum lock up period is 6 months).
I wish some action could be taken so that even owners get to know the lock in period applies for them too.
I shifted in june, it's not even close to 6 months!
We all flatmates are shattered (Females from different cities, dont know hyderabad at all, and have been told by the area manager to get lost and search for new homes by ourselves).
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Nestaway Technologies — condition of appliances installed & charging unrealistic charges from customer

 kapilsharma1389 on Sep 10, 2018
I've been staying in home got through nestaway sometime in january this year. Condition of house is not good - plaster work, appliances (Acs, refrigerator, fans etc.), water supply, electricity issues & list goes on. I've lived with rest of the issues but i got worried most about ac installed in my room (0.75 ton window voltas ac, 10 years old (Company stopped manufacturing it). It wasn't working properly since i moved in, around 2 months of to & fro (Half of summers i've lived without ac & at times had to stay at hotel) it got fixed & now its working ok. But now they have sent a bill of 5.6k on...
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Nestaway Technologies — about the condition of house

 Shrikant Narayankar on Sep 3, 2018
When i got room in nestaway... They said if you require any problem call us. One of the major problem in house is switch boards.. I told them they may be get faultt because they this boards are old. They said its fine they wont be get faulty after next month it became faulty. Now whenever i call them they don't answer. 2nd issue.. Is about electricity bill which was 1.2k in first month. And suddenly in next month it was 3k. Now what we should do. Is nestaway not responsible for any of this. We complained the meter. They said its faulty meter. So what we should do now. Who is going to pay...
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Nestaway Technologies — unofficial work

 Harika198 on Sep 2, 2018
I’ve shifted to the 3bhk flat 15days back where each tenant has got one more bed vacant. Two days back the other rooms of my flat has been booked and only my room is vacant but the area manager has kept the new roomie in my room even though my room on the nestaway is suppose to be still vacant. I’ve called the customer care and said if it’s official and booked on the app i would definitely accept the roomie but without my room being booked in the first place how can i accept it...
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Nestaway Technologies — damp ceiling, doors eaten by termite

 Akansha Dey on Aug 31, 2018
My sister and I are staying in an accomodation provided by Nestaway. Ceiling is leaking and everyday issues are faced. In rainy season, condition is pathetic. Doors are also eaten by termite. No solution is provided despite of several complaints to the caretaker"Mr Bhowmik" and Rent receiver "Mr. Vijay Pal". Looking forward for an immediate resolution as rent is not that less and it is paid timely to them....
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Nestaway Technologies — power backup disconnected from society and no action taken from nestaway

 Mohamed Asarudheen on Aug 30, 2018
I have paid rent and maintenance to nest away and society is asking from maintenance and nest still didn't make any action to resolve this issue. Electricity backup is disconnected and owner telling that water connection will be disconnected soon. I'm paying full money why i have to suffer. Worst service from nest away.

Ticket number : sc_00600898, sc_00610948...
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Nestaway Technologies — payment failure of 13800. [Resolved]

 Sivamohan Reddy on Aug 17, 2018
On 5th august i was trying to pay nestaway bill. But unfortunately the payment did not happen and the amount has been deducted from my account. And i got payment failure message of payment. Still, i have not received the refund of the amount. It has been communicated to me that within 7 days your payment will get refunded into your account. However, i have not received the refund yet.

Requesting you to please refund the amount asap.

Please find attached the screenshot of payment deduction from my account.

In case of any clarification plz call back immediately....
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Nestaway Technologies — theft [Resolved]

 Rohan Upmanyu on Aug 11, 2018
This is regarding the deep cleaning that took place on tuesday, 7th august, 2018.

There were 5-6 cleaners who had come to clean this house. Not only did they do a horrible job, we later discovered that the following items had been stolen
1. 16k in cash
2. Sony xperia z2 mobile phone
3. Earphones
4. A bottle of alcohol
5. Cigarettes
6. A packet of cookies
The list may continue as we keep on discovering further small items that are missing.

We contacted the cleaning house's incharge, mr. Ashwani nanda, who found the xperia...
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Nestaway Technologies — rent received but denied [Resolved]

 Chand_dave on Aug 5, 2018
Hello, i paid rent on 1st august 2018 rs 8500 twice through nestaway upi. Nestway customer agent suggested me to use upi and i tried to transfer the money couple of times as it was showing me transaction failure. Later i checked my bank statement the money got debited from my account twice but not received by nestaway. I inquired nestaway whehter they received the amount next day. They said yes but only 1 time 8500. I asked icici bank the money has been debited twice but not received by the nestaway. Icici bank gave me all transaction details with beneficiary account numbers. I showed it to nestaway...
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Nestaway Technologies — not giving me back my money [Resolved]

 Shirin Mamdani on Jul 30, 2018
I moved out of nestaway few months back. I had the electricity billers added in my paytm and justdial accounts and ended up paying 2 months bill because of the bill pending notifications. I notified nestaway about this as they are now paying electricity bills and i was told to take refund from bescom as i am no longer a nestaway tenant.
Its 2000 rupees total and these people on the call center are hooligans with a bad attitudes....
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Nestaway Technologies — move out charges [Resolved]

 Sandra Branger on Jul 30, 2018
I was a tenant at nestaway for 10 months. Recently, i have moved out and from past 10 days i am trying to get clarification on the charges that was put on me under the name of maintenance charges (Damages done to the property by me). Note - i did already pay a sum of rs 1000 for renovation charges. However, the executive seems to not know the move in manager who is the witness to damaged property given to me during my move in and now they are charging me for the same assuming i have done those damages. Even on repeated service requests, most things were not properly repaired and now...
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Nestaway Technologies — licence fee [Resolved]

 Anamikaa Mishra on Jul 28, 2018
Hi i have rented flat in noida sec 110 through nestaway the area manager who have shown me this flat ankit aggrawal has told me that my licence fee included rent and society maintenance which is clearly mentioned in the rent agreement. Now nestaway team is saying to pay maintenance explicitly whereas it is already included in my licence fee. Please find attached screenshot of rent agreement. Also nestaway is fraud and such a dishonest act. They are not even giving number of his area manager who has shown me the flat, his old number is not working. They all are fraud. Shame full act....
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Nestaway Technologies — regarding move in of my pg [Resolved]

 nupurj05 on Jul 27, 2018
I booked a pg and made online payment for a room and selected move in date on 29/07/18. When i created my profile after making payment i was not having my check book with me (since i did not carry the same when i came to noida) And nest away asked me to provide them scanned copy of a cancel cheque. Which i provided to them after 2 days of payment
Since my parents were here in noida. And i get scanned copy only after they home back. Now they asked me to book a move in date again and now i am not getting an option to move in on 29 th. The next possible date they are showing online is 01/08/18....
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Nestaway Technologies — misrepresentation & wrong commitments [Resolved]

 AkanshaChaudhary on Jul 16, 2018
Area Manager Mahesh(Nestaway- madhapur) charged us On-boarding charges stating that this money is refundable and will get trasnferred to Nestaway points in my account. There is no refund & he has stopped responding to our calls. When I connected with there call center they said on boarding charges are non refundable. It's fraud & strict action to be taken against Nestaway & their representative...
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Nestaway Technologies — fraudulent transactions [Resolved]

 bharathee on Jul 15, 2018
NestAway is a fraud company. I am using their services as both owner and tenant. I am just waiting for my time to terminate both these relationships. I liked them initially. But I am very quickly realizing that they have no business ethics.

As a tenant, what I saw was that they charge 3 times - 4 times for maintenance issues. When there was a problem with water heater, they said it can't be repaired so it had to be replaced. The owner replaced it with a new one but was able to repair it later. Then for another issue, they quoted Rs. 9, 000 to the owner. The owner called me and said,...
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Nestaway Technologies — a complete exploitation of my money, my time & my peace of mind [Resolved]

 manish874356 on Jul 12, 2018
Yet another experience of extremely poor services and highly misleading information from the Nestaway team.

Thanks for reminding me what being helpless feels like. Pathetic set of people working for apathetic company.

Nestaway and their employees have been harassing me since 4th July 2018(the date I was promised a move-in, ):

1.) I raised AC installation service request 4 days prior to my move-in, however no action taken. The SPOC responsible for my move-in did not fix the issue till date i.e 12th july 2018, is not responding to my calls n even threatened...
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Nestaway Technologies — fooling around with my property [Resolved]

 Rajeshwari Muddala on Jul 8, 2018
I handed over my property to Nestaway on 28th April. I have since then facing nothing but problems.
Three property managers have changed since then and I do not have even the slightest idea who is responsible for my property now as not one of them is professional enough to keep the owner updated. I am in a different country and you have no idea how painful it is for me not knowing what is happening to my home there.
I received complaints from the apartment management team that Nestaway has not paid any maintenance till date. The electricity bills are exorbitant for an empty house....
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Nestaway Technologies — bad service and false support by nestaway technologies. [Resolved]

 sachin.jain on Jun 27, 2018
Dear Nestaway,

My name is Sachin Jain and my phone number is [protected] and I am a tenant in Nestaway Property in Gurgaon-
2nd floor, A-112, Vipul World, Sector - 48.

We are facing serious urgent issue of water scarcity because of water supply that was disconnected by people of ground floor.

We have tried reaching you out in every way possible that we can.
We have tried calling all you Managers (Anil- Area Manager, Brijesh, Ankit- Electricity Manager, Rahul) and your Bangalore team. We visited your headoffice in Gurgaon and submitted our...
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Nestaway Technologies — deposit refund pending since last 20 days-unprofessional customer care [Resolved]

 Shubhank Singh on Jun 27, 2018
I have done my move out on 10 june 2018 and after providing &updating bank details (Which was already provided in detail with cancel check) still i am waiting for my refund. Called 100s of time and mailed you but still nestaway is making fool and false statement.
Bank detail provide on mail, verbally, update through customer care and many more still even customer executive (High unprofessional) are not clear about and making false statement.
Even though they told will not going to do the escalation of my concern and share the escalation mail id. They really rude and unethical....
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