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 aliasgarlakdawala on Sep 18, 2011
Hi all,
I was looking for genuine online earning opportunities when i cam across an advertisement in times of india by a company called EZTUITIONS.
The ad was for becoming a tutor for an online tutoring website which would pay the tutors for the work done.

It had a phone number 09836133858. When i called it a lady named Nita (not sure if it is real or fake) answered and asked for my email address and sent me an email. The email mentioned that i would have to take a test on the website tutoralways.com and then she would help me get through. For doing this she asked me to pay her 4500 Rs.
After i took the test i received a call from man claiming to be the HR for this tutoralways.com company.
He told me to talk to Nita and that after she confirms her payment was received i would receive all the documents and my training would start.
I smelled a rat and then started searching for online scams related to tutoralways.com

Unfortunately i could not find any but i found one that was almost similar: http://www.indiaconsumerboard.com/scams/frauds-and-reviews/complaint-against-mr-...
There were a couple of complaints about this guy Saurish ghosh and the modus operandi was the same. Also both are from kolkatta.
This made my doubts more firm that this definitely is a scam.

So now i have refused to pay the money to her.
I would like to warn all the people out there looking to earn while doing some genuine online work to not fall for this scam being run in the form of online tutor recruitment.

tutoralways.com is a scam. And i am sure Nita would not be found nor will be there to answer your calls once you have paid.

BEWARE !! Attached is the mail that i received from them.
Please have a look and don't fall for such scams

Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
Scam in recruiting tutors for online help
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Hi All

This is very true. Its just fake. Even I came accross the advertisement & called them up. They took my email id & sent me a mail exactly same as is attached above. Than he told me that you will have to give online test & your test is scheduled for XYZ day at 8.30PM. I gave the test & after few days got a call that I have cleared the test & they asked me to contact urgently to RAHUL. Yes this time the person has changed. His name is Rahul & guess what?? he is from Kolkatta.hahahahaha.
When I called him next day saying that I had cleared the test & yesterday I got a call at around 9.30 PM, than he replioed back very rudely saying that why you called so late. You think that you can call at your own convient time? So I told yes as I was busy with my personal works & told fine I dont want to talk. Than this guy RAHUL messeged me up saying CALL ME UP URGENTLY. I replied him back that Sorry but I would not like goahead with this kind of job where people dont have decency to talk & than our message conversation was on for sometime. They are just FRAUD guys. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz DO NOT TRUST THEM.. BEG U. This guy RAHUL is a .
Thank you people.
But for your posts in this thread, I would have fallen for the scam.
Definitely, I'm not transferring the money.
I transferred the money and guess what is the next step...
They ask you to pay more money, another 2500 rs.

I have fallen for the scam...I am calling Nita again & again to refund my money but she is not...

Guys pls. beware...
They are fraud...
Very true, I am also the victim of the same. My Rahul Ghose his name I also got the same mails (His Phone Numbers [protected]) And I lost 4500/- too. Pls don't trust this guy.

He is very rude. He will schedule some time and then again reschedule after one hour late night.

His company address - Learning Lounge Initiative

Banks - ICICI and AXIS with the same company name he will asked to transfer the money.

Guys beware from this fraud.

TutorAlways looks very real. But if you call the given phone number it will never picked up.

Pls keep posted your experience.
I also a victim of this. When I asked to refund my money he said do whatever you want to do.
from Study Time jobs.studytime@gmail.com
to jvns@dataone.in
cc gopal.kris.mohapatra72@gmail.com,

date Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 9:14 PM
subject Brief Company Profile
mailed-by gmail.com
signed-by gmail.com
hide details Oct 8




About Me:

After completing my Masters in Maths from Jadavpur University, I have worked with many reputed concerns like Wipro, HSBC etc. I, too, have worked with many Online Tutoring Companies. After acquiring the required skill set in the EPO/KPO domain, I have started my own EPO Recruitment firm in May, 2009 called Study Time.

About Study Time:

We are Study Time (A Learning Lounge Initiative) which provides Placement to the Prospective Online Tutors in different KPO (EPO) Companies. We work with various Indian and US clients as their channel partners. We create opportunities for Regular as well as Freelance Tutors. We have placed more than 450 Tutors across India.

Work Profile:

A tutor is expected to teach subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, History, Geography, Statistics, Economics or Computer Science to the US students online. People from any background (be it Science, Commerce, Arts or any other stream) are encouraged to apply. We have requirements across all grades i.e. Lower Grade (1-4), Middle Grade (5-8), Higher Grade I (9-10), Higher Grade II (11-12) and College Level. A tutor can opt for any one of these five Grades. A tutor can choose from the above mentioned subjects. A tutor can also teach multiple subjects at the same time. The entire curriculum and syllabus would be made available to the tutors once they clear the Test. The standard of syllabus in the US is below par the Indian standard as far as the school curriculum is concerned. Just to give an example of it, what we do in Grade 9, they do it in Grade 10 or Grade 11. The syllabus followed in the US is exactly in line with the ICSE curriculum in India.

Shift Timing:

We operate from 02:30 PM IST to 10:30 AM IST (20 hour window). A tutor is free to choose his/her own shift timing, once he/she completes the certification process.

In freelance tutoring, a tutor would be absolutely free to specify his/her timing of availability. As a freelance tutor, he/she would have the complete freedom to decide his/her rate of tutoring.


A tutor can opt for a Part or Full time. Part time would be for four hours in a day where as, full time would be for eight hours in a day. A tutor can also opt for semi-part time shift which would be for two hours each day. In all the cases, a tutor would have to work for five days in a week. A tutor is free to choose his/her two weekly offs. A tutor may split his shift timing according to his/her convenience. Each session would be for forty-five minutes followed by a fifteen minute break. There would be four sessions in a part time shift. A tutor has to initially start as a Semi-Part timer or Part-timer and then can change their status to Full-Timer once he/she starts receiving good feedback from students. However, in special cases full-time can be offered to the tutor right from the beginning, which needs to be discussed with Rahul.

Total Process:

The Process starts with the Online Test. Please note that the TEST would be a general application and also subject based. The duration of the test would be forty minutes. A tutor joins the company once he/she clears the Test. It is followed by a four days paid online training program from the company end where a Tutor would be taught about the entire Online Tutoring Process and customer service. The training would be certified by the company. A tutor would get the Welcome kit which includes the offer letter, salary break up, bank documents and the certificate once he/she successfully completes the training program and is certified as an Offshore Faculty. Paid training program means the Company would pay the tutor during the training period.

Technology Requirements:

A tutor just needs three things: Computer, Internet Connection and Headset with microphone. The initial process and the test can also be done from a cyber cafe in case a tutor does not have net connection at their homes. A tutor might as well opt to take the aid of a Digital Pen and Pad (recommended but not required initially).


A Tutor is expected to earn 14, 000-18, 000 per month for a Part Time and 26, 000-32, 000 for a Full Time Shift. The salary for the semi-part time shift is fixed at 10, 000. The salary would be credited directly to the Tutor's salary account, which would be opened by the company on behalf of the Tutor. The salary would be credited to the salary account on the last working day of every month. There are even better offers than this. However, it needs a personal conversation with Rahul. We cater to the specific needs of the Tutors and their requirements.

Study Time Fee:

We work as Direct Channel Partners to the different Online Tutoring Companies. It is very important to note that we do not charge any UPFRONT/INITIAL fee from the tutors.

Our recruitment fee is Rs. 4500 per tutor, which has to be paid only if the tutor clears the Test and gets the confirmation from the company.

Study Time helps all its enrolled tutors to get this job. We provide end-to-end solution to all the Tutors which include initial briefing, scheduling the test, guiding each of the tutors to clear the test etc.

************In case, a tutor fails to qualify the Test, he/she does not have to pay anything to Study Time.********************

Freelance Recruiter:

We also give you an opportunity to be a Freelance Recruiter with us. You can recruit tutors and you will get lucrative incentives for the same. You can recruit as many as tutors you want. Full training, support and guidance would be provided to you. Interested candidates should get in touch with Rahul at [protected] at the earliest for further details.

Business Opportunity:

If anyone is interested to start up their own Online Tutoring Company in the KPO/EPO domain catering to the educational needs of the students in the North America (USA and Canada), they can get in touch with Rahul. He gives the entire Consultation towards setting up an Online Tutoring Company. He can be reached at [protected].

Please let us know if you have any additional queries. Feel free to get in touch with us at [protected]. Also, please go through (www.tutoralways.com), which is one of our client's websites.

We look forward to having a healthy, successful and a long term association with you.



P.S. Please do not hesitate to call us at [protected] in case you need any kind of clarification.

Flowchart of events:

Call Rahul ([protected]) for the Online Test[protected]> Appearing for the Online Test[protected]> Joining[protected]> Online Training[protected]--> Certification[protected]>Live Tutoring Sessions...

But actually once you paid 4500/- He will demand more...
Never pay any HR company for getting you a job. The usual practice is that are paid by the company. That is the rule.
And thank you all heartily for exposing such scams.
hi this is very true ! i almost fell for this scam. but out of my sixth sense i just checked net
! thanks guys for posting this! now iam not paying them . they also sent me the same mail .
with nita and rahul

now the numbers have changed but the account operates through axis bank

studytime is the name of the tutoring company and the account is in the name of learning lounge initiative!
so i guess it is pretty much the same
now they operate with the name study time ! and with nita and rahul the same!
i never paid ! i came across these mails sent by you people thanks a lot!

please expose this STUDY TIME ONLINE TUTORING SCAMS ! as no one else should fall prey for this!
I was about to pay today, , , , but thanks to this thread, , , I saved 4500/-, , , , thankyou guys for this information,
Igot call from some international number, which is very much possible to call from india thru VOIP, , , , the accent was american, but I am very sure it was NITA, , , , , , ,

These nita Rahul rish interchange their roles & do the role play of origianl American company & their Indain counterparts.

This is a very well planned trap for gullible innocent unemployed Indians. Their experience with Call centre has given them an english accent, to which we fallpray.

I had gone through all the process of this cycle, , , but atlast saved my 4500/- by applying my common sense.
Oh God! I saw this complaint after I have paid say approx 6000/- to her!
Yes i too received an email from Nita" from the same number !!
I was browsing the website for some one who is already employed there and I found ur post!! I knw its too late but can you please suggest something for me!!
I am the recent victim. That stupid Rahul rescheduled the training dates 3 times. Let it go.. We are cheated.. I lost my 4500rs too.. is there any possibility to regain the lost amount..
I am the recent victim. This Rahul and Nita are and playing with noble people like us who are in teaching business. I paid Rs 4500/- as a recruitment fee. After 15 days, I called up Nita alias Nandita alias god knows. Nita sent me a sms stating I had a briefing session next day with MR. Rahul who was very rude in handling the briefing session and asked me to pay up another Rs.2992 as an activation fee for sending the joining kit and training which again I paid in the name of Learning Lounge Initiative.
Guys by keeping quiet they will be up with new ways of scamming. We should all join together and do something serious about this.
Oh My Dear God! I was almost going to get cheated! And Thank U guys for sharing these complaints. They saved me. We should really do something about this!
I saw an Ad in Hindustan times and contacted them.

then they sent this mail >>


Welcome to the World of Online Tutoring!!!

ONLINE TUTORS is a company founded by young professionals with the goal of spreading the culture of Online Teaching in India. In this fast age of Web & Technology, Online Tutoring is the next biggest thing coming up in India. It has already captured the markets of US and major parts of Europe. It is already a success in some parts of Asia as well. India is one of the most favourite destinations for Online Tutoring because of two major reasons: Quality Tutors and Cheap Labour.

We, at Online Tutors do not promise you big things, but, we do create good opportunities for those people who would like to be an Online Tutor. It is a very stable sector where one can not only share and enhance knowledge but can also earn well. It can easily turn out to be a full time employment opportunity for you. We have placed more than 600 Indian tutors with different Online Tutoring Companies across the Globe.

We wish to invite people from various age groups and backgrounds to come and experience the beauty of Online Tutoring, as we understand that every individual has some potential and we can help them to explore it to their advantage.

We value the importance of time and hence, have tried to keep the initial write up short and to the point.

Please go through some of the important points mentioned below to have a better understanding of the process:

1. Online Tutoring can be done from home, cyber cafe or any place where one has an access to Computer and Internet connection. You would need a Headset with a microphone. Webcam is not required at all.

2. It has a wide variety of subjects to choose from like English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Economics, History, Geography and General Science. A tutor can either choose one or multiple subjects.

3. Online Tutoring basically starts from Grade 2 till Grade 12. In some cases, it is also done at the College level. A tutor can opt to teach any Grade according to his/her convenience.

4. The best part of Online Tutoring is the flexibility in choosing the time. It is done 24hours, 365days. Hence, a tutor can choose his/her own hours of teaching.

5. A tutor has to work for five days in a week. Alternatively, he/she can also work just in the weekends. He/She can either choose to work Part Time (2 hrs / day) or Full time (4 hrs / day). A Tutor can also avail unpaid leaves.

6. Teaching US kids becomes very easy and simple for the Indian tutors since they follow a curriculum which is below par our Indian counterparts.

7. Each tutoring session would be for half an hour followed by ten minutes short break. The tutoring is always done on a one-to-one basis.

8. A tutor earns Rs. 12, 000 (per month) for Part-time and Rs. 22, 000 (per month) for Full-time.

The process begins with an Online Test. The test would be for half an hour and subject based. A tutor has to clear the Online Test in order to grab this wonderful opportunity.

The detailed training would be provided to each tutor by the respective Companies to give a firsthand experience of actual Online Tutoring. The training is Globally Certified.

We, at Online Tutors believe in delivering Quality service to our clients.


We do not have any Joining fee. However, since we are helping the tutors with their entire Recruitment Process, we charge a Recruitment fee of Rs. 4500 from only those tutors who clear their test and get the confirmation letter from the Company.

Tutors who fail to qualify the test do not have to pay anything to us. We not only help you with the complete Recruitment Process but also guide you through all the steps to avoid any kind of slip ups.

If interested to be a part of this dynamic tutoring environment, please get in touch with our team at [protected].

Request you to go through the www.vienova.com, which is one of our client's websites.

Feel free to call us at [protected], in case you have any additional query.

Steps to be followed to be an Online Tutor:

1. Call our team at [protected] for the Online Test.

2. Clearing the Online Test and Joining.

3. Training and Certification.

4. Tutoring Sessions.

We look forward to having an ever lasting relationship with you.

Best Regards,

The Recruitment Team,

Then they told me to contact Nandini and take an online test. This is her current number : [protected] . Then she scheduled the test for me and i received a mail in two days saying that i have cleared the test. Then a man called Justin ( HR) called me from an international number twice and asked me to pay Rs 4500 at the earliest because he has scheduled my training 3 days later. i asked him what if i cannot pay it by tomorrow? he said then he would have to cancel my application. I was all worried and searched why do they ask for recruitment fees and i saw this! what fake people. now the site is www.tutorqueue.com and Haha guess what the Indian HR Nandini is from KOLKATA!.
I also got an attachment in the mail .. which was my confirmation letter signed by some Natalie Parker, HR at Tutorqueue.

1051, S Harwood street,
Dallas Texas
Zip code - 75201

phewwwwww! i am going to trouble this people now!
Thank God i saw this. i was almost cheated. This time it is HR Nandini and HR Justin at www.tutorqueue.com. And guess what that Nandini is from KOLKATA! +91-[protected]. This is her current number! She scheduled the test which would be an half an hour test she said. she gave me the password and i gave the test. Surprisingly i could give any test any time after i got the password :O Then i got a mail saying that i have passed a test. Many of the things were ditto to the above complaints!! Then a guy Justin called me from an international number [protected] saying that i have passed the test etc etc and i would have to pay Rs. 4500 at the earliest. He called thrice! Then he told me to contact Nandini and told me to complete the further recruitment procedure. I aksed him what if i could not pay the fee in 2 days? he said s, " sry then i would have to complete the application". i was so worried and was searching why was the recruitment fee so urgent and i found this! now i have to trouble these people! ;) Bloody .. we got to get a way out of this man!
i was about to pay the money bt after reading all this i won't take a chance. when i called up Hindustan Times and told her about these complaint, she said she can not take an action until and unless she has a proof. so if any 1 has registered an F.I.R or can get along with me, we can teach them a lesson. Otherwise they will keep on cheating the innocent people.
I know about this. Just call me[protected]
I have also trapped.I paid 4500rs but after that they asked for activation fee and they i doubted them.After which i searched and found these complaint.God if i would have seen earlier then i would have saved money. they talk so confidently that no one can doubt them. People beware of such scams.
Dear all, thanks for the posts, Why donot you ask the consumer court to pull these guys...this should be done and can be done.

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