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Recently i brought a Computer system from a dealer near Technopark, Trivandrum, with the bundled 17" CRT monitor branded as Odyssey sold by Compuage infocom in India, after 3 days when i used my photo suite software, it says that the monitor doesent support the required resolution, and i wondered that how a brand new monitor acts like this.Then i decided to check the same internally, I opened the same and its very strange to see inside.

The CRT monitor is assembled from some highly used parts including picture tube, board etc.The Tube is a OLD LGmade in year 2000, board is a samsung OEM for Dell made 1999.All are repaired & refurbished.

The monitor also dont have proper stable resolution, high radiation effects, junky buttons, fragile plastic body and more...may be they have picked the same from a junk

They are selling these monitors with a new ones price tag.I immediately called the supplied dealer and he told me that he actually desent know the truth, i then decided to file a complaint to Ministry of consumer affairs, Mumbai & Kerala for the same.

I hope as per received email from Govt:Of India, they will take strict action against these vedors, its also a serious cause against injury too.

i dont know why good business people like COMPAUGE started to cheat people.

So before buying anything from Compuage please double check the same, else you are risking your money & safety
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Aug 14, 2020
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i am also the victim of the same, i had sold two monitors for my customers in Cochin & i also moving against the company too, i lost Rs.7800 !!
I also became another victom of the same, I brought a assembled PC from a reputed Cochin dealer who offers best price for end users, but this time i lost my money because he gave me a 17" Odyssey CRT along the system, But the problem came when i tried to run new 3D games, the monitor LOT went off suddenly, as an engineer i opened the monitor case to see inside, and it was horrible.Its a refurbished monitor more than 8-10 years OLD !!!.

They are selling these (compuage infocom, based in Mumbai)monitors as Brand new and selling the same for a new one's price, They are cheating customers & even Dealers as nobody is aware of the same.I am decided to file a case at Cochin High court & also decided to fax details & courier the same to Dept:of Foriegn Trade, Mumbai & also via Consumer protection firm,

I dont know How they can able to sell the same in India, Its also very dangereous to Personal health too, I decided to file the same for high compensation via court and also notified some good IT publication editors with proof such as photos, test results, and invoice copy, Product carton (with sticker)

More results will be posted on this website soon,


Mamangalam, Audio Engineer for Audison AV Tech,
Near Focuz Motors, COCHIN.

We are just collected TWO 17" CRT monitors from our Cusotmer's permises & will be testing the same within 1-2 Days time, we also got this information via email.

Also we came to know that thier SMPS are also refurbished (in some LOTS, we received 3 sets so far!!)

We will protest the same agansit COMPUAGE INFOCOM,

they are making money by fooling US...

We brought 3 monitors from Cochin Sub distributor & sold 2 (still 1 set at office, will TEST both soon)
Thankx for th Help

More details will be posted soon,

Arima Infotech, Chelari, Malappuram Dist.KERALA
15'' crt monitor camplain screen vrey bad...
i am an engineering student and i have purchased a 17" monitor from a very reputed computer seller in vijayawada.
and then as soon as i on it for the first time. i got a low resolution. i was surprised to see that i was not working after 2 days. it harassed me a lot as i bought that new monitor with an year savings of 4500 rupees and i am almost in tears. what shall i do? i cant afford to another monitor and the dealer has nothing to do with it.
the monitor seller is innocent and the compuage is the real thief.
the service center is all bull crap and it is hopeless.they wont help in anyway.
i then went around like a mad guy and this cost me another 1000rupees, but it is useless as i wasted 40 days
i was in vain

Odyssey 17" crt color flat monitor — not provided proper reply and service

I am ramireddy, purchased recently new oddyssy color monitor 17" flat in vijayawada. but after one week it is not working. still they are not provided proper service and reply.
I am ramireddy buy a new oddyssey 17" flat color monitor in vijayawada. presently it is not working i was complaint for servicing, still they are not provided proper reply and servicing,

please send your suggestion on my mail id ramireddy_1980(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
Aaag lagaa do saalo me., ...

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