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ICICI Bank Credit Card Fraud Transactions — Fraud Transaction with my ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Bank Credit Card Fraud Transactions
Customer Details:
Name: Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat
Email: vidhyadhar.[protected]
Address: Evansville, Indiana, United States of America (From 14-Aug-2012 till Date)
Phone: Mobile +[protected], Home: +[protected]
Contact Phone Number in India: +[protected]Phone is with Brother)
Credit Card Number: 4629 XXXX XXXX 5002

Bank Details:
Subject: Fraud Transaction with my ICICI Bank Credit Card
Issue Summary:
I, Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat, work with Mphasis an HP Company as a Group Manager have transferred to United States of America for Company Work on 14-Aug-2012. I am working at client location Evansville, Indiana USA since 14-Aug-2012 as o[censored]ntil today. On 30-Jan-2013, I noticed that there are 49 fraud transactions done in India with my credit card 4629 XXXX XXXX 5002 and the total amount for fraud transaction is 114,402.78 INR. As I am still residing in USA from 14-Aug-2012 and I have my credit card with me, I am not liable to pay any of these fraud transactions amount. ICICI bank MUST NOT force me to pay this amount.
Issue Details:
Below are the details of this fraud transactions issue (in sequence of events):
 I have moved to USA from India on 13-Aug-2012 and reached USA on 14-Aug-2012. The purpose of the visit is company project work.
 Since 14-Aug-2012, I am in USA and have not moved out to any other location/country.
 On 29-Jan-2013, I got a call from my brother stating about this fraud transactions incident. He said ICICI bank called and told about the fraud transactions and ICICI bank has blocked the card.
 There are 49 fraud transactions, 2 are International transactions (looks like from BAHRAIN from the transaction details) and rest all are done in India. The transactions are done from 21-Jan-2013 to 29-Jan-2013 and the total amount spent is 114,402.78INR. All the transactions are done in person with various merchants, physically swapping the card. These are not online transactions. As I am NOT in India since 14-Aug-2012, there is no questions of I doing all these transactions, this point should be very much CLEAR to ICICI Bank. Also, a big question about why ICICI Bank waited so long to block the card when they already see these many fraud transactions.
 Immediately, I have called ICICI bank customer care and informed about the incident. ICICI Bank Customer Care logged a ticket SR#[protected] and gave me confidence that ICICI Bank will take care of everything. They said, money will be credited in my credit card account within 7 working days and ICICI bank will do the investigation on this matter. The case has been logged as a dispute and ICICI Bank will contact me about further communication. It might take around 45 days to resolve the case.
 On 31-Jan-2013, I was able to see the amount 114,402.78 INR (exact same amount that of the fraud transactions) credited to my credit card account by ICICI Bank.
 I was bit relaxed to see that ICICI bank has resolved the issue.
 But, to my absolute shock, when I was checking my credit card account on 03-March-2013, I noticed that the fraud transactions amount 114,402.7INR was showing as a due amount against my credit card account.
 Immediately, I called ICICI Bank about the issue and ICICI Bank replied that I have to pay that amount. I asked for the explanation and insisted on the point that I am NOT AT ALL in INDIA from 14-Aug-2012, how can I pay the amount which I have NOT AT ALL used. ICICI Bank customer care officer, Reena Mehta told that, ICICI Bank understands but still I have to pay that amount which I strongly denied. Reena Mehta told me that I have to come back to India for further investigation. I explained that, I am on a specific project for my Company and if ICICI Bank needs any help, I am available on web camera, Skype, phone, email any time. If ICICI bank needs any evidence, I can send all those by email or by post. If ICICI Bank wants, they can send ICICI Bank executive to my US Address, in this Globalized world, I don’t think that would be a problem to ICICI Bank. Also, I told that my brothers/mother is in India and they can help in case needed.
 I told ICICI Bank customer care officer that, I am holding ICICI bank account from last 12 Years and they can see how clean the account is. Also, I have two home loans from ICICI bank which should show how trustworthy/valuable customer I am. I am absolutely ready to go for sworn affidavit if needed.
 ICICI Bank customer care officer, Reena Mehta noted all my points on 3-Mar-2013 and promised me to communicate further on the next action plan. I did not hear any communication from ICICI bank as of date. This is really frustrating experience with ICICI bank.
Below are the evidences and can be produced at the will, which proves Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat is in USA from 14-Aug-2012 till date.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s passport with India Immigration Team stamping when flied from Mumbai Airport (C.S.I. Airport) to United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s USA Air Line Tickets, Boarding Pass.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s employer’s letter stating I am working with them and deputized at USA since 14-Aug-12.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s passport with USA Immigration Team stamping when entered in United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s I94 form – which registers entry of all non-US citizen’s into the country. This is a mandatory form which everyone (non US citizen) has to fill at port of entry as per the US Government Rules and Regulations.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s signatures on the clients register with in time and out time details for every day.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s USA Bank Account Statements for the entire period in USA.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s every month’s electricity bills from Vectren Energy, United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s every month’s apartment rental payments to Regency Club Apartments, United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s every month’s phone bills/transactions from Vonage Phone Services, United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s every months Internet bills/transactions from WOW Services, United States of America.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s every month’s insurance payment for the apartment where he is staying.
 Vidhyadhar Bajarang Bhagwat’s son Suyash Bhagwat’s register in school where Vidhyadhar’s signatures are available.
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ICICI Bank Credit Cards — Fraud Transaction

Dear Sir,

I am a ICICI Bank credit card holder. I got to know from my bank credit card statement that they have charged me for a cash withdrawl of Rs. 10,000/- which I never did. I complained to the bank and raised the dispute. They have responded back after some time that the dispute has been settled in favor of bank. They are not ready to share the details of investigation as well and say that this is confidential to the bank. In spite of no such transaction, they are demanding Rs.10,000/+ interest.

Can you suggest me what should I do now?

Anand Gupta

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Fraudulent

Dear Sir,

I am credit card holder OF ICICI Bank since last 4 years my Credit card No [protected].

I have made a payment December 2006 of Rs. 475/- UCO BANK Cheque No 406537 dated 28/12/ was full and final amount of December 06.

Payment due date was December 31, 2006.

After that episode from next month Jan, Feb 07 I have not received any statement after two month gap in March, 07 again they have sent Rs. 391.33/ (fake amount).

I wrote a letter to ICICI bank so for no reply. I went to personally went ICICI credit card office in Andheri Branch, Mumbai and met Ms. Glory these are the problems no due from my side. How it can be possible I have made a payment, even your statement also showing this amount credited on[protected] in March 07 statements. Pl gives me the reply. She talk to me rudely unless you made a payment I will not talk to you. You are most welcome to go anywhere, but I will not talk to you.

From Jan 07 onward I have stop the payment. Principle amount I have paid to them. What is my mistake?

Sir, every month they are sending me statement along with cumulative interest and penalty charge of Rs. 300/- now its become an amount of Rs. 6200.37, I don’t know how this types of corruption can stop. Still banks are sending statement regularly.

Kindly help me out as my whole family is disturbed by such a bad experience by ICICI bank credit card service.

Sir, I am mentally upset. I don’t understand how tackle this type of situation. I shall be highly grateful to you if you kindly give me justice and stop this types of attitude and fraud Amount sent by ICICI Bank.

ICICI Credit Card No. [protected].
Tel. NO [protected].
Card No. [protected]
One Mr.Rajib Chakraborty from ICICI requested me to issue a post dated cheque for Aug'08 of Rs.4, 800/- as during this 3 months period no one will disturb me and after 3 months he will settle my dues. He introduced himself as a direct employee (and not from any agency) of ICICI Bank, Wood Street, Kolkata. On his request, I issued a cheque No. 010767 dt. 09.08.08 Rs.4, 800/- on State Bank of Patiala to his representative but the guy who came to collect this cheque, denied to issue any receipt and said that he is very new so dont have receipt book. I talked with Mr.Rajib over phone and said without receipt I cant issue any cheque. Mr. Rajib convinced me, there will be no problem as I am giving a letter mentioning everything related to my present financial problem and where his man will sign on duplicate copy of that letter and it will be proof that I have given a post dated cheque. On good faith, I handed over the cheque, but after 2 days I found that they deposited the cheque on 10th May 2008, instead of 9th August 2008 and as a result the cheque has been bounced. Yesterday night, I called bank and talked with Mr.Ajoy Sinha, Manager ICICI. (whose mobile number I got from Mr.Rajib as Rajib's number). He said if this incidents happened, he will take action against them and also informed that Rajib Chakraborty is not the direct employee of ICICI. I have the document of my letter signed by his man where cheque no. and dated is mentioned. Why the bank gives false commitment to the customer ? Why and how the cheque has been deposited although the date was 09.08.2008 ? What was the intention of ICICI Bank ?


ICICI Credit Card — Fraud Transactions

Sir/ Madam

There were 3 fraud transactions done using my ICICI Big Bazar credit card No. [protected] totaling to Rs.45, 143.73 as detailed below.

9/1/2008 Air India Charters Ltd, Mumbai Rs.13, 502/-
9/1/2008 Air India Charters Ltd, Mumbai Rs.26.162.50/-
11/1/2008 Yatra online Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon Rs.4, 917.83/-

In this regard, I received a statement on 5/3/2008, asking to pay Rs.47, 421 (Rs.45, 123 as balance + Rs2, 277 as late payment charges). As I had not carried out these transactions and these are fraudulent in nature, I reported the same with a request to block my card.

This was noted under SR[protected] dated 5/3/2008 with an assurance from the person on duty that it would take about 60 days to process the above request and the outstanding amount would be credited to my credit card account number and I need not pay the amount.

Further to this, I sent also faxed written complaints dated 20/3/2008 and 6/5/2008.

However, during these 60 days, I keep getting card statements, phone calls and visits from the recovery agents asking me to pay up.

The said 60 days elapsed on 5/5/2008 and I got another e:mail statement dated 9/5/2008, confirming that 2 of the transactions have been reversed and only Rs. 5, 768.72 was outstanding.
As per the discussions and the assurance received, I understood that the other two transactions had been ruled in my favour and this was the only remaining disputed transactions and requested the same also to be reviewed and cleared.

However, I got another statement dated 20/5/2008 today, again stating that I need to pay for all the disputed transactions. when I checked with the customer care representatives, they informed me that the dispute has been rules in favour of the bank and not me. Till date, I did not get any letter or update either by post or mail or in person stating the outcome of the investigation.

As I still dispute these transactions, as the next step, I am filing this in the consumer forum.

Further, there are other anomalies in the statement received as follows.
1. The transaction totaling to Rs.45, 123, is above the credit limit of Rs.37, 000 on my card. On what basis was this done? How was this allowed when I had not given any proofs requesting to increase the limit?

2. I received the first statement on 5/3/2008, for the month of February 2008, along with the late payment charges. I never received any statement for the month of January 2008. What happened to that statement ?

3. The 60 days period to get the transactions verified elapsed on 5/5/2008 and I got to know through an email statement dated 9/5/2008 that the total amount due was Rs. 5768.72 . Why am I being asked now (through statement dated 20/5/2008) to pay the entire amount ?

4. Is it not the responsibility of the bank also to keep its customer updated on the investigation and update the outcome of the same?

Thank you.


ICICI CREDIT CA RD — Fraud transaction from my account

Credit card no. [protected]
Complaint no. SR 60135327

VISA BILL PAY ICICIPRU MUMBAI INDIA dtd. 15/2/2008 of Rs. 4000/-
VISA BILL PAY ICICI PRU MUMBAI INDIA dtd 15/2/2008 of Rs. 5000/-


I have called up customer care so many times and have also sent letter stating above transaction is not being done by me, it has been misused by someone. BUT Till date NO ONE IS BOTHERED TO EVEN ANSWER MY LETTER DATED 20TH MARCH 2008.


ICICI Bank Credit Card — credit card fraud,

Dear Sir madem


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am holding ICICI CreditCard 5176XXXXXXXX1008. I have lost my card . I got SMS alert for following transaction
Transaction 1: of Rs 7800.00 on 28/8/2008 at 3.12 PM
We came to know for more transactions when we reported the matter to Customer care.
Transaction 2: Rs 1839.00 on 28-8-08 ………NO SMS

None of the above transactions were done by me or authorized by me.

I called up the CUSTOMER CARE as soon as I realized about the fraud and requested for blocking of the card.

I called up call center to track that person right away but it was not done by your department. As we have to report the matter to POLICE & complain copy fax to RCU dept mumbai same time, I request you investigate & provide me the establishment from where debit transaction has originated.

This has resulted an unnecessary trouble & metal stress to me.When ever i contact to customer, he / she said case was decided to favour of ICICI, can we know on what basis case was gone to favour to ICICI, pls provide the proof the transaction was authorised by me & give the signed charged slip & any other documentery proof, for this tranction
I would like you to take necessary steps to investigate the matter & credit my account with immededite effect.

This is the third mail in the series of complaints which I have emailed youy customer care dept, but not recd the satifatory answer, I am Pradeep Kumar Jha, I lost my credit card and i informed to helpline fax the complain copy to mumbai rcu dept same time and i hold all the transactions, but still i am getting the due amount and statements. this is very ridiculous thing. Please look into this matter. .Due to this bank I have already lost my huge money, huge enery, time, but these peoples are totally shame less. Wating for ur reply Regards

ICICI Credit Card — Fraudulent Transaction

I have been informed (SMS) 4 transactions on 13.12.08 through my credit card, which have been not done by me and are totally fraud.tried to contact Customer care but not properly answered.

ICICI bank / credit card — ICICI credit card fraud

Dear Sir/Madam

I, Shashwat Kumar, received a credit card statement on 30th Oct'08 for a card that i have never received . I immediately called icici bank and raised a dispute number SR 84355272 asking for cancellation of such a card.
I came down to US on 26th September on my company's business needs for 2 years. The customer care told me that the card was delivered on 22nd Oct'08 at gurgaon (unknown address to me) with dirivng license and phone number taken down (again unknown to me)
I was staying in Pune and had nothing to do with Gurgaon . The credit card statement was of amount 1, 27, 792/- . Anyway after 15 days of receiving the statement and raising a dispute, when i checked my corporate savings bank, i was shocked to see the amount was directly debited. I immediately raised this with customer care and got the money back based on above dispute. I did not trust the bank so i quickly took out all my money from savings bank account.
I had followed the procedure of filing up the dispute giving all the necessary proofs that i was in US at that time and it is humanly impossible to be in two place at the same time.
After one month all of a sudden i receive another credit card statement saying me to pay the same amount. When i called customer care, without informing me the dispute had gone in favour of the bank. I asked on what basis did they made it in favour of yourself, it was said to me since you are out of india. Now isnt this funny that i am now out of india so they delivered to wrong person to wrong address and asking me to pay the amount.
Meanwhile as per customer care, they had cancelled my credit card. but still the auto debit facility is on which i always get debited in the bank of 56/- charge since my savings bank account does not hold the required payment amount.
i asked for reopening the dispute and they say, they wont . For that i have to be in india personally. After 1 month, my mother called me today and said that she had received threat call at my home address that i have to pay the amount of credit card, else legal actions will be taken. I did not wanted my family to get involved as my mother has a weak heart.
But no, the bank has its own mean to find correct addresses but they do not follow those methods when delivering the card.
I am currently in US involved with hectic schedule as per the economic condition to stay on top, so that i dont get fired. But given such mental harassment i am barely able to give my 100% in the work.
Also i have family commitments and liability nor am i rich as to part with this huge amount 1, 27, 792. It is my hard earned money.

Please suggest me as to what should i do to get this nightmare over.

My details would be
Name : shashwat Kumar
Credit card in question : [protected]

Thanks and Regards
I am using credit card for past three years and keeping in mind the frauds committed during the recent past I wish to be more vigilent and safe. In this diretion I wish to change my CVV number. Please advise me what is the procedure.

ICICI Bank Credit Card — Regarding Fraud by carrying out transactions by using my credit card

Regarding Fraud by carrying out transactions by using my icici bank credit card
Number [protected] (CYBER CRIME).

Ref : Customer Care Ref. No. 98221563
E mail Ref. No. 98231178.

Respected Sir,

Kindly refer my complaint above reference. It is a matter of great regret that somebody has illegally made fraud by using my above credit card number. In fact my original credit was and is in my possession. Even then somebody has made transactions by using my credit card number. When I had received message on my mobile No. [protected] yesterday on[protected] at 4-37P.M. about transaction of Rs. 8000=00 I was shocked and surprised and immediately I had tried to contact your credit card department on phone, but before I could contact your concerned authority on phone I had received another message at 4-54P.M. about transaction of Rs. 25000=00 . Both transaction have been made with BHARATI CELLUAR.

Thereafter I have immediately informed concerned authority and my complaint has been booked vide Customer Care Ref. No. 98221563. Thereafter I have also sent my written compliant by Fax message and by speed post. I have also given complaint in this regard to the A.C.P., Cyber Crime, Crime Department, Ahmedabad City.

Now I request you to take necessary actions in this regard. I further state that as I have not made any transactions as above I do not responsible for paying such amount. This is a matter of fraud and crime. So, you may take actions against culprits. You may also do something special so that such fraud may not take place in future.

Your early action in the matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,
Thanks & regards

ICICI bank - Credit card — Fraud transactions from my credit card

Dear Sir,

I am an unfortunate victim of the credit card fraud. My credit card was used for swiped transactions for more than Rs. 80, 000. The transactions were made in TamilNadu, while I was in my native in Orissa with the card physically with me.

Its been a month and half the fraud has been detected and reported to the bank (17 April 09), but there is no resolution/response from the bank except for the temporary refund of the disputed amount to my account.

As the days are passing without any satisfactory response from the bank, stress and tension is building up which is affecting both my personal and professional life. My parents and other family members are under equal stress.

Could anyone please help me to get the resolution for the disputes from the bank at an earliest.

Any help will be a great help.

Thanks in advance.
Dear Mr. Swarnaprava,

Kindly write to us at [protected] with ‘Customer Service - Credit Card’ as the subject line. Request you to provide the relevant details of your credit card, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer

ICICI Bank — Transaction Fraud

On 2nd Aug, 2009 I went to Reebok show room at Oberoi Mall (Oshiwara, Mumbai) to purchase a pair of shooes.There, I gave my visa card of ICICI to the cashier for payment.He swiped my card and didn't get any receipt from the card swipe machine of ICICI. So he tried again and again.But same things were happened.I asked him why you swiped my card for three times and he told me the network is busy and so transaction didn't process.After five to ten minutes, I got three SMS which informed me that I have done a purchase of amount 3599 INR from Reebok.I showed the SMS to the marchent and he denied the transaction saying that he didn't get the receipt and so he will not get any money from the bank.In this position, I lost Rs 10797 all together and didn't get anything from the shop.

Please help me to retrieve my money from Reebok.

I registered a complain to ICICI customer care and they informed me that they will probe on this and it will take time at least 35 days. Now Reebok claimed that ICICI didn't get anything and ICICI claimed that money of all three transaction was added to Reebok account.

Now I was harassed so much by the people of Reebok and mainly ICICI. So I want to lodge a compaint against them legally.
I really want to solve this problem so that this doesn't happne to anyone and it realy painful and frustrating.

Please show me the way to get back my whole money.
Dear Mr. Ghosh,

Kindly write to us at [protected] Request you to provide the relevant details of your card, along with your full name and contact details.

We will be glad to assist you.


Nazia Sayeed
Office of the Nodal Officer
Sir on 9th nov 09 i didt purchase any item from Titan Industrees for Rs 5242- Please verify and correct my bill
From Jillella Ram Reddy card no [protected]
Addres plot no 15 Raji reddy nagar champapet hyd -79
Misuse of ICICI Credit Card # [protected]‏

This is to inform you that I have lost my ICICI- Credit Card # [protected]

Following Fradulent Transactions has happened on my above credit card number:

1.12/01/10 - ATM cash withdrawl of Rs.4000.00 at Barista Brigade. (Citi Bank ATM)
2.12/01/10 - ATM cash withdrawl of Rs.4000.00 at Barista Brigade. Citi Bank ATM)
3.12/01/10 - ATM cash withdrawl of Rs.3000.00 at Barista Brigade. Citi Bank ATM)
4.15/01/10 - Devendra Enterprises wine shop Rs.775.00

5.15/01/10 - Bangalore Central Rs.5995.00
6.15/01/10 - Pantaloon Retail Rs.9443.00

"I did not received any SMS alerts when the 1st transaction happened on 12th Jan & later on 15th Jan @ Devendra Enterprises - Wine Shop"

I am disputing all the above charges and want to raise a Chargeback, kindly provide me the ATM Id: of all Cash Txn's & Merchant Id & Location.

*Appriciate if could let me know the procedure to raise a Chargeback.

Ms. Indrani Banerjee

[protected] (M)


Some Fraud Transaction happend from my credit cards, total amounted of Rs-38000/- in favour of Tata Indicom on 27.12.2009......on 29.12.2009 i have made complained to ICICI bank though complain No:-SR[protected].

After spending more than one months now Bank is telling that the case has gonr in to the bank's fevour. although they are not ready to give me the concern telephone numbers in which those transaction are made despite of so many request, so that I could have laudge FIR against those numbers or persons in Police
Now the bank has started to give me threatning through telephone or sends sms in a regular intervals

In this situation i feel depressed a lot.........kindly help me to get rid of from this situation.

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