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I Have been recieving 3 three call a day from citifinancial for a week now, i request you to please stop calling me for giving the details of services offered by you. I am not interested,

appreciate it if the calls stop from immediate effect.

Shwetha Raj.
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Aug 14, 2020
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CitiFinancial Auto — harassing phone calls everyday

Automobile loan that we obtained in 2006; we were both working at the time when we purchased the vehicle and were able to make payments with out a problem. The place of business that I was employed at let me go in May of 2007, and I was able to collect unemployment for about six months. In September of 2007, my husband was on dialyses and had a seizer, (was given medication that he should not have had, due to the fact of being on dialyses, and spent ten days in the hospital, due to their negligence of medication). He was unable to return to work because he still to ill to work, and the place of business that he had been working at closed in December of the same year. We were unable to receive any help from the state due to, too many assets, (401k, retirement funds, but not old enough to collect yet). We ended up turning the 401k into an IRA that I could draw on, but have to pay taxes and penalties. For the last year, we have been living expenses have been paid out of this IRA, what little unemployment my husband could get and his SS disability, but now the IRA is gone, unemployment is gone and both o[censored]s are still out of work. Both o[censored]s were in the hospital in December of 2008, (I donated a kidney to him) and I was in the hospital in February of 2009, had to have a hysterectomy. Both o[censored]s are continuing our education doing so by the means of student loans, which gives a little extra to help on our living expenses. We now have began to fall behind on our vehicle loan, we have asked to have the payment amount lowered to what we feel that we could handle, received a confirmation number and had to scrap up over $725.00 to do so, ( our payments are 709.00 a month). CitiFinancial/auto first said that they could lower our payments for six months, if we came up with the $725.00 and said that they would work on lowering the payment for a longer term. However, we have been receiving harassing phone calls everyday, sometime three or four times a day, saying that they cannot except these terms and need more money up front, before they can work on lowering or deferring any payments. However, with in the next few months my husband will have a job, when the place of business opens up for business. But, CitiFinancial says that they NEED over $700.00 more before they can work with us, we now have no money to even by bread or milk until the middle of July. What can I do? Do I have any other alternatives other than returning the vehicle?
I have been having the same problem... Only I gave them a date when I would bring my loan current and that was not good enough... Elizabeth calls 4 or more times a day... leaving only a message on the first call but continues to call during the day ( thanks caller id)... I only owed a partial payment on June 19th and told her that I would pay that this week (july28th) and then pay July and August on August 14th ... but she continues to call and harrass... funny thing is my student loan with the feds is okay with the arrangement... She insists that I am 60days late...hey I teach school and June 19th to July 28th is not 60days...where did she go to school? Once this loan is paid off I will never deal with Citifinancial for anything nor with any of their affiliates...THEY ARE CRIMINAL IN THEIR TREATMENT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS>
I am very concerned dealing with CitiFinancial auto. Because the payment was so high and we were not getting it paid off because of the high interest we refinanced our home to pay it off. We were in the process of refinancing it when they called so we told them we were going through National City Mortgage and gave them there phone number and later we gave them First American Title Co. with a number they could contact them if they had questions. We signed all papers July 29, 2009 and was told CitiFinancial was paid off. They continued to call several time A DAY (there number they call on is
[protected] so finally August 4, 2009 I called them and told them they were paid off and while I was on the home phone I heard my cell phone ring so I gave the phone to my husband and I answer it, it was CitiFinance again, on my CELL. When I got off the phone my Husband had said good bye. I called them again at[protected] and was telling them the pickup was paid off and to please not call. She told me they we allowed call nine time per day, That's hard to believe and I asked her if it was nine time a week not a day, she said no not a week A DAY. If that's the case than the law should be changed. The thing is when you give them the phone numbers to call for payoffs and especially when you have paid them off you should no longer get calls especially four calls a day and on your cell phone!
You need to call CitiFinancial and talk to the department manager. Tell him/her that you have lost income and ask them to restructure your loan. They will fax you a contract to sign and you will have to show them that your income is less than what it was when you got the loan. You can do that by faxing them a copy of your unemployment checks, SS checks, etc. You will also have to tell them your bills and the amount. Do not tell them that your bills are more than your income, just cut it right below. I had to do this not to long ago. My payment went from $360 a month to $240 a month. They drag the loan out a little, but you have to do what you have to do. Dont feel bad, a lot of people are financially struggling right now. I hope you can get things worked out. Take care

Oh Yea, one more thing. The phone calls can be very agravating. They work on an automated calling system. So basically a computer calls your house, not a person. I have an answering machine and when it picks up customer service thinks it a person. They keep saying Hello, Hello, Hello. Its nerve racking and funny at the same time. Anyway, hope this helps.

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