3D Locators - 3Dl 500 3 In One Water Detectors — fake products - not made in italy

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
 Saisreedhar on Feb 20, 2019
This product was not made in italy,
This is not workable products, don't believe fake promotions,

Just go through 3dlocators. It and find the address and enquire about that, this is completely cheating,

Many of customers already given advances with out seeing work results,

Youtube there is somany fake videos, so no need to purchase fake products

fake products - not made in italy
fake products - not made in italy
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Hyderabad dealers have placed their channel partners throughout India, I can recognize pool finder, pqwt and 3d locators copied in Hyderabad and selling to all customers.

I contacted pqwt and when asked about it. They tell yes it is copied if you want original book directly.

3D locators is copied and they sell through different channel

GER detect is already a fake product again it is been copied and designed in new name as pool finder

Company offers very good commission for them although some cheap people copy all this products and give random country names and sell products.

Always ask for a field check up before you order any product. If it is not providing any values it is just as coconut dowsing.

Don't purchase that product.

Pqwt also giving random values. When we check in 10 places different time different readings.

Actually when I attended a training one trainer told me there is no detector to detect water directly.

So save your money.

I have also sealed with this 9m security and JK metal detectors all belong to same group in different names
Is it true ?? I have same requirement in Italy, I have asked Italy contact number but they have removed comments in YouTube,

This Manufacturer Italy number not working, mee to tried so many times,

Please confirm at least this product availability in India ?? I am keep calling since 45 days Hyderabad distributors is saying daily postpone,

Thank god I haven't pay any Advance,
Yes this product is copied and manufactured in Hyderabad, I found PQWT also copied in Hyderabad. Just like GER copied pool finder and manufacturing in Hyderabad.

They copy all the products 3D locators I found one distributor in Delhi he showed me original. Hyderabad they showed me same copy 60k lesser than original.

Hyderabad is become new china. They copy Chinese product and this pool finder they say Germany. But purely made in Hyderabad.

After selling they don't receive call

Don't waste hard earned money.

Be careful never buy from Hyderabad fraud dealers Agrigel is the copy manufacturing company.

3D Locators I enquired with customer who purchases. They confirmed manufacturing in Hyderabad from same person.

You can also see the pqwt probes and electrode wire all changes.

He has made software and joining both. When I am testing original and duplicate readings and map are completely different.

In Hyderabad we have one person sheikh Abdul he is the manufacturing idea for these companies.

Customer cannot identify. They all into cheating business planning carefully and cheat copy products to customer. 9M securities having 2-3 office in Hyderabad and Bangalore cheating with this machines selling scam machines and take money and vanish.

They send fake photos now offer, discount sale all this things.

Is this vegetable business to give discount sales.

3D locators I asked with him. He told buy pqwt and pool finder.

Atleast when I check all machine he is manufacturing in different brand names.

I and my friend Ganesh both have posted many complaints on internet and we have also put one cheque case. He has cheated more than 25 people 9m and Agrigel both dealing to cheat.

Now I am also testing, he supplies product to all the dealers in India and he tells don't purchase 3d, because he is playing hiding games as customers should not identify

Nickyhobbi's reply, Jul 3, 2019
Vysali Detectors Pvt Ltd, MD Prasanth cheated 350 students, name of Janamithra scheme,

He is a cheater. I have proofs and 3D L also manufacturing in India Hossur,
Yes true all these detectors are manufactured in Hyderabad. Be careful when dealing with Hyderabad dealers.

I also purchased one system, they gave me copy piece.

I lost 200000 because of their fake pqwt and GER pool finder system.

Now not receive call

Nickyhobbi's reply, Jul 3, 2019
Vysali Detectors Pvt Ltd is no 1 fake company,

Director Prsanth is big cheater, He is having so many complaints, earlier he cheated name of Janamithra scheme, 350 to 400 students cheated by Prasanth, Malakpet police station there is one complaint also.

I know 3D L is Hossur made, Mr. Prasanth remember I have your Bill's, I can file pieation any time to close your fake Water Detectors business, If not serious try to extend this, I will show what I am,

Take care to put fake reviews,

Mr. Karthik Srinivas, I am not against you but this 3D L fake review posted by your Prasanth Because of he is blaming you. Just press nikkyhobbi99 you can get all information. Even I have his IP address also.

Beware of him.
حذاري من التقليد
Beware of the counterfeit of our devices manufactured in Hyderabad
Faites attention à la contre[censored]edil;on de nos appareils
We have submit a complaint for ours customers in India

Mundhu1980's reply, Jul 5, 2019
These Fellows Kartik Srinivas and Prasanth Reddy toodi cheated so many unemployed people on the name of Janamitra Associates. Almost collected 70 lacs to 80 lacs and jumped away.

Again back to Hyderabad now and started new cheating business on the name of Vysaly Detectors pvt ltd and selling OLA app toys as Made in Italy 3DLOCATORS at 2.6lacs.

Beware of these frauds people.
Below attached their cheating company details with media clips

YouTube links of some media channels


Dear customer's beware of this vysaly Detectors, they are selling local made 3dlocators product as Italy made and make customer's big fools by selling at 2.5lacs for this OLA app toy.

Previously these company members prasanth reddy and kartik Srinivas cheated so many unemployed people in mahabunagar district, telangana on the name of Janamitra Associates, they looted around 70lacks and now started as 3dlocators on the name of vysaly Detectors pvt ltd.

More information check In YouTube

Dear Mr. Sudhakar reddy from the same ID you are posting this fake complaints on pqwt, GER and 3d.

If you are so smart enough to deal. Customers are also clever to click on the complainers name and see what is the real face.

Dear customers I challenge. I am sitting in my office.

My name is Karthik Srinivas my phone [protected].
Address no.1 next to MLA office Hosur 635109

I will always be in office and all my customers are welcome to meet me any time.

Customers try to reach Sudhakar reddy office he will not be available and he will always give you reasons because he is a cheater

We have real guts as we are genuine so we post our real identity, if you have guts stay in your office for three days continuously.

You will see all your warrants will be live.

Dear customers contact any genuine Distributors in India and ask about Karthik Srinivas my training and my product accuracy.
You will understand the real fact.

Irrespective of all the complaints From the begining I am posting all my identity this cheap man never gives his real identity or phone number here. By this itself you can know what's the truth.

Click on the ID lokanath prasanthi you will see where all he has commented.

I never worry about this silly bachas, you can even not pluk my hair.

We have 100+ 3D locators users with top accuracy in the market we are well known for our technical standards. We have never copied any equipment our inventions are up to the mark.

If there is some one to question about our technology and its benefits we are open 24/7

If your parents are genuine and have given you an identity contact with your real identity and speak truth every where.

You will shortly see how we are contacting the people whomever you have cheated and we are bringing them Infront of media.

Beware of Sudhakar reddy pool finder, zeodetect, agrigel, GEOPHINEX all fraud names with same products.

Just check Agrigel which is now changed to groundwater Equipments next year again new name...
These fellows kartik Srinivas and vysaly Detectors pvt ltd cheating people by selling 3dlocators product as Italy made.

They are Manufacturing in hosur at 5000rs, just they installed ola app and selling these toys at 2.5lacs.

These people early history also too dangerous.

All the people who ever lost their money in Janamitra Associates can contact us.

These people cheated almost 70 lacs to 80 lacs.

We can recover these amounts with interest.

Around 10people approached to take my help.

There are somany videos in YouTube on Janamitra Associates scam,

Now its time to chase this scam and save money o[censored]nemployed telangana youth


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