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Unilateral structural changes in the middle of the project by builder (Sjr prime corp www. Primecorp. Co)

Sjr prime corp entered the tripartite agreements with lender (S) by stating that construction will be based on rcc based structure and solid concrete blocks construction for their first flagship project “watermark project (”, where as in the middle of the project they informed all customers via email by stating that their structural team did foundation based on "porotherm clay blocks instead of solid concrete blocks", they are saying to customers that this is new product and good for customer, they are asking customers to accept this change, in order to implement their decision now they are implementing typical “divide and rule concept among customers “. Where as customers are confused state because they already paid 40% of project cost, as per experts opinion "porotherm blocks" more of cost saving measures for builder rather than any advantages to customer, as of now usages of "porotherm clay blocks “ is more o[censored]nproven technology in india (Bangalore). None of the tier 1 builders in bangalore followed this.

Following are some of known issues with"porotherm blocks "they accepted by"porotherm brick manufacturer"

Clay bricks are too fragile and breaking either as part of construction or post the construction. The fragile nature of the “clay bricks” also meant they need much care is required in the maintenance of walls. Clay bricks absorb more water (100% more than solid concrete) there is good chance that such walls will absorb more water will result more moisture content in the walls. Because bricks have more with more hollow, there is a likely hood that water gets logged in the holes which lead to degradation of the cement and plaster and internal/external paint. Overall porotherm clay blocks adds total cost of owner ship to the owner in the apartment.

The unilateral changes from builder will be a violation of the signed agreements on the stamp paper including the tripartite agreements with lender (S) which are based on the signed sales & construction agreements.

Readers please post your expert opinions on what options left now for us.

Apart from this their agreement has one side rules Html
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Sjr Primecorp customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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SJR prime corp is the worse real estate company in bangalore. Their sales people meenakshi patro, account person meenakshi govindraju and manager Maneesha dey are all cheaters. They never fullfill any commitments made. For selling they make lot of claims and commitments, most of which are false and after sales is done, they do not even pick the phone.
I cannot agree more with you on this.
Please stay away from SJR Primecorp projects and look for genuine builders to invest your hard earned money peacefully
before comenting on anything one should know the reality...
That reality link doesn't counter disadvantages mentioned in original post. There is no doubt that builder violated the agreement just for his benefit at the cost of trust and money of hundreds of hard working people.
Now consumers are forced to accept builder decision and left with only putting there complaints to such forums. Who can risk now money invested when pulling back will cost 4-10 lakhs from project. There should be proper laws and forums for redressal of such violations in reality sector.
Do not believe in commitment from SJR prime they promise you something today and tell you something else other.After facing problem with SJR prime, They are very bad in commitments. I do not prefer to go with SJR prime AND THEY also delay projects and provide false commitments...Very bad exprience with SJR prime. Once they got the money...They will show the true color

SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( is the worst real estate company in bangalore due to the following main reasons, we have faced:-
1. Their sales executive "Meenakshi Patro" wrongly sold one flat in Fiesta Homes in Electronics City, Phase-2, Bangalore - 100 by claiming that there will be No EMI Till Possession (NMI) which they also advertised over internet, in their site office. But once the booking was done, she and her manager "Manisha Dey" told that No EMI will only be till Dec 2014 and if there is any delay, I need to pay for rest of the period. So, when originally it is that only after possession, EMI needs to be paid, it got changed suddenly to if there is a delay of one-two-three years, I need to pay EMI for all the time as they will collect 90% payment in the start itself from the bank.

2. SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( Sales executive used to suggest that she can come to my house too for collecting the checks and signing the booking agreement but once the booking was over, she does not even picks the phone, nor replies mails or smses. So, NO RESPONSE UNLESS ANY SALES IS THERE. FOR ANY SUPPORT, YOU CAN FORGET HER. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR.

3. My nightmare with SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( continued when before booking, they sent a bank person to my home who saw ALL documents and told everything is fine and NOTHING else is needed. While, after paying the booking amount, this bank person (who was NOT having either the bank card or employee id or employee no., even after asking multiple times..) started asking for this and that documents. That too for many days he never used to pick the phone and whenever by any other phone, I was able to reach him, he simply asked for another document. I kept providing all he asked for but still it went nowhere in almost a month. Only help SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( EXECUTIVES provided was keep calling for second installment of payments from my end EVEN when the bank loans where still pending. At last he asked for my other property (along with the current flat) as MORTGAGE against loan WHEN I WAS TAKING A HOME LOAN FOR GOD SAKE. I flatly refused that then canceled my booking with SJR Primecorp Bangalore (

4. My main trouble started after that. SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( manager "Manisha Dey" started telling me to take the flat without loan or this or that way which I politely refused as I was not ready to deal with such UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE and just want to be out of this whole group in a good way.

5. While booking flat, SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( executive Meenakshi Patro first told me that "Sir, aapko 4-5 baar office aa kar follow up karna padega magar 45 days mein pura refund meel jayega". But After cancelling the booking after following up for more than 2 weeks, she and her manager told it will take 60 days for refund (Company Policy, which they were not able to provide any supporting documents). AFTER THAT MEENAKSHI PATRO stopped picking up my calls, smses, emails completely. Once by mistake she picked and told she is busy with launch of another project. I asked what about the existing client who got lured by all the good talks and sales pitch. You should help them too.

6. Even after sixty days, their account person meenakshi govindraju, simply kept delaying by saying, director is not in town, director is in meeting, manager is not there etc. THEY WERE NOT GETTING TWO MINUTES OF TIME, JUST TO SIGN A CHECK FOR REFUND.

7. At last when in evening SJR Primecorp Bangalore ( account executive, meenakshi govindraju, smsed me that it will take one more week, I losed my patience as I had my own pressing needs and was completely pissed of by requesting and saying "pls" to these people. I visited their office and asked them for my refund. That time their manager and account executive and sales person all told that it will surely get done tomorrow. I requested them that I am facing lots of problems and thus it will be great if you can refund my own money on an urgent basis which is already delayed.

4. Next day I received a call from her manager Maneesha Dey, saying that "I have created a nuisance near another client (they were more concerned on new clients than helping a old client) and I came to office after office hours (which was solely because I received the sms from there account officer only after the office hours say it will be again delayed). So, THEY WILL NOT REFUND ME MY MONEY". I have never listened such arrogant and illegal line in my whole life. I requested her so many times over phone that I just want my refund and go out of all this but she started saying so many different things and refusing to return my own money as refund. For collecting payments, in case of a single day delay they charge huge interest amounts but for refunding, only thing we get is No Call Picking, arrogant behavior, excuses as to how they can delay the refund and at last BLATANTLY REFUSING TO REFUND AT ALL.

I am quite embarrassed to get associated with such an unprofessional company and I need help to get my own payment refunded back in a good man's way. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE WANTING TO BUY A HOME FROM GOOD PEOPLE WITH GOOD FEELINGS.
SJR Primecorp is horrible. Please stay away from them.
I booked in Regent Park last August and since then the project is geting launched in another 15 days.
They have changed plan dozens of time and seems like they are not going to get approvals in the next 3-4 months.
For refund as I know by their attitude and the previous comment, it will be a tedious task.

What can we do against such irresponsible builders playing with hard-earned people's money.
Is there a way I can take a legal action against them?
If you feel you have been exploited in any way by the builder please feel free to report to:

Federation of Anti-exploitation Special Taskforce India.

#5M-601, OMBR layout,
Kasturi Nagar,

Phone no:[protected]
Mobile no: [protected], [protected], [protected]
Email: fastindia.[protected]
If you feel you have been exploited in any way by the builder please feel free to report to:

Federation of Anti-exploitation Special Taskforce India.

#5M-601, OMBR layout,
Kasturi Nagar,

Phone no:[protected]
Mobile no: [protected], [protected], [protected]
Email: fastindia.[protected]
Hi All,

I am one of the betrayed buyer from SJR Primecorp (Blue Waters project). I have cancelled my booking and waiting more than 8 months but there is no sign of when I will be getting my cancelled money back.
1. Is any one got their money back from SJR Primecorp, when they cancelled their booking?
2. If yes may I know how long it took & what is the ways to get our hard-earned money back from these worst builder ?


Even w ehave cancelled booking in SJR Bluewaters 10 montsh back and didnt get any refund so far.

I wish their would be an option to rate with 0 starts. Pathetic builder, everyone knows that they moved to porotherm blocks because they added two more floors (13th and 14th) than the originally approved plan of 12th floors. These blocks are light weighted and cheap.

The list of agreement violations done by this builder is huge. Before investing in primecorp, please check with any of your friend/colleague who have purchased a property in any of the primecorp's project.
My Kind Advice - do not get fooled by SJR PRIME CORP. An organization ruing us in every form. Booked my flat @ SJR PRIMECORP FIESTA HOMES in 2011 and still it is not delivered. Also wondering when it will be delivered. An highly unprofessional organization. They are worse and the most irresponsible organization than any-others in the market now. No Planning, No communication, they will be behind us only for money and nothing else. Its unfortunate that I put my hard earned money in SJR PRIME CORP just by seeing the brand.

Every representative in SJR PRIME CORP will never ever respond you in time. They all take us granted. Never expect an reply from them without followup.

And when coming to the quality of construction, wonder how they are saying that they are a reputed builders.
Initially they will promise you something and they will change it without even informing their customers. When the customers ask why have you changed it, they will simply say its the management decision and the management will never ever turn for us. But while talking to them, they will simply sugarcote all the words. In my flat @ FIESTA HOMES, they have dinn construct a balcony which was supposed to be there and shown in the plan. When asked about it, they said sorry, our site engineer have missed it, now I am going to get my apartment without a balcony. Such is their responsibility. First time I saw the wiring going through the floor. Hope you will now understand their quality and professionalism.

Donot waste your hard earned money with SJR PRIME CORP. #SJRRIMECORP #FIESTAHOMES

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