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[Resolved]  Birla Education Trust Pilani 333031 Raj — Return the dark

Sir I have sent Rakhi to given address from (courier no[protected] dt 15-7-09 Pilani, Raj).
Shri Madanji Banka
G-1 B-Wing 2nd floor
Janta Housing
Jesal Park Bhayendar (East)
Thane 401105

But dak returned with remark-short address . Why? But address was full, not short. dak returned by your Vasai (E) office.And I received that dak back on 28th july.
So plz tell me the correct reason for that.
RajKumar Rungta
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Aug 14, 2020
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My daughter is studying in BBV, PILANI in cl-8. There is no Maths teacher for past 2 months.How a school
of such repute is letting things happen ? This, to my mind is complete failure of administration.May i hope
that the director & the principal will take heed to the situation & appoint a suitable teacher for maths at the
earliest possible time.Please also arrange extra classes for the lost periods.
Thank U.
I'm unable to operate my internate banking SB A/C no- [protected] maintained with SBI SITAMARHI
BAZAR(3435).Whenever i try to access, a message "INVALID USERNAME OR PASSWORD" appears.
Kindly reset my password.
Thank U.
Yours sincerely,
My daughter was studying there. We have been writing to principal . Just have a reflection of that-----
The Principal
Birla Balika Vidyapeeth
Pilani. (Raj.)

Respected Madam,
I wish to share the reasons of withdrawal of my daughter from your school. Initially I was not sure whether I should write this mail, but a wait for more than a month and a half in which I got no response or acknowledgement from your side leave alone return of my deposit, leads me to believe that there is something amiss at the school. I believe that my mail will not only help the school but also some of the parents who may get their children admitted to BBV Pilani in future.
You may choose to ignore whatever I write in this letter. However, by doing so, you would postpone the process of finding solution to the problem(s), but you cannot stop it or solve the problem. Today, parents send their child to your school as it has a great history, reputation and brand. In this day of networking, openness and competition, old reputation doesn’t remain for long unless continuous improvements are made. There is nothing more permanent than change. Therefore, the choice changing or maintain status-quo would be yours.
I narrate the incidents which led me to withdraw my daughter from your school.
1. Ragging and Bullying
The first and foremost reason that led me to consider this decision was common prevalence of ragging and bullying. Senior students group themselves and call junior students alone. These students are physically and mentally ill-treated and made to cry. Seniors even force juniors to arrange for eatables, which juniors often procured from their pocket money. We, ourselves, were witness to one such incident. We described the incident to you on the day of our visit to school campus.
Our daughter is not afraid of bullying or ragging, nor are we. However, we feel that after one year she may also become one of them (bullies), which we don’t want. Peer pressure is very powerful in such environment and at this age.
The culture in the school is not of friendliness amongst students of various classes but of hierarchy. The senior students controlled movement of juniors, behave rudely and ill-treat them.
We, however, believe in the culture of openness and friendliness and the one without unnecessary hierarchy.
2. Lack of Attention by House-mother
Housemother, who is supposed to visit the hostel daily, is not regular in her visits. I am told that quite often when she went for an evening round, one of the senior girls would take responsibility of taking attendance and would relieve her of the duty. Later, the same girl would use her proximity to the housemother to bully the juniors.
3. Insensitivity towards Children in Handling Problems
When my wife and I visited the school after a fortnight of opening of school, we reported all the issues to you. You were kind to give us an appointment, even though it was a Sunday. On that evening you called warden and house mother, where we repeated whatever we had already share with you.
After the meeting was over, the house-mother asked us to meet her, which we did the same evening. The first statement she made during our visit was to our daughter was very strange to us. She told my daughter, “It is your fault, you should have complained to me rather than telling all this to your parents and then to principal”. Then she told us that we were wrong in approaching the principal without telling her. You also supported her opinion later on when I call you on phone.
I wish to know why should have my daughter told everything to house-mother when she was unable to create confidence amongst students. Do you create confidence by blaming a child for complaining to parents? I don’t understand where the fault of the child is. That ragging takes place in school is a child’s fault, or that she complains to the parents is her fault. Or a failure to understand that the principal will take it as a complaint against house-mother was her fault. Or is it that we as grown up didn’t accept ragging and bullying as part of culture.
I think it is well known fact now that ragging is illegal in schools and colleges. I am not saying that you did not take any step when we complained to you. I believe that the steps you take are merely lip service and do not seriously solve any problem.
Further, I request you to listen to the parents in absence of warden and house-mother as it reveals the identity of the child who has made a complaint.
Some comments of house-mother that creates poor impression are as follows:
“Warden does not have a family. She does not know how to treat the children”
“Earlier one teacher was very friendly with the students. She used to invite them and prepare snacks for them. I don’t like such friendliness with students.”
4. Hygiene
My wife reported that the toilets in the hostel are very un-hygienic. At one occasion I myself, had to use a rest room. This was daytime and I was shocked to see that four cabins in gent’s restroom had toilet remains. While outside the campus as well as, in public area of school, cleanliness and hygiene is maintained, there is no emphasis on details and in areas which are hidden from outsiders.
Further, no care is given to personal hygiene of children. Few children didn’t bother to take bath for day’s altogether and no one noticed. Just before vacations girls preferred to control the nature’s call rather than using the dirty toilets in hostels.
When we complaint to you about the hygiene issue, you mentioned that I should complain this to the director. This will help you to get more cleaning staff, as you were facing staff crunch. I didn’t find it very encouraging. Why should we be used as pawns to get more staff in your school?
5. No Emphasis on English
BBV prides itself in being an English medium school. However, students usually spoke in Hindi. In class many teacher used Hindi as a medium of instruction. Actually, amongst students speaking in English was considered to be a taboo. Those speaking in English were taunted as ‘children of Englishmen’.
6. Visits to Library
For five weeks of the stay of my daughter at school, she was not allowed to borrow books from library even once. What else would a child do in hostel if she has nothing to read to do creative work?
7. No Monitoring over Participation in Sports
No one monitored whether children were participating in sports and other activities. It was on their own wish to get them engaged. At home, we as parents would take care of all-round development of the child. We were made to understand that at BBV teachers would take care of this. But no one cared for the children once the school was over. They were left to themselves and most of them just waste their time.
8. Evening Prep Courses
It was promised to us that after regular school hours, teachers re-visit the school and would clarify doubts of the students. In practice this visit was a rare happened. Even many children didn’t go for the sessions. They spent time singing songs and dancing rather than studying (during study time). It shows there was no attention paid to the children.
In one case, when a teacher visited (this was a day before the term exams) and my daughter requested for help, the latter was told that individual attention cannot be given. When we reported this to house-mother she said that she can’t say anything to the colleague and that my daughter was telling a lie. I understand a child telling a lie when she does not want to study, but will a child tell a lie to study more?
9. Absence of Communication
a) After I informed your school about the withdrawal of my child, I expected a letter from you school with refund at the earliest. I informed your school on May 12, 2009, and more than a month later there is no communication from the school. I conclude that it does not matter to anyone in school to enquire, why a child is leaving within 1.5 months of joining. That too a child who scored 93% in first internal exam i.e. she must be a reasonably good child

b) When we had applied to the school, there was no correspondence from the school. We received a letter a day before the written exam informing us about the exam to be held in Delhi. How will someone reach Delhi a day before the exam? And what if the student is travelling? This happened after I had made at least five calls to the school.
When I called you over the phone (this was the second time I called you) to share these issues, you told me that I have habit of making complaints and I am looking at problems where there are none. I take this as insensitiveness of a principal towards the parents. No parent would call unnecessary or make a visit in between the term when each trip costs Rs. 10, 000/-. But if you feel that I complain unnecessarily, I promise not to complain after this letter. However, I feel we need people who question wrong doings, rather than accepting whatever is wrong.
In consideration of the above experiences, we, the parents of Sukriti Verma, decided to withdraw our child from the school. May be we should have given the school some more time, but continued experiences as above would have left us without much choice in middle of the session.
I request you to refund my deposits with minimum deductions, without any further delay. I understand that you loose an opportunity o[censored]sing room in hostel. In the same spirit, I hope, you will appreciate that I have withdrawn my daughter due to poor environment in the school, and therefore, I am eligible for full refund. You have breached on your service.
While I do not have any data, I would also like you to study the number of children dropping out of your school after one or two years. This quite often may be an indication of frustration amongst children with respect to the school.
I hope you will take my letter as a critic to improve standards in the school.
Thanking you and sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
And you know what------
No reply
Please check with your kids there. They are scolded if they tell there parents. We had to withdraw our daughter.

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