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[Resolved]  Devi International Electronics showroom,Jayanagar Bangalore — Customer Harassment

I got and LG Microwave with Least Known Devi International showroom recently.First of all i never visit or purchase anything with these kind of small vendors but since my company(unluckily) handed over the Gift voucher of the great Devi International i was forced to buy from them.First of all i found them to be the laziest people i ever met.Even though the model i wanted to purchase was available with them in their own basement ground but shamelessly they kept on saying "Sir the product is in background but its not available for display, if you are sure you will buy we will get that for you from basement", anyhow i managed to get it from them but the product was useless as its main component "Magnatron" which generates the Micro Waves was defective as told to me by LG Authorized Installation guy.The pesron suggested me to get i exchanged frm the dealer since it was a fresh purchase.Since then i am requesting the Devi International people and everytime they come up with new excuse.Sometimes"Sir no LG stock available, we will call you back once we get the stock, sometimes sir the model you chose is currently out of production( of them)" now finally i have decided to move to consumer court and teach them a nice lesson hopefully.
I request all people purchasing any sort of electronics appliance to purchase either via company owned showroom or Reputed private dealers like Pie International, Adishwars, Girias or E Zone or you will be fed up like me with frauds like devi International.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I totally disagree. It appears that he is totally biased with Devi. I am the most satisfied custoer of Devi. I have boughht infact several domestic applicancew worth several lakhs of rupees without a single grouse. I really appreciate the friendly customer service that I receive and also the after sales service at Devi.

One test of some failure on one machine does not make and can declare that the delearship is bad or fraud. Attempt and find out where the fault lies whether with the company or with the dealer.

I dont agree with Mr. Mathur.

Infact I am one of the 100s of customer satisfied shopping with Devi. In fact one of my friend had bought one LCD 32" LG tv at so called Girias at the same jaynagar which is strongly being recommended by Mr. MaTHUR. The LCD TV became defunct within couple of days for best known reason of the manufacturer. On visiting several times to Girias either for rectification of the TV or replacement. M/s Girias were giving very lukewarm response to our call and visit. Girias were not even bothered to look into the matter by arranging some technician to our place to find out what the failure was. M/s Girias were simply referring to company and the dirty LG company was least bothered to look into the affairs are cared for us. In the mean time we had a casual visit to M/s Devi international and generally bursted out our anger of LG TV with the personals of Devi international. To our great surprise the response and the reflex action we could notice at Devi was. They took the details of the purchase made called up the LG company and arranged the replace ment of tv within 8 days, thought the TV was not bought in their show room. In fact the statement made by the person incharge of Devi is still striking like a bell in our ears who said that " All customers are my customers whether you have bought from us are anywhere. It is our duty to satisfy you, as the product dealt by me is also the same what other dealers or selling. That is the attitude found in the Devi. I strogngly feel there should be some thing which Mr Mathur would have not sorted out properly. I recommend people to buy products at Devi for the best price and best service after sales.

I totally dis-agree with Mr. Mathur. I have purchased all the electronic and home appliance from Devi and did not face any issue. The service is very good and got prompt response/service in case of any defect. I have also recommended may of my friends and no complaints from any one and all are satisfied customer of Devi International.
I find Devi as one of the best customer oriented showrooms in the city, with the best pricing available for Panasonic Plasma/LCD stuff. Me and my friends have taken atleast 15 Plasma screens from Devi (all of them 42 inch) and many of my friends have taken different things from there, my cousine (all karnataka distributor for few brands) is also supplying some brands to them. So I would vouch for them anyday to anyone. Where as I have a very bad impression and negative comments about Girias and few other known places personaly and in friends' circle. I myself have taken back 40k from girias which was paid for certain home appliances, but made me wait for many days without any reason.
i totally disagree with u Mr Mathur im a customer since my parents used to buy products from M/s Devi international from ages we have not experinced any such things as u said above we have bought many things & we refering many of our frnds & relatives to buy only in Devi International coz of prompt service & right information abt the products & i totally agree wht mrs/ms sneha as commented abt Devi
I am dealing with them even before they came to jayanagar-probably when they were hiring vcr cassettes.
They mr.Narendra is a man of customer satisfaction.
I disagree.

I have never had any issues with Devi International. I have bought several home appliances from them. Over the years I've introduced many of friends to Devi Intl and we don't go anywhere else(not even for a price quote). Their prices are the best in town and the sales team is aware of the highlight features of the products.
Please can i know the price details of Creative Inspire M4400 4.1 Speakers .
I had very good experience with Devi... We had been buying stuff since last few years. But, 2days back i've bought a Godrej Refrigerator -- they were asking for extra delivery charges -- they sent only 1 guy for delivery who had a hard time brining it alone... And, then the in charge was asking me to pay extra Rs200 just coz i've bought refrigerator and washing machine worth Rs200. It is total Non-sense. A guy called Lokesh sold me the items. The staff totally SUCKS now and their services have become hopeless. I wouldn't have agreed with Mr Mathur 10days back -- but i am utterly disgusted with their services and i am also going to join Mr Mathur to file a case in consumer court against them.

I will try to meet the manager and look into the issue, and definitely NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY IN BANGALORE to ever buy anything from their showroom.

Their services suck to the core! especially after-sales and even delivery!!
Sorry there's a typo in my above comment - i meant i had bought refrigerator and washing machine worth Rs20k not 200! And, those were asking me to pay money without any reason! Tommorrow if i buy home theatre worth 2lac will those [censored] **** ask me to pay Rs2k?? am i sitting here to throw away money on bas***** who don't even deliver properly, and that too items that stop working right after 1day??
A big caution: Even before u pay a single penny ask those bas**** how much they'll charge extra -- i know officially they CAN'T! Somebody should thrash off their manager.. when i find time i am definitely going to do that... looking at my comments anybody can make out what kind of frustration they've given men...

Stay away from Devi -- stay away from trouble-- past is gone, their golden stay days are gone.. new staff sucks, their services suck and their after-sales services are not just BAD -- its HOPELESS!!
i have had bad expreince from devi intermationl bescuse of the sales person vijay and his compony persons so plzzzz don"t go 2 their showroom...and again i bought a wm from girias their service is exellent in jayanagar and their so talented persons their service is very good.
Hi Guys i am back after an year when accidently i read the post which was posted by me last year.
On ething i tellyou guys, all those who are not agreed with me are the Devi international guys only who are postingthe comments just to hide their reality.The truth is that when i sent the Notice Letter to them the same evening the guys were standing in front of my appartment with the New and working LG Microwave and the manager called up saying sorry and all.But little were they bothered when i was on requesting side.So this is a lesson for us that we should apprpach Consumer forum whenver we are harassed by such vendors.
I dont cae whether people buying goods worth of lacs (Sneha) or buying since there paents used to visit the showroom the question is i was harassed and i took decison on my own to get them on right track.
I cannot agree better. Devi was once a great showroom to buy any household consumer good. But of late (last 2 - 3 yrs), right from sales to service, everything s****. I purchased a Haier washing machine as an anniversary gift for my parents and they have been stuck with a faulty machine ever since. Neither Devi, nor Haier is ready to own up for this. I hope someone "haier" up in Haier is listening.
i feel mr. mathur is 4m the opponents side of devi international i.e., other dealers... i have purchased most of the items from devi international and have also recommended many of my friends and relatives to buy from devi international...and have also got good responses from them...
Hi All,

I again disgaree with this, all my home appliances and everything in my house like Washing Machine, Camera, TV, Music system everything is brought from Devi international, and whenever i go i get the good deal.

Also till today there is no problem with any of the products i purchased from Devi international.

I have been to E-zone, Viveks, Adiswaras and SO CALLED BRANDED Companies, they almost shoot up the prices 20-30% above devi pricing and evrytime i wanted to buy something i actually start from SO CALLED BIG BRAND companies and still end up in Devi international.

So might be this is one of the case, but definately i can vouch for Devi International.

If you feel we are Devi guys, then why don't you contact us and i will take u to my house and my relatives who regularly buy from Devi International.

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