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PVR Cinemas — not got my pvr booked tickets though money got deducted- showing bad transaction

 Swagata_srke on Oct 18, 2018
I have booked 2 tickets for pvr forum mall, bangalore for Saturday( 1:15 show) for Badhai Ho. Rs. 1193 is deducted from my bank account in favour of Citrus Payment Solutions (refernce ID:[protected]). However i have not receievd any ticket nbr or confirmation for it in the app or email or sms. Later got an email from pvr saying it is a bad transaction. What happens to my booking, if it is cancelled when will i get the money refund? I have called my bank and got to know that the meny transaction was successful. Trying to reach to pvr customer care but noone responds! At least an email from pvr...
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PVR Cinemas — regarding parking lost ticket

 bhushanvinay18@gmail.com on Oct 18, 2018
Yesterday we went to movie.. While returning my friend lost the parking ticket. Later the parking security guard asked for 100 rs as penalty because the ticket was lost though we showed the proof of the bike owner. I don't know what is the calamity that is going to happen when we loose the ticket. We asked them why they are collecting the money for loss as we had all proofs and they just gave a lame answer that management will check from us and we shall collect.in order to avoid any fuss we gave money.. This is like looting our money for silly reasons for parking as the parking fee was waived off...
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PVR Cinemas — movie ticket booking and rescheduling

 Navniraj on Oct 17, 2018
I booked my movie ticket of 17th instead of 18th on 17th around 1 am and immediately registered request with bookmyshow followed by pvr cinema requesting rescheduling my booked tickets where i have already paid rs 3500 but they decline doing so.

This is causing a serious grief as they are forcing me to loose my rs 3500/- even without using their service in spite of giving well in advance request.

I tried calling bookmyshow and pvr cinema but no one is giving me a solution to utilise my money for other show.

It is horrible to be in a forced situation to...
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PVR Cinemas — gift card not delivered

 daljeetbehl@yahoo.com on Oct 16, 2018
Order for 6 Physical gift cards of Rs 500 each on 5th Oct.

Its been 10 days but still not delivered. I have been sending emails/making calls to PVR Customer care but they dont respond at all.

Rs 3050 got deducted from my bank account on 5th Oct but i am still waiting for the Gift cards.

My Contact number is [protected] & my email ID is daljeetbehl@yahoo.com...
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PVR Cinemas — additional combos order to be supplemented with tickets on sunday

 Ambivertz on Oct 14, 2018
Additional combos for purchase of tickets and non delivery of tickets when no combo of rupees 150 taken. Venue: pvr lucknow saharaganj. And rude behaviors of some staffs when you are not taking combos with the tickets. I am regularly watching movies in weekends but this behaviour of some staffs is hampering the pvr statisfaction and affecting its brand name for what it is called for. Kindly resolve the matter as early as possible....
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PVR Cinemas — I am complaining about staff behaviour

 Subham Deval on Oct 13, 2018
Very bad behaviour of pvr desk staff at lucknow singapore mall... Don't have manners to talk with customers.. He argued with me.. Really disappointed with there staff.. This is my one of the worst experience.. Staff used abused words.. Tried to threw my movie's tickets.. I said him i want to talk to your manager, then he ignored my words and leaved counter.....
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PVR Cinemas — forcefully adding of combo with ticket

 ayush kumar 12 on Oct 13, 2018
Today i planned to visit pvr and watch a movie but when i was buying a ticket, price of which on pvr app was 170 was priced 250 at the ticket counter. As they were selling it including a combo of pop corn and coke. I then asked the ticket counter lady to exclude the combo on which she refused. I am very disappointed on this service and would rather prefer visiting some other hall next time onwards

Movie hall location - pvr bokaro mall, bokaro steel city. Pin -827001...
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PVR Cinemas — regarding deduction in cancellation fee by pvr cinemas

 Chaitanya Arun on Oct 12, 2018
My booking id : bare[protected]
Mob num : [protected]

I have booked 5 tickets (Instead of 4 tickets) (F9, f16, f17, f18, f19) on 11th oct 2018 for the movie aravinda sametha for 12th oct 2018, 10:00 pm show. I have paid total of rs. 1494.80/- which includes 5 tickets fee - rs 1280/-, conveyance - rs 160/-,
Gst - 44.80/- and donation - 10/-.
I tried to cancel 5th ticket from pvr app, but all the 5 tickets were cancelled which was not shown during cancellation. I got to know that all 5 tickets were cancelled only after i have received a message mentioning i will...
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PVR Cinemas — added food items without my knowledge

 Deeban Karthik on Oct 12, 2018
I went to pvr cinemas @meenambakkam branch on 10th of oct to watch 4.15 pm movie at audi 4 screen with my family.

I have requested for 1 large popcorn + 2 cool drink combo worth of rs. 290 & 1 chicken sandwich worth of rs.120 & apart from that on my bill i have been added with 2 peanuts worth of rs.20 & 1 lollipop worth of rs.10 which i haven't asked for.

When i asked to the person who billed, she told that its on combo offer but on the screen its not there.

So do let me know whether its on combo or you have added on my bill to sell it....
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PVR Cinemas — cheating case - online food ordering (through bookmyshow)

 amitkh on Oct 11, 2018
Misleading information online & bad service at pvr cinema. I ordered green apple lemonade for rs 200 & they made me wait in que despite online order finally they gave me 7up soda with green apple concentrate added. Which is no where near definition of lemonade or a fresh lemonade. Clearly incomplete & misleading information spoils your experience of online order comfort & value for money. I registered written complaint in their register (Pvr nairaina)....
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PVR Cinemas — no bill provided for food we ordered.

 Yash Vasa on Oct 10, 2018
Dear team,

It’s highly improfession for your trained managers to come on floors and convincing customers even when they are aware about the billing fraud.
It’s unappriciated and because of such people your brand is on stake.
As per the pvr policy if customer has received the order without bill then pvr is responsible for our eatables. Sometimes it’s really odd to say it’s pvr and i am affraid that i shall ever recommend your hospitality again to anyone else. Being an nri i don’t have right to say much, but i recommend to at least hire educated and understanding...
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PVR Cinemas — outside food not allowing food

 PRAJWAL HEGDE on Oct 9, 2018
I had been not allowed a packet of popcorn in PVR andheri mumbai, Maharashtra. The security gaurd just snatched the packet and put it in his cupboard and said it's not allowed then I said him that the outside is allowed in Mumbai in all multiplex. So I called the customer care number of PVR to check and he said it's not allowed and didn't tell any reason.
I would like to have a response soon.!...
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PVR Cinemas — for not allowing outside food

 Ayan 1 on Oct 9, 2018
I went to pvr andheri east mumbai and i was carrying a packet of popcorn from my source the security person said that it is not allowed inside and then he started to argue.. We also talked to the consumer care of pvr but the person said that pvr doesn't come under that law and so outside food will not be allowed.. He also said that the law is not yet valid so we can't allow you to take anything inside.. I want you to take strict action against this... Does the pvr not come under multiplex or they will not come under law and act accordingly.....
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PVR Cinemas — fraud by pvr, candy bar

 Dineshchauhan41191 on Oct 9, 2018
This is realy disappointing that pvr allahabad has denied to serve nestle frappe, pl refer below booking id and arrange to return my money immediately.

Movie sui dhaaga - october 9, 3:50 pm at pvr vinayak, civil lines, audi 01, 4 seat (S): booking id: vcca[protected], kiosk id: wp4838p. 1 x couple large caramel combo (1 large popcorn (Caramel) + 2 pepsi) 1 x nestle frappe1 x chicken nuggets.

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PVR Cinemas — not allowing chocolates inside cinema theaters

 jai hingu on Oct 9, 2018
After givenrment allowing outside food inside theater's. Pvr icon cinemas dint let me take my chocolate bag inside the theater. I had to keep my bag out side the theater. They were not answerable to my question when i asked them why they are not allowing me to take my bag inside.
Pvr cinema - infinity mall, oshiwara, andheri west.

It is very unfair of the cinema authority to go this until notice. And shamefully presented from their side. It takes out viewers all excitement to watch a movie. Very disappointing tricks by pvr cinema....
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PVR Cinemas — I am complaining about refund

 Anjeeta Dwivedi Tiwari on Oct 8, 2018
I am anjeeta dwivedi.
I had booked 2 tickets on saturday 6oct for suidhaga in arena mall bangalore.
My money got ybut didn't get any tickets.. After that i had sent many mails to pvr but didn't get answer to any of my complaint.
I had booked tickets my money got deducted and i got the mail from pvr that that was a bad transaction so again i booked and again money got deducted and i dint get the tickets..
I need a refund...
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PVR Cinemas — food cards are not allowed and food prices are too high

 Rakinkishore on Oct 6, 2018
I have been to a movie at pvr hitech city on 6th oct, 2018. During the breakhave ordered a plate samosa (2pc), which costed me 100/-, and the cash counter does not allow food card to purchase the same.
I have couple of questions to pvr cinemas,
1. Why are the pricesnof food are still too high inspite of govt order to regulate the prices for common man.
2. Why are food cards are not being allowed to make the transactionst purchase food at pvr.

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PVR Cinemas — no option for cancel of tickets through website or app

 Muthumala Ganesh on Oct 5, 2018
I booked 2 tickets through pvr cinemas app.. Since plan was dropped.. I chose to cancel the tickets.. But the app or the online website doesnt have option for cancel... Fed up with this hell site and app..
I mailed the customer support thrice... But there was no options for filing queries or complaints from customer.. They have only options for feedback, corporate and bulk booking..
Atlast money and time is totally waste because of this worse app.....
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PVR Cinemas — left my mobile phone and didn't get it back

 prnksngh00 on Oct 3, 2018
I left my mobile on my seat after the movie finished please help, movies show timimg details are: 10:45 pm show, movie name: sui dhaga, audi 2, seat no: q row 3 and 4,. After calling on my mobile number its telling switched off... Please help.. It was a lenovo. Please note our original seat number was q1 and q2 but as the seats were vacant we got seated on q3 and q4. Please help...
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PVR Cinemas — food court

 Praba Karan Visvanathan on Oct 2, 2018
I booked tickets for a movie (Pariyerum perumal) in pvr cinemas, ampa sky walk when we came for an interval there was a huge crowd on the billing section. I found there is only two people in the cabin who is taking the order and same people preparing food for us.. Where we spent almoat half an hour.. When they cannot take orders on food. Why they are charging double the rate for regular pop corn and regular coke. Totally we paid 600 bucks for two regular pop corns.in the meanwhile movie started after the interval where we loat almoat 15 mins in the movie.. Why they are taking these much time for...
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