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[Resolved]  Swish India Ltd (Bangalore) — Refusal to service product after offering warranty(3 years)

An ordeal with Swish India (Bangalore). A very bitter experience. Buyers Beware. Be Very Aware.

I hope this post ensures other members or new members do their due diligence before buying or interacting with people who put themselves up as dealers of a particular brand, and then refuse to be professional about servicing anything you bought from them. Hunting for the “really good deal” can backfire... And how!

Last year I purchased a Def Tech Pro Sub 1000 from Mr. Akhil Abrol, Partner at Swish India, Delhi. He assured me the sub was almost new, as he had bought it for his room and found it too big for his setup.

I took a demo of a similar sub at Music Ranch, and liked it. I was also told that the Def tech Subs come with a three year warranty for about 33-35k.

As Mr. Akhil said this was a “like-new” sub, I asked him about warranty, and he said “You are simply worried about the warranty. Frankly speaking I did not knew about three years warranty. If it is 3 years then you will get 3 years only. I am a dealer now so why you are worried? “

We sealed the deal with shipping, and he gave me an official invoice as well for the purchase. (Invoice dated 11th may 2012, amounting to Rs. 25,800/- plus vat)
The sub was shipped and reached me in good condition around 17th May 2012. I put it with my system, and it worked well till March 25th 2013. About ten months.

The sub started giving me a “hum”. I researched hifi vision, checked polarity, checked wiring, checked placing the sub in a different room, but the hum prevailed. I called Akhil, who asked me to contact Mr. Mukesh in Bangalore who would help me out and service it for me.

I contacted Mr. Mukesh on April 6th 2013. I explained the situation, and he told me he was out of town for two days, but he would return and even offered to pick up the sub from my place, as his office is a little difficult to locate. Meanwhile he asked me to send the invoice copy to him, which I promptly did.

Mr. Mukesh, however, was not able to pick up the sub, and so I decided to drop it to his office.

On April 10th I dropped the sub at his office around 7:30pm, and was assured that within a week the sub would be returned.
A week later I messaged him for an update. I was told that the sub is with the service center and he will get back to me regarding the status. But I did not get any update.

A few days later, around April 26th, (Thursday), I again messaged for an update, and again on April 29th. And then I called him, and I was informed that the sub IC is defective, and that it will cost around 3.5-4K to replace. I informed him that the price is alright, but the sub is under warranty, so it should be covered. He said, once the IC Arrives from Bombay in 2-3 days, he would look into it and get back to me. I asked him when I should call him back, and he suggested I call around May 1st (Wednesday).

I messaged him on Tuesday, 30th April, Assuming that 1st May will be a holiday, but I got a reply “sorry am in a meeting, call back later”. But no calls nor any updates. Mr. Mukesh was so busy that all my requests for an update on May 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 7th went unanswered.

On 7th I sent him a strong message requesting some courtesy to my frequent update requests for which I get a very cordial “I haven’t been able to reply back because of my hectic travelling. The IC is still unavailable so we need to wait for this week.”

Based on this message I also spoke to Mr. Akhil Abrol in Delhi about the long wait. Mr. Akhil also confirmed that the IC is gone, and they were waiting for it, and replacement will happen in a few days. No firm timeline was given at any point as to what a “few days” meant.

I looked up Def tech website, and the Authorized Representative for Def tech are Audio Excellence based in Mumbai. I assumed that the part will be coming from them.
I messaged Mr. Mukesh, telling him that I could have the IC shipped to him from Bombay if required

I was told that the IC is coming from China, and it will still take another week to get it replaced and that I should follow up with him on email instead and not sms.

I immediately called Audio Excellence, and enquired if the IC is available In Bombay, and whether Swish India has contacted him regarding my sub.

He hadn’t heard of Swish India, nor had he received any calls from them for service of the sub.
Audio Excellence asked me to inform Swish India to call Mr. Gupta , as he would most likely have the part required.
I messaged these details to Mr. Mukesh immediately.
But I got no response.

It was a month since the Sub was given to Swish India, and I was not getting any positive responses from either of the “partners” of this company.
In sheer frustration, I emailed a strong letter to Mr. Mukesh, with Cc to Mr. Anil at Audio Excellence regarding the callous and unprofessional approach to service that Swish India have rendered for a Def tech subwoofer.
Mr. Mukesh finally replied, saying verbatim “I will return back your sub if you are in a urgency. This cannot be serviced by swish”

After 30 days of waiting, of constant follow up from my side, of lies about an IC coming from Bombay and then from china, I am told the sub, legally sold by swish, with a 3 years warranty, cannot be serviced by swish.

I was told then that “The sub is my office you can collect it from there, kindly let me know what Time you will come to collect.”
My work involves managing a retail store between 9am and 7:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. It is very difficult for me to come to an obscure location during my work hours. I was hoping Sunday would be most convenient for me, as his office is also his house.

On Friday May 10th 2013, I emailed him that I would like to come to his office on Sunday at 10am to pick up the sub.
I didn’t get any response.

On Saturday May 11 2013, I again mailed him to confirm that I will be coming.
To which I didn’t get any response either.

I went on Sunday at 10am to his office / house and his father was outside. I spoke to him, explained him that I was here as Mr Mukesh had to return a sub.

His father went into the house and called him as he wasn’t in. A minute later I get a very agitated phone call from Mr Mukesh asking me why I am creating a ruckus outside his house, and that I was unprofessional to have come on a Sunday. He said he will not be able to give the sub back to me on a Sunday as I came without an appointment. He practically screamed that I should come back in “working hours” to reclaim the sub from him”.
When I pointed out that I wasn’t “creating a ruckus” and I only wanted an item which he had kept for a month back, and I came without an “appointment” was because he was ignoring my calls/sms and emails,

Mr Mukesh got even more agitated, screaming about how he has 15 years of “customer service experience” and I should know better. At which point

I cut the call as it was no use. How can I get through to a person who claims 15 years customer service experience, and behaves in this manner!
His father came out again a few minutes later, and I spoke to him cordially. Told him the issues, gave him my card, and asked him to get through to Mr Mukesh that I wasn’t creating a ruckus. He rightly said that it’s between Mukesh and me and he didn’t want to get involved. Fair enough.

I sent Mr Mukesh another sms because, talking to him was impossible! I asked him to be professional and ensure that the sub is ready for me to pick up the next day at 11am.

To which I get an astounding reply “Mr. Haren, I thing I don’t have Ronald teach you what professionalism is, I have nothing to do with you sub also, pls collect it sharp at 11am tomorrow and don’t expect me to wait for you after that”

I am presuming “Ronald” refers to his dog. If so, then I really doubt how old this Mr Mukesh is!

I reached his office today at 10:30am. The sub was waiting for me outside his door. His watchman/servant went in to inform him of my arrival, and then servant picked up the sub, put it in my car and I left!

I hope this incident is a warning enough to all those risking to deal with a company that’s pointedly uncaring about after sales service! This has been by far the worst example of customer service ever!

Any detail so desired by any member regarding the sms sent/ emails sent/ or assurances made by Swish to me as per this review, I can furnish.
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 13, 2020
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Mukesh has cheated a lot of other people including me. He has ran away with my company's money which we paid for a home theater screen. Even his supplies are hunting from him for payments since years. Could you please share his address where you went to pick up sub woofer?

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