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[Resolved]  Best Info System Ltd — Employee Harassment ( Non Payment of Salaries)

Dear Sir,

I am Preeti Yadav wanted to lodge a complaint against Mr. Ashok Sachan Director of Best Info System Ltd. F-4&5 Vijay Block Laxmi Nagar for his employee harassment. He is the man who runs a recruitment consultancy he has hired me on 19th April 2009 for the post of HR Executive IT Recruiter. But has not issued any offer letter not to me nor to any one else as usual . Even though me along with others has worked hard for him but at the time of salary distribution he has having habbit of making others to cry for their salary he along with his other collegue make fun of his employees he is even harrasing them for salary. I even wanted to suggest others also that kndly dont go in any such company like Best Info system where such mean people like Ashok Sachan stay.

I Hope you people atleast take action against some action against him so that others may not face same issues.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I too have worked with Best info systems Ltd.. They did hold my salary also. In my knowledge it is the worst consultancy and harassess its employees. They take 10 hours working or 60 hrs in a week while only 48 hrs is allowed. They even don't allow to use cell phone. If anyone is found using Mr. Nagendra and Ashok Sachan absuse him. Even 5 mins late coming results into half day salary deduction.
Above all they don't give any offer letter or proof that the person is working with them.. Mr. Nagendra is very cheap and uses slang language.

Kindly take action to abolish such practices/consultancy.
z dis d fate of every employee associated wd d organisation? wt z d solution if they hold ur salary? if it z actually happening dre dn hw d other emplyees r managing d situation. plz guide me
I also got an email from them...
but reading your notes i am tatally confused.what to do?
guide me..
If the above comments are really true word by word then the people who are working out there should stand in all & file a complaint against those types of persons who dont pay for the work taken.

One thing I socked he takes about 10 hours in a day.ita really a crime in itself.

Government agencies should investigate all in all & do the concerned steps to stop it so that further anyone feel fear to commit such things.
But Why employees are working for any company WITHOUT an offer letter. No body do this BIG mistake.
Thanks for bringing it to notice. I got a job recommendation from times job with this company.. I accidentally applied for their job; but thanks a lot you guys I won't even consider this company any more...
Hi guys, after reading your comments I am very confused as to whether join this organization or not.They have selected me for the post of HR Recruitement Trainee and I have to join this organization very soon.They have not given any offer letter and was saying that they will provide the document after 1 year and 6 months.They will also hold 15 days salary I don't understand why?Well everybody needs some proof that they are working in so and so organization.What will happen if I want to leave the organization before one and a half years?I don't think that they will provide any experience letter.
Well I really have to think about this offer very seriously after all these comments.
I also got selected for IT(HR) but they didnt issue me any offer letter. On asking for the same they said its against the ploicy of the company . I dont know how people are working there without any proof of their employment. I will never recommend anybody to be part of this organisation. Infact beware of such fake companies that exploit the candidates. I think its name should be changed from best to worst infosystems.
Yes all are correct ...

I will file the case on this company...

don't worry friends, send me your comments ... i will take printout and produce with case. if needed I will contact you.

I got call from this company about the job offer... but reading this, I will give good lesson to these people.

I am searching for website of this company till now i didn't get any.

If any one have, plz give me more information about this company. ok.
I completely agree with the complaint made.Ashok sachan is really a worst guy.I also suffered with such will never find any website of this agency.

The environment of the workplace is so stinky and unhygienic that you can not even think of working there in culture is highly pathetic.I undergone with treatment just because of frustrating and unhygienic environment over there.

I was running through my worst phase of life when i decided on joining this agency.They will say you that they will provide you offer letter after completing 1 year but trust me if you will be giving your whole career life with them they wont provide you anything.

Ashok Sachan believes in sucking the last drop of blood of his employees.i am unable to show my experience in other companies because i dont have any proof that i worked.

I would suggest you guys never ever believe on such type of agencies n their so called promises.Specially when it comes to ASHOK SACHAN then never ever trust on this not ever think of relying on him.

I appreciate you Preeti that you initiated this.Apart from delays in salary payment the way of providing salary is very bad.They ask employees to stand in a queue and start announcing the names one by one n you will surely feel as if you are getting daily wages.

I have so much to say over here but this will take the whole page.but truely speeking if i will get a chance to humiliate him, i will put my whole hearted efforts.

they wont allow you to attend your personal cals.if there is any urgeny you shall have to take permission from concern person till the time you will miss that call.

If anyone from higher concern authority can take legal action against this agency and ashok sachan then i request you to plz do the needful.

I m agree to all the above said. They are not ready to provide any written proof for 1.6 we people should take early objection on these people i agree all of you...
I m agree to all the above said...I have so much to say over here but this will take the whole page.but truely speeking if i will get a chance to humiliate him... On asking for any kind of proof they said its against the ploicy of the company . I dont know how people are working there without any proof of their employment...even Mr Ashok can't give any kind of incentives a single month i will give him more then 6 selection...but he havn't praise me even a single time...he simply said ..." Carry on...give me some more selection" but haven't give any performance incentives...and one more thing i wanna to said that you will never find any website of this will find only a single page...that still under construction...
Guys...I am going through the same kind of mental agony with a different small consultancy...what I am planing to to make as many people as i can aware about this dog company...through linkedin, brij and other networking sities...i am going to mention it not only to HR professionals but IT professional as well...I do have some contact information about their clients...I am going to write an email to them as well...also there is an consultancy association which they feel proud to be associated with, I will [censored] them there as well...I suggest you guys to do the same an let these employers pay the cost of such of luck
I've got the call from about opening in in this company on 16th May, 2010.
Gone thru the comments..Not sure about the authenticity neither of these commentes nor this company or seniors of this company.
But then I thought that so many people will not waste so much time for an ingenuine reason/cause of writing comments against any company.
Few things that I am not clear about are:-

1.) Why these dumbo (employees of this company who are complaining) worked without an Offer Letter or may be any other proof...Gone are the days of masters and slave..

2.) In one of the comments, 1 person truly mentioned that there is no as such website of this company..Even I didn't find the company's website..POINT TO BE NOTED...

Anyways, I've dropped the idea for responding to the call from this company...
Gud Luck...:)
i also agree with the above complaints. i too facing the same conditions. they didnt gave me offer letter. from the first day of joining i am asking abt the offer letter. but everytime they give the new date. i dnt know how they are running this firm if it is fraud. more than 50 employees are working there. and this firm in isa existance since 10 years it has been said by those people. everyday 10 hrs working shift its against the law. i doint know how could such a fraud company have gud clients. and how can they provide contactual staffing kind of things. can anyone tell me is there any way by which we can check the company is really registered or nt. they dnt giv any salary slip coz dey are giving there salaries by cash no cheque no draft or no salary account. no website worst infrastructure. best work on low salaries. every employee of this company dnt have any proof by which he can proof his employability. i dnt know why the person who is running this company has not arrested and why his company has not been closed. because its totally fraud how can the person is able to run company since 10 years and it is located at the main road. if you will see the infrastructure working environment company policy its the worst firm i hav ever worked.
guys, best info system is the most pathetic company i have ever seen . I recently went to one recruitment drive organised by them for IBM . The whole recruitment drive was complete fiasco .Whole day the best infosystem employees were lying to us about the status of interview etc, There were hardly 15 people who have reached there for interview. first surprising thing was that before whole process the bestinfosystem people were telling that there will be a panel coming there from IBM for taking interviews, but unfortunately there was no panel present there, and the interviews were telephonic, why the hell will some one will travel from a different cities to give a telephonic interview there if they can give it from there home ? They wasted the whole day of all 15 people who came there . I am totally surprised that IBM is having such partners. People please be aware of this company in case they ever contact you for any recruitment etc
I'm totally agree with all d guys...but we also need to understand the things and how we can go for such companies who don't provide the offer letter...Ashok is very diplomatic kind of person...he knows how to use people's. I will suggest you to don't go for BEST INFO ever...people who worked with this company have submitted their educational certificates and they always carry employees education they can't even look for new job...its very critical issue. I request you to please look into the matter...go to the legal firm and file a case against him...atlease we can SAVE new people's future...
Guys .. i am also contacted by these people for the IBM recruitement on 21 Aug 10 ...they are asking me to visit their venue... and after reading these reviews about consultancy i am confused to go there .

Why IBM interviews not held at their office in Gurgoan/Noida .. i am completely confused .
Hi Friends,

one of my friend is suggest me the job of Recruiter in the company called Best info system ltd vikas marg, laxmi nagar . i m very confused should i face the interview or not .Plz suggest me...




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