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[Writing only very serious incompetencies of sleek kitchen and I have lot more to write, but thought it is waste of time]

I have deployed Sleek Kitchen [since I liked @ home and don't why @home spoils their reputation by such partnership] to install my Kitchen and Wardrobe furnishing with a value of 4.6L INR and paid an advance of 2.25L with an agreement to finish the deployment as mentioned:

-Materials at my house on 14 June
-Completion on 18th June
-All my painting and completion would be done only after wood work in my house that 3800 SFT in size after agreement with sleek kitchen in a meeting between me, Builder, and sleek kitchen. Mind this: My house is in Fixed price execution and I was not allowed beyond 18th June by my builder to proceed the final works]
-Thinking that Sleek would do a great job, my builder broke the portion of kitchen for erecting a standing unit in proposal of sleek in front of all 3 of us.[ I still remember seeing the good work being broken based on sleek's commitment last month]
-My house stands like a devils' bungalow with final work pending and additional 1 month to go.
-But don't want to proceed with sleek and wish to have refund right today.

On 17th I called up the person in charge Anand from Sleek Kitchen @ home Nelsonmanikem Road, Chennai to find out [Actually you need to call to understand their error and I am used to it with a perfect reasoning like my laptop missing, I have been working for you etc... that does not solve your issue] that nothing happened as promised. Tried cancelling the order.

Once again on his promises, I opened up and got a mail from Sleek with the deployment plan as shown below:

-Materials at my house on 26June
-Completion on 30 June

Having knowing that there would be no customer delight, I called up on 23rd to check and confirm the materials will be in [you need to remind them. Thats your job]... Again on 25th I called up with a promise of call return in 2 hours and again in the late night where I got a call back saying there is a mail sent:

{Dear sir,

Sleek Pranam

We promised to finish the kitchen by this month end based on the commitment given to us from our Head office ,but there was a confusion in HO between the name of clients in chennai and coimbatore .Both stores were having clients named Muralidharan.Still now HO were giving us the dates for Muralidharan from Coimbatore.
Now after clearing the confusion we got the confirmation from HO as our material to chennai will reach on 16th July.
We apologize for the delay and confusion from our end.We hope you understand our situation.

Thanks & Regards,
Vandana / Anand
Deccan Shubhmangala Kalyana Mandapa
No.74/4, Nelson Manikkam Road,
Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 029,
Ph. 044-3246 9100,,

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M R GOEL & Co. — no connectivity

telephone no. 26948820
we are having mtnl broadband connection on above mentioned number. Since last 45 days there is no internet connectivity. Inspite of repeated complaint there is no action from your side. I am giving one complaint no.[protected] dated 9th December, 08 for your reference. I have not maintained record for all comnplaints.
Please give the credit for thr period the service was discontinued by you without any fault from my side and even repeated complaint fdid no good.
Please rectify the complaint immediately.

I _ Design : Modular Kitchen works — In complete works by I-Design

We have made an order for design & Installation of Modular Kitchen to M/s I DESIGN located at the address #2-48/284,GROUND FLOOR, OPP. TO L&T TOWERS,TELECOME NAGAR, GACHI BOWLI, HYDERABAD, PHONE:[protected]/10.

The deal was settled with the following terms:

PAYMENT : 50% advance along with order, 40% payment 2 days before delivery, and
10% after installation.
DELIVERY : Within 45 days and installation with in 60 days from the date of order.

Inspite of repeated requests/ follow-ups since the past 120 days, the job has been half complete.

For the last two weeks there is no response even to our phone calls.

Due to the incomplete work we are unable to give the flat for renting and hence loosing revenue for such an huge investement.

Request you to do the needful.

Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Kumar
very good alert given by u, thanks for giving such a valuable experiance.
I am luckier; before fininshing my home I thought I will make a visit to the Sleek outlet at Payyanur (where I am put up) to discuss. The Sleek fellow has only two sentences to say "Ours is the largest show room in Kerala you give your budget we will give you a quotation". The fellow doesn't want to no our requirements, to see the building etc.

And you call there tollfree customer care; see for yourself the sleek replies.

Vandana Distributors — Phone Numbers & Broadband is not working

Dear sir
we had lodge the comlaints regrding our land line & Broad band are not working.
we are unable to understand why nobody is is intersted to look into matter.
as our telephone no 27977,276483 Broad Band Number 276483.
Pleas reply immediatly
sunil arora

Sleek Dealer- MIA Kitchen — Non delivery of modular kitchen

The Dealer of delivering the Kitchen moduler furniture within a month and toke 70% advance and only delivered half of the kitchen that also very late, and now the other part the dealer say the choice of colour is not avaible in company and still continuing given promisess of delivering it.
We have order sleek brand modular kitchen in KS kitchen Madurai and they are not co-operated so far for the detailed drawing and model also they never informed us to make other arrangements like gas connection pipes to be installed by us and they replied this is not our job to inform the costomer. How do we know that what kind of connection to be given for the cosealed type of hob.Now their attitude has been changed after getting 75% of the contract payment and still no work has been started. This kind of attitude will spoil the Sleek image. We look forward to have your advice to the KS kitchen people to co-operate with customer.

Thanks and Regards
Dear all,

Sorry for the inconvenient caused to you, there is a huge difference between Dealer's before sale and after sale services. I guess every body here knows that very well.

If you have any complaint or query please write it on:, and

I am sure that you will receive a call from SLEEK within 24 hours Max.

Thank you,
I don't agree that SLEEK will revert in 24 hours...
I've done my Kitchen work from SLEEK, Banglore that took 5 months to complete.
After that I found they charged high price for the material delivered. I'm following up with Bangalore and Mumbai (head office), they don't care even to revert.
I'll wait for their response for this week and will proceed with further action.

Devang Desai
SLEEK Kitchen's has been the worst kind of services and support I have ever received in my life, I must say it from my experience now.

An order for twin corner blind left was placed about more than 2 months back with one of your authorized dealer here in Cochin. As a surprise it is still to be honored.

People make a mockery of the order. They have supplied a twin corner right in the carton for twin corner left after about one month from he date of my order. When complined it took another two weeks to at-least entertain the issue. When contacted the dealer asked me to contact the distributor here. When enquired the distributor promised an ACCURATE and TIME-BOUND delivery of the product within a week after that. It has again not materialized within the committed time. When complained again, the same person replied that the box for me was in transit by courier. So far nothing has happened, no courier no
communication. But I must inform you that the payment for the unwanted twin corner blind right is already been made on the promise that it will be replaced by the requested Left Blind Twin Corner within 6 days from then. People have several excuses which are a lot illogical and hence unacceptable.

One must see that the nondelivery has created much of a trouble for me which I just cannot mention here. My project is getting delayed and delayed. I am planning to approach an appropriate statutory forum to
redress this grievance due to the Sleek People here. Moreover, I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend this kind of a service from a Kitchen Specialist to anyone due to obvious reasons.

Rajesh, Cochin
I too am a grieving SLEEK KITCHEN CUSTOMER. Work started on 5th June & was promised completion by 10th July. Today is 12th July and my cabinets have not even been dispatched from their factory. They have the audacity to demand full payment before the completion of the job.
While their work so far (civil work) has been done well, but they SUCK big time in customer management, updating & informing the customer of the next steps & the worst of all is that they avoid you. No response to SMS, emails or calls.
I am regretting having chosen them. Would never recommend anyone to go to SLEEK. These guys need to change their name from Professional Kitchen to Amateur Kitchen Makers.

The services provided by Ramdev Creations in Bhilwara, Rajasthan is very good and promising as well as within time.

Gulab singh Jhala
A-85 Engineers Colony
Bhilwara(Rajasthan )


I am resident of andheri east living in mahakali area in my place there is a Store name Rajesh general store open till mid night by 12 o clock every day that create a problem in the locality as all drunken person come late in the night to buy snacks and create nuisance so please look into the matter & take immediate action as soon as possible or also giude us with the number in the future to teckle the issuse from our end.

Thanks & Regards

citizen of india

Dave 1 Engineers, Bangalore. — Non Completion of Wood Works like Wardrobes, modular kitchen etc.

Dear Sir,
I had entered into an agreement with Mr N Vasudevan, Dave1 Engineers, Bangalore for execution of Wood work like built in cupboards, kitchen cabinet etc. at my Residence at B-8, Almond Tree, Yelahanka, on 12 May 2011. The work was to be completed within 60 days after placement of order which was done by giving an advance of Rs. 1,00,000/= by Cheque No 698135 dated 09 Apr 11 of SBI, Sanjaynagar. He has completed nearly 90% of the work and collected a total amount of Rs. 2,50.000/= till date. He now has to fit the locks, handles, mirrors, bolts, magnets etc which he has not executed for last two months and he does not respond to the mobile calls or SMS sent to him properly. He has been giving appointments and promising to meet me and complete the job, but never turns up or keeps the commitment. This attitude of Mr Vasudevan is causing me severe financial losses and mental agony. Request advice course of action. My contact details are given below. Regards,
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours Sincerely,
Gp Capt Sam Alex.
Address : P-318/52, OM Qtrs, HQ Training Command, IAF,
JC Nagar Post, Hebbal, Bangalore 560006.
Telephone :[protected]
Mobile Nos : [protected] and [protected].
I have the worst nightmares in my life after I had ordered A sleek Kitchen from Status a sleek franchise from Ghaziabad. After verifying credentials of Sleek modular Kitchen from, I ordered a modular kitchen for my house in Nov 2011 from a sleek dealer in Ghaziabad Mr. Rajeev Goel Ethics less Person, and Mad. Later I was informed that he was a franchise and OEM has no control over him.

After paying 1.68 lac, he has not made my kitchen on standards as per he discussed with us.

when i have ordered then he has taken measurement but most of the items as less size or big size, now is he is cutting everything or making adjustments.

In this case i have contacted to Mr. Jairaj Vice President of Company, he is also not having control on this man.

I have written a mail to Mr. Anup (, but he has also escalate the issue and not listen carefully.

A totally fraud company with no ethics doing business in India. I am requesting to everybody, please do not make kitchen from Sleek.

A warning to all those who are planning for a Sleek Kitchen, this is a worst company and franchisee Mr. Rajeev Goel is a guy.
good job.this is very helpfull, I drop sleek. suresh, GUNTUR
thanks I was planning but I'll quit from my decision. Please can any one suggest the alternate OPTION ..please..

A. khan
Hi all,

I have planned to exceed my budget by 3 times than what a normal carpenter would chage to make the same kitchen but as the final design and material was not upto my expectation hence before placing the final order I have cancelled it and requested for the refund of 10k blocking money at Sleek in AT HOME, Kormangla, Bangalore.
The architect was quite humble to understand the situation and promised to give the steel basket worth Rs.10, 000 instead of cash rufund so we agreed to it.

To our most horrible surprise, next day we get a threatning call from the store manager saying either I have to accept their design & materials or else have to forget the Rs.10, 000 deposit, its not refundable.

I told him that we already go the commitment from the architect that we are ready to accept the steel basket rather than money but he clearly stated that no money will be refunded and no product can be be given in exchange. When I advised to discuss with his managers & VP then he says as his the last person to decide in SLEEK...

Immediately I spoke to the reginal manager-Mr.Nigam who agreed to callme back on monday and in addition I will be reaching his VP-Ritesh Jain, mumbai on this as how can a employee decide himself as the final decision maker so unprofessionally and threaten as no refund possible. I have also decided to lodge a case in Consumer court thru a known lawyer and with an FIR.

When the final order itself is not placed by paying 50% then how can they cheat me by not paying Rs.10, 000. I am even ready to buy products woth that after deduction the designing charges !!!

Lets see whrere it reaches..

This is the response to the email complaint lodged to SLEEK Kitchen management:

From: Vishal Nigam []
Sent: Wednesday, 28 March, 2012 2:22 PM
Cc: 'ritesh'; 'Rajesh Ahuja'; 'naeem';
Subject: RE: Threatning calls from Sleek bangalore for not signing up !!!

Dear Mr.Das,

On Behalf of Sleek, I sincerely apologies on the inconvenience caused to you . On one hand it is pleasing for us that you have been served by best of the ability of Ashwini but on parallel your inconvenience is a letdown.

Sir, as discussed with you over the Phone I am still waiting to hear from You. Through our proposal, we had tried to match with your expectation and are fully committed to serve you with best of the Intentions .It would be a honor for us to serve you.

Sir, I once again apologies on behalf of our staff behavior and regret it as it had resulted in mistrust.

Here on the same time I would like to bring to your notice that as per our policy we strictly follow a No-refund policy i.e. we would neither be able to cancel the order and make refund or adjust it against equal purchase of the value of advance.

I hope my mail would restore your confidence back on us and would allow both of us in moving forward . Sleek is committed to insure to design and build your dream kitchen and my team and I would do our best to make that a reality.

Vishal Nigam
GM- Retail and Marketing



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