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Pepperfry — Incorrect Product Description, No cancelling/returning order

 amandeepgini on Jan 19, 2017
This is regarding my order: 302802208 placed on 17th January 2017
16:23:32 IST of Rs 37173.

I was told the product has storage inside the bed and have a placn on the bottom to store it. But it turns out it is just a space under the bed and when I asked them to cancel the order, they are not cancelling. Their executive told me if there is no plank in the bottom, it will not be called as storage, now the same person is saying the opposite.

Even on the website they have not mentioned this, it is against their own policy....
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Pepperfry — Fraud business by blocking people's money

 Ashmita Patra on Jan 18, 2017
Dear the worst,

This is regarding order no. 302782566 (a King Size bed)worth of Rs 73000/-), ordered on 09/01/2017 which had to be delivered between 17/01/17 and 20/01/17 at the Hyderabad location.It shows in the tracking status in transit till 18/1/17.

It is regrettable to say that yet it has not been delivered and when asked to the customer care, they are clueless with a specific reply rather tried to wandered around typical trained words of 'excuses' and plenty of 'sorry' (ies).Suddenly they woke up and a trailing mail had come with delay in...
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Pepperfry — Athena chest of 5 drawers

 n_bakshi76 on Jan 14, 2017
Since I received the product 11 months before, I am having problem in its knobs. At least 5-6 times their executives came and repaired one or the other knob. One of the knobs broke few days before and no body is listening to my problem. They said that they same colour knob is not available now and they cannot do anything. This is really ridiculous. I have a very bad experience with pepperfry. If my complaint is not resolved, I am not going to buy any product from pepperfry and will never recommend anyone to buy from them....
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Pepperfry — Order # : 302781964, Cancellation OF Order - Playing Games and Delay Tactics [Resolved]

 RKBnoida on Jan 10, 2017
I have order a product as details above.
Now, I found this product cheaper and already placed an order.
I have not even received this product and wrote to them to cancel the order.
I have called and spoke to a rep and then to someone senior as well.

How can they refuse to cancel an order even before delivery.
The product is never delivered or utilized and I cancel that order. I hope these people know of consumer laws of India and do not take customers for a ride.

When they want your business then they make it look so attractive and lure you...
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Pepperfry — Executive Chair from Emperor

 kamna punjawat on Jan 10, 2017
Order No. 301906324-FN1315367-WH12188, Item ID FN1315367-P-WH12188, Invoice No. PPPL/HR/GGN/15-16/0205098, Invoice date 17/12/2015.
The chair is tilting on one side due to damage in one of the blades underneath. We unpacked the chair on 6/2/2016 and started using it from 7/2/2016. Not even a year has passed and we are facing this problem. Please resolve....
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Pepperfry — Worst experience from Pepperfry

 abbas4ul on Jan 9, 2017
Please see this mail from Pepeprfy.There is a delay of around 7 days and when i requested to cancel on the ground of delay, they said it is not possible.

I want everyone to please note this and think thousand times before placing an order at ppperfry. They will only fry you, grill, increase your BP. I request the authorities tom please take stict action against pepperfry on this ground. when there is a delay from their side, why are they not cancelling the order.

They want the everything in their favour and customer for them is just like a prey.

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Pepperfry — Order related problem order

 Bhargav27 on Jan 8, 2017
I placed an order with Pepperfry. I finalised the order and made a payment. I received a message in the process from Pepperfry that order was cancelled as payment was declined. However, I received a response from the bank that payment has been taken. After calling Papperfry, they refuse to take any responsibility for this, even refuse to apologise saying this is not their problem. They are claiming that the money will be debited back to my account in 2-3 days. This is highly unacceptable....
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Pepperfry — Pathetic experience with pepperfry

 abbas4ul on Jan 6, 2017
I have ordered for a end table *** magazine stand.After placing the order I have not been provided any support in regard to assembling the furniture.

further when I requested that I want to modify, they said that it is not allowed and I can cancel. This mean their policy is just to grab your money and no support after that. Further there is no option to place your reviews and that is why there is no review column. They very well know about their service and customer support and that is why they have removed unlike other online shopping snapdeal and ebay etc.

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Pepperfry — Don't Buy from PepperFry . Worst online Store

 sandeep tol on Jan 4, 2017
Not good service. Once you place order by mistake or you have change of mind you can't cancel it or return even if it doesn't fit or bad quality. They have policy of order and forget the refund. Be careful. I am very dissatisfied with their product. I ordered office chair which is of lower quality and higher price. They didn't accept the quality related issues. They take 3 weeks to deliver your item and assembly arrangement for another week.Customer care is pathetic. Try other online furniture stores. AVOID PEPPERFRY...
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Pepperfry — 3027115 66 Bar Chair

 Jevita crasta on Jan 2, 2017
I had placed an order on 11dec. I got all products on time except the bar chair I ordered. I got an msg saying it will be delivered on 28. As I was out delivery was failed. I confirmed at customer care that it will be delivered on 30 but it was not delievered. Saturday they told they will deliever but whole day I was at home and no one came. Midnight I get msg saying they tried to attempt the delivery on Saturday which s fake. It was out for delivery today (2 Jan) but after my request also they told they can't deliever before 11:30am. When I checked with Sneha about saturday delivery attempt she...
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Pepperfry — Want to return /cancelled my order 302761548

 Jyoti Singh Maurya on Jan 2, 2017

On 1St Jan 2017 I ordered a coffee table from pepperfry, considering that the height of table would be a standard height. further after ordering I found that that I am not ok with its dimension and wanted to immediately cancel or return the order. I made a call to customer care for same and they said that neither return or cancellation is possible.

While a customer purchase a product from a e commerce site, the actual feel n look of products is not completely visible. So I believe that the customer has a complete right to take a decision if he/she willing to revert...
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Pepperfry — Bought a lamp - thrice consecutively 3 bulbs got fused but no positive response from pepperfry

 Neea on Dec 30, 2016
No doubt products listed on are absolutely remarkable that's the reason I spent money here & I was really happy when I received "The Exclusive Deco White Glass Floor Lamps" with the Order Id - 302731273. I would also like to appreciate prompt delivery because I ordered it on Dec 19, 2016 & they delivered it on Dec 21, 2016 evening. Since it has new type of holders(E27) & I didn't found those bulbs near by my house & because of my busy schedule, I got time to purchased the bulbs of Philips & Os-ram brands on Dec 24, 2016. One of the holders is...
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Pepperfry — About refund of money

 navneet1690 on Dec 30, 2016
I just came across most frustrating customer support i have ever received from any online site, and you people have already lost atleast 10 customer which i know they will not order, now comming to the point i ordered one weber charcol grill and due to some emergency i am not be able to collect that order but the customer care told me that your money will not be refunded and the product will be delivered when ever you wll come, but is it legal or i can sui the company for that my no 09868726148, and my order no is --- 302751894...
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Pepperfry — Product on the site and delivered website

 Shanu Goel on Dec 22, 2016
Order No: 302711068

There r 3 major issues with the table that I ordered and after I complained to pepperfry there is no response:

1. The pictures of the product show there is a table and then a curve below whereas the actual product looks very different as there is a gap between the table top and curve and doesn't look nice. Refer the attached picture of pepperfry and the actual table

2. The table is chipped at the edge. Picture attached

3. The table is wobbly

Please help me with a refund from this company!...
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Pepperfry — Failed to get return pick up despite multiple complaints [Resolved]

 Anusha V. ramani on Dec 14, 2016
This is my final attempt to get any kind of word or help from pepper fry. I am extremely disappointed with the way my problem has been handled.. I had ordered a lima coffee table from pepper fry in february 2016. Order no. 302015438. I shifted to a new address in delhi from gurgaon in april. But around the month of september the table started cracking from the corners. I had a complaint registered for carpenter review. The carpenter who visited said that there is no apparent reason for such cracking and it cannot be rectified. I asked for a table replacement but that was denied. Lastly i asked for...
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Pepperfry — Chair broke within 2 months

 Jerry Andrews on Dec 10, 2016
Order no.302423639 Ergonomic rolling chair Delivered on Sept 3, 2016

Though the product does nt comes under warranty within 2 months 6 days the product broke miserably into two pieces as you can see from the photographs attached. I could have been gravely injured my back which could have resulted in paralysis. I am an engineer and I can very well say the base material is a design failure. Pepperfry claiming to be a repute brand of quality has supplied a substandard product and is refusing to take RESPONSIBILITY for the failure.
Taking good ethics rather than sticking to a policy...
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Pepperfry — Elegant Germany product

 tanainar on Dec 8, 2016
Hi, I am Nainar from Bangalore. I bought a combo of elegant Germany chimney and cooktop. The order number is 302451746. The cooktop had the major manufacturing defects of major technical issues.

Since last two months I am behind pepperfry and elegant Germany but found a worst support from both of them.

At least I tried repairing from the manufacturer as it's under warranty but the company staff and the outsourced team are the best irresponsible people.

I shop online products since 2010, I never experienced such a worst service.

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Pepperfry — Bad Support From PepperFry

 Anand Deth on Dec 6, 2016
Dear Pepper Fry,

I am reaching out to you as my final attempt to try and talk to you as your customer. I am extremely unhappy about a product of yours the sofa ordered with order number 302577937. Initially itself I was unhappy about the product since it did not support my back properly, I requested for a refund, you informed me that the refund is only for damaged items. agreed, the next, the first day during the installation of the sofa, the leg of the sofa came off and the carpenter fixed it saying it was a one off case. Now after a few more days the legs have started to bend....
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Pepperfry — Incomplete supply and supply of poor quality furniture

 Saiprasad Shenoy on Dec 3, 2016
Vide order no 302574093 I had requested for one lot delivery for 6 items of furniture costing a whopping inr 1.7 lakhs. To my surprise 5 items were delivered with sub standard quality and having defects. I have already disposed my old furniture and now stuck with this ridiculous stuff for which I have paid 2 months in advance. The customer service executive Mr. Shah (70455 90898) was missing in action completely inspite of repeated calls and SMS. I would seriously advise all not to make the same mistake I made. I have 3 different feedback from customer service that this will be resolved on Sunday,...
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Pepperfry — Poor product quality from Pepperfry

 amitset on Dec 3, 2016
I bought Cube Executive Chair from Pepperfry. In less than 2 months the chair's back broke. I was sitting on it and almost fell on my back.

Obviously the quality of the chair sold by Pepperfry was poor.

When I filed a complaint with Pepperfry, the customer service exec bluntly refused to do anything about it. She said that they can't do anything after 7 days of product receipt.

Does Pepperfy expect that the life of the furniture sold by them is only 7 days!!!

I tried to escalate the complaint but the links given on their website is fake...
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