[Resolved]  Honda/ Honda city zx — Clutch plate worn out within 10 months and they are charging and exploiting customers

Like to inform you that my vehicle is 10 months old and has run for about 10, 000 kms only. The vehicle stopped on the midway while going from Durgapur to kolkata and it was taken to your workshop by recovery van for which i had to pay Rs4000/-. I was told that the clutch plate is damaged and i need to pay for the repair. 1. I want to know that what investigation you have made to ensure that it was not due to manufacturing defect.2. I had earlier driven maruti and the clutch plate was ok for 150000 kms. Honda city is used by me single handed. So i feel erroneous driving is not the cause.3. What assurance is that it shall not show such problem again???
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Aug 14, 2020
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I had the exactly same problem. Less than 20, 000 KM and the clutch plate wore out completely. I am baffled as my previous car did not give any problem even till 60, 000 KM. My be there was a defective batch of clutch plates which all o[censored]s share.
I have heard this problem from several people about their clutch "burning" out. I live in Powai-Mumbai and have drive thru traffic everyday. This leads to heavy clutch usage. 2 other Honda-City owners staying in my Society have already had to replace their Clutch plates within a year.

I have asked the dealer. They point out that I should reduce half clutch driving - but there is just no way of avoiding that in Honda City, specially if you are driving up-hill in traffic.

We should force Honda into correcting this manufacturing defect.
I have also same problem in honda city. My clutch got damage in just two years. I have esteem for 4.5 years and not a single problem of clutch. I thought Honda will be great but instead their engineers blame on me that clutch can damage any time because of driver problem. This is really ridicules. Being a Honda they should have some system to check the manufacturing defect. I am pretty sure that this problem is because of the manufacturing and because of that i had to pay 12000 INR. Not happy at all with this.
I have bought a second hand Honda city from the Honda dealer in Ahmadabad. Immediately after one month car clutch got fail. I bought a car from company by spending 70, 000 INR more and it was pathetic delivery.

Car was not cleaned properly, weel plates were old and broken and foot mates were not proper and and and a... this is not digestable for me that if you buy a car of 6 lacs from the honda by spending 70000 more and still you get this kind of service and top of this they have not informed that clutch is failed and now it is also realize that break pad is also from the
When I think of HONDA Car I expect smooth, swift and most importantly the best technology with great wear and tear and its a keeper.

Now I have changed my opinion. Its a good car but not so great car. I am talking about Honda City GXi 2005 model. I dont see any greatness in this car apart from the luxurious interiors and the engine. Putting engine and interiors apart this car is a trash. No part in this car is of quality Braking is PATHETIC, Suspensions are weak (Maruti 800 is better than than this. I am not joking), Body metal and parts are not strong as you expect from a company with such big name HONDA. CLUTH OHH CLUTH is what makes you feel like its a cheap car. It wears out in just between 40000 to 60000 kms and when I ask the engineer in service center, he is teaching me how to drive, half clutch driving and all... It will cost me 12000/- now to get the clutch overhaul done. Bottom line Honda City GXi is not a great car. I am not impressed with this.
I agree with you, my Honda City clutch went out in 52k kms & earlier my Zen did not suffer any clutch problems even after 100k kms I even have a i10 kappa which is a wonderful car. My personal opinion is apart from the high resale value Honda has not lived upto its expectations.
the new honda city clutch mechanism is defective, the hydralic system cannot be set for declutching, as a result it declutches in the last 25 - 30% of travel, it therefore wears out in heavy traffic as you are unintentionally riding the clutch . all other vehicles declutch within the first 50 % of travel . there is no help from honda who refuse to aknowlege the problem
I think this is an issue we need to rake up, on normal servicing my guy sats clutch plate has worn of need to check fly wheel also suspension rubber etc at 30K kms this is the biggest money making racket here

I service my car at Linkway i think they are a issue

Honda Cith ZXi does bump to clutch problems qutie soon. As other car users have commented, there is no scientific way of concluding how this happens and what the reasons are.

More than quite often, HONDA blames the driver.But when countered, with how our old cars work fine doing higher mileages without no clutch problems, the topic is coveneiently switched.

The attribute the wearing of the clutch plate, pressure plate, fly wheel, due to half clutch or driving conditions. This is kind hard to belive, and moreover, it burns a hole in your pocket.

My suggestion : if you drive your car well, stay aways from Honda service for as long as you can. Clock about[protected] and then hit the honda service : don't frequent them too often.

As car sales have dropped, their only hope is to make a quik buck, by replacing parts.

Happy Driving To All.

Even i own a Honda City 2007 purchased.

In Jan 2007, it stopped in the middle of the night and next day Sundaram Honda told me Clutch plate was an issue and i was asked to pay Rs 20, 000/-. I refused and took it up with Honda 121 and got it done free of charge.

Now again at 46, 000 KM service, they say again that Clutch plate is gone and i am to shell out another Rs 20, 000/- again. They say it is due to half clutch but believe me i have used cars for last 12 years and never ever i had faced this issue.

I went to Honda city for the maintenance free and paid the premium price and now I am paying for the FAITH I had unfortunately.

this is similar to the problem i am facing. I have been complaining to the Linkway Honda Mumbai (from where i bought Honda City) right from first service that there is a problem with changing the gears from 1 to 2 and 3 to 2. the changeover is not smooth and many a times in traffic it become very hard. Everytime after service on return they keep saying there is no problem with vehicle and always say that my driving is not correct, but are not able to point what is wrong with my driving either. Inspite of my reminders now and then and even during when i send car for service nothing seems to have happended. I am surprised with the service when Honda is supposed to have proper procedural systems in place. this has shaken my faith completely in the company called HONDA. Sometime I repent whether i should have bought Toyota instead. Is it the problem of Linkway Honda or Honda Siel India Ltd., in general. Only god can help.
My Honda City 2008 model which has around 25000 km running burnt out clutch within 3 years at a steep ghat in Konkan, Deccan Honda claims that Clutch can wear out in City driving with frequent stops and starts. My 14 year Zen with more than 1 Lac kms running never had a clutch problem. I am not satisfied with Honda's response and I think they have a design flow. --- Abhijit
Honda City Zx generates the superb output of 77 bhp with its latest i-DSI and VTEC engine technology.
I am Dr Nayak .Bought My Honda City just 3 months back from Apex Honda - Santacruz Mumbai .Only 500 Km running .After the 2 nd servicing itself my vehicle almost ran into neutral gear ( clutch stopped functioning ! ) Today when I went to Apex Honda service centre I was told that the clutch lining has burnt and the whole cluch plate, flywheel assy needs to be changed - Just 500 Km - within 3 months !! Charged me Rs 25000/- AFTER PAYING 11 LACS for the vehicle !!

Honda claims of customer satisfaction and so many things - Preach but do not practice !!!

Moreover blames customers saying that it was run half clutch !!!

Dealer talks sweet before selling and raises hands after such incidences !!!

No wonder why Honda is losing sales !!

Why don't they put a sticker there or at least better DESIGN the vehicle for Mumbai Traffic ?

The height of all this is that the Service G M told me that the clutch can get worn out within just 2 Km also !!! This means Honda does not gurantee their products !!!

Is this not customer eccentricity ??????//
I am ajay, Live in Mumbai. i have changed four times Honda City Clutch plates in 06 years in 90000 kms.
I have a Honda City Zx ...same problem... Within 2 years of buying I was told to replace the clutch. I have lived without doing it for 3 years... Nowmimplan to do it... It costs Rs 23000/- ...

I had the same issue. My vehichle is New Honda City which is 7 months Old and has driven only 10, 070 KMs. It stopped on the high way when I was driving from Chennai - Hosur. I contacted Road Side Assistance of Honda. They took the vehicle to Service Centre and they examined and told the entire Clutch Assembly is worn out. I was having Hyundai Santro Earlier I was having that vehicle for 6 Years I never had any issues. They charged nearly 21000 for changing this and they told it is not covered under warranty.
I am also facing the same issue of clutch plate being burnt in honda city travelling just 1000 kms.This is not acceptable for a car which its company marked as premium sedan. They are asking us to pay 20000, this is exploiting cutomer, after paying 11 lakhs . :((
My Honda city car is only 4 moths 2nd service due . I found clutch is not working . Hyderabad service engineer told me that i have to pay 14/15 k .I ask that it is in warranty period ? he told me that it is wear and tear parts. so i must pay, I feel now Honda city is should be ban in india because if any vehicle's clutch is failed within three four month then this type vehicle must be banned. The service engineer told me that u shouldnt (drive same to all ) half clutch. I told him i have already driven two cars more one maruti and another Hyundai, Now i have to pay for it 15000 for 4 months old new honda city car. what a worst experiance.
I Have a HONDA CITY GxI 2008 MODEL (10th Anniversary model). When i gave my vehicle for routine servicing last month, the service engineer told me that the clutch is very hard due to bad driving and needs replacement (MAGNUM HONDA - Bangalore). After going through the comments form this website, it is not a problem due to my driving ( there was no such problem with my earlier car - FORD icon-2000 model). It is a manufacturers defect or design defect and all these service centres are trying to make money from the spares instead of improving the quality of vehicle. Now i may have to shell down at least 20K for the replacement.

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