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[Resolved]  geobyte in London ,UK — IS IT FAKE...

my dad got an appointment letter from Geobyte ltd from UK . They are relling us to pay 750 GBP to travel question is IS IT FAKE..geobyte is an russian based company but the appointment letter came from geobyte in UK....isn't that weired .....we are so confused plz help us with ur comments as soon as possible...
Complaint marked as Resolved Aug 14, 2020
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Dear sir,
I also have an appointment order from the company. I informed them that I am unable to make aby remittance. The travel agent had confirmed that the company will take care of all the expenses.
i wish to know if this offer is true or fake

--- On Sat, 1/23/10, Geobyte Ltd <robert.movia.[protected]> wrote:

From: Geobyte Ltd <robert.movia.[protected]>
Subject: Geobyte Ltd Terms and Conditions & Screening Requirement.
Date: Saturday, January 23, 2010, 2:17 PM

5A Abbot Close, Byfleet, London KT14 7J. United Kingdom.

Attention: Applicant

After different stage of screening of your CV and Qualification, we have finally decided to send you our Job Terms and Condition for recruitment in our company, if you are truly eligible for job in our company, you will be called for an interview here in London at our national headquarters.

This company need capable and efficient individual to come and handle the vacant position in our company.
The management of this company needs competent individual to run and manage this company properly without any hindrance to our rapid growth.

Plans and map has been laid down for the Year 2010, a creative, capable, motivated and challenging person is what we need to help us straighten our goal and aim for the year 2010.

Haven gone through your CV we have decided to send you are company term and condition.

Please we like to inform you that this terms and conditions remains valid to all applicant seeking for Job in our company.

Any applicant/Candidate who can not comply with all our terms given in the attachment, so know that he/she doesn’t stand the opportunity of coming for our interview nor securing a Job in this company Geobyte Ltd.

Geobyte Ltd does not conduct and telephonic/Video camera interview. All interview is been held here at our head quater, we all our recruit team would be on desk to take the interview.

Our interview is just a verbal and moral test interview.

Please ensure you fill these verification and screening detail require by our recruit team.
Full Name:
Full Contact Address:
Present Address:
Mobile No:
Work Address:
Year Of Experience:
Position Seeking In Geobyte Ltd:
Are You Willing To Pay The 33% of your travelling expense?
Do be informed that all position in the company are vacant, as its a new branch office here in UK.

Candidate found qualified for our interview will be sent our interview call up letter and the processing of the immigration papers and booking of Air Ticket will be done by our official travelling agency here in London.

This is one great opportunity you might have been waiting for, so test your capability.
Do feel free to call my office with the number given there.

Mr. Robert Movia
HR Officer
Head Recruit Team
Geobyte Ltd.
United Kingdom.

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I also got a mail same as you, but i also have little bit confusion to this company is it true or not.
and not mansion particular POST in the form only show 33% cast pay by us.
so what i do for this offer please give me suggestion.
I have got the same offer letter as above. But confused whether it is fake or not.
Dear Job seeker do not respond such fake company's offers
Do not pay any fees for immigration . Please cross chek job opportunities by job codes from reputed company's website.

You can register your complaints to related company's HRD department.

One thing to be noted that in all reputed company's hrd managers email address should have their copmany name only & not gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc.

Beware of such fake opportunities
Dear, i also got this type of letter as below it is [censored], please check and revert back

Geobyte Ltd UK

5A Abbot Close, Byfleet, London KT14 7J. United Kingdom.


-Geobyte Ltd will conduct interview at the company’s Head Quarter here in London.

Applicant CV will be forwarded to the office of the Chief Recruit Officer for grading for interview.

-All qualified applicant who is found favourable/Qualified will be sent a mail of Interview Invitation.

-The processing of the interview immigration document will be handled by the British Embassy here in London, this is to ensure that immigration document is been Processed and delivered to the qualified applicant for the interview before the interview date.

-A recent passport photography of applicant is expected to be sent along with the filled application form for screening.

-All Applicant coming for the interview will all be arriving London at the same day.

-Qualified Applicant who is coming for the Interview is expected to incur 33% of its travelling expenses down to UK, while Geobyte Ltd will incur 67%.

-Applicant will be conducted to an open orientation before interview commence.

-Geobyte Ltd will carter for accommodation/Feeding of all applicant during the interview duration.

-Applicant will be re-imburse back the 33% after the interview, with an additional 5% bonus for the miscellaneous expenses incur while dealing with Geobyte Ltd, but re-imbursement will only be given to applicant only with a proof of payment, therefore applicant are expected to keep a copy of the payment slip safe.

-Qualified Applicant who met to Geobyte Ltd Recruitment standard/Policy after the interview will be issued appointment letter and all other Appointment document.

-Geobyte Ltd will handle the processing of all newly appointed staff immigration document (Work Permit, Work Visa, Air Fare Ticket) for the resumption of their new Job with Geobyte Ltd .

-Newly employed staff will be given one (1) month notice for the resumption of their new Job.

-Geobyte Ltd will formally host all newly employed staff to a welcome party, were all newly employed staff will be introduced to all Heads of department in the company.

-All Newly Employed Staff will be sent on a three (3) weeks course at its Training Institute.

Applicant who is not able to meet to the interview date will automatically be disqualified.

NOTE: It is mandatory for all applicants to call the Human Resources officer for notification of filled application form, and urgent attendant to your CV.

Applicants are to keep all Geobyte Ltd property (Documents) confidential.

All qualified candidates are considered without regards to race, colour, sex, national origin, veteran’s status, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation or citizenship.

Geobyte Ltd confirms its commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities in employment in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within Geobyte Ltd . The aim of this policy is to ensure that no job applicant should receive less favourable treatment on any grounds not relevant to good employment practice. Geobyte Ltd is committed to action to make the policy fully effective.

@Geobyte Ltd Copy Right 2010.
I received the same email stating Terms and Conditions For Recruitment, I still in confusion regarding this mail.

Kindly let us know about the true status of this recruitment.

S. Prathaban
Dear Sir,

I got a interview letter from Geobyte Ltd. pls confirm me that is this a recognised organisation or no.

Please tell me about the status of the companny.


Deepak kumar
I also got the same mail today, but seeing above comments now i am really confused wheather its real or fake.

Hi Friends...

Even i got the same mail... as he is asking me to pay 33 % of traveling expense for just attending the interview. so i understood that this is fake.. and one more thing to observe is I'm always getting this mail in spam folder not in in box... so there is quite important thing to notice.. so beware of this kind of activities in paying such a huge amount without knowing a person.
appointment letter from Geobyte ltd from UK . They are relling us to pay 750 GBP to travel agency. my question is IS IT FAKE. . we are so confused plz help us with ur comments as soon as possible...
Dear Friends,
I had mailed to Geobyte Ltd. at address [protected] They have replied that they dont have any new firm in UK & this is Fake. Also they have published it in 03.03.10 news letter of their company. So please ignore these kinds of mail. Please pass on this massage to every individual.
THIS Robert Movia IS A FAKE!! Do not send any money to anyone. ¡ Got the same email also.
This is the sender : robert.[protected]
There is no such thing as a job recruitment from Geobyte.
efven i got the same offer so please let me know weather its true or not
Thanks for the info, I got the same email couple days ago..
I also got the same mail can any one respond to the question that this organisation is true or fake..?
i think it is a fake. my freind tell me that one of characteristic fake company is diferent between mail address and the company. if this is true company, HRD should be give email address in too.
this is a fraud, i have confirmed from the head office at Russia they said they are not recruiting now and do not get in to the trap be careful

MY NAME IS ELMER A. CAMBARIJAN FROM CEBU CITY PHILIPPINES AND I AM A REAL STATE AGENT HERE IN CEBU CITY PHILIPPINES. I received the same email stating Terms and Conditions For Recruitment, I still in confusion regarding this mail. Thank you so much for everyone's comment and it helps me realize that it is some kind of a fake.
Hi Everyone...

My Name Is Suhadi From Jakarta-Indonesia...same with u all, i rcvd email too from geobyte ltd(Mr.Robert Movia).Now I'm understand about this company is FAKE...Thks fr your information.

Jakarta, 09 April 2010

Thks n B.Rgds,

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