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 Animesh Sasan
After series of calls and messages sent at all odd hours, my wife, mother and I decided to join the Celbrity Fitness GYM in JMD GGN. Since we were short on time, we requested the formalities be completed while we tour the gym. Unfortunately, the staff unequipped to handle express request asked me to speak with the Manager - Jamie Zubia (American Sounding). He was in a middle of a conversation with an employee and instead of attending to a customer who was ready to spend more then a lakh rupees for 3 members, curtly told me that he was in a meeting with someone. Who happened to be an employee of the GYM.

When i told him that i dont have much time, let your team member show me the gym and we could do the joining formalities as we toured. At that point in time shockingly he said DONT WASTE MY TIME AND JUST GET OUT OF HERE!! HE KEPT SAYING THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL A FEW OF HIS GOONS CAME TOWARDS MY WIFE AND MOM. At this point i had no choice but to leave.

It is shocking how these expats have the guts and audacity to behave like this with us, forget customer service this seemed like an out and out racist behaviour.

I urge all members of this forum to pass on the message of such behaviour, please boycott the use of such places where citizenz of our own country are treated like this.

If there are any Journalist or media person seeing this forum, please mail me on animeshsasan@gmail.com, lets create awareness about such incidents and make sure that expats dont take us for a ride treat us like trash. There visas need to be cancelled and they should be deported back cause if any one of us behaved like this is America, Canada, Australia or Europe we wouldbe in prison and most probably headed back home.
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Im a member at celebrity fitness and i actually recall this incident as i happened to be in the lobby/cafe area when this incident occured..the only reason I remember is because I am at the gym almost every day so I was finishing my workout when this happened..I believe on a saturday. I actually did not hear the entire conversation of what happened but if this is the correct situation that I recall, then I did witness you charge around the lobby/cafe area in a very demanding way shouting obscenities @ the manager/expat guy. Number 1 if that was your mother and your wife that accompanied you, I am surprised they didn't scold you for your behaviour for using that kind of language in front of women in public. I am an older gentleman but I understand the youth of today is different but that still does not give you the right to speak this way in front of women. Number 2 I am glad you were removed from the premises because such a place like celebrity gym is a place where people like me and my wife can go and relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life in Delhi. Young kids like you do not belong in such a place until you learn how to behave like an adult. I do not know the manager guy very well but he is always smiling at me and waves hello when I go to the gym. I occassionally participate in the group class with the aerobics instructors from brazil or mexico and I never have a problem. I have recommended many friends from my society to become a member and have never heard of any such bad behaviour from the managers at the celebrity gym
I am member and have interacted with the manager a few times. He is a guy who is quite customer friendly. There are hundreds of people who go to this gym and more join all the time.

"When i told him that i dont have much time, let your team member show me the gym and we could do the joining formalities as we toured."

yeah right...thats all u said..??? for which he reacted in a harsh manner?? I am sorry but you obviously have huge issues with your self esteem...and do you seriously consider the people reading your complain (members or not) to believe what you are saying to be true?

Come on now get a life. And keep your money stacked in your mattress where it belongs. Obviously you are not fit to use any public facilities with this attitude of yours.

People like you are a disgrace to India. Talking about deportation, you don't even deserve to get a visa for any country abroad..
Sorry Boss!!
I disagree, I hve seen the people there jamie and his bunch of clowns. They always have a superior air about them and have no right to bully people. All you guys get your kiked because you have reverence to the gori chamadi and they can keep whipping your black asses and you would still bow down.

When you are in there country you are scared!! Cummon man..get a frikin self respect
Well Said FFKa sataya !!

I completely agree with you, while even standing in the visa line at the embassy people are crapping in their pants. Having travelled the world I have never seen such behaviour. These goras come here and everyone starts licking them up.

Trust me there are better gyms in Gurgaon and people need to know that. People who have been going to Ozone have been doing so since the last 5 years, we think that just some gora is behaving like d*** there we should also go there...and the statments i have heard is arre waha to international trainers hain...big f******* deal.
I have situation which is different but I do get the same feeling about gym When I joined Gym I wanted to pay through debit card but they insisted to collect my credit card as well and without my knowlegdge they are continuing to debit me even though I stopped going to the gym and I am surprised how credit card company allow this debit to happen month on month. Only now I noticed I requested credit card company to stop payment and I strongly advise people to be careful though the gym people are courteous but we may not be aware about their ulterior motives. We don't need to travel abroad but we can be taken for a ride by our own couyntry men.
Sasan sure sounds like a d*ck!
No wonder you were treated like that when your mindset is 'f*cking goras' and 'gori chamdi' and all that.
You're a bloody racist. Not only you shall be denied entry to such clubs, you shall also be shot down.
Going by what Akshay just said, it sounds about right that you got such treatment. Well done Jamie :)
Well people, guess what...Jamie Zubia no more works in this Gym. The prick got what he deserved...he eventually got fired, because exisiting members who has spend so much money in that place complained about his attitude.

Whoever started this complaint...congratulations to you...

S Mackay needs to realize that we are the biggest victoms of discrimination and these f@@@@ing GORA cant come to our country and treat us like ...we would never do that in the US.

God is watching...
YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...the place is full ofthieves anyways and dressed up well to take people for a ride
He deserved it...the guy had so much attitude for nothing...serves him right...now he can go back to his country and start like a ragpicker again...they come to India and are treated like royalty...back home they are nothing but trailer trash
Whats the hysteria about gora trainers? These guys kris(the fake australian accent guy), Tony, Juliana and few other Indonesian clowns are actually rag pickers in their own country! Having got nothing to do they come around here looking for employment and i have seen few people who just lick their asses! No wonder they think of themselves as demi gods.
God bless their Brains!!
I was looking forward to joining this Gym...thanks to the postings. As they say there is no smoke without fire...its better to stay away from such a place. I ahve been gyming from last 3 years and belive that its a place where one goes to detoxify from the daily razzle dazzle. after reading these postings i called few of my friends who either workout here or have not joined due to some reason and gone to join else where. Surprising, most of them do not find this gym as 'value for money' mostly coz of the attitude that the staff carries...i respect people who think that we should respect visitors from other countries however being a frequent traveller to UK and US, i have seen how they treat asians...its easy to talk equality with a heart of gold but trust me guys...most of these 'firangs' treat asians ruthlessly. US keep crying over pearl harbor, 9/11...but do they ever ealise what this part of the globe is going through...they do not practice what they preach!
Well said Lalit Suri.

In the end Jamie Zubia, the self proclaimed god of humanity got fired and so did his girfriend. I complained to the head office in Malaysia and guess they took the right decision. By the way the gym is going bankrupt and would be shutting soon, so get your money out while you can...

No one is againt americans and brits coming to India and working, we also work in other countries, however dont come here and treat us like trash...luckily for jamie i am not a gurgaon local, some heady local would have mutilated him and thrashed him like there is no tomorrow...
I decided to join this Gym. but, dropped my decision on first visit itself.
It is no doubt very expensive. But, what i felt was that the behavior and attitude of the Manager was rude and unacceptable. As i said i will decide in a day or two, his tone changed as if i am bound to join that day itself. I think he should learn some manners to talk to girls, Mr illiterate.
These people just want money and after that stupid 12 months agreement signed they dont care what you are doing and what troubles you.
They dont understand they are the one who serves the customer and not the other way round.
Ha! - Celebrity Fitness does it again ----Time and again, it makes me regret the day I joined the club

Few facts:

1. You pay money for personal training sessions, and then you chase the trainers. It is funny that they abscond and you to trace them for weeks. Not just once, but twice.
2. The customer service desk made me fill a form where I clearly specified the reason for cancellation ( obviously money being paid to the trainer and then the trainer was absconding). I signed the form - and thankfully took a photocopy. They are still deducting money from my account. It was after a year of my joining, so I fail to understand why.
3. The so called Custiomer Service Manager does not have time to return customer calls when being chased for over 10 days --- so much for customer service.

animesh — look feel

We are very unsatisfied your your services( my train time in Patna(2334) at 06/08/2010 at 10.35, but when i am ariving to station i was heard the tran is delayed 10 hrs, after we have talk tp punjab mail T.T, they have talked to us , you will wait for bhibhuti, please see the matter , as very urjent,
I have been to the ones they have in Indonesia, the service seems excellent, 90% local clients, personal trainers chase you for your sessions schedule and the staff are very prompt, even cancelling my wife's membership took a day only. I guess they have teething problems expanding into India. Will try the one in Gurgaon next month and see.



MOB [protected]
Lalit you do 1 thing, go and join the fitness club which has its starting fees as 800 and monthly as 500, that will be good for you, you all must be barred from entering into all these clubs and do remember to take friends with you who have supported you to the club which has value for money .

And when you are telling that you have done gym for 3 years than there are probabilities that you might have done it in a club which has value for money . So join that club for 3 more years and make your body tonned better .

I am currently a member of celebrity fitness and i strongly believe that the attention which a trainer pays to you cannot be paid in any other club . 6 yrs span that Lalit is going to take to make his body look better, you can do it in 1 yr and that is what i have noticed .
Talking abt it fees, its fees is high because of the ambi in the club
Charracterless Employees

The manager of the Celebrity Fitness Gym, at JMD Regent Plaza, Gurgaon, is involved in characterless activities and get it done by his Goons,
They take the advantage of the Girls who pay them for their body building activities,
This can be Exposed if they can provide us Complete Video Recordings of even any Six Months,
Or a Journalist can take initiative to expose this scandal,

Thanks to all you guys, , I am not in any mood to join this gymn anymore, as such I am a persxon who sees it to believe it., , but I guess here I shall play safe and not even waste my visit.
Chherio, stay healthy!

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