RAMKRISHNAPUR COOPERATIVE BANK AT HOWRAH-711101,WB — fraud case of bank(eighty crores of rupees and victims are the 75,000 poor depositors)

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West Bengal, India
fraud case of bank(eighty crores of ruppes and victims are the 75,000 poor depsitors)----The Ramkrishnapur Cooperative Bank Ltd. was registered as a Cooperative Society on Januarty 30, 1965 and commenced banking business (as was permissible under law for Cooperative Credit Society obviously) on February 14, 1965. After detailed discussions with concerned department of RBI, Kolkata to expand area of operation / membership of the society applied for a licence to the RBI 0n April 30, 1983 to conduct banking business u/s 22 B.R.Act 1949 (as applicable to Cooperative Societies).
While provisionally allowed so to do on terms assigned RBI regualrly conducted statutory inspection of the financial position of the bank and statutory audits have been regularly conducted by the Dte of Cooperative Audit under Dept. of Cooperation, Govt. of W. B.
During inspection of the financial position as on March 31, 2007 RBI detected serious deficiencies but prefered to sit tight and mute.
Reportedly by an order in 2003 RBI restrained the bank from granting / escalating any loan to non-members. But in vein, and RBI with their mutual objectives continued inspections the way that have been considered comfortable in mutual interest till recent past.
All of a sudden RBI by a Public Notice dated 25.08.2009 under signature of Mr. C Pattanayak DGM UBD imposed embargo restraining the bank, inter alia, from accepting new deposits, allowing depositors to withdraw only upto Rs. 1,000/- from any SB, CA A/c, renewal of existing FDs etc.
It was specially mentioned that the said Public Notice can no way be construed as rejection of the bank’s application as aforesaid that was kept pending by them for more than long 27 years, thereby allowing the bank to continue to conduct banking business subject to its directions (without allowing the customers to know about).
One Ajay Kumar De – an ordinary customer of the bank at his own instance sent an e-mail immediately thereafter on November 4, 2009 to “[protected]@rbi.org.in” addressed to the Executive Director, RBI Mumbai in reference to one Circular being UBD.CO.NSB.II/D-56/12.29.038/2009-10 dated August 20, 2009 released by the said Executive Director seeking to be enlightened for the sake of the poor depositors if patience for some months would ensure safety and security of the savings of poor depositors. Alas ! Both Kolkata Office and their Mumbai Office were in the same network. Thus maintained silence for their convenience since sailing on the same boat .
Here starts the irregularity conspicuously. The depositors started facing uncertainty, being allowed to withdraw @ Rs. 1,000/- a week, later @ Rs. 1,000/- a month at the whims of its Directors (two of whom are known real estate promotors in the city and away, again, one is the representative of the people as Councillor to HMC as nominee of the century old political party. One among them carrying on real estate promoting business in different name is now being projected as a contestant to the forthcoming assembly poll as a nominee of` a recently chosen political platform either from Howrah Central or Howrah South Assembly Constituency) taking advantage of the trick played by the RBI by prefering silence in the public notice on ’periodicity of withdrawal’ from an a/c, may be keeping the bank directors in confidence in leaugue, and leaving the poor depositors at the mercy of the corrupt directors and few staff of the bank.
The total amount of the scam is estimated at staggered eighty crores of ruppes and victims are the 75,000 poor depsitors.
Prior to that, however, the Cooperation Department of Govt. of W.B. by their Order No. 708 (Sanction) – Coop/D/3P-5/2010 Pt dated March 31, 2010 (copy annexed and marked with the letter ‘D’) was pleased to sanction a whole sum of Rs. 9.9 Crores for four Urban Cooperative Banks in State of W.B. including Rs. 4.5 Crores for Ramkrishnapur Cooperative Bank Ltd. as a measure to implementation of Revival Package of those banks. It is worthwhile that though the sanctioned sum were released to all other three banks the sum sanctioned for Ramkrishnapur Bank Ltd. has been kept in abeyance for constant persuation by the customers at apropriate level with the view that culprits who can siphone as much as eighty crores of rupees to their promoting business only Rs. 4.5 Crores shall be like tip of snuff to further advance their personal wisdom. Hence, the first step needs be dismantling the present corrupt Board of Directors with appointment of an Administrator in the bank and simultaneous drastic steps by Administrator to book the culprits / properties they acquired – a small list of which is with DGIT (I), aiming at safe return of the funds to their true owners, and the customers would keep patience with the Administrator.
The largest section of the staff members of the bank recently formed a union of their own and had it affiliated by BEFI. Since the king pin of the scam recently shifted his allegiance to a recently chosen political platform, and remainder / factional part of the staff members in good book of the culprits are also attempting to find shelter of the same recently chosen political platform naturally.
Soon after a good number common depositors addressed one representation dated 07.06.2010 (copy enclossed and marked with the letter ‘E’) to the General Manager, Urban Banks Dept of RBI, Kolkata with copy endorsed to the i) The Hon’ble Chief Minister, W.B., ii) The Secretary, Dept of Cooperation, W.B. Govt., iii) The Director Genl. of Income Tax (Investigations), Easter Region, iv) The Superintendent of Police, CBI, Anti Corruption Branch, Nizam Palace, Kolkata, v) The Chairman, E.B. State Cooperative Bank, Kolkata, and vi) The Addl Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Govt. of W.B. (the post of Registrar being currently vacant) – the Genral Manager UBD RBI Kolkata with conspicuously unusual haste and hurry released one other Public Notice dated June 18, 2010 (copy enclossed and marked with the letter ‘F’) to the effect that the appilcation of the bank lying in cold storage is thereby rejected purporting to wash their hands altogether – as if the scam of the bank continued for nearly 25 years or more some how missed attention of the dept run by some children though sitting only 2/3 km away from the scammers.
Again, as per a Circular dated June 22, 2010 down loaded from its web site it appears that Dept of Comminication, RBI Mumbai announces that the application of the bank pending for more than 27 years has been rejected because the bank ceased to be solvent (only recently and after its last statutory inspection ! ), and all efforts (though preferring silence on details) to revive the bank failed, and thereby washing its hands soiled together with the Directors of the bank for several years, again, requesting the Govt. of W.B. to issue order of liquidation of the bank.
In the same communication RBI purported to disclose that :
30.04.1983 - Bank applied for a Licence ;

04.09.2009 – RBI issued Show Cause Notice to the bank why application for licence shall not be rejected
08.10.2009 - The Bank’s reply was found unsatisfactory ;
thereby giving the impression that RBI inflicted the disciplinary / punitive action by way of imposing embargo communicated through a public notice dated 25.08.2009 well before they even issued alleged show cause letter, and considered the bank’s reply. It’s thus a matter of investigation what actually promted RBI UBD to take all the haphazard steps purporting to establish that none of their office is directly involved in the scam, and that they are free to wash their hands altogether simply with a request to W.B. Govt. to issue order of liquidation of the bank.
On the other hand, since a few of the suffering depositors staged a road blockade on G. T. Road (South) at the xing of Sandhyabazar on 11.05.2010 to agitate and draw attention of the local administration Sm Swati Banerjee – the respected S.D.O. (Sadar), Howrah was pleased to hold a joint meeting of the defaulting Directors, BEFI members, and the depositors’ representatives of the bank in her office chamber on May 14, 2010 and advised the depositors to form a Customers’ Forum in stead and to forward their grievance in writing to her so that she can redress the grievance through State Administration. A Forum was formed and is under way of registration under W.B. Socieities Registration Act 1961 who submitted its representation on 08.06.2010 to the respected S.D.O. (S) (copy annexed and marked with the letter ‘H’) and communicated by a letter dated June 23, 2010 to the Secretary of the bank about formation of a Customers’ Forum seeking to extend all cooperations to the bank management to come out of present stalemate but no effect till such time. The S. D. O. (S), Howrah unfortunately when being enquired by the forum about any development in the matter on 07.07.2010 flamboyantly delivered the verdict of Howrah District Administration after carefully exercising in to the scam and the representation that the district administration has no business and / or action in regard to the turmoil created by the management of the bank resulting in a great threat to the public tranquility in the area. The same was communicated to Sm Sanghamitra Ghosh - the respected District Magistrate, Howrah by copy of one other letter dated 08.07.2010 .
At this stage, Mr. Ambika Bandopadhyay - local MP (LS) was pleased to intervene in to the matter and the common depositors addressed one representation dated 08.07.2010 to the Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge, Dept of Cooperation, Govt. of W.B. with a copy endorsed to local MP with the prayer to save our soul with best of his might for the poor customers of Ramkrishnapur Cooperative Bank Ltd.
Incidentally, the Hon’ble Justice Girish Chandra Gupta of Kolkata High Court in similar matter was pleased to pass an order on February 03, 2010 in W. P. No. 1254 (w) of 2010 (Subrata Kumar Dhara & Anr –vs- R. B. I. & (naturally) Bally Cooperative Bank).
Fuel was added in fire with publication of a new in local daily news paper on 25.07.2010 disclosing names of persons behind the scam without, however, any indication that UBD RBI & Dte of Coop Audits, WB were the principal patrons amongst others. As usual the members of the Forum were staging agitation on that date at 10.00 in the morning in front of the Bank premises after a round of march in and around it. The musclemen of the Directors keeping local police in front for their safe passage cracked down on the members of the Forum, humiliated some, and attempted to murder one amongst them.

Unfortunately, moment the Inspector-in-Charge found the victims in PS about to lodge one FIR against the culprits got irritated and conspicuously threatened the complainants that he would soon arrest him on some pretext or other in a case he would initiate, if possible same day, after he would first make out an FIR suitably through his contacts in the Board of the Bank. The FIR of the Forum member was, however, received nearly after two hours of waiting in PS and blast by the I/C as above.
Howrah PS Case No. 190/10 dt 25.07.2010 was really initiated at the instance of the I/C himself. Because the handwriting in the relevant written complaint was not that of the alleged complainant Chairman who is, again, school mate of the so called accused and the Head Clerk in a local Girls’ High School – naturally having sufficient education. It was written in simple Bengali that too full of silly errors. The Forum’s members made accused in the said FIR were granted bail by the Ld. CJM Howrah naturally.
The whole over action and behaviour of the I/C Howrah leant towards the Directors whose names appeared in the news daily as above was immediately reported to the respected District Magistrate Howrah and the Superintendent of Police Howrah. Naturally, with no virtual effect till now. This was agin complained to the Hon’ble Chairman of Human Rights Commission, WB, and were reported to the Home Secretary, WB Govt., Inspector General of Police – South Bengal and the Dy. Inspector Genral of Police – Presidency Range.
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Nature — No CD was found in the CD Case marked Nature

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Urban cooperative bank — cheque clearance pending since 13/04/10

I have submitted my AC payee cheque to Urban coopartive bank bareilly on 13 APR 10 ,which was issued from LIC of india againts my BEEMA GOLD policy,
but clearence is still awaited ,
after so many follow ups with the bank i came to know that my cheque has been misplaced ..and no forward path is suggested by bank,,

pls suggest what should i do ..

Ashish Bharatwal
Kind Attention
The Incharge, Anti Corruption Department.
Please help me. If required please send this mail to appropriate authorities. Mr. Shankar Kumar Samanta S.B.I. Officer purchased local Police, Please help me.
Respected Sir,
100% now I believe that if you have money then you can get anything, every thing is possible by you. If you are a poor then you can’t get anything, every thing is far and beyond possible to you, also you get poor judgment and poor comportment in all aspects of life, in our country INDIA. For example 1. I. I went to Police Station more than 100 times, made 5times entries (complaints) into G.D. but Not even a microscopic actions took place against the alleged bodies. On the contrary Sandip Samanta, S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta (S.B.I. OFFICER Ph. No. [protected], Branch: 24B, Nimtala Ghat Street, Jorabagan, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal, India‎, Bank Ph. No.[protected] he has much more and enough money so they purchase all police personnel's and some political leaders, some Dada. Etc. Only I used to get many letters and many phone calls which all seem to me needs to be thrown in the trash, as it all are valueless, toothless and only simply a solace to the poor. What an undone boy I am! Woe is to me! My wife and her family, Sandip Samanta and his family harassed me and my family, they are torcher me physically and mentally.

We got married 05/03/2002, and have a daughter who took birth on 09/07/2005. My wife and her family lodged a case 498A/34 IPC, FIR NO.276, date 31/08/2009, P.S.: BAGUIATI, against me and some of my family members it’s a fabricated, baseless, legless, toothless and doesn’t have any commensurate to the fact. My wife is engaged and having an illicit affair with a boy (Sandip Samanta, S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta S.B.I. Officer Ph. No. [protected], Branch: 24B, Nimtala Ghat Street, Jorabagan, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal, India‎, Bank Ph. No.[protected] just opposite to my house, all the matters are known to every person in my village, and also they have certified me written about my fresh character and nature. When my wife left form my house with Sandip Samanta taking many vory gold and cash 1.20 lack Indian rupees. What a demon she is! She didn’t take our only daughter (only four years old) who is now in my house having severe asthma supported by inhaler. My wife filed the 498A case dated 31/08/2009 and I was arrested on 06/09/2009, The Learn" ed court granted me on bail on 19/09/2009. Barasat court. I have lots of irrefutable evidences, (20 pcs. Adult S.M.S., Adult picture with the boy and a c.d.) with me where it is cleanly reveals which translates my wife and the boy that they are in illicit relations. Believe me I and my family would love very much (which is very rare seen in our society) to my wife and never any kind of love lost didn’t happen. They (My wife family) are very very poor and live in a bosti Address: 70/H/8 Manicktolla Main Road, Kolkata – 700054, Beside 5 Star Club, my mother saw 1st time and she arranged my marriage. Before marriage my family did not see the pedigree of my wife’s family, now we understood also realized that they hailed from a worst status. My wife, her family and (Sandip Samanta, S/O. Shankar Kumar Samanta) all they are misusing this law. Now my wife’s family knows all the affair-related matter. My wife left our only solitary daughter to me who is 4 years old having severe "Asthma Disease, depends on INHALER, here political Hide and seek, ducks and drakes and lots o[censored]nfair means are going on and the father of the parents (THE FATHER OF THE BOY WHO HAS ILLICIT RELATIONS WITH MY WIFE) are rich, so they are spending money to everywhere with a view to be escaped. Now I decided that in no way I can’t accept that demon wife. I hired a lawyer his name Mr. Kamelash Nandi. I don’t know what will be happened next? It’s an utterly a huge and a palpable offence subsequent to which the boy deserves severe and examplanary punishment so that no one can dare to abuse this law. My mother is a sugar present shies sugar is now 400. If possible please help me. Please investigate the matter thread barely and save me and my family. I leave here one question to every one that in this die-straits situation whom do I take care to myself (TRAGEDY), my daughter, or my mother (severe Diabetic)?. My wife filed another case me U/s. 125 Cr. P. C. Case NO.167/2009, (Smt. Nita Sarkar Judicial Magistrate. 1st Court Sealdah South 24 Parganas. Date 16/12/2009.) I am millions miles away from the genuine and authentic investigation and inquiry. No inquiry, investigation were executed against the F.I.R lodged by my wife. It is very painful, lamentable as well as heart rendering, breath taking affair to me and my family. My heart bursts into guffaw when I see the nature of the inquiry and investigation. One thing is as clear as crystal to me that the law and the task of the law enforcing agencies vary from man to man. A new proverb is going to take birth very soon that "Justice for the rich and Injustice is for the poor" A rich reserves the right to indulge in any kind of heinous business but the poor is restricted to involve in any type of excellent deeds" To see all these my heart is about to come in the mouth and the ground under my feet gets shook. In a word all types of Law are for the poorest and the richest will enjoy the richest judgments from all quarters.

After coming form the DumDum Central Jail, I mat with the BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra, and asked him politely: “ SIR I FAILED TO UNDERSTAND THAT I MADE SO MANY ENTIRIES INTO YOUR G.D.E. BUT YET NO ACTION SO FAR HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN FORM YOURSELF” then BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra, went through all my papers (20 pcs. Adult S.M.S., Adult picture with the boy, G.D.E, MANY MANY OTHER PAPERS RELATED TO MY CASE and TWO c.d.). After seeing all my papers he told me that I cannot take any action until and unless you lodge a case against all of them.

Then I Prayed to the Ld. C.J.M at Barasat court to lodge the case, against the alleged person. (the payer to the Ld. C.J.M. is enclosed which is self-explanatory) after filing the case the BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra, and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das, Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh, in stead of taking not any take proper investigation/ not take any action/ not take any type of query to recover my Cash and Gold form the house of Shankar Kumar Samanta, The BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra, and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das, Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh, took my case as a Golden Goose, and how much money BAGUIATI POLICE O.C. Mr. Goutam Mitra, and I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das, Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh, has taken is well known to them. Neither he took any take proper investigation/ not take any action/not take any type of query nor he did roundup them against my case.

When I saw that already near by 70-80 days went by “ I went to the BAGUIATI P.S. to know the status of the case then BAGUIATI POLICE I.O. Mr. Prasenta Kumar Das, Mr. Ajay Kumar Ghosh, became outraged me and my mother that if you ask about Shankar Kumar Samanta and his family I will sentence you and your family in the Jail, all their languages is so much filthy dirty which I cannot express front of you.
As I’m 100 percent innocent so I screw up my courage to place my grievances to every body in order to get redress. So I want to let my matter informed all the Indian and others. I wrote my matter to our local P.S., Local Councilor, all M.P., M.L.A., Minister in W.B. and Other States, C.M. in W.B., CBI Department, CID Department, S.P. and Dy.S.P.(N.) 24 Parganas, DGP Bhupindar Singh, All the I.P.S. AND I.A.S. OFFICERS. Governor in W.B, and President in India. P.M. in India, National/International Human rights department, AAP KI KACHEHRI – KIRAN KE SAATH, Kolkata Police, and all police officers in W.B. informed Kolkata Commissioner of Police, Manager S.B.I.-Branch: 24B, Nimtala Ghat Street, Jorabagan, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal, India‎, Bank Ph. No.[protected]. My nation, all of the news channels, and all press, Talking with some NGO’s: 1. Universal Right and Duty for Human to Abide URDHA, 2. Human Right Commission’s Mr. Ujjal Paul and Mr. Shibaji Dasgupta. 3. Bhatat Bachao Sangathan BBS. 4. Forum for Social Justice and Development FSJD. 5. Ajjtak News Channel’s Miss Menogya. and many more, (anybody can’t help me/ fight for truth /don’t take proper investigation/do not take any action/don’t take any type of query/ Still Now, many department told does not comes under the purview of our department. Then my question is where I go now? I see they all are in sound asleep. The reason is best known to them.
I hope you would care to me, your prompt action shall be highly appreciated and deserves to be lauded.

With kindest regards,
Dipak Kumar Adhikari
Tegharia(Dhali Para), NandanKanan. P.S.: Baguiati.
P.O.: Hatiara. Dist.: North24Parganas.
Kolkata-700059 Email: [protected]@yahoo.com
W.B. India. PH. [protected]
I am requested towards the new government to look after the matter and arrange a special drive to investigate the matter and meet with RBI and cooperation dept. west Bengal, how to open the said bank for the sake of customers and staffs who are pennyless, and finally request to arrest the culprits to recover the NPA loans with a close meeting with Manager, Secretary and Chairman and some sr staffs of the bank,
I hope, new govt will take a drive as a first emergent job for finance section of WB govr.

Ramkrishnapur Cooperative West Bengal — Fraud case

The directors of Ramkrishnapur have crores of frauds to the ordinary depositrs and how they r stll walking free. I agree with the Ramkrishnapur case, my family is a victim of this, immdiately arrest the thieves, the directors and it is our demand to the new governmet of Sri Mamata Banerjee so that their money is returned and ARREST THE DIRECTORS DO NOT SPARE THEM AS THEY HAVE JOINED TRINAMOOL CONGRESS PARTY. Otherwise genral public is getting very angry over the closure of this bank and we hope the New Chief Minister of West Bengal will take some noticeable actons.
I am Subha Mukherjee beg to state thate a company name is Siya-ram Agro Industies Ltd will be issueing a cheque of 550000.00 lac .tha cheque no is[protected]-19 and a/c no is 1309 of that bank (RCBL).warrent no is-304767.and fdr no is-137416.piz help me .my mob no is [protected].my mail is [protected]@gmail.com.and also the cheque clearing date is-13/12/2016.
I think now the bank has started again. Right?

Any updates?

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    RAMKRISHNAPUR COOPERATIVE BANK AT HOWRAH-711101,WB - fraud case of bank(eighty crores of rupees and victims are the 75,000 poor depositors)

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