[Resolved]  Dr. Anju Loomba — Complaint against Dr. Anju Loomba - Left metal pin in between teeth for 3.5 years

I, Aditi Sinha, daughter of Ms. Nirmala Sinha (“the victim”) wish to file a formal complaint about total negligence and dental malpractice by Dr Anju Loomba (“the doctor”) who practices in a dental clinic on Naval Kishore Road, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow, UP, India.

Ms Nirmala Sinha had developed some problem in a tooth and she consulted Dr. Anju Loomba. After examination, the doctor suggested a dental surgery. Finally, on March 25, 2004 Dr. Anju Loomba performed the dental surgery on my mother’s tooth. After the surgery, minor pain is common but it should have gone away soon. In this case, the pain sustained for weeks and months.

Then my mother became suspicious about the sustained pain around the operated tooth area. She re-visited the doctor. The doctor performed a quick diagnosis and told my mother that there was nothing wrong and everything related to the surgery looked fine. Believing the doctor’s word, my mother came back with the toothache. In all these days, she had been surviving on the pain killer tablets.

Somehow, my mother managed to cope with the pain for few more days. Nevertheless, the pain became unbearable and she visited the doctor again. The attitude of the doctor was not any better this time either. With outright negligence towards the patient’s problem, the doctor suggested the patient to visit a neurosurgeon second time instead of examining the concerned teeth with caution.

In total nine visits were made to the doctor about this case but each time they just ended up paying exorbitant fee without any real examination to the sustained toothache.

Finally, the swelling in the gum around operated tooth area made my mother visit another doctor Dr. A. K. Singh who discovered a metal pin in between teeth that was left during the first operation by Dr. Anju Loomba. Dr. A. K. Singh removed the metal pin on 23 Nov 2007 after painful suffering for 3.5 years.

This shows carelessness and outright negligence by Dr. Anju Loomba towards the victim in 9 visits related to the case. This has led to enormous suffering to my mother’s mental and physical health for 3.5 years. Not to mention the psychological trauma the entire family had to undergo during this period.

I request you not to visit this dentist for you dental problems.Also I appeal for an appropriate disciplinary action to be taken against the doctor Dr Anju Loomba for her dental malpractice.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I experienced the same from my dentiest, who has put the cap into my teeth and due to her mistake the cap has some gap by which it is not fitted well into my teeth and I am feeling the same problem of sensitivity. I performed this operation because I was having sensitivity problem and same was continue after putting the cap. Again I visited the doctor and asked what to do. She prescribed some medicines but did not recover from pain. When he fitted the cap into my teeth he did not asked about my choices. As I was quite happy with the doctor's attitude I performed 2 minor opeations for puting cap into my teeth. But this is was my mistake, I blamed myself that why should i done 2 teeth. The teeth No. 1/2 and witout my knowlege he ordered for one cap for 2 teeth. As per my knowlege, as the doctor has ordered 1 cap for two teeth might have some gap and mismatch occured.

Before putting the cap into my teeth, she was quite aware that there are some gap and fitted the cap into my teeth. After putting the cap into my teeth, she given mirror for see how was that. At that time I found that there are some gap in the cap which was fitted into my teeth. when I asked the lady doctor to see the gap, he replied it will fill soon and prescribed medicines. But I did not recover and 5 times visited doctor. At last she suggested for removal of cap and again she will take the measurement and put another cap.

As per my knowledge this is totally a irresponsible of the doctor. When he performed the cap removal operation, I was surprised, before removal of the cap she was telling that she was having some machine to do the operation. But she done manual opeation with a knife( a like a mouth of kite). On very 1st day I felt so much pain from the remoal, I did not hope that I bear that pain. I waited for a week and again visited the doctor and decided to operate because of continous problems of sensitivity of the gap of the cap. When the 2nd operation started the same type weapon used by the doctor. I fed up and getting heavy pains. At last, I suggested the doctor to cut the cap and remove that. She agreed and removed. I could not sleep that night due to so much of pain. After a week visited for mesurement and I suggested for each cap for each teeth 1/2. After 3 days my cap has come and put the each cap into each teeth(1/2). I felt better. I asked how much have to pay Rs.2000/-. I was alredy paid Rs.1500/- for each teeth of Rs.3000/-. And I requested 4 any discount. She replied no this is only material cost. I told , you know how much trouble and pain you have given to me because of silly mistake. This is also to inform you that where I am working I am getting full medical rembursement. At that time I did not have money and withdrawan Rs.2000/- but when at last I discussed and blamed here she told me not to argue. I felt very bad and not happy with the doctor's service.

If she could have said sorry for the mistake I could have given money. I drawn money from ATM and thought not to give. Hope this is my right decision.

Hope the same thing sould not happend to a needy.

Dr.MS A.Pillai,Raipur,CG.

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