Attah Kumbian & Son Rsquo;s Quality Raw Materials — Reporting about a scam by a company from Burkina Faso

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 Murugu Shanmugam
This company which is referring its name as "Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials" and their website address is "" their Email address are : "[protected],ak.[protected]" they also have an another website ""

I am writing about this company because I had personally affected by this company. I lost about 1500 Euros to this company and finally found this company a scam. I am publishing this because so that no other person should get affected because I Know will still they are sending Emails to many to join their company as a "Representative".

This companies details are widely distributed in the internet . You can easily search the details of the company in Google by just typing the name "Attah Kumbian". It clearly looks like a genuine website ,but the company is a fraud .There is no company under this name there is a person called "Robert Mussen" who referred him in this name and some more peoples are doing the scam. You will get a Email with the subject as Foreign Representatives Needed. The following is the Email I received from them:
From: Mr. Kones Walumba
Email: k.[protected]

Telephone: +[protected]

Kenya, East Africa

This message might meet you in utmost surprise. My name is Kones Walumba, presenter of Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials here in Kenya . My sudden communication is to inform you our need of for foreign partner who will be meeting our foreign customers for negotiations under the cost of Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials in each travel.

Furthermore, upon your acceptance to representing Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials in your country and neighbouring countries, kindly contact our Head Office in Burkina Faso – West Africa for registration and negotiation of your weekly or monthly Salary by sending the below information to: ak.[protected] / [protected]

Read about Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials at:

1. Full name:………………………….

2. Personal address:…………………..

3. Telephone:…………………………

4. Mobile phone:……………………...

5. Private email:………………………

6. Date of birth:……………………….

7. Sex:…………………………………

8. Current occupation:………………...

9. Country:……………………………

10. City:……………………………….

11. A copy of passport or ID card:

12. Referral: Mr. Kones Walumba.

Please, make sure you fill the form accurately and send to both emails stated above to be sure of delivered and don’t forget to send together with number (12) “Referral” with my name.

You’re free to call me anytime with the phone number seeing on the letter heading if you wish to speak with me

Best regard,

Mr. Kones Walumba

Tel: +[protected]

Once you send the details you will receive a Email with the subject "Acknowledgement letter". I am attaching the Email which I received from them

Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials
Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso - West Africa
Tel: +[protected] - Fax: +[protected]US)
E-mail: ak.[protected]
Website: /or/ .org
[protected]-Dated: 20/10/[protected]----

Attn: Mr. Murugu,

We, the managements of Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials hereby to informing our receipt of your application letter with other perspectives as to representing Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials in your country and to the neighbouring as well.

Your data’s has been review and analysed but we’re waiting until the last meeting to determine final conclusion. Meanwhile, we wish to use this optimist moment to ask your patient.

Finally, while waiting for the outcome result from our top officials, kindly prepare Two (2) Passport Photos size (2x2 inch) for processing of the registration membership ID card.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Attah Kumbian & Son’s Quality Raw Materials.
Tel: +[protected] (Burkina Faso)

Tel: +[protected] (Kenya-Branch)
Te/Fax: +[protected]US-Branch)

Tel/Fax: +[protected]UK-Branch)
Email: ak.[protected]
[protected] /or/ .org
After this you will receive a Email they will send some Email address stating that your official Email address have been created and it will have the some Email address and they will ask to send 99 Euros as Registration fee. They will ask to send the money only through "Western Union Money transfer" as this is the very easy way to make the fraud as we cannot show the receipt of "Western Union Money transfer" as a Legal document.

After a week later they will send a message confirming that you are going to appointed as the representative in order to send your Identity card and some samples they will demand 275 Euros but they wont send anything . They will ask to wait for a week in the meanwhile a person will get introduced to you as a Communication Director of that company he identified to me as "Mr.Robert Mussen". He will keep on contacting you through phone and Yahoo chat. Finally they will send a Email stating joining process are almost over and in order to complete the process and to finally to get your Appointment letter and the samples of the products they export they will ask to send 475 Euros .

What happened to me is as I received the Email I checked in the website and i found the name is Registered in many trade website which made me think that the company is a Genuine ( You can search with the name "Attah Kumbian" you can see how cleverly they had registered in almost all trade information websites). I called them directly and spoken with them about this. As everything looks genuine I sent the amount 99 Euros using "Western Union Money transfer" .After that I got a confirmation from them and they asked to wait for a week so that the board will decide about my appointment. After a week they sent the Email with the official Email address and they included my name and my details in the Contact Us in their website in order to make a vision that i was appointed. They had asked to submit my passport and also they included that i need to meet a client in India regarding the business and in order to complete my registration and to send my appointment order with the Identification card and documents they demanded 275 Euros and they gave only 48 Hours. I sent the money but their was some problem in receiving as I am not able to contact my sender and they made a situation like i f i am not able to send the money the meeting will be attended by their Pakistan representative So in order to get my job I sent 275 Euros again by different person now they received both the charges but they said they received only one charge and also due to the delay in receiving the amount they sent the Pakistan representative to meet the client and asked to wait for a week. In the meanwhile they referred a person called "Robert Mussen" and stated that he is the Communication Director who frequently communicated with me and he demanded to send a Laptop as a gift to his boss in order to appoint me soon and later demanded 150 Euros ,but i dismissed the demands telling that i cannot afford the cost and i will for the company decision. After 2 weeks they send a Email that the appointment was completed as they had selected four Representatives for different countries and I am the one for India. Now they demanded 475 Euros to send the samples and my legal documents as they said I need to sign almost 200 Papers as I am going to handle the whole transaction from India. So I sent 475 Euros now the strange thing , As I Emailed the details for the transaction but failed to call them and they took advantage over that and said that a Mafia Gang has received the 475 Euros before their representative picks up the amount from "Western Union" and they said they had asked the Police for the investigation and they asked me to wait. After 2 days that man called "Robert Mussen" contacted me and said that once the investigation completes they will appoint me and the 475 Euros and my 275 Euros everything will be refunded along with my first month salary .They have even demanded my Account number to send the salary. After 2 days "Robert Mussen" again said they need representative immediately in India as they have many customers in India and he mentioned that they got a another person from India who is ready to pay all the amount in a single payment and he mentioned that if i need my job as I had already completed all the formalities he asked to send another 440 Euros to receive the samples and appointment order he promised this amount will also be refunded . I even received the Email about the converstaion we made in the chat from the company Email address.So i again trusted the company and send 440 Euros and they said I will received the samples in 5 days and i need to pay duty charges to receive the samples in India ,they said the samples will be sent by DHL. Finally after this I received a Email which made me to think about the company genuinity as this is a Fake Email which they refer themselves as the DHL authorities and it mentioned to contact the company to pay 683 Euros.This it was not sent from the company Email it was sent from DHL but it was confirmed by the DHL authorities that it was a Fake Email.I am attaching that Email here for the reference:
DHL Global Forwarding

Danzas AEI Emirates LLC
P.O. Box 2623
Dubai Airport Free Zone

Email: [protected]
Dubai – UAE

Dear Sir/Madam:

You are to inform about the receiving of attached confirmation receipt to deliver parcel to India. Your parcel received yesterday 12/01/2010 from Burkina Faso as confirmation attached document but according to new delivery instruction imposed by USA authorities, you are order to contact the depositor to pay Clearance Fee in full to our office in Burkina Faso as we recently encountering problems retrieving clearance fees.

Contact: DHL Dubai Representative in Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou via:

[protected] / [protected]

The amount to be paid for Clearance Fee is: (683.00euros) only. And for your information we have now to Saturday 16th January 2010 to deliver the parcel to it destination or have no option than to return back to Burkina Faso.


Dr. Halidu ZUIDA

MD. DHL Dubai

In this Email domain name and the address of the DHL in Burkina Faso everything was wrong. When I checked with the DHL they clearly said it was a scam and they immediately registered a complaint against this. Normally DHL wont demand any charges through Email they will call the customers once the goods reached the concern countries and after checking all the details only then they will charge the duty amount otherwise it will be sent back to sender.
Finally after confirming this Email when I checked with that company they said it is a Genuine Email and they asked to send the remaining money immediately.Finally I confirmed that the company as Fraud. Even after this I received two more fake Emails about DHL and the company person who referred him as "Robert Mussen " had sent a Fake Airwaybill copy trying to cheat me again which confirmed again by the DHL authorities that it was not DHL bill .

I lost 1500 Euros more than 1 Lakh Rupees I am writing this message because I do not want any other person from anywhere in the world to get caught in this scam . As I am not able to file a complaint for this as the bills from "Western union "Will not be consider as a legal documents.

My final conclusion is aware of this scam and if there any other peoples needs to more details about this scam I have all the details and I can publish them.
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Even my friend send money for the job but they have not sent any information yet.They are keep on asking more money to provide the job

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