Panchami Developers — cheating by panchami developers bangalore / calisto projects marketing / alisha projects/developer. @ # got cheated

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 satyamurty1976 on Nov 6, 2018
Cheating by panchami developers bangalore / calisto projects marketing / alisha projects/developer. @ # got cheated
Europa nature park project near greek agora, chikkajala :
2010 to 2018: is a long waiting period to hand over plots sold in 2010 by any developer in chikajala bangalore. We are talking about europa nature park, chikajala, bangalore.
We were skeptical about the calisto projects and panchami developers in chikajala bangalore, the marketing team, about unfair practices headed with mr. Ravindra kumar and mr. Venkatesh murthy, cheating and criminal breach of trust with about 230 customers in europa nature park, chikajala, north bangalore, as informed by mr. Kundan pandey who spearheaded a campaign but that was for his benefit only. The major dispute is still not over on survey number 66/6 and developer left the plot to the mercy of disputed landowners/plot owners and marketing agents mr. Ravinder and mr. Murthy. The modus operandi opted by the marketing team was to hold a plot each so that other plot owners have soft corner with them. Both of them bought plots to sell at a higher profit but not any takers yet due to land being not developed at all. There is no water and electricity as a basic necessity and facility. But till the regulator becomes a reality, buying property remains a risky task.
Presently mr. Ravindra kumar, is the director of, alisha projects pvt ltd sahakarnagar, bangalore-560092. His associate, mr. Venkatesh murthy is also a part of alisha projects. They kept a small plot to escape the wrath from plot owners and make easy money as they are investors. Calisto developers do get their plans cleared by the authorities, but did not adhere to them strictly.

The moot question is who is responsible, the marketing people or land developer, since plots were sold with a brochure from calisto projects and not panchami developers, since they took underhand bribe for registration of rs 35000/- from each plot owners. Both mr. Murthy and mr. Ravindra earned 65 lakhs by way of commission and other sundries like bribe for registration and they now possess 1 plot each. When truth and facts could not be digested four plot owners were removed from group. Their confessions were chilling in this ongoing issue.
In 2010, embattled developer, mr. Harinath reddy a small-time politician of bangalore with the help of local farmers made an agreement on 2008/2009 to sell their property. There was no value of the land at that point of time and selling price was rupees 400 per square feet. Calisto projects with their banner started marketing vigorously and made web advertisements to lure potential buyers whom 30% was nri’s. They sold plots at rs 1000/- and even now after 8 years, the price is rs 1200/-. There has been no development at all.50 plots are still unsold.
People waited until 2108 and harinath reddy, calisto developers just washed his hands off, telling plot owners to take over. The main gate was closed for 8 years and now opened and he exited from the place. Now the so-called self-elected president of europa nature park, mr. Kesavan prasad without the backbone is running behind harinath reddy. Harinath reddy made it very clear that in the layout, nothing would be done at all. Take it and exit. The grievances of the landowners included failure to deliver plots, non-completion of common area facilities and refusal to refund. Rera must be applied against panchami developers, office located somewhere in sahakarnagar, bangalore.
Plot owners formed their own committee and association without the inclusion of developer and now demanding with the wish list. The developer told association to do what they like with their funds collected about 5 lakhs as on today. The treasurer, mr. Awdhesh kumar informed land owner that he has enough funds and that he would make all facilities functional by themselves. Harinath reddy was in ecstasy and told awdhesh if he sort out this matter he would give awdhesh 2 lakhs as a diwali gift commission.
Project delays are one of the biggest problems plaguing the real estate sector and here in this case is 8 years delay and most plot owners watching as they bought the plot from black money. Income tax raid on these owner’s premises will liberate all black money as mr. Kundan pandey has been propagating to several owners. Over one dozen buyers have filed a case before the national consumer disputes redressal commission (Ncdrc) to get the possession.
Kundan pandey is doing organic vegetables business with “bosileaf” and he has been fired due to misappropriations of funds with this company. He has been befriending people and requesting loan and he has cheated 4 people in bangalore to buy a land near his apartment in singapura, vidyaranyapura, bangalore. He has quit secretary post of europa association as informed by treasurer, since his unethical activities would be known to public.
According to kundan pandey - a homebuyer can file a consumer complaint if there is a deficiency in services on the part of the developer. This is a cost-effective method as the court fee charged is nominal.
Under the consumer protection act, there is a three-tier machinery for redressal of consumer grievances. The district consumer forum is the initial forum and can entertain complaints where the value of the house and the compensation if any, claimed does not exceed rs 20 lakh. Where the value of the house and the compensation if any claimed exceeds rs 20 lakh but does not exceed rs 1 crore, the complaints will be entertained by the state consumer commission which is established in each state. If the value of the property and the compensation if any claimed exceeds rs 1 crore, the ncdrc will have the jurisdiction to entertain such complaints.
You can file a consumer complaint either where the registered/ branch office of the builder is located or where the flat you purchased from the builder is situated
A recent meeting was carried out and the association headed by mr. Kesavan prasad, who had no courtesy to post minutes of the meeting keeping all plot owners in total darkness, for whole one week and when few owners objected he scribbled something as he knew he is not going to achieve anything from harinath reddy. He was non - transparent in his dealings and approach and always introvert in his functioning. Kundan pandey expressed his displeasure in total dealings and held mr. Kesavan as prima facie as a person to damage all relations with the developer. Approved layout lost a substantial part of land and harinath reddy gave to a local farmer for cultivation (Something called common area).
A complaint has been lodged with all authorities, for cheating and delaying to hand over plots to land owners immediately and now seek justice from marketing personnel (Mr. Ravindra kumar and mr. Venkatesh murthy) and the embattled land developer, mr. Harinath reddy. There is sufficient material evidence these scrupulous people that they were fraudulent and with dishonest intention since the beginning of the transaction.
Despite the above observations of ours, the conduct and approach has never changed, hence we are posting after consulting them for last 8 years and we drew a line between justice and #got cheated.
For general public - please do not buy any property from calisto projects or alisha projects or panchami developers as they run risk like above. Those who choose to say that above facts are untrue then act appropriate in public interest but make sure that the layout is handed over with all amenities.
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Naturae park layout, Chokkanahalli, Chikkajala, Bangalore North- 562157
Date : 28.10.2018

Date of AGM :[protected], Sunday
Venue : Naturae Park layout, Chokkanahalli, Chikkajala, Bengaluru North- 562157
Time: 11.30 am to 2.00 pm


The meeting was done in presence of around 50 people representing around 45 site owners. During the meeting following points were discussed:

1. The books of account till 31st March 2018 was presented by the Treasurer & was unanimously passed by the members
2. Suggestion was given by the members to keep the excess money in a fixed deposit to get better interest earnings
3. Members suggested that, we need to give a deadline to the members who haven’t paid till now & there has to be a penalty for the late payments.
4. Owners of plot number 98 & 69 would like to construct houses & requested for the support from developer/ association to get the water supply & other facilities in place. Starting with this many more would go ahead with plan of construction.
5. Members insisted to send a written letter to the developer Mr.Harinath Readdy on the below points:
a) Water supply should be availed from Panchayat Office.
b) The biggest common amenities area named CA1 is being illegally encroached by someone. Developer has to take immediate action to get the area vacated & make garden as per the promise.
c) The site value was charged by the developer promising the amenities as stated in the marketing brochure which includes, Club house, Children’s park, Temple, Swimming pool, bank, ATM, Jogging track, landscaped park etc. It is a compulsion on part of the developer to fulfil each & every promise made before selling.
d) Developer has to provide the contact details of the rest of the owners & also has to pay the corpus amount for the sites which are still in their possession.
e) From main entrance area to the layout- Road is having mismatch which needs to be corrected.
f) Ownership/conversion plan of the Arched entrance Gate area (survey no 25P2) has to be confirmed by the developer
g) Developer has to provide a written confirmation about ‘no civil case/litigation’ for any of the survey numbers in the layout.
h) Developer has to provide NOC & approval from all the government agencies like water supply, sewage, Electricity board, Pollution board, planning authority etc.
i) Developer has to provide the drawings of water supply, Electric supply, sewage etc for future records
j) Developer should show & exhibit working condition of infrastructure in the layout(like Water supply, borewell, Sewage connection, STP, power supply, transformers etc). Also the pending/ unfinished work to be completed.
k) Security room to be arranged by developer.
l) Club house site registration & building
m) All required support to be given to the owners who would like to construct houses.
n) The time bound plan for completion all the above to be confirmed by developer
6. Security for layout- Members have agreed to have security from association, however association won’t take over the layout from the developer, unless the development is completed as per the initial commitment.
7. Annual maintenance charges- After long discussions it was agreed that, the next payment collection will be after April 2018, & at that we would decide about structure of maintenance fee(SFT basis/fixed basis/any other option) considering most appropriate practice.
8. Association take support of Alisha developers for the security & welfare arrangements

The members who are staying out station have extended full hearted support for the initiative & decision taken by the AGM. The meeting was followed by snacks & lunch.
We on behalf committee thank each & every members who have participated during meeting & also for the members who have extended their support from out of station.

For Europa Naturae Park Welfare Association,
President & working committee
dayalmat's reply, Nov 8, 2018
Dear President, We welcome your statements recorded during the annual meeting. However Minutes of meeting must have the attendees list . Just pouring 50 members into a meeting to show numbers are unethical, Please resend the Minutes after checking the names who really attended. Three women were deputed in the dias, and now where is the list. Who attended from landowners or developers side.? The list of items had been sent last year 2017 AGM. Last one year you could not get hold of Reddy Bhai. Now you can see the wrath of plot owners and who all are taking it. Alisha ( former name callisto ) marketed the layout and when Kundan Pandey asked for list, this shameless man Venkatesh murthy gives name of plot owners without mobile number or contact details. Kundan did his part well, but due to whistleblowing against Harinath reddy to IT Dept, he is in soup. Now you say association wont take up without handing over.Do you mean wait another 12 years, until 2030. Since you plot owners did not construct any house, the land would be grabbed by mafia of Chikkajala. Till then wait and watch the activities. Thank You. # aggrieved plot owner .
This Murthy and Ravinder are real thieves. They dismantled Calisto project and now started their own company Alisha Projects, and collecting 40000 rupees as underhand for registration of apartments. Their partner Wg. Cdr. AK Sharma (Retd) of Jupiter Infrastructure was arrested and later out on bail. They are not doing any welfare in our new projects -Hoysala Habitat in Yelahanka North Bangalore. The Hoysala Project is good but the agents like Ravinder is siphoning our money as commission. They are commission agents posing as directors and easy to earn.
Europa nature park is not handed over to plot owners and plot owners must go to consumer court to get their rights.
Harinath Reddy of Panchami group has cheated several people in Bangalore and Hyderabad. He is on the run now. Several cases in court against him.
Why don’t you approach the court, a mean consumer court?

# Fraud Panchami Builders and developers cheating Public in bangalore
Sai Panchami DevelopersNo 517 60 Foot Road, F Block, Sahakar Nagar,
Bengaluru-560092, Karnataka, India
Apparently, these are mafia people and looking to make easy money and cheat public and funds are used for election.
This Murthy and Ravinder are real thieves. They dismantled Calisto project and now started their own company Alisha Projects, and collecting 40000 rupees as underhand for registration of apartments. Their partner Wg. Cdr. AK Sharma (Retd) of Jupiter Infrastructure was arrested and later out on bail. They are not doing any welfare in our new projects -Hoysala Habitat in Yelahanka North Bangalore. The Hoysala Project is good but the agents like Ravinder is siphoning our money as commission. They are commission agents posing as directors and easy to earn.
Europa nature park is not handed over to plot owners and plot owners must go to consumer court to get their rights.
I am in the Whatsapp group and in 2017 i attended the meeting and this guy was asking me 10 lakhs to buy a plot or on lease, i dont remember his intention at all.He is a total fraud guy. Now lately we find he quit association, since cannot work with Kesav President .He is selling his plot .he has some case against 3/4persons in vidyaranyapura.His new company with fake website...www, bosileaf .com has terminated him due to misappropriations .He is blaming Kesav prasad since they did not go to consumer court to get justice.
As a lawyer, very interesting to read a post by several plot owners. The fact is that for the last 8 years what where the plot owners doing .They should have taken up this matter in consumer court in 2013. If plot owners join hands, the case would be made simpler. After reading the posts, we note that some infighting within the group. Your goal must be to fight against the developer. So prepare a copy and any one person can go ahead. If there is registered association then, they can proceed and take developer to court. Trust this helps in resolving the matter
Panchami Developers started in 2010 but since then harinath Reddy has always brushing in the wrong path. He does not reveal where he in dwelling in Bangalore but this gentleman has several cases in court. I know this Kundan Pandey had tipped against Harinath Reddy for Tax evasion in 2015 and almost 2 crores penalty was imposed on him. Now Kundan Pandey is never seen near the site and is planning to sell his site and buy a plot in Vidyaranyapura .Harinath Reddy is following Kundan Pandey due to the heavy loss in way of fine imposed on him.The association must proceed to consumercourt, and that will help all plot owners.
Dear Friends of Europa,

My sincere request is not to come to this platform and mudslinging at each other. If Harinath Reddy, the land developer does not provide us the promised facilities then we must go to consumer court collectively .This will make lot of difference. Then Panchami Developers, [ shakarnagar in bangalore ]will come and help the association .

Dear Plot Owners,
We have received your grievances online but we informed plot owners in year 2017 to start association and submit with all required documents and hand over to developer.
List was handed over to Mr. Kesav Prasad. Till today the Association or President (Mr. Kesav Prasad) and Mr. Kundan Pandey had not submitted any sort of Documents to developers.
We are awaiting the documents like association registration etc.
In between Mr. Kundan Pandey tipped IT Department and made us pay 2.25 crores as penalty. We challenged the court but to election season we could attend the hearing.
Lot of false messages were circulated by Mr. Kundan Pandey to several plot owners to create disruption in functioning of plot. Mr. Kundan Pandey even approached us in year 2016 that he would sort out layout problems and that he wanted Rs, 10 lakh to buy a plot in Vidyaranyapura. This money was as commission to him to sort out layout issues and this is the very reason he started WhatsApp group/association. Mr. Harinath Reddy was busy with several schedule and he contacted Mr. Amaranth reddy also. In fact this gentleman was cheating all plot owners (bribe) and backstabbed us by way of informing irregularities with Panchami Developers to IT Dept.
Regarding the list of plot owners with details are with Mr. Ravinder and Mr. Venkatesh Murthy. Please contact them as they did marketing. We have no contact details of Plot owners. Now they both started their own company known as Alisha Projects Private ltd.
Regarding Common area, we had given it to one local farmer for cultivation. We shall hand over once layout is handed over. No worries. There is no litigation at all and shall jointly give a statement with Panchayat members/Registrar.
We forget all the happenings of yesteryear's and look forward in working together in future.

@Spokesperson for Panchami Developers
Dear Harinath Reddy, Today is Sunday, and after i saw these messages I was stunned and shocked. It is better to close these tags and sort out Layout issues. Several depressed plot owners are in the open and will not stop until you give some assurance.Kundan pandeys mischief is well known to all. He has been asking 20 lakhs to buy a land in Vidya ranya pura to grow some plants etc.He has send me the plot photo to me. He claims as Head of Marketing with some company called Bosileaf.He is staying in an apartment in singapura and women thrashed him once he flashed in front of young girls. That photo was widely circulated. Anyway he is not active anywhere .He will sell his plot in Europa so that peace will come to layout residents.

In order that he is not caught he has put on a wig now. I saw him in Vidyaranyapura and when called him, he just walked off.

Atleast I dont wish to take this matter to any court since it will be wasting both parties time.

The Treasurer, Awdhesh Kumar is total rubbish garbage . If my statement is untrue then see whatsapp message . no postings of the expenditure and expenses for[protected] and[protected] and nothing this financial year .

This awdhesh is making money from plot owners, as happens all associations. Kesav prasad is a transgender and he is dependent on venkatesh murthy .

Minutes of meeting posted without attendees list - no transparency in the funds- kundan pandey left association and no one knows - kundan pandey sold his plot - cheated 2 plot owners - etc

Awdhesh told us that kundan is working in a company called bosileaf and he has several issues.He is not a part of association since he tipped harinath reddy fot IT Tax evasion.

That Prakash who stays abroad is also quiet, means that association is having grave problems.

what is happening ?

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