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Nestaway Technologies — refund-booking cancellation

 ajish pillai on Dec 14, 2018
Hi team, please refer sc _00883867, whre various cust rep help me to cancel my token money within 48 hrs and finally it was successful. But none of them advice me that i need to raise one more service request to get refund and neither in your app mention that to get money back need to raise sr. And to be fair why one should raise sr when he successfully cancelled request, isn't obvious that we should be received money right after, or nestaway have authority to keep my money even after booking cancellation. Think of your accountability towards your customer. I came to know this after 6 days when...
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Nestaway Technologies — onboarding charges and security deposit refund while leaving house

 nishatiwari04 on Dec 7, 2018
I recently 1st dec 2018 shifted in house though nestaway and the contact person naveen - [protected] and anu - [protected], when i talk to him initially he told me i have to pay 4000 rs for on-boarding charges which is not refundable while vacating and that money for painting and cleaning stuff. And 2 month rent (50k) deposite need to pay + along with 1 month rent (25k) advance. While vacating i will get full 2 month rent (50k) deposit back without any deduction. But when we moved in and pay all amount on time. As per policy we will receive the agreement format before move in so i can validate it...
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Nestaway Technologies — nestaway technologies off boarding process

 Sheham on Dec 5, 2018
Hi, this is Sneha and I m submitting a complaint regarding nestaway while offboarding process. The current house that we are staying in, is getting offboarding and yet nestaway is providing no support what so ever in shifting. Even the installations of ac, electricals which we did basis confirmation from their area managers, are being refused to be relocated. Verbal communication from their area manager and their customer care is completely off the record. It's like while house is not booked, they will be after you, but once you are trapped, they just find means to deduct rent and money. Area managers...
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Nestaway Technologies — extra rent taken from nestaway

 rrdavinash on Dec 1, 2018
They will take the rent and will not allow you stay. They ll say agrregent is not generated so you are not allowed to stay but you ll have to pay as your license has started. They took 12 days extra pahment from me. I am stuck here after paying security money. They will promish that they have power backup but actually nothing you ll get. From customer support team they will talk to you as they are manager. Some people do change their name. One person varun is there he will say he is trasfering the call to higher manager but he him self will talk with different name.

Pls dont do the...
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Nestaway Technologies — someone else staying in my booking

 Aviral Agrawal on Nov 30, 2018
My name is aviral agrawal and i have booked a bed in pg through nestaway but have to cancel it due to personal reason but after two days i cancelled my cancelation and wanted to take that booked bed. I got confirmation from customer care that i can move in as bed is in my name. And that's the process and reflecting in nestaway mobile app under my dashboard.

Just after a day when am planning to #, i got to know someone else is staying in that bed which is in my name, am getting charged for that and area manager has already allocated my bed to someone else where in i have not yet...
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Nestaway Technologies — problem in vacating

 Rátñà Prâkâsh on Nov 30, 2018
I informed nestaway a month back that i'm going to vacate. But they are telling that i'm responsible for finding a replacement for me. The rest of the flatmates can't pay the rent for the whole house. Now i'm just confused like what is the role of nestaway in this process. Why can't they find the replacement and adding pressure to the tenants by forcing to find a replacement....
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Nestaway Technologies — security deposit refund delay

 Akshat Lavania on Nov 27, 2018
One fine day my house was deboarded and I got an intimation that the same shall be done within 15 days notice as provided by Nestaway, however, I packed my bags and left the property on 12th of June. Post that I started receiving emails from the legal team of Nestaway as I have paid my rental until now and recently got an outstanding amount notice of Rs. 82, 000.
I have been following up with their Legal team as I was provided an eviction notice on 1st June 2018, and I have vacated the property within the due timelines, I still haven't received my security deposit amount.
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Nestaway Technologies — regarding the inability of nestaway people to rectify the recurring problems.

 swati mohan on Nov 26, 2018
Its been 3 weeks that i moved into a nestaway pg. Everyday i face one problem or the other.

1. Electricity issues
Inverter backup not working only in my room.
Mcb keeps on tripping, many times only in my room there is no electricity.

2. Plumbing issues
The flush hasn't been working for more than two weeks. The concerned people keep on stalling me.

3. Paint issues
It was promised to me that paint would be done within one week of my move-in. There is so much of water seepage in a entire wall and it looks utterly hideous.
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Nestaway Technologies — I am complaining about a long term issue

 RICHASep9 on Nov 22, 2018
I have shifted in 2487 indiranagar 17th main rajnigandha property on 9th nov'18 on the very first day i raised 2 issue 1. Filter replacement 2. Refrigerator replacement but after several call and putting in dash board also not resolved yet, every day i have to call customer care for update but they comeup with no solution n tells u will receive a call within 24 hrs but that never happened. Just wanted to put a very clear note that if the filter issue is not resolve within a weeks time kindly note this i am going to deduct rs.80 (Bisleri water) x30 days=rs.2400/- from my rent....
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Nestaway Technologies — caution amount not received yet.

 josephgloria on Nov 15, 2018
I took a pg through nestaway in Gurgaon as I was doing my internship for three months. Its unnecessarily expensive with extra load of electricity bill which used to come around 4000 per month( non-usage of AC). not only this TV and water bill had to paid separately. its agents are useless as they are not at all helpfull. at the time of making payemnt to them(caution deposit) they would take it wihtout any formalities and questions but at the time of refund one goes to death calling customer care but still wont find it back!!! I've moved out on 18th may and yet I haven't received my caution deposit....
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Nestaway Technologies — not refunding my amount [Resolved]

 Smaran Cheriamane on Oct 26, 2018
I made a payment of 15, 600 through debit card to nestaway technologies but the transaction was not successful. My amount was stuck. I raised multiple complaints for the same. They told that a refund has been initiated and i will get it in 4 days. Its been 15 days now. They dint refund my amount. They are telling that my money was stuck with razorpay (Payment gateway). I wrote a mail to razorpay too. None of them are responding. Please help me in this regard....
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Nestaway Technologies — caution money refunding [Resolved]

 The majestic on Oct 24, 2018
First u guys are a group of thieves.
My hostel manager told me that they'll return my caution money after i leave the hostel but they haven't.
They were supposed to refund me at the end of the last month and now it's been more than a month.
When i call them, they say it'll be done by the next 3 or 4 days. They always make excuses.
Now i'm thinking that your company's gonna ditch my money.
Since ur guys are so late i want that money back.
Name that courrputed manager is manoj.
I was in kota, nestaway priyansh boys hostel...
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Nestaway Technologies — critical issues since 11th october [Resolved]

 Nest on Oct 18, 2018
You take 6 days to make the house ready and still basic amenities have not been provided?
The services you provide to. Person leaves his/her home and come trusting you and you cannot take care of them? All issues been raised 8 days ago has not been resolved yet.
I am not going to elaborate on all issues here as there are several tickets opened already. But i promise never to recommend anyone a nestaway home...
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Nestaway Technologies — not enabling move out request and not paying my deposit [Resolved]

 Nikit Swaraj on Oct 17, 2018
So i was staying with nestway from when nestaway itself started, means by 2015. I paid all the all the security deposit and started living in the house. I took internal change and at that time as well i had paid the difference amount of security at that time. Now while moving i paid all the amount and i asked the customer care representative to enable the move out request then suddenly they have added 9k some amount saying that you have to deposit amount of 2016. I don't really understand how the hell they are working on this project and how they made this no. They are literally frustrating me day...
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Nestaway Technologies — I'm complaining about deposit amount to nestaway [Resolved]

 ravindra_rajput on Oct 15, 2018
Hi NestAway Technologies,

my name is ravindra rajput and currently, I am facing trouble regarding deposit amount Rs. 9600 paid my me to nextaway Technologies, I explain all my problem below.

first, when I book a flat with nestaway service I deposit amount 9600/- and flat rent with 3 month locking period when I pay then they told me that they give me my agreement document on my email address. after 2 days later I call them but they don't give me a proper answer. now I completed my 3 months and I go to the nestaway area manager to refund my 9600 but they deny to give...
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Nestaway Technologies — apartment booking [Resolved]

 Chinmoy Debnath on Oct 11, 2018
My concern with the apartment that i have paid the company for, but no proper action has been taken, the behavior of the area manager towards the whole matter is very casual and he does not return any of my calls. This has become a harassment for me both mentally and physically. My interaction with the representatives of the company is making me lose trust in the company....
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Nestaway Technologies — security deposit refund [Resolved]

 Vaishnavi Ravichandran on Oct 9, 2018
I paid security deposit of 20000 and i have checked out on Oct 2nd and still i didn't get my refund amount. Previously Atlantis building was under Square plums i paid september month to square plums and that is not reflecting in nestaway dashboard. I also raised support tickets and followed n number of times in nestaway dashboard. There is no proper reply or resolution as of now. I was really fed up with it....
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Nestaway Technologies — my flat in very bad condition [Resolved]

 RahulSoni22 on Oct 8, 2018
What kind of filthy service are you giving? You are not even responding to any calls or emails. Why on earth are you giving services then?
It has been 3 weeks and i am following up for the issues-

I want to end the contract today with immediate effect. Give me the handover as soon as possible. Not more than 2 days i will wait.

Before giving the handover clear below things-

1) master bedrooms fan is not working.
2) hall's fan is not working.
3) last electricity bill of 820/- is not clear.
4) broken walls should be fixed.
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Nestaway Technologies — undue billing and inadequate response [Resolved] on Oct 7, 2018
I have been charged twice the electricity bill by nestaway, which actually is paid by the tenant not by nestaway.

We have separate meter for each room and the bill shared by each individual should be based on usage.

Without investigation, nestaway raised the bill to me on some basis which is not explained to me and also not discussed with my before raising the bill.

I have been following nestaway team since almost 2 months but till date no one investigated it in details but ordered me to pay the amount as billed.

I want to make a request...
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Nestaway Technologies — nestaway did fraud with me and did mental torture [Resolved]

 aditi14 on Oct 7, 2018
I was staying in nestaway house at hinjewadi pune from 2 yrs. My company shifted to magarpatta which is 2 hrs from there so i was searching home. I got 1 penthouse and met that owner and pursued him to give it to nestaway ans said that i have to shift as cannot travel. They shifted me unofficially till the house hot live but gave it to some boys and said me to move out. Unnecessarily i was paying rent in my old house from one month. Then i raised move out as i was frustrated because they wasted my time and money but then again one area manager calls me nd says that there is a bed got vacant in the...
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