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Dear sir,
We are the regualar customer of your esteemed telugu daily news paper (Andhra jyothi)and E paper also, since so many years. 25 days we have received paper along with one pamplet, which is defaming our family.
that pamplet has not having publisher name, it is true that it was not published in that news paper but it was suplied through paper boy. paper boy and paper agents will do any thing for money.
This is not advertisement to circulate the pamlet, I think they don't have right to circulate these defaming pamplets.
We have given mail to andhrajyothi editor take proper action against paper agent, but they failoed do so...

News Paper should be reflect in trasperent to their customers, they would be be couragious.
They have mentioned in their website that
'"Andhra Jyothi has such greatly committed, well-groomed, exceedingly professional soldiers"
Such big abmitioned orgasnisation should seems to be non professional.

We are loosing the confidense such news papers...
Iam requesting to avoid such thing for money...
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Aug 14, 2020
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This is not just a complaint but I dint found a way how to contact your news paper. My agony is all about Mr. Rajashekar and Jeevitha. I am presently living in USA I am very much frustrated about the way they are talking about the Megastar the great. Basically they are not true telugu people. They really dont know about the conditions in Andhra Pradesh. I even wonder if they know there are how many states in A.P or not. I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician. Hoe would he know that chiru dont wins in the politics??????????????? And one more thing he told like chiru dont have any political experience but who the hell is he????? a non-native person, absolutely irritative persons, a LAYMAN how could he comment about him? Even I am an Indian citizen even I have right to talk sorry if some one was hurt. I pity A.P politics. MEGA STAR JINDABHAD. PRP ZINDHABADH
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Due to lake of residence permit and my sponsor filled the case on me, i also have loan near about 13, 000KWD (IRS-25LAKHS)in Kuwait. Actually i don't know how to solve my problems. Simply i say, the God only knows how many days i am suffering even for food. Without food and without money for room rent how many years i am living in Kuwait.These are all the God only knows. Simply i say that I don't know how to express my feelings in the form of words. That much i am suffering in all the ways, physically, financially, Mentally.

I am fatherless. i have 2 sisters.Both are married. I am only son for my parents. My mother is more aged and she is living alone without any income sources.For the past 5 years i could not send money for my mother.Both of my sisters also financially suffering due to lack of income. I don't have any income in Kuwait. I don't know how to live, how to run my life in Kuwait. My mother is also living depending upon my support.

Meanwhile, my sponsor filed the case under the court in Kuwait for past 5 years. Still my case is not coming to conclusion.I don't know what to do in my future. First of all i must relieve from Kuwait by the support of you. Every day my mother calls me through the telephone and crying about me. She wants to see me. My family members are all eagerly waiting when will i come back to India. Everyday i am also crying due to my bad situation.

Concerning my present situation, I stated the full details as given below:
Moreover, i have already informed about my situation to the Honorable chief Minister Mr. Y. S. Rajasekar Reddy and also to Home Minister, and the IAS officers of AP.

Through this message i wish to inform you that kindly take steps to relieve me from Kuwait and also for my brightful future.
I have full confidence that you will do help me and save me for my life and for my mother also. If you take the steps concerning this problem

Finally i request you to kindly relieve me and save me in this world.

For your verification i forward the all messages as given below: Kindly read all my message and do help for me and for my family.

Thank you very much for all your help and co-operation.

Ever yours

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Venkataramanaiah Koppala <kvrh.[protected]>
To: [protected]
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 4:04:08 PM
Subject: please save me and permit me for my life.

Contact Jagan Anna !!
YS Jagan Anna Fans Association
Hitech City Road, Madhapur
Contact Person Name:

Rajasekhar Reddy Allipuram,
Congress Party IT Cell Executive Member
Phone: +91-[protected]
Email ID:[protected]



Sir, now 4years completed, how i live without residence permit, without job, in this bad situation( disabled handicapped) life, in Kuwait and how i pay to my sponsor 2, 350 please, give me solution:



RESPECTED SIR-RELIEVE ME FROM KUWAIT‏& please save me and permit me for my life:

--- On Mon, 12/1/08, MOI Internet Section <[protected]> wrote:

From: MOI Internet Section <[protected]>
To: [protected]@YAHOO.COM
Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 9:33 AM

The only thing I can comment in your message.. the ministry of interior gave a grace period for 30 days 1/9-30/9/2008 why you didn't use it and explained your case to the concerned authorities?!

>>>>>>> Your Original Message <<<<<<<<
- - - - - Sorry, your message is too large to display in the Reply
I wish to state a few lines for your honorable consideration and needful help.

I am living in Kuwait .Meanwhile i was doing business with my Sponsor.Due to some problems i was affected by the some of my customers.

Due to that circumstance, i am now disabled handicapped unemployed candidate in Kuwait.I don't have residence permit also from the period of 2-7-2005 to till today.

My case is now under the court in Kuwait.My physical condition is very bad and i don't have job, i cont go anywhere without money.Till today i did not get any judgment from the court.I have sent all messages to the Government of Kuwait also.

I have to relief from the bad condition.kindly take steps to relief from Kuwait.I must come back to India for getting medical treatment and surgery.If you do favor for me, it will be very useful for my life.

For your verification, i have mentioned all my details as given below.

I already sent messages for your Honorable consideration...Still i am suffering financially, mentally, physically unsatisfied due to lake of my residence-permit.You know every thing about my situation..

If you give me and permit me to do the work in any other company by the support of your ministry, i will do the work and i will clear the amount of KD 2, 350 for my sponsor.If you permit me by your authority of your ministry, it will be very use full for full fill my hungry and run my life little peace fully.

I have full confidence that you will do favor for my brightful future.Again and again i request you to kindly consider my critical position.

I hope that you will fulfill my entire ambition.

every day i am waiting for your valuable reply.

thank you so much for your help and co-operation.

yours faithfully.
koppala. venkataramanaiah.


I am a disabled Indian in Kuwait.I was affected and beaten by (MR, KHALID AL
SHEENA ALGHANAM) during the year 5.5.2005 and i was admitted in the AL-
RAZ HOSPITAL dated on 7.5.05 i was getting operation on 8.05.05.I discharged
from the hospital a week after i came to my house.

During the same month of may 2005 MR. SULAIMAN who is the sponsor of me,
one day he came to my house, he was shouting and pushed and beaten me by his
shoe.Due to that incident i was fall down.

Moreover he told me that all of our customers of housemaid office,
the customers all are complained to the police, the house maids are ran
away from our office and he told me customers are demanded the money due to lost
of housemaid cost.

After that he came to cool and convinced me that he wanted to go on London
for vocation..Due to this situation he told me that he will give the power of
attorney about our office and the whole in-charges( Including renewal of
my residency- permit ) in my hand.In the same time he said he demanded, he
wanted to get the signature from me.

He brought some Arabic written and some plain papers.Simply i was signed in all
papers.Actually he did not explain and what he has mentioned in that papers.Due
to the language problem, i could not understand that time.

During that same period some of another office owners(Kuwaitis)told me to file
the case on my sponsor.But i did not file any case on him.The reason because i
was having full confidence and believed him.But he took all of my signed papers
he went out..Without any information, he closed the office.

I went to the hospital to remove the operation stitching and also for medical
check up..
Doctor told me that the operation was failure.So again i was admitted in the
hospital dated on 6-6-2005 for the operation.
when i was in the hospital my sponsor MR sulaimam AL Oweidan sateni filed
the case on me dated on 26.6.2005 for demanded K D 2, 350 from me.

Due to lack of my residency -permit[protected] i don't have the validity
of CIVIL I D, the hospital management demanded me KD 15 per day.I was staying
near about 17days.Because of my bad situation the hospital management
discharged me without any payment.

After i came from the hospital, i was filed the case on my sponsor
MR, sulaiman. Against K D 2, 350. There's no way to pay myself due to my
disabled handicapped situation.Even though the judgment favored for him.

Finally i went with my lawyer to wajaratal shoon in hawalli for my releasing
my pending salary to file the case on my sponsor.After that my sponsor came to
my house and told me to withdraw his case and he said that he will remove the
KD2, 350 case and give release for me.

In this same time he brought some another papers.But these papers are
written in Arabic as well as in English, in which he has mentioned that
there's no file the case and not claiming money(cash) between you
and me.

He told me read it and must sign all the papers.As he told me before i
signed all the papers but he did not remove the case anything which was
filed the case on me till this date.

1:Through this letter i inform that all above message when he filed case for
claiming the amount KD 2, 350.
2.Why he didn't get any cambyala, wsall ammana,

3. Why he didn't get the signature from me in his office original
letter pad.

4.For the past four years i am suffering with financially, physically,

5.I don't know how to live in Kuwait without any residency, without money, without any job.
During the period of 2-7-2005 i have no chance to go to my own country(India)
till today.

6.Probably if the case judgment whether it is favorable or not favorable for me
i am not responsible for anything.

7.As a human being i wish to inform you that i can't tolerate myself due
to this case.I think that i don't know what time i am going to die.

If i die, the whole responsibility purely belongs to MR sulaiman who is the
sponsor of me.


I received your message and noted the contents.I tried to go on the period of 30 days 1/9-30/9/2008.But they said that i have to pay my Spenser K D 2, 350 then only i can able to leave from here.Otherwise i cannot leave from here.They said the reason my case still in the court and its not came to conclusion.

Now i want to know the way how to leave from here and how can i pay the amount as i am disabled handicapped condition without any residence permit and without job.Promise i say here i did not receive at least single dinar from my Spenser.Even though he filed the case on me and he spoiled my life in Kuwait.

So I beg you to kindly do favor for me.thank you very much for all your help and co-operation.I have full confidence that you will do favor for me through your department.

NOTE:kindly verify my previous message which i was sent to you before.
Thanking you sir,
yours faithfully,
MY I D[protected] .

I Mr. Mandala Dinesh Reddy, Resident of Nambur (Village), Pedakakani(Mandal), Guntur(District), A.P. posting a complaint about illegal construction of hotel in Nambur village at Hospital Center.
I clearly and strongly informing you that the place in which the hotel is constructing is with out permission of the authorities. If you support me I can prove that it is illegal consturction with out proofs.
I already made a complaint in Grama Panchayat, Mandal Office & Collector Office. But due to pressure from Politicians the higher officials are not taking any action against the construction. The land which is under construction comes under the pond. They occupied the water pond and constructing the hotel. As a Middle class man, I alone can't fight with out the support of media.
So Please help me and stop this illegal construction for people sake.
I can give u all the proofs regarding this issue. Please take action as soon as possible and tell the truth to the people.
I hope that as a sincere Newspaper and Media Like Andhrajyothi can make justice to me.

Thanks & Regards,
Mandala Dinesh Reddy,
hi sir,

meedhe political paperaaaaa lekapothe nijamina people paper aaa..., andhu kante prajaswamam lo andharu prajaleee..meku gunde dairayam vunte vartalanu anne pablic ga prachurinchande..., leka pote musukone kurchonde..nenu kammane, reddyne, kapune, sc, st nee..., meku vartha prachurimpalante annitene kalipe prachurimpande, oka vargam vaipu appudu support gaa paper lo msg cheyodhu...plz.prajalandharuku telusu meedhe TDP paper ane.soo dhaya chese meru mee paper peru marche prachurimpande..., andra peru pettu kone anne antam chesthunnav...andhakara bandhuda..., neechudaina andruda, , patrica viluvalu teliyane andruda.., annitene mareche kula pichhe vada..., i like say my fri Mandala Dinesh Reddy because of he is a good Indian...,
but he don't know media is always killing the people life.present in this world no beady can speak true..but paper can speak true, but now a days u people also spoiled..., aim prod of a aim an Indian...

naga suman.
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wardhannapet(warangal district, andhrapradhesh, 506313) andhrajyothi news reporter was blackmail the wardhannapet peoples and ask the money from wardhannapet peoples so plz take action on him,
thank you sir.
yours faithfully
one of the sufferer from andhrajhothi news repoter
wardhannapet, warangal district, andhrapradhesh, 506313
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Iam not receiving my paper though I paid for one year subscription at my home and paid one year subscription for my office.

Lokeswara Rao V
Tahsildar Nirmal
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