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The month is June. And the the 12th passers seek out for admission under various colleges! Students with less percentage tries their level best to scoop out the good colleges while the good scorers try out to fill in for many. I too belong to the same sphere and perceived the worse from the college!
Firstly, The staff of the college does'nt knows anything except shouting and neglecting people
Secondly, There's nothing called a queue in the college for application forms.Students enter from this way or the other causing tremmendous trouble.I was sandwiched terribly between the crowd.Many students even utter so BAD slangs that students from good family can't stay there.

Thirdly, Every college issues a prospectus whereas this college does'nt has any prospectus. It's like a hotel with first come and first serve basis.
Fourthly, Boys use to be in line for 6-7 hours whereas girls with smart appearance are given higher preference and if gujrati then admission is a bit more easy.
Fifthly, EVERYONE's misguided. no one know about the courses offered whereas the guards know somewhat about it.
Sixthly, especially boys are delayed days after days and days !
Lastly, With such management the college stands for making good fests and annual parties! Few teachers are good but since there's no attendance restriction, students are much bothered to attend parties mainly but not classes!

Now people for calcutta ( india ) reading this may get a brief overview of the college. If you can secure admission via trustees and other people here easily, then fine it's good, you wont have to face such troubles.

This complaint was lodged for commoners who wants to settle their career!
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Aug 14, 2020
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I being a student of the college completely agree to your point! When i came to the college with my parents. i too faced similar consequences.The college has no perfect prospectus of it's own. The staff over here are like the raja-maharajas. I got 93% but still no one was ready to conversate. Me too got sandwiched in the line.

The senior members are purely hungry for money. I student late for admission(facing from asthma and was unable to be in the line) was asked to pay a sum of 2 lacs(no one listened to him) .

The concerned people must allot gravity to the problem..!
The management IS WORSE than EVER now!!!
Yesterday(11th june 2009) due to so much chaos for admission purpose .. the police was forced to undertake severe action.

No words for the college.!

i too agree strongly to the point that bhowanipur college staff think highly of themselves yet do not have the guts to come out the college gates to face the students that are gathered outside.there is no discipline, and a fish market with uncivilised and uneducated people is better than this college.they have no respect for themselves then how can they have respect for others?there are so many students waiting for admission but they are driven away like cows.i had my asthama attack staying and waiting with the animal like crowd.i would be glad to tell the college staff..."be hungry for food, not for money".i was asked to pay 70, 000 rupees for quick admission.are we studing so that we can bribe the institutions for our further studies...this college does not give any importance to studies, they only want money decorated on their building.shameless people and worst staff members.students who are concerned about their studies and opinion not waste your future in this college, do not waste your father's hard earned money on these hungry-for-money people for their and i deserve the best not the worst.
Infrastructure good, nice range of vocational courses, faculty really good( __ money good, temper of staff too good, animal like behavior good(for all students), no attendance and college for a name in proper locality, no management and pretty no one(head members and staff) knows any information.

Ask about the courses -- Go to the office --> Go to the Office -- Come tommorow --> Come Tommorow --- Wait 2 hours ---> Wait 2 hours --- Lunch Time ---> Complaint a staff --- "I dont know anything" ---> Again go to office --> Huge CROWD ---> Somehow get into office ---> person in the office screams and shouts-"I AM NOT AN ENQUIRY OFFICE"(percentage does'nt matters)
Good to view that there are few people who perceived the surrounding envelope and raised voice against injustice.

Recently a political commitee rose their voice to " SAVE EDUCATION " . No one from the college came out and the commitee went on sayin.

As per a student ->
For the college at present demanded Rs.50000(excluding fee) for morning, donation for direct Admssion.The scenario that panicked the most was that mainly boys were demanded for such donation whereas the girls were able to submit the form with the general one year fee.Ain't the end!, The forms are still avialable for females!.
There's no end-date for admission and the prices will be soarin more and more.
The college is under Calcutta university and majority of the colleges under C.U have proper prospectus and proper last admission dates.

Verdict - No change and the college is still the same and thinks students as articles or animals.
well i agree with u ppl above...i m an ex-student of 'BHAGGU'...i also faced the problems similar to u guys...but i dealt with it sumwht...during admission time in the line a staff was shouting and started pushing me to go back...i replied with HIGH TEMPER and said sum harsh words to worked...he calmed down after my 'lecture'...but it doesnt work always though as one of my friend tried the same n d staff complaind him name to the Vice-president...
%age doesnt matter in Bhawanipur...all that matters is the DD amount is correct or not...

Only god can save/improve the of luck guys/gals...
PESIT Bangalore Rocks!!! is the best...u honours guys r a disgrace
india's most sucking collage, dont ever meet mangal in BHAGGU...(especially girls...)
al matter is money over there.

I'm trying to find my friend in bhaggu, whom i've been chatting since long but she hesitates to meet me. i just wannt to know what sort of female she is...

Can any one help me?
Dude this is India. I[censored] cant cope at least dont whine like a sissy.
I[censored] think this was bad, oh man u are in for trouble.
U sound like the person who only knows how to complain instead of trying to find solutions.
It seems u hav been bullied all ur life nd do not know how to survive on da street.
Any best of luck for ur the rest o[censored]r loser life...
Though I agree with all of you to some extent, one must clear the air a little bit:
First and foremost Bhawanipur is (and always was) not meant for students who do not have a good business background. You see most of my friends are either into their respective businesses or into CA (maybe which is why they do not crib like you all). Of late you tend to see students who do not fit the above criteria leading to a whole lot of whining and crying ([censored] them). well what I would suggest is they would be better off in colleges like Ashutosh, Jaipuria, Goenka etc which cater to such a crowd.

As far as donations are concerned even the best of colleges all over the country ask for it. Some in the form of charity to the missionaries (tsk Xaviers).

Third, the behaviour of the staff is no doubt sometimes objectionable, you really cannot help it given the major Union problems plaguing Kolkata.

The infrastructure of Bhawanipur is super as compared to other colleges in Kolkata many of which do not even boast of a proper working fan!

I am presently a 2nd year (final year) student if IIM-Indore, all thanks to my college Bhawanipur (well you all know for what).

You see people who normally have nothing to offer but destructive criticism, you'll notice one common trait among them, they are mostly small time losers who can at the most get themselves graduated from a college (height of their dream), we all know mere graduation holds little value today.

Management College — Attendance Issue

One of the Management college in Suburban Part of Mumbai is Forcing Students to pay a Fine and if Fine is not not allowing us to Sit in Exams.
Fine is imposed due to less attandence People having attandence more than 75% are also forced to pay fine and not allowing to sit in exams.. is there any Law relating to same.... I know if attandence is less than 75% students are not allowed to sit exams.. but in this college even attandence more than 75 are forced to pay fine......

Kindly guide in the same.. please...

BHAGGU is a colg specially made 4 the elite business class GUJRATIS N MARWARIS...

The recent problems has arisen due to the fact that studnts frm non business family r also takinn admission leading to several complaints.

A person having a vry strong financial position must only join this colg...

for rest my best WISHES...
office staffs do pick the call but do not even hear the problem of the students...they are too rude..and do not listen to any one who calls for their problem...
Girls keep away from this clg your virginity will be over

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