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[Resolved]  Aquafina Drinking Water — Bottles

The new aquafina bottles that just came out are so thin that a person cannot even stand them up without them leaning or tipping over. Also, when you go to opening them, a person ends up spilling water all over while trying to hold on to it and end up squeezing the bottle. In my opinion, they were made a little too thin, it is ridiculous, these are the cheapest piece of plastic especially since you cannot sit them down anywhere without falling over.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I agree. The bottles are horrible. I love the taste of the water but I may just have to go to with another brand. Everytime I open one of these, they're so flimsy I get soaked. I'm fine with reducing plastic but maybe 50% is too much.
Yeah, I really love the taste of Aquafina, in my opinion it's the most thirst quenching delicious tasting bottled water in the world but I never would have thought that my love for this water would give me a plastic splinter in my lip and drenched clothes and leather shoes.

I wish Aquafina would go back to how it was, The whole idea of going green is to keep the earth happy to keep humans healthy and this thin plastic splintering my lip and seeping into my water isn't healthy at all.
Totally Agree!! I was the one the first people to tell everyone how great Aquafina water was... now with the cheap @## bottles they are using water doesn't taste so great. Also last week I bought my usual case of 24 bottles and opened the plastic to find three of the bottles were missing the caps! What is up with that????
Box Serial 1347RF07185 date JUL 18 11. I took a picture of the case of water just incase something happens to me cause I drank the water. REally I know companies need to make money but cut corners by cheating the consumers who are supporting you!!!
It gets worse...
I live in Colorado and the high altitude causes the bottom to bulge even more! And they squirt more when you open them, too. You have to put the cap back on between sips (carefully, of course). I think I'll just find a previous bottle and fill it from the tap, since the water in Colorado is better anyway. Aquatint has lost our business.
An idea: What about manufacturing water bottle holders which allows one to firmly get a grip of the bottle and twist the cap off without spilling? Here is a photo below of my idea.

YOU SAID, "IF "THESE" SIT IN THE SUN FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME THEY TASTE LIKE THE PLASTIC!!!" However, all plastic bottles, not just Aquafina bottles, that sit in the sun tastes like plastic. I would not recommend sitting any plastic water bottle in the sun, especially not in your vehicle.
Nancy, you took the words right out of my mouth. Aquafina is getting very greedy with their quality and use the ecosystem as an excuse. EVERY time you open a bottle it spills! and half the time you get a bottle that cant even stand on its own. Even the generic brands that have the same amount of plastic don't have this issue.
Pure garbage; a man was electrocuted in Virginia because of the bottle tipping over at his desk. Company should be sued; they are greedy hypocrites!
The bottles with the white caps are fine but the ones with the blue caps have plastic that is too thin . It's getting harder to find the white caps. I love the taste of Aquafina but I'm forced to look for another brand with better bottles. I wonder if the company is aware that their customers are dissatisfied. Do you read these complaints??
Great water, lousy thin bottles, I quit buying Poland brand because of the tiny caps and bottles, now aqua Fina is the same, tip over every where, can't you once think of your customers instead of all the eco nuts that find fault with everything.
Same complaints not. The bottles are too freaking thin. I will not be buying Aquafina anymore. Mr. Corporate, we do have choices.

You can NOT open these new pladtic bottles without getting sprayed in the face or being soaked. I have tried every way and if you grip the bottle with one hand and go to screw the cap off with the other it makes a mess all over you but my mother had her Sunday dress on and opened one of these-whew it sprayed her in the face then went down the front of her dress until she threw it in the floor making a bigger mishap. She swore somebody.had pulled a prank on her and when she figured out it was a company change of bottles, we all agreed their product testers or product research team are either on drugs or ### to release a product of tbis poor design specification. It is so flimsy that you can't grab it without spills after being open. Come on these don't cut the mustard in structural stability in Sam's the pallet with cases stacked up half the bottles had busted in their pladtic case wrap creating a ridiculous mess. Bye bye Aquafina because you hexed yourself for our household and my 76 year old mother could clear your office out after messing her makeup and Sunday dress. If you can't get the small things right; it sure makes me wonder how many shortcuts you took in filtering my bottled tap water!

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