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[Resolved],, — Scammed - Ripped off by web development company


Sent them instructions on the design of a lesson style website. They would not proceed until I sent them $520 (total job $2000). Once they got my deposit they did nothing for two weeks. Then they wanted to know what website they were supposed to copy. They did not have the most basic of design skills. Communication was very poor. to non-existent. They did not have the software to open or properly transfer files. They had NO understanding of website functionality or flow even though I had sent them documentation of what we were trying to do. They said they would provide a partial refund, but never refunded anything. Claim they have a 250 seat company, but act like 4 or 5 beggers living in a phone booth in India.

Aravind Kumar
Chief Technology Officer
Ahsan Technologies Pvt. ltd.
Email: n.[protected]
Mobile: +91 [protected]
India: +91 [protected]
US: +[protected]
UK/Europe : +[protected]
IM Handles
AOL: agriyain2k
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Dishonest companies - in India & Europe - Agriya, CSSilize, Ocarda,,
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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This is not true I have worked with this company several times in the past and they have always come out remarkable things, These guys are very good. Don't take this complaint seriously, It looks like some one has posted this.
I had a similar experience with them and after weeks of trying to work it out with them they in the end kept my deposit and left me empty handed. They're full of excuses and completely unethical. I would save your time, money and save yourself from frustration and not work with this group.
I had a similar experience with them and after weeks of trying to work it out with them they in the end kept my deposit and left me empty handed. They're full of excuses and completely unethical. I would save your time, money and save yourself from frustration and not work with this group.
I had a similar experience with them and after weeks of trying to work it out with them they in the end kept my deposit and left me empty handed. They're full of excuses and completely unethical. I would save your time, money and save yourself from frustration and not work with this group.
Currently battling these over a Groupon Clone they built for some clients of mine. They charged my clients $750 for something thats not even a complete product, and is not even past release candidate phase. We're trying to get our money back and they act like [censored]ing and ignore the reqeust insisting that the refund is not possible because once my clients received the source code from them, a refund is not available. There has been NO contractual agreement to that stipulation. In fact, there has never been any kind of contractual agreement for their software.

These guys are absolutely unethical and horrible.
I disagree with the above two posts. I don't know about the company as a whole but I have personally worked with Aravind at Agriya and have never had a problem communicating with him.

We originally purchased their Groupon Clone, found some problems, and worked with them until those problems were solved.

Unfortunatelly, one of the biggest problems with the Groupon Clone was stability under HEAVY load. When I say heavy load I mean exactly that... 100 concurrent users clicking every second. I felt this was a fair test because when we send out over 500, 000 emails to our users many of them get to work at 9:00am, open their email, and click the link.

As of this writing they still have not fixed the problem but they have managed to make great strides in increasing the overall stability and usability of the product with every release.

Since my client was on a deadline I was forced to go with another product (with many, MANY less features). That's just the way things work sometimes.

I politely asked Aravind for our money back but also expressed interest in their Fiverr clone. I told him I would be more than happy to receive a copy of their Fiverr clone instead of a refund and they agreed.

I am reluctant to call them "crooks" until they stop making new releases and stop communicating with me.

Just sharing MY peronal experience, your mileage may vary depending on your attitude and communication style.

Novak Banda
K P W Consulting, Inc.
Novak, you're one of the few with a "good" experience. How long did it take to get your site installed and completed, 3 weeks? We waited 2 months and then after being installed, the script has a bunch of errors/problems that Agriya (Rommel and Rajesh) refuse to acknowledge.

As Alan mentioned in his complaint, we got the same excuse - "We give you code and now you want it free. We know what you are doing" they claim. It's total crap because we can't even USE the script and if we wanted to at this rate, we'd have to hire an outside developer to fix the problems because Agriya will take another month to fix what's not even supposed to be broken (that is if they even fix them).

We've given them a list of changes and then are later told they fixed every problem - it's a bold face lie. This is a rip off; either finish the job as promised in a reasonable time or give a refund. Don't make the mistake of losing out $1500 or more like we have.
Agriya are bad developers- Stay well away from them! They have been sighted in heaps of complaints.

The thing about a company like them is that they claim to have excellent quality control but outsource a lot of their work and prob operate from a shoe box in the middle of nowhere. There prices are cheap but there dedication and delivery is very very poor. they lack logic, design skills but importantly their project management sucks.I have seen more than 8 complaints a month launched regarding this company their European company is registered but as a virtual office. There is no one their to sign for their legal notices NOTE TO AGRIYA- Its just a matter of time until someone reports your to company's house UK.

I had simple shopping cart website which they screwed up big time, not as much as some people have lost through them but a nice clear warning. The contact details are the same as the chap has listed above.
Worst programming experience ever, Funny I have been so frustrated with the situation these guys left me in that I was just typing AGRIYA ARE CRAP and it just so happend it showed in the search results. I spent around 5000 dollars with these guys and was left with a project that was delivered so poorly I had to have it rebuilt. They messed around with the MVC structure of the php platform and the issues in logical functionality were a mess. In the end they gave up, openly stating that they could not complete the project and had made a loss on it. I am a business man too and know my industry well, if I have a job thats too big to take on or could be hard for us to complete I will advise my client that its either going to cost more or take longer. A 30 day project lasted over 100 days and I was left with a pile of with no hope of claiming a penny back. Aravind advised my colleagues and I that they had made a loss because of the time they invested- thing is I would have paid more and offered to JUST so long as it was done RIGHT! They killed a pretty big dream for me as that 5k I spent with them was the last 5k I had to offer at the time infact I stuggled a lot because of them and would NOT recommend Agriya or not trust them with any projects to anyone. Dont be fooled. I used to deal with many companies in india for web development. There are great companies out there like Icreon, Brainpulse, Webnox Solutions but 2 companies to stay well away from are AGRIYA and RADIXWEB these two are real rip off merchants and a bunch of dummy's. In the time it will take them to develop your site you could learn how to do it your self for free!
Most of the software applications/modules they sell on there site in 2009 came from modules in our build of front end social ecosystem, ecommerce storefront, service fulfillment, digital asset managment. etc etc

I had the worst experence ..

The owners of company is Aravind Kumar and Alistair Milne from the UK and monte carlo.

Agriya Infoway Pvt. Ltd did not meet the milestones and the deliver dates.

They continued to be pushed back and expected to be paid. We walked them through daily work and with the aid of screenshots step by step workflow and still they could not deliver. They lied about the number of programmers working on the project . They would leave you on hold during long distance calls and one time the guy excused himself, put us on hold for 15 mins . We called back to no avail and found out later he went on holidays.

No professional integrety and to make matters worse they lied to the other partner telling him it was complete. They went on to selling the various modules software applications applicable to music and film site. We are out the back end code, money for the services we paid in full appox $ 90, 000.

I had invested six years of my life and a kick redesign, hundreds of thousands of dollars were on invested in this project. i.e. upfront costs to operations, marketing and expections to launch for scheduled sponsored conference festival that month.

This Alister was clueless as to the contract agreement we had with these guys. They really expected to be paid for three months over project timeline and with only a small percentage of the work completed.
Hi Guys,


I reached my decision to ask Agriya for refund for their Exposure script. I had issue with the software since it was installed in my server. It has been 2 weeks now and it is not acceptable to get a piece of software is far from production stage. I just asked for the full refund. Honestly, after reading comments above, I have no hope to get my money back. I am following up on this and will come back to update you guys soonest.

By the way, I second the topic; DO NOT USE AGRIYA!!!

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