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[Resolved]  Tata Indica DLG Turbo (2008 Model) — Engine problem charges taken but Engine still not working properly

Dear Concerned this is to bring to your kind notice that my name is Praveen Madan and my Indica - PB 65G[protected] model). got stopped on the way and I called Chandigarh Service station Situated in Industrial Area Phase One known as Hind Motors , they towed my car to the repair center and told me turbo problem and estimated cost for the same will h care Rs. 33000/- I said ok and they said they repaired the car and I ended up paying rest 33000/- just after one month Amy brother who was coming back from home town and was crossing Carnal , my car again stopped on the way in the night , my brother called up Tata service station at Carnal they checked and said Engine oil to be refilled they put engine oil but they were not able to start the car and they suggested to take the car at Hind motors Chandigarh , Industrial ,we again called Mr. Bansal he told us to bring the car at Chandigarh, we end up paying Rs. 5000/- for Engine oil and towing charges from Carnal to Chandigarh. My brother reached Chandigarh at 2.00 pm and parked the car at Hind Motors. Next day Mr. Bansal Works Manager Hind Motors told us that there is Turbo problem again and they will rectify the Problem. They again repaired and we end up paying rest 3500/- for Labor and other charges. from that day my car start giving dark black cloudy smoke and I called again Mr. Bansal( Works Manager Hind Motors) he told me they just changed the engine oil and there might gone some oil in smoke pipe that why dark black cloudy smoke is coming out. then my car start taking 5 to 10 times self to get started I called him Mr. Bansal Again and he told me that there might be some minor electrical problem and told me to get it checked outside I get it checked and rectified the problem outside ended up paying rest 500/- again but the problem was not resolved and I called Mr. Bansal again , then he told me that there might be battery problem , then I get the battery changed ended up paying rest 4000/- but my problem was not resolved and my car still take 5 to 10 self to get started. I thought Mr. Bansal is Misguiding me so I took my car to Mohali Hind Motors Service station , they told me that engine oil needs to be refilled and there is header problem in the car, I told them that I got the car repaired from Hind Motors Chandigarh , they suggested to take back the car to them as there is 6 months guarantee of the work done by them, they again refilled the Engine oil and I ended up paying Rs 1200/- then I took my car again to Hind Motors again and they haven’t checked the car for the whole day my Brother kept on waiting over there for the whole day . next day they called up and said there is sand n filter my brother went and saw the same it look like that someone had put the sand in the filter and they again told me that there is turbo problem and they are trying to get the same repaired but I have to pay minimum charges. The above content clearly clarifies the Harassment which I had suffered from last 4 month from when I took my car to Hind Motors Chandigarh and I completely blame Mr. Bansal for Overcharging money from me and not rectifying my problem timely. Now i told him very clearly to resolve the engine problem of my car otherwise i don't have any other option except to go to consumer court.
I myself a Tata Employee Working with Tata Indicom buy never had such a worst experience in my life. I would request some one senior to please intervene and resolve the problem at the earliest my car is still standing at Hind Motors Chandigarh.
Praveen Madan
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Indica DLG — Problem ...!!!

Can some one sent my mobile number([protected]) to Ratan Tata? I just want to tell him that he should start looking at the products that he is runing. His creadibility is at stake. He should first sack all those who take this Tata Automobiles as their "Jagir".

Indica DLG turbo — servicing problem

, hereby, Deep Kumar Agarwal, having to much problem in getting servicing of my car,
as since 2004 am using your tata product, ( Indica Car ),

Following Problems related to servicing:-

1. Before purchasing product of your company, customer
has to think about the service related information, as in
Kanpur, servicing charges are very high related to other
company Product.

2. If a customer by chance purchases product of your
company then he has to face problem of making
his/her car service more than one time as in 1st time
they are not able to solve the problem ( Eg:- If a car is
due for service for the first time, then customer has to
send his car for another 3-4 times as in 1time company
can`t solve the problem).

3. As you know huge amount of bill is charged by
customer, then also customer has no problem, but
after paying huge amount of bill, our problem is not
solve, rather then solving that problem, a new problem is
face by us.

4. The Spare parts which get damage in our car, there rates
are very high, comparing from market and other
company products

5. In Kanpur, Society motors is not changing the oil of the
car as they are only charging the money for that.

6. For all these complain, I have complain with owner of
Society Motor, Mr Anuj Agnotri, he also didnt care.

7. Feedback forms which should be filled by customers
after servicing, are being filled by manger of the Society

Following Details of my Car are given:-

Name of Owner:- Mr Deep Kumar Agarwal
Car :- Indica DLX, Turbo.
Car No. :- UP 78 BL 0507
Car Colour :- Silver
Purchased on:- 14 Sep, 2007
Engine No:- ZPC6563
Chassis No:- ZPC8446

As I, have send my car for servicing atleast for 3 times for 3 days, ( dated 19-05-09 to[protected],
til now am facing that problem additional new problem also, which has been created by Society Motors.

Information regarding Society Motors:-

Mr Anuj Agnotri Mb No:- [protected]
Society Motors Ltd.
87/8, G.T. Road, ( Near Gunjan Talkies ), Kanpur
Ph No:[protected], 6450708

Kindly do needful work ASAP.

Thanking you,

Yours` faithfully,

( Deep Kumar Agarwal )
24/7, Birhana Road,
Mb:- [protected]
only dark cloudy smoke

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