[Resolved]  Zion, Alwin Memorial Public School — Facility not avail

1. Alwin memorial public school (Zion) they new cbse school they collectin fees dav school range.
2. But faciliy wise govt school is better than amps. When see the buses min 20 students are standing.
3. The school not have enough buses. School time is 9 to 3.20. But bus start with 7:30 with standing. They dropped 5 ok clock 3nd trip.
4. Toilet very very worst. Just like public toilet.
5. No drinking water provide.
6. Class rooms are very very short. Studens not visible.
7. There is no extra curriculam. No pt period.
8. Parents meeting contacting 600 students cum parents in single room.
Worst organiztion in selaiyuy.
9. Worst organization. No principal.
10. Goog filterring system. They identify those who are failled 10,+2. Imm they issu tc. And show 100 % result.
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Aug 13, 2020
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cany anybody help me abt the fees & donation collected from alwim memorial if any one daughter or son studing in cbse alwin public school. for VI new admission

u can contact on [protected]
As my niece is studying in cbse alwin memorial school but she is staying with ny sister friend place my sister came to know that they have charged more money. as the school staff confirms that they have not taken any donation. my sister paid to her friend school fees 25000/- pa & donation of Rs 20, 000/-

pls help
the 1oth complaint is absolutely true. 100% true i have prrof of it.
class teachers are always changing, no play for the kids and always sitting and writing. no perfect parent teacher meeting.are the books equivalent to other Cbse schools?i doubt.No moral education?what is the school achieving at the end?are u making good kids or good money?has the scool got the affiliation to get such a fee? can any one answer?
I agree to the comments / Complaints.


What are you people going to do to overcome these drawbacks????? Keep quiet and pay the fees??????????????? We have to protest this unjustifiable and unilateral decisions of the management?????????????
Agree. With lot of hopes for our kids future we are putting them in CBSE thinking that they will be more creative and less stressful. but they are still following the Zion methodology of ONLY studies. need to concentrate on the communication skills. Make sure that the teacher, student and teacher parent communication gap is not there. I have always seen the kids are very scared when they are inside the campus no free moment at all. Need to adopt the methodology of CBSE, making the kids alround performers.
s i agree to the above mentioned complaint. please do something on this!!!
How are your kids conversation skills there... my kids have not learnt even one single word in English. i am really worried.
There is no discipline. Even teachers are not speaking in English. Teachers are not up to the mark. They are not checking the note books, they are putting ticks and signing. In Maths, there are lot of incompletion and mistakes but still it has been corrected and teachers have signed and written portions completed. Really worried abt kids future. Some teachers are really gud. They are motivating the kids like anything. Kids are listening when the teachers motivate them. They are taken in to the right path.
i am planing ot put my son in alwin school.I heard that it is good.But now seeing these comments i am confused.Is decision is correct to put him there.I am really worried about the communication skills there.Is it nice there.Pls tell me some other good schools around tambaram to velachery .Mail me to bhuvana.[protected]
Can someone please update on the above request
i am waiting to put my son in alwin but after seeing this commesnts iam worried now in boez and sundravalli admissions got over I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO PLS can anyone help me for the admission in sundravalli or any other good school pls mail me in [protected]
Hi I am shifting my home to selaiyur, is there any other schools are there rather in cbse near selaiyur pls update
Jan 9, 2012 by sinipriya
Hi I am shifting my home to selaiyur, is there any other schools are there rather in cbse near selaiyur pls update

Dear Sinipriya
Please Choose good location. Here in East Tambaram - Selaiyur No good School at all.
Zion School used to be good once upon a time, when the loyal and royal Teachers were teaching (note-Teaching and not working). Now after the ex-CM Karunanithi's sudden overnight Jackpot Job offers, all those Gems left the school, and only Coals are left. Still some Gems are there. Out of those Gems some are losing their glitter after marriage or after their spouse getting a transfer or due to some other reason.
And Getting them (the remaining Gems) for your wards's class, depend upon your son/daughters luck or your fate or destiny.
Oh my God ... three decades before The government schools used to be the best among the rest. Now all government schools boast the bunch of rejected and neglected lot (i mean Students). Just misusing the Bus pass. Boarding in one stop and hanging in the foot steps and getting down at the next stop. The Government school students only disturb the bus and testing the nerve of Conductors and drivers and not the class or the teachers. So tell me now. Where you will put your wards. Private schools run short of good teachers and Government school run short of students and dedicated teachers. So better change the location.. God bless you my dear citizens (kith and kin) of Tambaram - Selaiyur - Madambakkam - Sembakkam.
If any one is having Crores of cash or property contact me through this comment section to start a new school TSMS Mat School.
Let us start a model school. Where the kids won't steal the belongings of other kids. Moral lessons only will be taught on priority. Samacheer will be in their brain not on books and boards

Facilities in Schools — Facilities in Schools


Not sure if this reaches concerned department. I was not able to find a source for registering compaint against school facilities online.
Is there a rule in warangal schools where teacher should not sit in classroom? This is how some schools have rules for teachers and i heard teachers are standing in schools past couple of years.

This is not good for their health. Who will be responsible if they get long term pains because of standing. Are these rules are laid by District Education Officer? not sure whom to approach.

and many schools dont provide drinking water facility for teachers. Which is insane.

Not sure whats wrong with the person who should take care of these things? I am sure he is not standing for even 10 min also..

is somebody listening to this??
2012 March.zion, allwin admisiion process also very worst.December onwards i try that school.Vijayan told to apply requestion letter and they make call for admission.weekly i make call but they postbond monthwise.Suddenly without information they issue token ( for what?) .I got token also but he told all seats are full.

He show the direction for madambakkm

Vijayan - missed the word, He not run the school in proper way. He is only eligble for TV program.
That fellow spoil my children life . or Save my children life. God pls punish that idiootic management.(Allwin) - x
Administration is really worse. Requsition letters were collected from last year itself and all the parents who had given the requisition in advance were all fooled by the organization.This was not expected by an educationist like Mr.Vijayan.
Hi All,

We are trying to put my son for 1st STD. in Alwin Memorial School, selaiyur for[protected] onwards. We are also shifting our house to camp road. I am analyzing all the reviews, but seeing the above bad comments about this school. Could you all please advise me, can i go ahead with this school for now? Are the education, communication, and extra curricular activities good atleast? Please advise ASAP (as soon as possible please)..Its urgent to know. Please update...

thank you.

Are all these negative comments true?. or are they exaggerated. Why is there no management comments? May be all your expectations are so high and dissappointed with the reality. Any new system may take some time to seetle and prove. Truly speaking I am also confused with these above comments. If all comments are true why is the rush for admission? Can some body advice me with the real positives in this school. I too have two kids and am trying for admission in Tambaram.
vijayan is a money maker and his son aldous is no 1 wominiser i have enough proof for it. then how u will see that school is good. that to aldous is not completed his degree in mcc he failed for 7 years and left the collage . so he is the head means how the school will be.

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