[Resolved]  ALTO LXI Car — Bad Service Experience at Sai Service Station - Pune

Respected sir Mr. Patil and Mr. Suresh,

The is regarding the bad experience of my vehicle servicing at Sai Service station, Pugewadi branch, Pune-mumbai road, Pune, India.
Vehicle no. – MH 14 AE 9676
ALTO LXI, Silver color.

I have been a loyalist of the service station since last 4.5 yrs as I have purchased my vehicle from this place. Hence, also getting my vehicle serviced from this station.
But, recently I am subjected to “unexpected” customer experience regarding my car servicing.
The details of the complaint is as below.
On 18 Sep 2009, I had given my car for regular servicing at Sai service station, phugewadi branch. After servicing was done (engine waxing being one of them), the car ran good for few days. But, after that (around 15 Oct), it started giving problems. The car refused to start in the mornings. It needed to be pushed to get it started. It was a painful task. Though, the car used to run smoothly through out the day with no starting problem.
(I had also communicated my “not satisfied” remark to service station when I received a call asking for after service feedback.)
Finally, I submitted the vehicle on 30 Oct 09 to resolve the problem. The following was the outcome of service-
• Battery was re- charged (does that mean battery was not charged when car was serviced on 18 Sep 09??)
• I was told that gravity of 2 cells in battery was low, but that should not be a problem as far as vehicle starting problem is concerned.
• I was assured that problem of car not starting in the morning will not arise.
• The car was delivered on 31 Oct 09 to me.
But, the problem remained. The car refused to start in the mornings. I had no option but to get my car pushed and get it started. The car used to run smoothly through out the day with no starting problem.
When contacted on phone to Mr. Pandurang Patil of Phugewadi Sai Service station, regarding problem NOT being solved, I was told that battery was weak and there is no option but to replace the battery. It was final verdict from the Maruti car service experts. Battery had become weak and needs to be replaced with new one.
On 16 Nov 09, New battery was purchased from authorized Exide battery dealer and put in the car.
On 17 Nov 09 morning, my mom met with an accident resulting in severe burns on stomach. I had to rush her to hospital. But to my utter disaster, car refused to start. The final verdict given by so called “experts” in car servicing was Questionable!!
Inspite having new battery for car, the problem remains. The car refused to start in the mornings.
After hospitalizing my mother in rickshaw, I got my car started by pushing it and straight away took the car to service station to Mr. Pandurang Patil and communicated the problem which was occurring since last one month now and NOT being resolved and problem not being diagonized properly!!
As usual, I was told to leave the car at service station for check up. I submitted the car on 17 Nov 09 morning. It was disappointed experience I ever had with sai service.
But after that I least expected to be subjected to more of this!!!
On 18 evening when I called for feedback, I was told that car did start in the morning. And car wiring and other checks were done and it was found to be ok. On 19 Nov 09, I was told the same thing, car did start in the morning and there was no problem. I was told to take my car as it was ok!
On 20 Nov 09 morning, I phoned and requested Mr. Pravin of same service centre to verify that the problem was indeed resolved. He told me that he would look into it.
Later, that afternoon, I received call from Mr. P Patil requesting me to come take the car as it was ok and there was no problem. But, as it was not possible for me, he delivered it at home around 2-2:15pm.
But, in the evening at 8 pm when I tried to start the car, it refused to start. And the problem remains!!! I immediately called up Mr P Patil, and he told me to leave the car as it is and he would send someone to have look at the vehicle first thing on 21 nov 09 morning.
On 21st Nov 09 (Saturday), the technical experts at my home and tried to start the car. But finally they too gave up and car was towed to service station at around 4:30 pm on 21st evening. Well, what a waste of my whole day!
Then I got a call from Mr. Patil that there was problem in CMP sensor, and part was repaired and car is ok now. Presently, the car is at service station.

Below are the cost incurred by me:

- New car battery (tough is was not necessary)– Rs 3000/-
- Taking mom in rickshaw to hospitalize – Rs 50/-
- Money paid to guys to get my car pushed – Rs 200/-
- Loss of pay on 17 Nov 09- Rs 1500/-
- Rickshaw rent to go back home on 17 Nov 09 – Rs 60/-
- Car Idle at service station with loss of opportunity to travel in it on 17 & 18 Nov – Rs 3000/-
- Mental trauma undergone with bad experience – Rs 10,000/-
- Time wasted in all this “unproductive” case – Rs 10,000/-
- Rickshaw expenditure to come to station to get my car from hinjawadi – Rs 150/-

I request you to compensate me with the above cost.

Concerns regarding Sai Service Station, the way this case was handled -
1. Apathy towards understanding the gravity of the complaint
2. Assuming solutions to the problem (I was told that usually starting problem is associated to battery, so it is the culprit)
3. Problem was not properly studied and diagnosed the FIRST TIME. (something like Health Check of the parts which could be related to the problem)
4. Lack expertise of Sai service station technicians in complex problem resolution
5. I am not sure so as to how Sai Service would acknowledge customer of his - Waste of time, money and efforts.

Nilesh H Chavan
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Aug 14, 2020
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