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[Resolved]  Cryo Bank International — Stem Cell Fraud

I have registered for my wife Stem Cell with Cryo Bank giving Rs 5, 000 as registeration fee for which I didn't received a Sale Tax signed receipt. We didn't received any acknolwedgement from the Cryo Internation and Sale Manager : Mr. Mayank ( M.P ) and Franchies owner ( Mr Rakesh bharadwaj).
After 4 months of Stem cell submission they started following for the remaining amount of Rs 55, 000 which was done as Stop Payment by us since we haven't got any acknowledgement from the bank.

Sale manager also given wrong commitment for of giving reference, however we have provide three reference for which we should received Rs 3500 each. This a simple fraud cases of registering the users giving fault commitment and by not giving user any acknowledgement.

I would like to further file a consumer case against such Bank which are playing around with People emotion and money.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Also note the point that we will not know if they have used these for any of their personal gains during the storage .Seems another grand scheme to defraud public playing on emotions
I have registered with Cryo Bank international in 2008 from Gurgaon. At the time of enrollment I was told I have to pay Rs 35000 for 21 years. I have received call from cryo bank in the moht of June 2009 stating you have not paid you annual fees kindly deposit. Other wise we will discard your sample.
Can somebody advise what should I do and how to file complain against cryo bank international.
cryobanks international is USA's well known organisation. If you really have faced any kind of problem please contact some higher authorities of the organisation. every problem have some or the other solution.
Dear Mr.Rahul,
It came as a shocker for me when i came to know that you have posted the complaints mentioning my name, i feel that you should have checked your own deeds before pointing the finger on me.It was me who arranged for your cord blood collection in your absence even without taking the registration amount of rs.5000 and you also got the telephonic confirmation regarding the processing of your sample and even you received your primary report of your sample which was lying at your indore address which you also confirmed over the phone later.Now you tell me the name of any company in the world which would handover you your final productreportwithout receiving the final payment, al times but you it was you who stopped your cheque for the payment and please dont forget that for the sake of resolving the issue not only me but mr.shaqeeq khan also called you several times but you never replied in the positive manner.As far as your referral amount is concerned again would would like to remind you that you gave us only one reference and he also didnt pay us the remaining amount because of your influence, i hope that you atleast can understand that ours is not a charity organisation where in you are expecting referral amount of 3500 just by giving us registration amount of 5000 while company has spend around 60000 for the processing of both the, you may or may not be with the same company with which you were working in 2009 but i am still with the same company and having a backup of thousands of clients and that has become possible because i have served my customers in all the possible ways.I expect you to be more sensible before posting these kind of comments because by that you would only be loosing your own credibility
I am posting my concern over the agreements (deeds) that cryo bank is giving. The same is referred above by Mr.Mayank. Many of the clauses in the agreements are void clauses (not enforceable by law). Please refer the copy of the same.( ). As per the agreements, if you don't pay the amount they can use the termination clause and dispose of the sample collected in the way they deem fit. This includes selling in the open market. Since the customer has not paid the amount they cannot claim it. They can even sell the stuff in the black market. Alternatively they can use it for the so called " research purpose" Please refer the agreement.

I came to know about this, when they have approached with the agreement copy. The initial marketing deal was very good. But there are many untold clauses in the agreement. The one other issue is with regard to the confidentiality of the cases. Since one o[censored]s is a doctor, they offerred Rs.7, 500/- as discount. But when we analysed the conversation, we saw the marketing guy is disclosing the more details of the other doctors who opted their service. This is because, as per their confidentaility clause, they have every right to disclose your personal details to any Tom Dick and Harry. So if you agree with their agreement, your privacy has gone with the wind. So people who respect their own privacy, please beware.

The 'termination clause says that, the Cryo Bank can dispose of the material by just giving 60 days notice. There are 3 points in this regard.

1. This shows that the company is not serious into their business. Anytime they can change their mind and say good bye to their customers just by giving 60 days notice.

2. Majority of the customers will not be after the company for the sample or cash. If at all they have to pay, they can realise the same by selling the same in the black market.

3. They will take the initial benefit of high pricing and then vanish without any liability.

You may also note that the agreement has already signed using carbon copy of Dr.Nerikar. This sort of signing will not be enforceable by law.It should be on a legally enforceable form. Be careful.

Now a days, the most easy way to know the quality of a company is to google about the complaints. When I asked about this to the marketing executive, his immediate reply was " all customers cannot be satisfied" The most important point one should note is that, many of such complaints are from their own ex staff. This also shows the poor quality of the company.

I cannot mention about each and every aspect of the agreement here. So please go through the agreement word by word, paragraph by paragraph. Dont mind in taking a legal opinion from a good Advocate or Chartered Accountant.

Dear Mr. Namboothiri,

I just want to enquire that, are you the client of cryobanks, if yes can I have your little details like your SAR No., date of enrollment, so I can check your details will give you the proper feedbacks if you are not our client so you dont have any sar no. or other details then you must be from the competition just trying to humiliate us.
Dear All,

If you all are the clients of cryobanks international india, can you all provide your details like Sar NO. Name, Date of enrollment, so I can rectify the errors if made by us than I will assure you that I will personally look into this matter and do the needfull.

Thanks & regards

Anil hota
Client Service Manager
(Cryobanks Intl. India Pvt. ltd.)
Just now i am also going through the agreement.
cryobank is giving me some discount but on another hand i saw in agreement that in most of the clause bank has added that:-
"is valid for the client who have availed facility of cord blood storage without any wavier off in standard pricing structure"

now what does it mean?? if i will avail discount then i will not get those services...?????? have given registration fee but now trying to switch from cryobank to life cell, at least they don't have any hidden clause.
Mr Anil Hota who is promising to resolve the complaints on this board himself is not seriously acting on complaints.

After registering with cryobank I got a call asking for references. I gave a references who enrolled with cryobank. The stem cells for the referral was collected in September 2011. This is end of May 2012 and I am still following up for the referral bonus due to me.

Initially he sounded very receptive and made promises that 'the cheque is ready and is sent for signatures etc' but a month has passed and still there is no sign of the bonus amount.

Anil Hota has stopped picking up my phone and even is not responding to sms.
We got scammed by Cryo Cell too. They never confirmed receipt of our babies' blood in 1998, continue to bill us, and cannot provide any confirmation that they are storing ours or any cord blood. I called about paying my bill on line it sounded like a guy in his garage answered the phone and kept telling me he would have "billing" call me. Any company that cannot accept payment through their web site and doesn't have names and/or emails of finance staff is not capable of storing stem cells.
Hi friends pls do not go with Cryobanks their repersantatives Mr Deepak and Ravikant
In Panipat cheats people and play with their emitions
Hello friends, On above comment, this is a clear negative marketing attitude of other company. If a complaint is relevant please mention your name, sar no. and phone number. Then our company contact you and resolve your issue. Actually from sonipat to yamunanagar, most of enrollment is done by CRYOBANKS. This make problem to other company, now they are making fake comments and misleading the peoples. This is open blog, every one get enter and post the comment. So please don't believe on this and go standard consumer site CONSUMER DADDY.COM. CRYOBANKS is number one rating in terms of consumer satisfaction. This is well known standard site. Give time for justification and see who is better. Thanks
Hello Friends, Hi I am Gaurav Mittal, I have enrolled with CRYOBANKS. The Cryobanks representative is very professional. They provide me best service. Their New Agreement Penta Power, I read this, it is very clear and there is no hidden clause. Now I am fully satisfied with company's services. Please don't go the comments made by others. This is my personal opinion that go for face to face competition and compare them. You will find the reality. Actually I came in a contact with Baby Cell, I asked about CRYOBANKS, they said this company is fraud and sold out. I did not believe on them. I called Cryobanks representative. They tell me their positive points and justify themselves with proofs. Baby Cell reprsentative told me that their company preserved more than one lakh sample. I came to know that their company pre served only 2500 sample. They are really big cheaters and play with people's emotions. Please don't go with them. Please compare and go for direct competitions. You will get best deal.
sharmalife's reply, Apr 16, 2021

is there a regulator in India that I can complain to., the storage of my daughter's cord blood is in question, and huge bills and pushy bill collectors are in my without answering my many logical questions?
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I'm a middle class citizen, married, and a daughter who suddenly lost her hearing at 2 years. I did research on stem cells and found Dr B as he 95% cured a USA citizen of blindness. I called him, and he was great, caring, convincing and to the point said his institute was non-profit and said to me money is not the issue. After meeting him, i decided to trust a fellow Indian, as i am indian. He mentioned 5 treatments to me at a cost of $5000, but he said money is not the issue, lets cure your child.

My father booked my flights and hotel and we had to remortgage our house and borrow money. When we arrived at kalra hospital. He was nice and genuine, made us sign a disclaimer - which is probably normal for a procedure like this. When the procedure started, they used no anaesthetic, so placed needles into my daughters hands and did not plan it properly as when the cells were placed back, they removed the needle, and then came back and said, we forgot the VESL cells. So put my daughter through pain again. At the End he asked for $7000. I said to him, you mentioned $5000, he said, new patients are added to the system and lab entry costs. I didn't have $7000 so my dad had to borrow money from a company in India to ChAPS to Bansal and i paid them back. At this point we went back to UK. I called Bansal and said i was not convinced and do not want to do the remaining 4, as the procedure was very unprofessional, dirty etc. Plus Surjeet kept on asking for tips and money for medicine, even though we paid for it. And we had a Calvin Collier and another patient contact me dying they left Bansal as he charged people $10, 000 and $1500. No consistency.

Bansal said he will do the next 2 procedures for $5000 total and he will cure my child as her cells were great. After he convinced us, we borrowed more and did the 2 treatments. Same issues again, and surjeet the same. I said i cannot afford another 2 and will come back in 6 months after raised more money. He again convinced he to come within 4 weeks as hitting the disease quicker would gain results. I told him i do not have money. This is where i think he took advantage of venerable people like me who are shaken. He told me to borrow the money again tom friends and family. He said he will gain results as he will come to UK later in year to give boosters where she will gain results. He even said every person that year who have had boosters have had positive results. The boosters are included in the price and he will come uk. I have this on email. So we went again on presumption $5000 for 2 more shots.

Again, same procedure and pain. At the end Bansal asked for $10000. I said i only have $5000. He said that is not good as the group will take from his wage. He told me to get what i can now. So i went running around in Delhi, asking hotels for money etc. Eventually got another $2000 which i gave him and said i will give the $3000 when i earn it back. He said ok. As we were leaving Surjeet took us for 800 rupees for no reason - tips, leaving charge, bed charge etc. I tried calling bans but he never answered. l just paid and left.

A month later, i checked my daughters back. There was over 40 needle marks. I was horrified but was thinking she will get boosters and be cured. He said he will come after 6 months as he wants to see if any results are gained. 9 months later or so, he never once emailed me or contacted to see how my child was. Only a email saying he's having trouble cashing the travellers cheques and that he needs a letter. The he says he's coming to uk and will give boosters. At this point i was low as the results were negative and unsure about boosters. He said he will cure her and boosters will work. I have this on email aswell.

I waited for several months and no contact from him. At this point my daughter was in research program at the best hospital in UK. the professors there questioned why my child has 40 plus marks on her back. I explained everything. They were massively concerned as they said the procedure would not take over 40 needle insurgeons to do 5 shots. They said the Doctor probably wants the cells for his own use as they can be used elsewhere. we were horrified. Then they asked for the boosters and where are they. I said they are in a Lab in India which is a direct match to my child. They asked me to contact Bansal to get the boosters so they can check this and to see if it is placebos or actually matching cells- mother cells.

At this point i contacted Bansal, saying his method has not worked and that i want boosters, and explained why i want them. He said no, he cannot give unless my child comes to India and has it done there. I said i want my money back then - or partial as i have paid for boosters which he promised to come UK and do. I told him he said he will cure my child, again he denies it all. One thing i will say, he did say to me 40-60% success, which i understood. But then, don't say to me he will cure my child to gain more funds and say all patients who have had boosters have had success. He denies all and i said i have evidence. Then he said he tried to console me. Cutting the long story short... I told him i want my boosters (as to see if he is genuine or not). He will not give. And now i want partial refund. He's not willing to give. At this point i have done my research on previous patients. I have 9 previous patients who have exactly the same problem as i do. They all mislead and over charged. Promises were given, but no results. Surjeet earning his on the side. 9 cases in 2 days. Latest is Connor. A TODDLER for eye problems. He spent $15000 after 3 treatments, left banal and went to Unistem as Bansal was interest in money and nothing else. Another USA person left bansal and went to Unistem and has gained a positive result. Theres the lady from Paris who spent $10000 per shot, then flew Bansal over to Paris to get boosters, ended up in no results. Theres calvin collier, theres james, rachel, bernies brother... the list is getting more and more. Bernies brother and rachel had the same problem, exactly. However, Bernie was from China and Rachel from South america. Rachel paid for 5 shots around $15000, Bernie pais $10000 per shot. Where is the sense there. I have all this info as i have met 3 of them in India and through forums, and others through them. All say the same. Bansal is a fraud.

Ok, we may be upset with no results, but I'm not angry that no results were gained. Im angry as i now believe, Bansal did not do what he said he would. Even to this date, i want my boosters, but he will not give unless i apologise and come to India. Im not apologising. I said to him, mu father lives in India and he can collect the cells. He never replied, because he won't allow it. he has something to hide.

He has really upset me. With the information i have now, i am making my finding aware to people who are thinking of going to see him. I will put all my findings on forums and internet sites. My father said he will investigate in India if he has gone against procedures etc, and if we can have his licence revoked. I told Bansal, i will close this argument if you give the boosters. He said he will not.

Harry from UK
I am lucky to have found a reliable bank i.e. Cryobanks India in such a short span of time, as my delivery is due next month. I found
the staff at Cryobanks very professional and helping. Without wasting my time any further, I enrolled my name with the bank for collecting and preserving my newborn’s cord blood immediately after the delivery. I recommend Cryobanks India for all expecting parents who want to safeguard their baby’s future.
Cryobanks India is a reliable stem cell bank in NCR. I would suggest all parents-to-be, to preserve their babies’ stem cells with Cryobanks. Stem cell preservation is a right step forward for securing your child’s future health against several life-threatening diseases. It’s better to hire the services of the bank as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. It will save you from unnecessary end-moment chaos.
I have very bad service experience with Lifecell
I used the idbi atm, but i got the receipt but did not get the money
I have regd complaint with my kotak bank
they told that it would take 7 days to credit the account back.
But i had withdrawn all amount ..and now i am stuck up
why this service issue from Banks/
Many face this issue ?

Go through my case as well...super fraud they are, just playing with parent's emotion and charging hell of money in exchange of nothing...BEWARE people dont be emotional fools, i have already lost 10000/- but same time feel lucky that i saved another 35000/- of which i made stop payment.

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