[Resolved]  D.mariya Packers and movers — Poor service delivery

Case History

Date : 20/01/2008

I have sent the enquiry through packers and movers website which was sent to all the packers and movers. I have received no. of calls from the service providers.

Date : 26/01/2008

Mr. Rampal from D.Mariya Packers and Movers (Regd.) visited my residence to check the items and given me the quotation bearing no. 109. Dt. 26/01/2008.

I have clear agreement with them for the following :

• The insurance for the goods will be taken by them.
• The goods loaded in the truck at my residence will be reached at destination.
• No transshipment is allowed and any break down in transit to the truck will be informed to me immediately to ensure that the they have not cheated with the part load truck.
• The packing, loading, transfer, unloading and unpacking is to be done by M/s D.Mariya
• The quotation is for all inclusive rate including car transport by car carrier
• The service tax @12.36% will be charged extra on the rate quoted excluding the insurance amount of Rs.4500/-
• 50% payment will paid after the loading is completed and 50% after the cargo is unpacked and the car is received in sound condition.
• The service tax no. will be provided by him and the insurance policy copy will also provided to me.
• The name and mobile no. of the truck driver should be provided.
• No partial load will be accepted.

All the above points were accepted by the service provider (M/s D.Mariya)

Date : 25/02/2008

The initial quote was for Rs.32800/-. However subsequently on 25/02/2008 reduced to Rs.29000/- including car transportation and insurance premium. The above all points were reiterated and accepted by him in total.

The packing will be commenced on the date indicated by us in the morning and the truck will be loaded on the same day. No transshipment is allowed and will not be accepted.

Date : 03/03/2008

At 830hrs a team 5 persons came and packed all the items appropriately and loaded on the the truck bearing no. . I have instructed them that the same truck will reach the destination. They have confirmed the same that the same truck will reach the destination and provided me with the name (Mr. Sanjay) and mobile no. of the driver.

Informed them that the car will be delivered to them on the next day.

LR no. 058 Dt. 03/03/2008 was issued against the goods receipt for the 66 items loaded and the receipt no. 011 for the 50% payment of Rs.16200/- was issued.

Date 04/04/2008

The car was picked up from Delhi against consignment note no. 121 Dt. 04/03/2008 along with car condition paper 101 from Flat No. A 202, Plot No. 23A, BPCL Housing Complex, Sector 10, Dwaraka, New Delhi. I have requested them that they will ensure that the car is delivered in 10 days (Prior to 15/03/2008).
Date 8/03/2008

We have started calling the driver Mr. Sanjay and with great difficulty we could able to contact him to find out the status where the truck has reached. He had informed that by 09/03/2008 afternoon the truck will reach.

Date 09/03/2008

We have again contacted the driver but to our surprise he had instructed us not to call him. Immediately we have contacted Mr. Rampal of M/s D.Mariya to know the status of the truck. He informed that he will inform me shortly. We have waited for the whole day and again contacted Mr. Rampal and he informed that the truck will reach on 10/03/2008 morning.

Date 10/03/2008

One person has contacted us that the truck has reached and asked us for the directions to reach the destined house. We have immediately reached to the truck position and directed him to reach the house.

To our surprise the truck reached the destination is not the same which was loaded at origin (Gurgaon) and noticed that other items of other party was also noticed in the truck.

When enquired the driver of the truck he informed that it is part load and the goods booked in their truck on 05/03/2008 and loaded at the warehouse of M/s D.mariya.

The driver has asked us to arrange for the labor for unloading and unpacking. We informed that it is not our responsibility. Immediately I have contacted Mr. Rampal and informed him that it is their responsibility to arrange for the labor for unloading and unpacking. He has requested to arrange for the local labor and the cost will be borne by the driver. Then we have arranged 4 local labors for unloading. The cargo was unloaded by the labor and we have unpacked the items to check any damage.

While unpacking we have noticed that the following items were damaged and the same was acknowledged by the truck driver.

• 29’ Television was damaged
• Children bicycle was damaged
• One steel drum was completely damaged
• 260 ltr. Fridge was damaged
• One blazer was not received

The total loss was estimated to be Rs.19000/- and the same was informed to Mr. Rampal. He has advised to mention the same in the LR copy so that we can claim the insurance. As advised the loss was mentioned on the reverse of the LR copy and the photocopy is attached herewith.

The balance amount has been paid in total even without receiving the car and acknowledgement was received from the driver.

The following are the areas of deficiency in service by the service provider M/s D.Mariya

• False commitment that the same truck will reach the destination
• False commitment that no part load truck will be booked
• False contact numbers of the truck driver

• False commitment that the unloading and unpacking will be done.
• The unpacking was not done by them.
• Argument about the balance payment and forcing us to pay the total balance amount without receipt of the car.

Date 11/03/2008

Called on Mr. Rampal to know the status of the car bearing registration no. HR 26AM 7353. He informed that the car will be delivered in next couple of days.

Waited till 13/03/2008 and called him again to know the status and asked him to give me the contact number of the driver.

He has provided the name of the driver as Mr. Sanjay and the contact number is [protected]. We have started contacting on the number and every time we have been informed that it will reach shortly.

Since then we have called on every day to Mr. Rampal and to Mr. Sanjay the driver and spent almost Rs.1000/- on telephone calls to trace the car.

There is no single day that we have not called on Mr. Rampal.

On 21/03/2008 he has informed that the car is booked by Allied Car carriers and there is no
Telephone number is available with him.

We started contacting whatever number he has provided to us to trace the car.

Date : 23/03/2008

When contacted we have been informed that the car (HR 26AM 7353) has reached Hyderabad and will be delivered by evening. I have asked for the contact number so that we can send somebody to verify whether the car has reached.

Date 28/03/2008

It is now panic situation that no body is really aware where the car is. We have decided to file a case with the police and the same was informed to Mr. Rampal.

He immediately informed that the car will be 100% will be delivered on 29th morning by 10am.

Date 29/03/2008

Contacted Mr. Rampal at 11hrs to know the status of the car and informed by him that the car has reached Hyderabad and asked to pick it up from Hyderabad. I have informed him that our agreement is to deliver at our doorstep. He then arranged to deliver the car on 29th evening at 7 pm.

The car was drove by road to Nizamabad which is against the agreement terms.

When the car reached I checked up all the things and noticed the following

• Opening meter reading is 3127 Kms
• Closing meter reading is 3340 kms.
• One sunray shade is missing out of 4 and the rest were damaged
• Two big dents on the bottom of the car

The total loss is estimated to be Rs.3000/-

When enquired with the driver understand that the car is booked at Gurgaon on 15/03/2008 instead of 05/03/2008 on which date the car is handed over to them. For 10days the car was in the hands of the service provider. We never know whether they have used the same.

The deficiency of service

• Mental tension on the where about of the car.
• Truly nightmare in my life.
• Delay in delivering the car
• No information on the status of the car
• By road transport of the car
• Damage to the bottom of the car
• Embarrassing response from various parties involved at the time of contacting them.

Relief :

Compensation to the loss
Compensation to the metal agony we gone through
Punishment to the service provider
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Aug 14, 2020
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D.mariya Packers and movers — Worst service and false commitments

I had a very bad bad experience with M/s D.mariya Packers and movers. Any one who wish to opt for this compnay's services kindly call me on my mobile no. [protected]. Do not opt for this serivce provider at any cost. They are cheap but then you end up paying double than the other good services providers.

They have literly cheated me and not compensated for the loss of my TV. The insurance coverage taken by them is also a false one.
Hello Mr. Srinivas,

I read your complaint regarding D.Mariya posted in I faced similar torture from D.Mariya's sister Co. Jay Ambay Packers and Movers.

I just want to know few things:

1) Did you file a case against them?
2) If yes, did you get any compensation.

I would appreciate if you can send me your mobile number to v.[protected] or reply to this email to help me.

Looking forward to your reply.

Vijayendra K Dalmia
Mobile: +[protected]

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