Continerntal Relocation — Bad Service/Fake

I am writing this to help others who planning to relocate or moving within or outside city. I have had very Bad Experience with Continental Relacation India.

Its a total scam. The website (URL: itself is bogus. I fell prey to this nicely designed website only.

When I was planning to shift to Bangalore from Pune, I got this reference from internet. When I called Continental, a person came to our home. He gave us a quotation of Rs 5, 500

(including loading, packing, transportation, unloading). Its all clearly mentioned over the quotation.

Now a day comes to move our stuff from Pune to Bangalore. You will be shocked to read below:

1. At Pune: 3 persons came home without any vehicle. They pack stuff in boxes. They did not pack suitcases, and bags. They told us that they pack everything in their warehouse.

So they did not wrap any baggage (as they were not carrying any material). We trusted them. After packing is done, one person would go and search for a local transport (to take

items to so called warehouse). After 2 hours he came with a minitruck. They drove our bike to so called warehouse as they did not have anything to load bike into the truck.

2. At Bangalore: After 2 days, a truck came to my door with just a driver and cleaner. They said they were assured in Pune by Continental (Rajat Moitra -[protected]) that they

will have persons to unload items in Bangalore. Then I showed them quotation and receipts. Then all o[censored]s were trying to reach Mr Rajat on his cell. He attened first call. After

that he just switched off his cell phone. For 5 to 6 hours we were trying to reach this guy. The transporter was kind enough to wait for 5 hours otherwise he could have simply

went back without delivering items to me. And then I would have to get items back from his (transporter's) local warehouse in bangalore.

When we went to his website, we observed that:

## As a "24 Hrs. Support Desk", he has mentioned his own number. If he is not available, then no support.

## On his quotation, receipt, and visiting card there are no details like Registration Number, Sales Tax No. All the documents shows some delhi address, while this transaction

is being done by this person in pune.

## The lanline no:[protected] is not working. So after this guy switched off his cell phone, we could not reach anyone (there is only one).

## I can't imagine where did he get those photographs on his homepage where we see warehouse, people loading, packing stuff. But beleive me there is nothing like that.

## Then with the information I got from Transporter I came to know that Continental does not own any Trucks. They would take an order, and then they will book some low cost

transporter. They will earn a difference.

## They do not have Branches or own offices, warehouses in atleast in Pune. In pune there so call warehouse is lying unused since months (or years I am not sure).
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Its "Continental Relocation India" (Do not get confused with 'Continental Relocation').
milind rane me very satisfied with continental relocation at frecuently i used to shift to too many citys within india.i adore their specially Rajat.
Totally disagree.One should notbe bias.There mustbe other reasons.One cannot clap with one hand.My experience with Continental Relocation India// very coordeal and satisfied.They suggest and advice very well, one should have very sound power to understand.Specially in India people donot understand the value of quality services or dont want to pay for quality services, its in their mind set.
thanks, Saurabh
Disagree.My experience with the above company was good.I advice my friends to go for Cintinental Relocation India for shifting there household goods.Thanks Dhanraj
Mr.Milind Rane

It's time you stopped spreading malice about Continetal Relocation! You already lied and availed of our service and now you claim that Continental is fraud? The company will now serve you show cause notice for mis representing facts leading to unfair negotitation and loss to the company. May truth win!!
Hi, Me (Gaikwar), want to state that those who are looking for relocation servoces, must go for the people who gives good advices regarding packing and transportations.Please dont compromise on prices as maney of my friends who choose relocating on the basis of of low costing, in packing and moving, always endup in loosing, in connecting with delay or damage etc.
Also my advice to my friends that please be fair in dealing with packing people and please dont give false declairation regarding your household goods as everything calculated on space occupied by the items you want to send.
my advice to my friend that you can choose Continental relocation India regarding this as their staffs are very cooperative and good service provider.Thanks Gaikward
I sencierily regret/apolosize to Continental Relocation India, for false complent.Please treat my complent as nul and void.
Milind Rane
i was browsing for its website in google and found this comment.
there is some Dhanaraj person employeed at pune by Rajat .
They are perhaps fake or using some other cheap services.
My luggage hasnt come till now its been one week, that Person Dhanraj is always dc the call or saying yes yes and then never following up.
When we call Rajat, call is diverted to Dhanraj and when we call Dhanraj call is diverted to Rajat.
I'm sure they are fake and i'm worried my stuff is lost n money too.

I wanna abuse them but i cant, which i did on call though coz of frustation.
That Dhanaraj is making fool of me saying luggage is in bangalore now, once u pay yu will get it...
I totally disagree with your coment on Continental Relocation India, They are very cooperative even on my transfer to Delhi, I had very good experience with them.Problem aries when people choose to go for cheep modusoperandy, without fearing or taking precations like Good Packing, Direct Transport, and Insurence, all which comes with a littlebit more prices, which customer's now adays avoiders and put the blame game entirely on the carriers.
They complen of services, But will not mention what price they have paid for packing and moving and too for How much luggege.
All the trouth will comesout if they are fair enough to tel the entire story.
Mostly I have noticed in relocation problem people asks for 5 to 10 quotations from different packers and moves companys and choose who is offering cheep rates for relocating, without realising what thy shoud do to get their own/personel stuff reach safely, with good packing and moving.
All the packers and movers company uses or Outsourced Transport through reliable Transporter.So here Insurence plays a very important role Because you never know what can happened to and when on roades.
People shoud understand all these factors, before choosing their carriers.
Always remember part load or cheep mode of transport willbe late or not sequire.

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