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Geo Detectors - Hosur — geominax, nano 600, 3d locators fake not working

Geominax is assembled unit in hossur,
This product worth is not more than 10000,
They are selling 1.5lacks, dont purchase this products, these are fake, go for branded products only, field training they are saying is #, they just seen the operating and give to you, even it's not working they wont take buy back, they are selling resistivity meters also, i hope every one beware of this fake products,

For more information contact us
Updated by Nickyhobbi Jan 06, 2019
Geominax is worst products
Updated by Nickyhobbi Jan 06, 2019
Geominax price is not more than 10000,
Updated by Nickyhobbi Jan 13, 2019
There is no need to hide, You people are assembling products in India or not ?? I am going to take legal action of this, Because here Manufacturers need some certification to sold goods as a Manufacturer, We are on that busy, catch you shortly and put the case copy in this group.
Updated by Nickyhobbi Jan 13, 2019
Once again I am confirming that, Manufacturers need some registration to promote as a Manufacturer or else it's an offence, We are taking legal suggestions to move further, dont worry I will update you every thing.
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Look Mr, Prasanth and Karthik Srinivas

Better me work meru chesukondi, ila fake names meda fake reviews pedite okkakadiki water detectors ammukune asa vadulukovalsi vastundhi,

Now I am seriously not dealing water detectors, Inko sari nannu kelikithe Prasanth gariki nenu anto telusu,

Fake reviews pettemundu alochinchi pettandi,

Nenu na name tho pedutunna, Review adhi magatanam ante
Dear Mr. ---- from Hyderabad who deal only scam detectors and fool people our cost is not 150000 it is 165000. If you have really purchased a product please submit proofs just posting a complaint is only to increase your sales. I request all customers to please check with water Detector users regarding Hyderabad dealers sales and support who deal only with non-profit scientific products which do not give any values and just rotate like a coconut.

Next you we bring your customers in front of this forum with proper proofs.

I had clearly explained stop scamming complaints. Face the consequences
Dear complainer

Geodetectors company is still not Registered or not yet started its business. How come you have purchased both the products from Geodetectors and you have complained here.

Karthik Srinivas
#31 near MLA office hosur-635109

This is my contact details I request you to please update your purchase order and fulfill your complaint with your contact details to really show the world who you are.

Just posting a complaint by hiding your face is not a man value (I think you understand)

I request you to please provide proof of your purchase and also case study about how you complaint on our product and then to post such wrong complaints.

Complainer without contact details
Posting wrong complaint on this forum
I request to verify this complainer and to post his contact details.

We will file complaint on consumer forum incase they are not posting the real complainer here
Nickyhobbi's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 2, 2019

Above 3D locators company is pramoting as Italy Manufacturer, Please verify

We have inquired about that given address is wrong, And no company is there in this address,
If consumer complaints not respond against this we will go through high court or supreme court to file piteation
Against this,
We don't have any rivalry with this Srinivas or some one but we are fighting against Customer's,
Nickyhobbi's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 2, 2019
Also please find the attached confirmation from Italy no Manufacturer registered on the name of 3D locators, If you go through FAQ they are saying we deal through India, Italy we will not sell, you can understand,

100% it's local product, Mr, Srinivas definitely with in short time we will meet you.
Yes, we have proof, this device is not working, Find the attached pics of device, with out proofs we don't speak,

Karthikbif's reply, Jan 14, 2019
Really glad to see the photo of our device. I can also attach any device photos as we are dealing with all the ground water detector. So you attached the pic and you are telling it's not working if it's not working bring for service and also update your purchase bill.

Before everything why are you not giving your name or any contact details.
Yes, we have proof, this device is not working, I only spoke to that person, find attached pics.
Karthikbif's reply, Jan 14, 2019
Which person you spoke, where is the attachment? What you spoke?

Didn't your parents give you with a name and address.

If you want to ask something ask me directly.

Not like ananomus
Post this product patent and ISO certification, If you are not hiding
Karthikbif's reply, Jan 14, 2019
Direct me through concerned department to ask all the required documents. First you need to ask this question if you are purchasing or have purchased the product with proper name and address

What ever you write here we are not able to answer for unnamed kids
Ramuwaterdetector's reply, Feb 27, 2019
Certification Lu adigaru avaro mundu me product 3D Locators Italy made ani prove chesukondi
Dear chingliva, Nicky hobby don't you all have an address, name and phone number.

I have clearly explained post your comments with your working phone numbers, your real names and address your purchase copy and then your issues.

For name sake don't write something, if you want to ask a question to us. Either you need to be a purchaser or provider.

When you are not able to show whom so ever you are, we don't care to answer ananomus messages.

And Nikki hobbies question ' you people are assembling product in aindia or not'.

Give your name phone number and address then ask such questions.

We assemble in India we sale in India we are born in India. What is your problem?
Yes, Correct this product was not made in Italy, We have verified that address which is they have mentioned, There is nothing,
we have already given cyber complaint against these sellers cause of cheating and misguiding the customers, if any one have doubt find the reference numbers and track the details,

We also filing legal proceedings in High court as per police advice,

Be ready to face legal proceedings for this cheating,

Nickyhobbi's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 23, 2019
Please give me your contact information, I will come with you,

Yes from starting I am saying this, Because in Italy we have inquired about Manufacturer details, which they have given all are fake, if any one prove same address is right I will get 5 lacks,

This seller only confirm we assemble in India ?? Then why made in Italy in 3D Locators Logo ??

I think they haven't give any delivery of this product, Almost 45 days they are
Postponed today tomorrow stock coming ??

Earlier KRB and Loop techno and Asian and Agri water gel, doing good healthy business, But now fake products came into market and somany customers fooling by fake companies,
Nickyhobbi's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 23, 2019
3D Locators is not made in Italy,
Customers please ignore fake pramotions in India mart,

Who is dealing this product they all know this product not from Italy,

If you purchase 240000 one device, if any one should give two years warranty, in this case no Manufacturer in Italy then who will give warranty ??
Nikkihobby99's reply, Feb 25, 2019
Yes this product is copied and manufactured in Hyderabad, I found PQWT also copied in Hyderabad. Just like GER copied pool finder and manufacturing in Hyderabad.

They copy all the products 3D locators I found one distributor in Delhi he showed me original. Hyderabad they showed me same copy 60k lesser than original.

Hyderabad is become new china. They copy Chinese product and this pool finder they say Germany. But purely made in Hyderabad.

After selling they don't receive call

Don't waste hard earned money.

Be careful never buy from Hyderabad fraud dealers Agrigel is the copy manufacturing company.
Nikkihobby99's reply, Feb 25, 2019
All water Detectors are fake. I saw GER copied as pool finder putting made in Germany, no office in Germany complete scam.

New company groundwater equipments from Hyderabad manufacturing copy products.

He first sells one scam product if it is not working he ask to return after returning. No money no product.

People from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh is their main target.

Pool finder just one bearing rotating nothing inside.

PQWT just copied like china

3D locator just copying like original and giving for 60K less.

Playing all dramas
Dear Customers,

We don't have any problems with this Manufacturer, But as per customer
Service point we are fighting this, I don't need any replies for this,

I am not taking about any individual,
All the sellers of this device should know menimim knowledge about the product,

Even we are not into this dam business too.
Hyderabad manufacturing products photo attaching. Be careful don't fall prey for their fake promises. I brought one river F from one of their dealer he sold me old local manufactured and again taken back.

No money also return now telling they will give pool finder which is not from Germany local made

Hyderabad manufacturing products photo attaching. Be careful don't fall prey for their fake promises. I brought one river F from one of their dealer he sold me old local manufactured and again taken back.

No money also return now telling they will give pool finder which is not from Germany local made

Nickyhobbi's [Complaint's author] reply, Feb 26, 2019
Malakpet lo FIR copy tisukuni 300 members tho pettista sir me reviews,
Stay tuned,
3DLOCATORS.IT was a big fake PRODUCT,

Beware of those fellows manufacturing at 25k and selling at 2.5lacs at hosur.

These people cheating by using Ola app and promoting it as 3dlocators made in Italy,

Beware of these fellows and don't waste your valuable money

Oka ammaki abbaki puttina lanjakoduku lu ithe a river f local made ani prove cheyandi, lekapothe me jeevithalu repu andari mundu peduta, nenu devices late icchi undocchu kani Melaga students ni cheat chesi amount dengayaledu, Alage Hossur lo product tayaru chesi Italy ani janala daggara dabbulu dengeyaledu, Are Lanja kodakallara mundu me business meru adavandi,
Dear Customers who is reading this review, I said one word in Telugu which is reflected who is putting the review, If he having only one father just come and prove that River F made in India, If not don't repeat this kind of cheap tricks done by Hossur and Hyderabad dealers,

Remember my name - Ramu
Vysaly Detectors Pvt Ltd - Hyderabad
Siddani enterprises - Bangalore / Hossur

I don't know below company name, These two companies challenged me River F is fake product, from Hyderabad,

I will prove your 3D Locators is not made in Italy,

Will you prove River F from Hyderabad ??
This is called diversion,

If not received personal apologies by tomorrow I will take this issue into next level, which is you can't imagine
These fellows cheating people on the name 3dlocators,

These karthik Srinivas and siddani enterprises are the big fraud fellows

Last year Chester people by gmt1200 & nano

Closed the PRODUCT this year and started new Ola app device
Dear Nikki Hobby @ Mr.Sudhakar Reddy(Watergel Everyone know about you). waste of my time to reply for your comments.

Mr.Siddani Enterprises @ Sudhakar Reddy Water Gel Person, if you father kept a name to you post your name and contact number, without this why you waste our time.

Dear Customers All this type of complaints & negative comments are posting by Mr.Sudhakar Reddy Agni Watergel & his team members only, just think once, be alert, just doing blaming bez they did not got dealership of this 3D Locator products.

PQWT & 3D Locators this both are scientific products, which we can prove it
Karthik Srinivas and siddani enterprises are cheating people by fake PRODUCT 3dlocators,

So many people lots their money by purchasing this fake PRODUCT.

We can share contact details of the persons who lost their money by purchasing this fake PRODUCT
Dear customer's beware of this vysaly Detectors, they are selling local made 3dlocators product as Italy made and make customer's big fools by selling at 2.5lacs for this OLA app toy.

Previously these company members prasanth reddy and kartik Srinivas cheated so many unemployed people in mahabunagar district, telangana on the name of Janamitra Associates, they looted around 70lacks and now started as 3dlocators on the name of vysaly Detectors pvt ltd.

More information check In YouTube

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