[Resolved]  Triumph Motors, New Delhi: General Motors Dealer — Misleading, Cheat & Fraud done to the customer


It is my sincere request to all of you out there, that not to buy a Chevrolet car from Triumph Motors, New Delhi. They are a big cheat. They will loot your hard earned money and you won't even know about it, trust me on that. Please read my mail sent to them to get a clear picture and the pathetic response from their end.

From: Navneet Sharma
Sent: Monday, May 18, 2009 12:12 PM
To: [protected]
Cc: sandeep.[protected]; sandeep bara; Customer Assit. Care; Customer Care
Subject: RE: K. A. Mr. Sharma (Plz ignore previous mail)

Hi Mr. Acharya,

It is nice to see at least a reply from your end. However, I also have couple of points to put across.

According to you, the spark PS model was not available with you, then why dint you tell me that before calling me to the showroom. You told me that, when I was at your showroom, at 8:00 pm. Isn’t that frustrating to know, provided that you have travelled for 2 hours, that too with your family. According to you, GM doesn’t accept D.O’s from D.S.A’s, then why do even entertain those people at first go? Why do you even allow those people to enter your premises? Secondly, if you don’t accept D.O’s from D.S.A’s, then on what basis did you call me for the delivery of the car on that day? Do you have any answer for this? Did the D.S.A come at your showroom on that particular evening, just for having evening tea, and in the meanwhile you all thought of making a fool out of the customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you were not involved in the case, then why did you even entertained me, if I was coming through a D.S.A. First, make your policies transparent for everyone.

Regarding the registration of the car, you are telling me the same thing in a different language. If my papers were o[censored].P, then how come I got a Delhi temporary number????????

I am not offended by your mail, however I am shocked to know that an AGM of a company of repute can reply to things without even doing a proper check. You people will give 100 calls in a day to sell your car, however now, at this point of time, you did not even take a pain of making me a single call. This is very surprising, that once you have sold the car, you are playing the blame game. This shows the lack o[censored]nderstanding things in one go.

It was just my opinion, please do not reply to this one, as it gave me a very hard time to understand the grammar and the language used in your last reply.

Mr. Bara, if possible from your end, I would be happy to talk to you regarding this.

Navneet Sharma

From: [protected] [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 9:14 PM
To: Navneet Sharma
Cc: sandeep.[protected]; sandeep bara; Customer Assit. Care; Customer Care
Subject: Fw: K. A. Mr. Sharma (Plz ignore previous mail)

Dear Mr. Navneet Sharma,

First of all please ignore my previous mail.

We have gone through the mail & found that a lot of baseless issues were mentioned. As per your complaint in first Para that you have visited our showroom in the first week of January'09 for taking the delivery for Spark PS Model which was not available with us. I would like to clarify you that there was no issue regarding the Spark PS model. The car was not delivered. The Delivery Order (D.O.) was been issued through a DSA which was accepted by us. As we have very bad experiences with the DSA people that’s why we never accept the D.O. from the DSAs. But still you have approached these people for getting finance and insurance of your car and now why you are involved us in your complaint regarding the booking & financing part .You know everything about the DSAs but still you want to involve us .If your case was rejected from the Bank or something else regarding the finance or insurance all these matter should be settled between you & your DSA (The Broker). Further, why you always say that the GM Sales people don’t cooperate. When we are not involved in this case, firstly you clear all your issues related to finance as well as insurance with your DSA.

We have delivered the car to you on 28th January, 2009 against the HDFC Bank Delivery Order. As you mentioned in your Para No. 3 that you finally got your loan sanctioned without the help of GM Sales; Now, from where the question has arrived for EMI issues. Once we are not involved why you are trying to create our involvement.

As per your Para No. 4 regarding the complaint for registration of car; I would like to tell you that the process of registration as per the registration department is that for getting a car registered in U.P. we have to take the temporary registration from RTO of Delhi. Only then we can register the car in the RTO o[censored].P. As per your address proof of Vaishali (Ghaziabad) how can we register this car in Delhi; I would like to tell you firstly confirm from the relevant authority regarding the issue, then make complaint if you feel necessary.

As per your last complaint regarding the sales person who was angry on you regarding the feedback given by you; I want to know from you that if my call centre has taken a feedback from you and want to clarify with the sales person regarding your problem/issues then what is wrong in it ? He has called you and explained you regarding your entire issues which found baseless and non genuine. He has advised you to talk to DSA as your entire problem is related with that DSA.

My only request to you that please check your complaint & try to resolve your issues with your DSA and do not blame on us. I am sending the photocopy of D.O. issued by the bank to you.

If you feel any query or any further issue you may contact the undersigned.

With thanks,

Arun Acharya
AGM - Sales
Triumph Motors
Mobile No. : [protected]

--- On Fri, 15/5/09, sandeep.[protected] <sandeep.[protected]> wrote:

From: sandeep.[protected] <sandeep.[protected]>
Subject: Fw: K. A. Mr. Sharma
To: [protected], triumphdel.[protected]
Date: Friday, 15 May, 2009, 4:56 PM

We discussed this day before yesterday, still no mail from your side , why?

Sandeep Bara,
ZSM, North,
Chevrolet Sales India Pvt. Ltd.
1st Floor, Plot. No. 15, Sector 32
Ph:[protected] EXT 1212
----- Forwarded by Sandeep Bara/IN/GM/GMC on 05/15/2009 04:55 PM -----

Navneet Sharma
> To
"gmi.[protected]" <gmi.[protected]>,
05/15/2009 04:49 "[protected]"
PM <[protected]>,

RE: K. A. Mr. Sharma

Hi There,

This is my third mail to GM and still no response from your end, except

Could you please tell me the turn-around-time for the same?

Navneet Sharma

From: gmi.[protected] [mailto:gmi.[protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 12:43 PM
To: Navneet Sharma; [protected]; sandeep.[protected]
Subject: K. A. Mr. Sharma

Dear Mr. Sharma,

We are in receipt of your e-mail message, concerning your Chevrolet Spark.
At the outset, we take this opportunity to extend our thanks to you for
sharing your feedback with us.

We appreciate the diligence in pointing your service experience with our
Dealer M/s Triumph Motors, Delhi to us, as this will help us to streamline
the systems & processes at our dealers.

At the outset, Based on your e-mail message, we are currently looking into
the details of this matter and investigating the same with the concerned
authorities at M/s M/s Triumph Motors.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to assist and assure you that we
would remain committed, as ever, to serve you and hope that you will
continue to retain your faith in the ‘Chevrolet’ Brand forever.

Warm regards
Neetu Adlakha
Customer Assistance Center
Chevrolet Sales India
Fax No[protected]
E- mail - gmi.[protected]

24X7 Customer Care Help Desk : 30308080

Navneet Sharma <[protected]>

05/12/2009 05:34 PM To


Hi GM Motors,

I have bought a Chevrolet Spark LS on 28th Jan’09 from GM motors showroom,
located at Wazirpur Motors, New Delhi. However, the whole experience of
buying a new car was a lot more than pathetic. I was promised that the car
would be delivered to me in January first week. The showroom people called
me up around 5-6th December, I went there with my family and with the money
(,please note that it is a 2 hour run from my place to showroom). Then they
told me that we cannot deliver the car, as you do not have Delhi documents.
They should have told me that well before in advance. Then they told me
that they do not have PS model, so I had to go for LS. They told me that
you can only get the temporary number o[censored]ttar Pradesh (as I have my
documents of vaishali, Ghaziabad), so we cannot deliver you the car today.
No issues, I came back home after making a initial down payment of

A month gone no progress at all. I went there again and requested them to
give my money back. They told me that, now they have paid the money to
reliance for the insurance so they can only refund the rest of the money,
this was around 10th Jan’ 2008. According to them, insurance had been done
for the car which I have not even bought so far, and the loan was also not
sanctioned by that time. HOW CAN A COMPANY LIKE GM DO

I gave them n number of calls in a day, no response. On the top of it, the
GM sales people are so aggressive at that particular showroom, that they
even threat their customers. I went to the bank and finally got my loan
sanctioned, with no help of GM. It would be a surprise to you that they
were cheating on me in EMI’s. GM sales guy and his loan provider friend
told me that there will be a total of 38 EMI that I would be required to
pay, which the bank (HDFC) told me is 35.

The biggest surprise comes now. On 28th January’09, when I went to the
showroom to get the delivery of the car, I found that the temporary number
is of Delhi, however I deposited Uttar Pradesh documents. The sales guy was
so adamant on the U.P temp. number, than how can you give me Delhi temp.
number, when you do not have supporting documents for the same. Now my
permanent number has come from U.P.

I am very sorry to say that I would not suggest anyone to buy a Chevrolet
from that showroom. Then a week ago, I got a call to from GM to share my
feedback, I told them the whole story. As soon, as the feedback call got
finished, I got a call from the same sales guy and he was angry with my

Please look into this matter, as I would not like anyone else to get same
sort of experience from GM.???

Hope to hear from you soon.

Navneet Sharma
Car# U.P 14 AV ****
Contact# +91**********
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Aug 14, 2020
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Chevrolet Motors/Triumph Motors — Dealer Not returning money

I stay in Jaipur Rajasthan.The dealer of Chevrolet car is not returing my money I have written to the compant the following mail-

Dear Sir,
I live in Jaipur.I have shown interest in your spark car for which I got a call from gurgaon & after that I got calls from your Jaipur dealer - Triumph Motors,Bani Park.
I test drove the car & Quite liked it also but I thought I will buy it during festive season.I already have a M-800 for last 10 years.
The people from dealer started calling up after that.One sales girl-Manju from Triumph called up in the begining of July 2010(1st july) & told me that the rates of spark are going up by 10-15000 from tomorrow.
Not knowing her sales tactics I had fallen prey to it as she showd me one print out for price increase of Beat.I enquired this is for beat than how you are saying that prices of spark are going up.
She said sir you talk to my senior etc..
She somehow convinced me that If I book a car by giving them any amount they will hold for me for a months time.I gave a cheque of 5100/- drawn on ICICI bank,Jaipur(Cheque no.427757 amounting to 5100/- dated 1st july)which they cleared on 3rd july& hold the amount.
After 15 days or so she started presurising m to take the delivery of the car & told me that for my old car they will not be able to give the amount they had agreed for as it is depriciating.I said a car of 10 years old will not depriciate any more in 1 month & if they can't give me they should cancel & return my money as I will buy new car during festive season as the prices have not gone up.
She said you have to give in writing & They will deduct 1000/- Rs. I said you people never give me anything in writing & took the cheque & cleared it ,It is my wish if I buy car now or later moreover the days of bookings of vehicles are over where companies used to take advance booking as the production was less than the demands,now you people can't do that & if you do I have other options as well.
I went to their showroom on 4th August(bani park) Manju sent to her Manager-Bhupendra,who after 30 min.of futile discussions agreed to return my amount & asked for an application.When I asked him as to why are you asking for cancellation of booking whereas you people have not given anything in writing ,He said sir this is the procedure.
I gave in writing for refund of my deposited amount.Thereupon he said you will get your cheque on Saturday.Please send someone to our showroom.I told him I don't have anyone to send so far for collection of my own money,thereupon he promised that he will return back the cheque & send someone to my house on saturday.I asked him why delay in paying back my amount.He said this is their procedure.
On saturday nobody came.He did not take my calls.Ultimately when I called from other number at 9 PM.He said sir it was delayed & on monday I will get my money back.
I waited for monday also.On monday nobody came till evening.When I called up on his moble again He did not take my calls.I tried 5-6 times.After sometime his Junior Anuj called up & said sir we are very sorry the boss has gone to Kota & your cheque will be delivered tomorrow.I said what kind of a dealer you are whereas I am waiting for all these days for getting my own money?He promised that the next day it will be done.
Today about half an hour back Anuj from Triumph motors called & said my Boss(Mr.Sai) has not come back from Kota & he will be back from there late night & You will have to wait till tomorrow.
What kind of dealers you have in Jaipur????????
They have taken my money with false information,after that they are dilly dallying it since last 8 days.
Would you look into it.
With these kind of dealers your company will sure get a beating in the market & If this is not immediately sorted out I will go to the consumer court.
Naresh Aswani.

GENERAL MOTOR — cheating regarding their offer

I had purchased spark LS from auto vikas,Lajpat nagar New Delhi and I had the complaint against the sales person Mrs. nisha and Mr. Vinod for miss selling and false promises being made. Following below mentioned points on which I want to pay your kind attention

1. The sales person Mrs. nisha had given me false and inappropriate/ incomplete information
about the offer. In the Performa invoice which was given to me the exshowroom price was 3.49 lac and in the invoice it was 3.03 lac. Other difference amount was adjusted by giving the accessories bill. This information was not given to at the time of booking.
2. Without informing me invoice were raised
I had booked my car on 21st of Nov 2010 in the evening , and without informing me the invoice was raised on date 24th of Nov. also I told them that I will take auto loan from bulandshahr ,
3. not giving me the desire color
at the time of booking I was asked for my desired color of vehicle , I told them that I will chose from red and black color, and I will inform you about my choice of color when my loan will be sanctioned. On 14 the dec 2010 my loan was approved from IDBI bank and on the same date I informed the dealer about my choice of color which was red. I also told then I will take the delivery of vehicle on 16th of Dec 2010 and get my vehicle ready. They informed me ok sir, come on 16th of Dec.
4. On 16th of dec when I reached the showroom for the delivery of vehicle I was surprised to see that they are giving me the black color vehicle. I objected this then Mr. Vinod kumar told that sir we have already invoiced the vehicle in the month of November and kindly help me as we will be in loss of Rs 35000.00 as already the Vat and Taxes were paid. I refused to take the delivery then he sincerely apologies for the mistake and said kindly help me on humanity ground and I will give you more discount and benefit latter. These entire things happen in front of the IDBI bank person and one of my friends who have come along with me to take the delivery.
5. I came with my vehicle. On 13th of Jan 2011i had to apply for the registration of the vehicle at bulandshahr I require the temporary RC document. I asked the dealer to give me the file for registration of my vehicle. He told me that sir the original RC document has been lost from the office, I told whether u have lodge an FIR to this they told me NO sir, I am very surprised that such an important document of the vehicle has been lost from the show room auto vikas and the company has not filled an FIR. I objected this then they filled the FIR on 15th of Jan 2011 and this FIR was not lodged by the company but in the name of some Gurpreet bahl that his vehicle paper original has been lost from some market. As this FIR copy is required by the Regional RTO office’s told them I don’t know anything I want my vehicle to be register here as RTO office is objecting this they told me ok sir we will do ur work .again I am very surprised that on 16 th of JAN 2011 the original paper were received by the RTO office .this is really a very surprising act and show the t there is something going.
6 False promise of additional discount if I take black color instead desire of customer to buy red color.
7. The invoice was raised in the month of Nov just to fulfill their sales and ignoring the customer concern and before informing the customer.
8. Forgery sign were made on the retail booking order form just to convince me that you have signed the document.
9. In the paper ad the total discount written is cash benefit of 47000+ free maintenance packages worth 13000+ free music systems with USB port. I had paid for these entire discounts.
10. I had complain to the head office of Chevrolet at gurgoan and to the dealer many times on telephone and written also. After lots of discussion they have accepted the fault and they called me for the compensation and offering me a discount of rs 4000. In this two month I was totally mentally and physically disturbed by the act of these people.
11. In Dec month the offer and deals was much more than in the month of Nov, as because the invoice was raised in the month of Nov so I had lost all the benefit.
In this regard

Other points were also there that I will explain latter onward I am sure that you may look into the matter very seriously.
Thanking you

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