ALERT-Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order, 2012 - Abhishek Kadyan — ALERT for KVIC : Say No to animal slaughter, skin, bone meal, wool and fur - Sukanya Kadyan

Say No to fur, leather and wool of Sheep and Rabbits - Sukanya Kadyan


Animals are being abused for their fur, leather and wool for personnel profit and gains. Gandhian ideology based the Khadi and Village Industries Commission - KVIC is also promoting animal abuse against the ethos of the Gandhian vision.
OIPA in India demanding KVIC to amend their policy and protect animals from unnecessary pain and sufferings.
We appreciate Gandhian Ideologist, philosopher and social reformer Naresh Kadyan, Founder Chairman of PFA Haryana and now representing UN affiliated OIPA in India all efforts for animal rights and their welfare on this globe.
Animals are also being killed - slaughtered for their skin and flesh as well, where as KVIC approved meat projects as negative list but animal skin proposals are being promoted.
United Nation affiliated, the International Organisation for Animal Protection - OIPA chapter in India appeal you all concerned:
1. Ban animal fur and wool along with its products.
2. Ban slaughtered animal leather, its products as well.
3. Amend negative list of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission - KVIC.
4. When sale of gulail is banned by the CEO, KVIC at his own then why not slaughtered animals leather, fur, wool and snatched wool be banned?
5. Use Alternatives instead of animal skin, fur and wool.
The above action's would prove dedication and respect towards Gandhian Ideology and Philosophy. All financial proposal shall be rejected / Khadi Gramodyog bhandars be directed to boycott products based on animal fur, wool and leather.
Quail breeding was banned by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, where as NABARD was providing financial assistance for Quail breeding but this matter was also taken up by the Director of PFA Haryana Miss Sukanya Kadyan and Central Government directions were implemented now.
Dr. Renu. S. Parmar, Adviser to the Planning Commission of India and Shri Chandan Saha, Joint Adviser are requested to allow OIPA chapter in India deputation to explain our views.
It would be pertinent to mention here that Govt. of India introduced Public Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order, 2012 but there are many items reserved as approved source, which based on animal slaughtering like BONE MEAL at serial No. 25.
Health risks:
In the 1990s, bone meal was identified as a vector for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or "mad cow disease") among livestock. It is believed by some that bone meal produced in the 1970s from the corpses of sheep bearing scrapie caused BSE in cattle when it was fed to them, but the pathogen very rarely crosses species, so it is more likely to have spread from cow bone meal.
Item No. 2:
(b) Animal driven implements : There should be some specifications, prototype should be approved by the Animal Welfare Board of India - AWBI.
25. Bone Meal.
130. Glue.
148. Hide and country leather of all types.
203. Paper Tapes (Gummed).
213. Polythene bags.
249. Sheep skin all types.
255. Silk Webbing etc.

- Abhishek Kadyan,
Media Adviser to OIPA in India,
Administrator, PFA Haryana,
Live and let live.
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