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Pepperfry — Return Request is not accepting by Pepperfry

 shijusen on Apr 26, 2017
I purchased 6 items (3 nos of exhaust fan and 3 nos of lights) from pepper fry for a value of rs. 5244. one of the light is not matching with my interior and quality of the light also poor. i requested m/s pepper fry to return the product and refund the payment of light. i requesting every one to don't buy any product from pepper fry. they are not interested in customer satisfaction, they are interested only in there policy. they send a mail to me, same is posted below.

Hi sir/madam,

Thank you for contacting us!

With reference to your online return request...
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Pepperfry — Wardrobe

 Vasvee Gupta on Apr 24, 2017
I ordered a wardrobe from pepperfry 3 months back and I recieved it without its lock. I registered the complaint to them many a times but yet no response from their side for the issue. The only response I get every time from them is 'your issue will be resolved within 48 hours'. I dont know when their 48 hours will complete. This is how they serve to their customers. Worst after sale service....
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Pepperfry — Fraudulent activity by pepperfry

 Khemu Rathod on Apr 18, 2017
I placed two orders from pepperfry and those were prepaid orders, but pepperfry cancelled both orders saying the prices were revised and hence we will not be able to supply that product to you on paid price which means either pepperfry is misleading the people or some fraudulent activity is been taking place with pepperfry.

When i call customer care they say the same thing. When i asked them to write an email on the same they refused to do so.

Even they failed to respond to my email.

Waste of buying with pepperfry....
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Pepperfry — Cancellation of order 302999296

 Prabh Gurbaj Singh on Apr 16, 2017
Hi, I just placed this order 302999296 from Pepperfry about an hour ago.
I paid the amount by credit card.
The order hasnt even shipped yet.
I called them to cancel the order and initiate a refund.
They refused and are not helping me

Pepperfry customer care is not helping me.

The product is a Office chair .This is the link for it - />
Earlier also on the Indian customer care page the same complaint has been...
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Pepperfry — One sided return policy-stay away

 JayZ83 on Apr 14, 2017
Stay away from Pepperfry!!!I got a product with a different color and fabric as compared to what was advertised on the website. When I complained the representative calls and tells me the vendor is saying the color is the same.I told them I have sent you the pictures, compare the color yourself.To which they responded saying it's supposed to be a multicolor I can only laugh at myself for falling in this pepperfry trap as even their terms say the color may vary.Lesson learnt for sure, I have bought several products from other online furniture stores but never faced a quality issue.I will...
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Pepperfry — Not cancelling order. Poor customer service

 Govindasamy A. on Apr 13, 2017
I wrongly placed the order with different payment method. So i like to cancel the order and then like to place through different payment option.

Pepperfry not providing any flexiblity to change the order. Once your payment in next minute you don't have any control on that. Even you report the customer service they don't hear and they are not ready to cancel.

It is kind of forcing the customer to force to receive the order because payment.

Pepperfry should change policy or someaction should be taken on their service.

Order No. 302992952...
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Pepperfry — Pepperfry is FRAUD!!! Beware!!! Don't order!!!!

 Lekha Selvaraj on Apr 7, 2017
I bought an idol fountain for 12, 500. It was delivered after 15 days and there was a visible crack on the product. I gave return item on the product along with the picture of the broken product.
A customer service rep called me and said the original product on the site also has the same crack (this is lie since I zoomed as much as I can and could not find any damn thing on the product in their website after this call). I asked him whether they are selling product knowing that it is broken and he started to blabber that it is the finish of the product(well trained or too much of practical...
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Pepperfry — Return policy unfair one sided

 Mtriv341 on Apr 6, 2017
Very unfair and one sided policy. Not a win win situation. Its a win for them and loose for customer

While i was about to become a loyal customer of pepperfry i have been left with a very bad reponse from the team of pepperfry.

Just go give you a quick reference to what i am speaking about. I have first time purchased from pepperfry and wish to return two out of three products purchased reason being i am not happy with the comfort of the sofa. I am being forced to keep this product becasue pepperfry says its a policy that the product should be either damanged or incorrect....
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Pepperfry — Order not delivered and each time I call i get the same BS promise of next day delivery. Today was my 6th call to them

 Nan1234567 on Mar 30, 2017
I bought 2-sofas from pepper fry and after a week got an SMS to say the order will be delivered on or before 25th March2017 as it has already reached the warehouse in hyderabad. But it was not delivered. When i called on 26th the customer support agent said it will be delivered on 28th March2017. I called again on 27th Mar to make sure it was planned for delivery on 28th MAr but the agent who took the call said the previous agent didnt know it was holiday on 28th so now it will be delivered on 29th Mar. When I called again on 29th Mar the new agent who took my call said the other 2-agents didnt...
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Pepperfry — Hardware missing. No response

 Binson Pappachan on Mar 28, 2017
Ref: 302915200
Ordered and paid for dining set. Carpenter could not assemble it because screws and other hardware needed were not delivered with the wooden planks and metal frames. Intimated on call and mail. No response after 4 weeks and 7 to 8 customer care calls.
Each time, the call centre support (mostly a girl named Vandana) mentions some manager's name (Karanveer) who will look into this shortly. This happens on every call but no response from Pepperfry's side after the call.

How hard can it be to get spares from the vendor and deliver it to us. If the spares...
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Pepperfry — Size issue with product, Return denied

 Rinis on Mar 28, 2017
I cant believe that a heavily advertised Pepperfry can stoop down to these levels. I ordered a product of Kings International from Pepperfry and the size of the product in reality was small compared to the picture which was misleading. I raised a return request on the same day and did not hear back about the pickup even after 10 days. When I contacted the helpdesk they told me that return would not be accepted unless there was a defect. This comes as a big surprise because one would least expect such a ridiculous condition in an online purchase. There was no such statement about return policy in...
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Pepperfry — Order cancelled and no options given

 sreenathk on Mar 23, 2017
My order # 302928116 was for a dining table. I have been waiting for it and I even called them on the day before the date of delivery to know about the status. They said, everything fine and we will get it next day.

On the day of delivery I got a call and they told me that, we are cancelling order as there is some problem. We will refund money.

I am very surprised. Normally anybody offers a replacement product or some other one. But here he spoke so rude and talk to me as if we are helping you and giving your money back.

I called again to see if somebody...
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Pepperfry — Curtains incorrectly showed in pic

 sannagoliyadi on Mar 21, 2017
This is the worst ever online Shopping experience I am having, though I have ordered more than 10 times from pepperfry and never returned anything this time I ordered curtains worth 3k and the pic showed full length curtains while what I received was half length, I put in a return request to get the curtains exchanged and this size is completely useless for me as I have french windows. The customer care guy who called me was extremely rude and said they have a new return policy and would not even exchange it, he used the words I don't care and escalate to whoever u want and was the worst customer...
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Pepperfry — Study table not in Color as shown in website/application

 Neelesh1812 on Mar 17, 2017
I had ordered 'Winner Study Table in Rigato Walnut Finish by Spacewood' and received delivery on 5th March, Order no:302888098. The product is not the Color what is shown in website/app. Within two days, I launched complaint which was addressed by the 'concerned' person in 10 days. Despite sharing the photos of the table, that person did not bother to look at it but checked through some internal team who said Color is same. Following up with further mail, they are not at all concerned about it but in attitude of do whatever you like. This is truly unprofessional behaviour which was not...
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Pepperfry — Return policy really unfair

 geetika.hem on Mar 16, 2017
I ordered a pair of cushion covers which looked good in the images provided. However, once I received the order, I realized that they were of very low quality fabric. Its transparent and cant be used on regular white cushion fillers. I requested a return of this item, to which they replied that it cant be returned if the customer doesn't like the product. Now how is one supposed to know the quality of fabric through images. After this one email, I have not received any reply to my subsequent emails to them. This is really unfair to the customers and they should make sure the customer know the return...
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Pepperfry — Pepperfry product received in broken condition - order no. 302856454

 Buddhalas on Mar 15, 2017
I had ordered a mchannah bunker bed which was delivered on 17th feb. The assigned carpenter did not report for assembling the unit till 10th march and kept denying duty saying that the area (Vasant kunj) doesnt come under his duty territory. After raising yet another complaint i was assigned the same carpenter!!

The carpenter on opening the bed found that one of the bed boards had broken into two parts and said that this is defective and that the installation could not be done. I once again called the consumer helpline and they now refuse to replace/repair or accept any blame for...
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Pepperfry — Refund not retrieved into account

 Shashank N on Mar 12, 2017
Please check the screenshot attached, as per the company Pepperfry they have already initiated refund on 3rd March which is still not reflecting in the account. please check on the bank reference number in the screenshot attached, it has been 10 days since the refund was initiated. I would like to get the issue resolved. Please check and revert back at the earliest....
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Pepperfry — Ridiculous return policy & ridiculous service

 Raghavph on Mar 8, 2017
Placed 2 orders with Pepperfry on the 18th Feb for 2 products (Ref - Order No. 302882040 & Order No. 302882010) for a wall clock & key holder.
Have only received the wall clock on Feb 27, found that it is hollow & casts a shadow on the wall and it is impossible to tell the time from a distance even with lights on. Placed a return request for the product on the same day i received it, then learnt about their ridiculous return policy, where they said that i could return only if it is defective or does not match the description in their website. In online shopping, how does one know if the product...
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Pepperfry — Pepperfry is denying to take back an item, for which they had given wrong product description online.. [Resolved]

 Anwesha Deb on Mar 7, 2017
Pepperfry has started cheating people openly. Recently we purchased a blackout curtain (Theatre darkness was a key requirement), after seeking assistance from pepperfry customer care. We had clearly told them our requirement and asked them to advice us on the kind of description we should be looking for, while on our search for the right product. Accordindly, we invested in a lushomes blackout door curtain (Set of 2) on 17th feb 2017. The order number was 302880170. When we received the item on 27th feb 2017, we noticed that there was no blackout lining at the back of the curtain and hence, the...
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Pepperfry — Product installation not done and not allowed to return.

 badjoby on Mar 6, 2017
I was prompted by Peppery that carpenter will come for three days after the delivery and the carpenter did not turn up. I chatted over the chat service three times and they kept promising that carpenter would come. I filed for a return on the website with the photo of the the unopened box and then carpenter calls when I am not available. I said I want to return the unopened box. Then the agent from Pepperfy calls and Pepperfry says they wont take back. He keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Pepperfy site itself does not give any option for feedback that is visible to other customers....
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