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PVR Cinemas — external music blaring into the theater

 shikhag10 on Mar 24, 2019
I have come to watch Kesari in PVR Megamall in Gurgaon, Phase II, golf course road. There is a club beneath Audi 03 of the cinemas and the music from the club is blaring into the theatre. It is creating a difficulty to hear the sound of the movie.
Please do something about this. The acoustics of the theatre is in a very bad condition. I've spent so much money on the tickets and this is the outcome of it.
Requesting for a refund as well for the same....
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PVR Cinemas — compulsory selling of food coupon with tickets

 Parv Bansal on Mar 23, 2019
Pvr cinemas ujjain is selling compulsary food coupons with tickets on ticket window. Please submit a fir against them for violating consumer rights.
The guy at ticket counter says that you will not get a ticket unless you buy food coupons added with ticket.
It happens most of the times and i am now sick of it. These companies have no right to sell compulsary food if the customer does'nt wish to buy it....
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PVR Cinemas — forceful food coupons attaching with tickets

 Pratibha Sahu on Mar 20, 2019
I don't think it is mandatory to buy food coupons with tickets if customer is not willing so... If pvr will forcefully add the coupons price with tickets so it is wrong.. If somebody has not more money for food coupons than he or she will not be able to buy tickets... And i don't think that the price of the food articles of pvr is so low that everyone could afford... So i think action must be taken regarding this issue...
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PVR Cinemas — starting movie late due to commercial ads

 kushalshah40 on Mar 17, 2019
I had a movie show at pvr theatres, central mall, bellandur at 7:00 pm on 17th march. The theatre showed ads for 20 mins till 7:20 pm. Inspite the movie start time being of 7:00 pm, commercial ads where forcefully shown to the audience. This is completely wrong and taking wrongfull advantage of movie goers at the cost of them earning extra money. Strictest action show be taken again pvr for this....
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PVR Cinemas — food (idly) not allowed for my 5yrs old baby

 Sandystorm on Mar 16, 2019
I have come to pvr rk cinemas opp to lv prasad eye hospital with my 5yrs old kid at 04:00pm show (Badla movie)... At entrance i was told to not to take the food inside for my baby, actually she doesn't eat outside food as she is allergic to some products and some other things. So i have took the food from home. I have requested them but they didn't allow and when i spoke to the so called manager he was very much disrespectful and bluntly he said no to us... And even the guys over there don't have manners to speak with the customers and each and every staff got over and was supporting the manager...
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PVR Cinemas — pvr noise levels

 Maitrei Haller on Mar 16, 2019
Everytime we have a movie day, we are shocked at the extremely high volume of the sound levels in the pvr cinemas. It seems there is no standard set at all for decibel limits. The worst onslaught is during the advertisements. Please set and follow international standards.
We watched 'marvel' last sunday at ambience gurgaon. The door to the exit is a single door, and as the mall which also does not have a volume control, we hosting a musical programme in the main lobby, and their mikes were blaring throughout the movie. None of the viewers were able to enjoy the cinema.
It is a shame...
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PVR Cinemas — extra charge on everything without bill

 Taranjeet1551 on Mar 16, 2019
They sold there ticket with combo of food, if we are not interested for combo they said ticket is not available for you. Wht are they doing i don't know, we found surprise in interval tym when they came for order and i give them combo coupon, they ask more money without bill.in other words they charge extra and sold there other products force fully...
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PVR Cinemas — excessive payment for cinema ticket

 Rauna on Mar 16, 2019
Purchased two tickets for badla in pvr anupam, show 5.30 pm, 16.3.19 from ticket window directly from my credit card. The ticket price showing in the receipt is rs. 356.70 including gst. But i had to pay rs. 616.00. I didnot ask for any add on but the ticket counter boy insisted that voucher is tagged with ticket but he didnot say that for this 257.98 is to be paid.
This pertains to unethical & unhealthy trade practice.
Requested to look into the matter and return my money i. E rs. 257.98 at the earliest.
Prof. Satyakam
Professor & director ignou....
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PVR Cinemas — transaction completed but tickets not booked.

 Harshit 72 Raj on Mar 15, 2019
Hi i am harshit raj i booked tickets from pvr bokaro. The money was deducted at first but ticket confirmation screen didn't came so i thought the transaction must have been failed so when we again tried to book the ticket then the ticket was confirmed but the sms says that both the times ticket was booked and double the amount was deducted. We booked three tickets which costs 608 rupees but 1216 rupees was deducted please return the money deducted at first....
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PVR Cinemas — I have booked tickets online and money gone and ticket not booked

 Azeem Pm on Mar 14, 2019
I have tried booking 8 tickets to the movie lkg tamil in pvr in vr mall in chennai, 1st i tried on the 13th march and my payment was gone but my ticket was not booked and again i tried to book on the 4th march but again my payment was made but my tickets were not booked.
This voucher also i tried to use both the time it said this only my payment has been taken.
Cheers pvr privilege member! Your voucher code p5kjqqp3j worth rs. 100.00 has been applied at pvr vr chennnai at[protected]:14:00 pm. Enjoy the show
Cheers pvr privilege member! Your voucher code p5kjqqp3j worth rs....
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PVR Cinemas — poor surround system

 Devinder Bhanot on Mar 14, 2019
I watched captain marvel yesterday in ludhiana pvr was assured and it happens again. I don't know why pvr just slow down the speaker sound when the gathering is minimal. I told the manager before and in the interval but nothing happens. Srs cinemas and cinepolis are doing better in this case. I am quiting pvr in ludhiana for poor surround sound system....
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PVR Cinemas — transaction was completed but tickets were not booked [Resolved]

 Nachiketh Prashanth on Mar 11, 2019
I tried to book tickets for the movie badla i selected 3 seats from your app and went towards the payment. I selected payment by paytm. After finishing the transaction the app showed that tickets were not booked. The cos of the booking was 920.28
Again i went back and booked tickets this time different seats in different row. This time it was 1004rs so now i didn't receive my 920.28rs back when i checked my paytm upi account it said money was already transferred. Please send my money back. My name is nachiketh and my phone number is [protected] and upi i'd is [protected]@paytm please send...
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PVR Cinemas — extreme price of food

 Tonu Pramanik on Mar 11, 2019
Though we know that maharashtra government has now allowed the public to bring food from outside to take inside halls.

But pvr malls still doesn't follow the orders. And the public is restricted from bringing the food inside.

My point is either reduce the price or let the people bring their own choice of food from outside.

Because the popcorn cannot be for 140 rupees whatever flavor. Samosa cannot be of 35 rupees [*2=70 mandatory]

We are not sitting in international airport but in the middle of the city.
This is like an open loot...
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PVR Cinemas — food item

 Dipam kapadiya on Mar 10, 2019
Cheese pop corn at pvr dev arc mall ahmedabad was so bad that it made me sick and had several vomits tonight, i paid 370 rs for this and didn't expected this kind of service. I will never purchase this service again i. Might think about going to pvr again also this is very inappropriate for a big cinema chain and you are charging very huge amount also...
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PVR Cinemas — ticket | cancellation

 ctubai93 on Mar 9, 2019
I am unable to cancel my ticket booking since last two days. The application always pops up a message saying: please try again later.

Details: pvr acropolis, ahmedabad, 4dx
Show: captain marvel
Time: 7:30 pm ist, 09th march 2019

As per the policy, i need 75% refund after cancellation.

But the faulty application is responsible for my ticket being not cancelled....
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PVR Cinemas — I booked tickets but didn't receive them

 Marvel fan boy 101 on Mar 8, 2019
I booked 2 tickets for captain marvel for 9th march 2019 and the money was taken out of my account but i didn't receive them i tried calling the customer care the said they will get back to me i tried contacting customer service on twitter they said they will get back to me but none of them have till now i am very furious and i want either my ticket today or a 100% refund...
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PVR Cinemas — prices of popcorn

 Rishabh Jeevavat on Mar 1, 2019
The price of 90gm of popcorn at the eternity mall thane is rupees 280 while actual cost outside is hardly 50rs. It is approximately 5 times more than the market rate. I request to take action against the pricing as we are not even allowed to bring popcorn from outside and forced to buy from the theatre at 5 times the price. I request designated authorities to take action against such cinemas....
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PVR Cinemas — poor management and inconvenience

 Karanvats11 on Feb 23, 2019
We visited pvr cinemas for a 10:20 pm show and we were told that they don't have a baggage counter so, i need to submit it at a random shop which charged me 100 rupees for my bag. This is pure extortion and i won't accept it. I want an apology from ur part and reimbursement for the monetary loss and inconvenience caused to me as soon as possible. Its like ur staff is running a nexus with those shops....
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PVR Cinemas — harassment and fraud

 Abhishaki111 on Feb 23, 2019
I am very disappointed with the behaviour and the managment of the pvr panipat haryana as i was watching uri movie with my whole family and suddenly movie stopped in between for about 40-45 mins and then they started movie from 20 mins back again.
Pvr panipat totally wasted my time as i was on a very hard schedule but wasted approx 1 hr for which i have to go for consumer court for fraud and harassment.
My ticket inv no - 0229585
Date - 22/02/19
Abhishek jain
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PVR Cinemas — pvr cinemas website [Resolved]

 SAG Sagayanathan on Feb 21, 2019
My booking id is cmpp[protected]. Booked this ticket today morning and want to cancel. However, the app and website keeps popping "try again later" when cancel ticket button is pressed. I have spoken to the call center who said send an email with screen shots to [email protected] which i did but no response.

Also posted messages on fb and tweeted though no response.

Kindly look into this as i do not want to loose money....
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