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DO NOT use this Company. They will not help you with your HSMP, they will take your money and not submit your application. Then they will fail to respond to emails or phone calls. They had my paperwork for over 3 months and did not complete my application.There have been numerous nightmare stories with many individuals using their service and being cheated. I am now entering litigation process to get a full refund from this fraudulent company. I

Best, Penny
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Aug 14, 2020
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I paid 700 pounds ... hope others dont loose
DO NOT USE THEM, thats all i can say.

I was cheated as well by these global visa peple. They are the biggest fraudsters i have ever seen. The guy who ripped me off in particular was Shwetabh Kumar. They wanted my friend to apply for a HSMP as well, and wanted to charge him Rs 1.5 lack and guarentee him a visa HSMP, but luckily he didnt pay them and the guy who wanted him to pay left the company after 3 days.

I would really appreciate if someone can actually teach them a lesson. I am now entering a litigation process and also filing a consumer case against them for mental harrasment, and misleading a customer and false promises.

To people who dont know where to complain and they I have an idea: why dont you contact the daily mail news paper in the United Kingdom, they can run a story about the scam that Global Visas are running. So why dont you write your complaint to newspaper reporters, they would love a good story to investigate. For all the people who dont know where to send their complaint I have put together the email addresses of Daily Mail reporters, just send your complaints to the following email addresses( you can mention in your complaints that Global Visas has unfair terms in the contracts they offer to their clients, terms trapping their customers into paying full fees but Global Visas having no obligations at all in case of bad advice given – they call it expertise- or in case they would delay your visa or not return calls and emails):
so keep on complaining to:

s.[protected], s.[protected], v.[protected], e.[protected], d.[protected], j.[protected], d.[protected], r.[protected], m.[protected], peter.[protected], d.[protected], p.[protected], r.[protected], t.[protected], f.[protected]

Remember if you dont complain nothing will change so lets get this company investigated properly by the newspapers
SCAMMERS is the right word, Global Visas are just fraudsters, be warned never use this company they even have to post their own positive reviews
SCAMMERS. LIARS. Its better to report them in daily news paper. Global Visas are scammers.
I just got off the phone to Global Visas in Sydney, Australia. They said "Dean - don't worry your case is good and we are the best in the business. Please provide us with your credit card details and I will have a professional Lawyer look at your case".

I'm NOT TOUCHING THIS COMPANY !!! they are scary.



Hi everyone..
Its just really botherd me..i read all your comments in this page and let me realize..
I try to make an assesment in global visa then after that i received emails greeting from them
Then a week follows..they call me international call..i told the lady that i am busy because im at work then she told me she gonna call me again tomorrow..are they really a scam?ols help me
Should i stop this?
One thing during the calls they'd asked me if i do have any experience after my college graduation and she asked me what is my current work..
hello people,
i paid them 800 pounds and i am in deep trouble, please do not believe what ever they say. this is a fradulent company. please dont pay or do not listen what ever they say.
i think the UK government should do something to this company.
any suggestions what to do please email me at kedar.[protected]
thank you
I started my free assessment on GLOBAL VISAS website to check whether I qualify for the CANADIAN IMMIGRATION or not. Very next day I received a phone call from customer services representative (SHARMIN) and we arranged a meeting in the second week of November 2012.They sent me a ‘SO CALLED CLIENT CARE LETTER’ and I took it into the meeting to understand all the points. She told me it doesn’t relate to your case and you will get the right one according to the terms and conditions which we will decide. She started discouraging me about the genuine CANADIAN IMMIGRATION although I was eligible for it. In the meantime she started giving me advice about LIVE & WORK in CANADA. She gave me poor advice and was making false claims of success while representing global visas. She told me, ‘securing a job in Canada is not a big deal for global visas as they have very good links with the employers and have their own recruitment agency. We will secure your job and then we will apply for LMO (LABOUR MARKET OPINION).We will amend your CV according to international standards and start searching for jobs on regular basis. You will see the results and if global visas will be unable to secure a job, a full refund will be given’.
Global Visas agreed to charge me £1800 for the full job (Live and work/LMO) and in 4instalments. First instalment I paid them in the office through my debit card of £450 on 23rd of November, 2012 and asked them for the written agreement and receipt as well but nothing provided. Then they gave me login and password to access my account and I ticked the terms and condition to access my account as how they trap their clients to enter into a fake agreement. It was my biggest mistake as it was client care letter and when I read it, everything was opposite as described by the customer services representative ( SHARMN ).I spoke to them personally in the office number of times, but I never got a written agreement for my case. Then they started applying for the jobs on my behalf and they started charging my debit card without my permission and I never allowed them to take payment in any form as it was related to the progress of the case according to my first meeting with SHARMIN.
So In reality, progress of my case with facts and figures was as follows
Total No of jobs applied:
January (09/01/2013) 5 jobs
February (11/02/13) 5jobs
Total No of links sent to me:
January (from 9 – 24) 38
February (11/02/13) 07
More than 60% of those links sent to me were not relevant with my experience, or the positions were outdated or expired. (All related emails attached)

And here are some facts I am going to describe about payment

Global Visas charged me for the work not had done, charged my account without my permission and in advance sometimes more than 2 weeks (providing all the emails sent by me as complain).

My first instalment was due on Sun Dec 23 2012
And payment was taken out on 21/12/2012 (2 days earlier)
And I was unable to use my funds 10 days earlier

My second instalment was due on Tue Jan 22 2013
And payment was taken out on 17/01/2013 (5 days earlier than agreed time)
And again I was unable to use my funds 12 days earlier

My third and final instalment was due on Thu Feb 21 2013
And I was unable to use my funds 15 days earlier than agreed instalment date.

I spoke to SANTANDER all the times and they told me payment has been initiated by global visas so you are unable to use your available balance. Santander can’t stop this payment as you should speak to GLOBAL VISAS to sort this dispute first. So I decided to cancel my card which I cancelled on 20th of March as I can’t trust GLOBAL VISAS any more.

On 16 March, 2013 I stopped GLOBAL VISAS for all the services and hard work which they are providing me from last 4 months as I was totally disappointed. I just asked my case worker about refund policy as I didn’t receive any written agreement and next day she sent me an email regarding to the ‘UNSUCCESSFUL REFUND’ according to the terms and conditions of FAKE CLIENT CARE LETTER which GLOBAL VISAS got ticked by me FRAUDLENTLY.I initiated a written complaint to them as I am unable to speak or see personally any manager or directors, they don’t allow me and they have taken all the payments which is mis- sold of their fake services and fraud on the name of immigration. I got same response as ‘according to client care letter, they have provided me all the services’ and my account is closed.

They charged me around £1620(10% discount) for just changing the format of my CV and 10 applications in reality on my behalf especially no any application from last 7 weeks (before account closed) after the clearance of all instalments. They charged my debit card for the work not had done and without my permission and mostly in advance.

By seeing all the reality which I described earlier in detail about professional negligence and inappropriate services full of false claims of success and fraud agreement never signed provided by global visas to me, I am fully qualified for full refund according to their own so called client care letter.
hi aseer they did same to me i consulted them for Canada study visa they tricked me to work permit like yours, they got all my credit card details and start deducting from me every month i just paid them one installment and after they started deducting 480 pounds every month i almost pay them 1440 in return they build only CV of mine which i amended again coz my date of birth and address was wrong, apart from making CV they have done nothing practical for me
now they want the rest of money threatening me to take me to court
i told then i will pay you but at least arrange me one job interview
please tell me how can i refund my money from them
my email is [protected]

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