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 Bhishm Shaktawat

1. I had lodged complaint on 1ts Oct 2008 with Honda Car Co, India, through E-mail on following Mechanical Defects in Original Fitments/ Equipments (OF/OE) as under :-
a. BRAKES: Disc and drum brakes regularly LOCK/ JAM all 4 wheels “when brakes are applied in Emergency (under duress)”.
i. Due to locking/ jamming of all 4 wheels in first 10-15ft the car SKIDS and continues skidding for 60-120ft distance due to momentum depending on speed from 70 to 100kmph.
ii. The locking of wheels and skidding has always resulted in serious / nearly fatal accidents plus damage to Tyres and alignment.
iii. Safety of Occupants: Safety of occupants is seriously jeopardized DUE TO LOCKING of ALL WHEELS and ride in Car is HIGLY RISKY at all the time for the occupants and other road users.
b. AIR CONDITIONING (AC): AC is TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE when outside (general/ ambient) temperature in 40 Celsius and above. This is the prevailing temperature from March till Oct all over India except J&K and Hilly regions.
Ride in the car during peak summer .i.e. Mid April to July is very uncomfortable.
i. Car has 160mm ground clearance. However with 5 passengers inclusive of driver and 100kgs of luggage in the boot/ dickey- Total weight amounting to 350-400kgs, the Ground Clearance is reduced by 60-80mm that is only 100-80mm clearance is left.
ii. This clearance is VERY LESS for Road condition on most NH/SH in India and resulted in lower side of the car being scrapped because of uneven road surface and speed breakers (where min height is 100-150mm).
d. HEAD LIGHTS: Car Co has provided bulbs(12V/65W) in headlights as OF/OE. These bulbs are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE due to LOW Wattage and Brightness for night driving particularly on single/ double lanes of NH/ SH and even on 4lane NH with divider without shrubs/hedges.
Driver is nearly blinded and visibility reduced to 15-20feet while driving in Rains/ bad weather and with traffic on opposite side/ lane.
I have been reporting about these 4 Major Defects of OE/OF since purchasing the car in end Feb 2006. First to, LANDMARK Honda (Authorized Agency) Ahmedabad. I had even discussed these problems with Agency’s Chief Engr & Workshop Mngr but it seem to be beyond their Comprehesion and Competency so they Felt How can a Car Produced by Reputed Honda could Ever Have Such Major Defects and Faults in OE / OF.
3. However, Landmark auth agency Took NO Cognizance Of These Complaints and Were NEVER ABLE to repair / Rectify even one of these mechanical defects/ faults of OE/OF in the car from Mar 2006 (1st Service) till Dec 2006 nor did they make an Effort to Ever obtain Advice/ Call Tech Expert from the Co.
4. The Auth Agency never felt the need to Forward/ Upgrade the Repeated Complaints to Honda. They always tried to show that Car Owner tend to just keep complaining but they have more knowledge. Whereas None of these Mech Engr have been driving this car on Regular basis and Their Experience is Basically Limited to repairing the cars Or Mostly Replacing Parts Even without actual requirement, Since By This NO-Choice Policy Enforced by Both The Honda Co and Agency’s to Generate Real Income/Profit by this Deliberate action as parts are not sold or available in market and the Cost has to be Borne by Poor Customer
5. In April 2007 during Oil Change service at Autokam Udaipur (Authorized Agency) these defects were reported. Agency workshop managed to do some repair- in that Car’s Stability was improved (since car used to always pull (move) to LHS during braking).
6. Even Autokam Honda Agency could not Repair nor had any idea to repair/ rectify other 4 Major defects of Locking of Wheels, AC, Ground clearance and ineffective headlights (bulbs) during service/ accident repair work in last 22 months. Agency’s usual Replies were:
The general and vague answers being given was That these being defects in OF/ OE they CANNOT DO ANYTHING, but would send complaint to Honda Car Co. WHO NEVER FELT THE NEED TO REPLY. Since car was bring sold just because of Honda’s Co name. So they felt the Co could get away even IF FEW CAR OWNERS AND OCCUPANTS DIE. Since 99.9% of Car accidents are taken as accidents and NO THOROUGH INVESTIGATION IN DONE BY FORSENIC DEPTT/POLICE AND NO EXPERT ARE AVAILABLE TO TEST ACCIDENTS SAFETY FEATURES AND THEIR EFFECTIVENESS of Such Highly Priced Cars(Rs 8 Lacs).
Honda Co is Aware that due to lack of Proper Ivestigation and follow up action by Kith –Kin of if dead owner they will Never Ever Have to Reply to Answer, give Reason for cause OR Mech Failures Existing In their Product. So they are Happily Never Likely TO Get Caught on this Aspect.
7. In recent case, I met with an accident while driving on NH-8 (single lane) at 8pm when brakes were applied in Emergency (duress) at about 70kmph on seeing a Tractor Trolley at about 80-90feet distance. The brakes locked the wheels and car continued skidding till it hit the rear of the trolley.
8. This accident would have been a very serious and even a fatal accident for ME if IT had been a TRUCK/ TRUCK TRAILER whose chassis is higher than bonnet of Honda Car instead of Tractor Trolley and IF Brakes of Honda Car Would have failed as noted above.
9. In spite of sending 5 emails and lodging complaints (14 times to Honda One 2 One) from 1 Oct 2008 to 17 Nov 2008 (48 days) to Honda Car Co and its Customer Relation Services. NO EFFECTIVE and RESULT ORIENTED Action has been taken to repair the vehicle TILL DATE Except once and sequence of events are noted below:
10Honda Car CO had specifically sent to check and carry out Trial and rectify all defects. A joint trial was carried out by him and self with Mngr (Workshop) of Autokam on 09 Oct 2008. He also found that brakes were NOT EFFECTIVE and LHS front tyre was locking and tyre marks were clearly visible on the road. However, No trial was carried out for Braking during/ for Emergency situation.
11. Mr D Soni assured that he would personally have the brake defect repaired/ totally rectified and another Joint Trial will be carried out by him and me on 11 Oct 2008 before he leaves the city. However, Mr. Soni- Tech Mngr never felt the need to carry out Jt trial and left the city WITHOUT THIS TRIAL or GIVING ANY DIRECTION to Autokam for informing me or to conduct any Jt Trial by Mngr (workshop) and me.
12. Autokam Udaipur also never felt the need to inform/ call me for Jt Trial from 11Oct onwards till 1 Nov 2008. After repeated call to Honda One 2 One, Honda Car Co (I) finally WOKEUP and directed Autokam who spoke to me on 1 Nov 2008 to call me for undertaking Jt Trial on 3 Nov 2008.
13. Jt Trial in presence of Mr. A Jain- GM Autokam and Mr. Vinod –Sr. Mechanic was carried out on 3 Nov 2008 from 11.30am to 12.15pm. All 4 tyres had proper tyre pressure (checked at Autokam) and tyres were in Very Good conditions (29000 Kms) with no cuts/ abrasions or any wear n tear before start of the trial.
a. Mr. Vinod, Mechanic drove the car on NH- 8 and brakes were applied pressing brakes pedal in full/ hard- As done during Emergency / sudden braking- at a speed of 70, 80, 90 & 100kmph.
b. Due to Emergency Braking all 4 wheels got locked (jammed) at all speed and car continued moving/ skidded forward and finally stopped at different distances depending on momentum force of car. The distance was not measured but continuous marks were clearly marked and seen on tar road.
c. I also carried out similar trial and we all found that while pressing brakes in/ during emergency the All wheels Were Getting totally locked (jammed) after initial 15-20 feet and car continues to skid with very high screeching sound and leaving tyres marks on road.
e. On return to Workshop the condition of Car was checked. Then it was found that the front LHS tyre treads had been badly damaged at a no of places with one 3*4 inch size deep cut where the treads were completely CUT/ WORNOUT.
f. On further checking it was found that even front RHS tyre treads had been damaged and the tyre surface/ Treads had become uneven.
g. Mr. Jain- GM Autokam did not drive and test the braking system.
h. These defects were seen by Mr Jain, Mr. Vinod and self and detail report was given to Mr. Jain who may have seen these subsequently .
i. Mr. Jain has sent wrong trial report (email) to Honda Car Co stating that Trial was OK and NO faults were seen, Which was informed to me by Honda One 2 One on 04/11/08. I have completely refuted his Report and comments since Even After Personally Seeing/ Feeling the CAR Skidding and Leaving Clear and Dark Tyre Marks on the Road At Eight Places, He Assumes that Car is/was OK. Either Such a Sr Person is Blind and Deaf Or Thinks That HE can get Away By making Such False Statements and No One Will Ever Question his Wrong statement and probably Honda Co will Reward him.
15. The results and inference of Jt trial was following :-
a. Repair work done under direct supervision of Mr. D Soni- Tech Mngr was not proper.
b. The major defect of poor braking quality, locking of all wheels and skidding was not at all rectified/ could be repaired.
c. Braking test during Jt trial was Total Failure as OF/OE, that is, master cylinder and brake pads and disc brakes are defective, not fit for use on such highly priced car resulting in Maximum chances of accident.
d. Two radical tyres (tubeless) were badly DAMAGED AND RENDERED UNSERVICENEABLE/ NON USABLE ON CAR due to poor/ bad quality of repair work by Honda Car Co’s Authorized Agency.
e. Both radial tyres are Total Loss to me and have suffered Financial Loss of Rs.8000/-.
f. This is in addition that the car brakes have still NOT BEEN PROPERLY REPAIRED by Autokam and Honda Car Co and NOR any effort was made to Rectify the major defects, replace defective master cylinder and brake pads/ wheel drum since 3 Nov 2008 till 7 Nov 2008.
16. Honda Car Co and Autokam its Authorized Agency are deliberately not undertaking repair of the OF/OE fully knowing that they have manufactured and sold a DECFECTIVE CAR And Or car has been fitted with defective Equipments to me.
a. Car Co has NO answer and means to rectify the defects of Original fitment and equipment(OF/OE).
b. City ZX model was launched in India in 4th Qtr of 2005.
c. City ZX model car is only manufactured in India and by No other plant of Honda Co in the world. This can be verified on Website of Co. also.
I am submitting this complaint against Honda Car Co and its authorized dealership agencies for following reasons:
a.Honda Car Co Has Totally failed to take cognizance of Serious and Major Defects in major original fitment/ equipment Since Mar 2006.
a. The Co is Deliberatly delaying and Repeatedly failing to undertake proper and quality repair of defects Even by its Own Tech Expert.
b. Failing to replace defective OF/OE like master cylinder, brake disc/ pads drums, AC compressor, light bulbs etc Even After Knowing the Defects.
c. Technical officer and other concerned staff have shown no responsibility for the poor quality of repair work and maintaining proper check on repair work.
d. The Jt trial was total failure and the results clearly Show that BRAKING SYSTEM IS STILL DEFECTIVE AND THE LOCKING OF BRAKES AND SKIDDING WILL ALWAYS RESULT IN SERIOUS AND FATAL ACCIDENT to passengers in case of emergencies/ accidents.
e. Honda Car Co is directly responsible for not undertaking proper repair/ replacement of defective OF/OE of the car through its auth Agency.
f. Due to poor Quality of Repair Work 02 Radial Tubeless tyres (Front) have been Badly damaged during trial Carried Out On direct Instruction of Co and Under Supervision and In Presence of GM due to Locking Of All Wheels And Skidding. Thus I have Suffered loss of Rs.8000/- Which the Co is NOW trying toAvoid an Blame other Extraneous Reasons Which They Know are Vague and FALSE.
g. The Co has deliberately Kept Holding the car for 38 days Under Pretext of undertaking/ completing repairs without actually repairing the defects. They Were testing My Patience in that I will finally feel that as The ONLY COMPLAINANT NO ONE IS TAKING COGNISANCE OF IT So I would give up And HONDA CAR CO Will Once AGAIN get Away Without Rectifying Defects and NO Financial Loss to Co.
h. The Co Believes in Not maintaining any customer relation- Indicated by MY 5 emails and 15 calls to Honda One 2 One in Last 38 days on Without Reply. Its Web site and Toll Free No is Non Functional OR Deliberately Switched OFF.
i. Co Deliberately And As Policy Does NOT Believes In providing any feedback to customer As then they and the Problems of Defective Car Will Be Exposed to Indian Customers.
j. Co has Totally Failed to provide timely response to customers even after 15 calls in Last 38 Days except for regrets and vague assurances.
k. I was forced Due to Honda Co’s Deliberate and Delaying Action noted above to used hired taxi for attending to my Business work on daily charges @ Rs.2000/- per day for 25 days in past 38 days And Have Had to Suffer Further Financial Loss of Rs 50, 000/- Till date and am using taxi for outstation work.
l. All action and Actually NO ACTION by Honda Co Clearly Indicates CO’s Callous and non bothered attitude, Two HOOTS and Who-Cares-For-Customer, Absolute Lack of Responsibility and Total Inefficiency Prevailing at all levels in and AT Honda Car Co, Customer Relation and at its Auth Agency.
m. Honda Co Has Never Bothered and Not Willing and Interested In Ensuring that Honda City ZX meets all Quality standards and condition for safety of passenger laid down concerned by Govt and approved agencies. Since They Are Fully Aware that IN INDIA They Can Sell Sub Standard Product and NO One can and will Ever Check Car’s Tech and Mech Standards and Also Think That Even Govt’s Deptt will Never Ever Check them and Co can Even Escape the Blame of Causing Death of Occupants due to Existing Defects.
n. On instruction of probably Honda Co Autokam Very Reluctantly agreed to undertake ANOTHER Trial. This Trial was done on 08/11/08 alongwith Mr Shailender Singh, Sr Manager(Workshop) and Mr Vinod, Sr Mech and self. The car was Again tested for Braking Performance Firstly by Mr Shailender and Car was driven at 80 and 100Kmph and Brakes pressed for emergency braking. The Result Was that AGAIN the Brakes LOCKED ALL Wheels and Car Continued Skidding and moving forward due to Momentum. I also conducted same test at 85 Kmph speed and the RESULT Was SAME. A Trial Report was prepared on this trial, was signed by Tech Mngr and Self, a copy was sent to Mr Jain, GM, and Its Result and Was Informed by me personally to Mr Diwedi, Mngr Customer Relation at Honda Car Co at 13.00 PM on 08/11/08.Copy of The Report is Enclosed.
o. Due to Repeated Failure of Co to Repair the Brake System Properly in 38 Days and After brakes having Repeatedly failed 11(Eleven) Tests To check Braking Effectiveness during TWO Trials The Treads of ALL TYRES of the Car Have Been Totally Worn out and Damaged Which has Resulted in Further Loss of Rs 20, 000/- to ME.
p. This further Proves that Even After Two Failed Trials, CO has never Seriously Put In Any Effort to Even Show the Pretence of Repairing and or Replacing the Defective Parts/System, Has Again Deliberately Avoided Any cost to Co On TOTAL FAILURE OF Original Equipment/Fitment, EVEN When Co Is Fully Aware THAT SUCH ACTION WILL SURELY RESULT IN SERIOUS ACCIDENT WITH FATAL RESULT AND DEATH OF ALL OCCUPANTS.
q. The Honda Car Co. Should be Penalised and Charges Under Sections 304 to 308 of IPC FOR Causing Willfull and Deliberate Deaths of Occupants of Car Which is Produced By Co and Also For Selling Sub Standard Product And THEN The Co Also Failing To Undertake Proper And Quality Repair of Its OWN PRODUCT to Improve Critical Passenger Safety Measures.
18. Therefore, I earnestly request the National Consumer Dispute and Redressal Court to take Serious Cognizance of the above complaint and points which has direct effect on safety of car owner and his family due to major defects in original equipments and fitments and which Honda Car Co has Deliberately Avoided and or have/ has Repeatedly proved to be beyond the Repairing Competency and Capabilities of Co and that such defective City ZX car can cause serious accidents on Indian roads including all likelihood of fatal injuries (DEATH) to the occupant of the car.
19. I further request National Consumer Forum to direct Honda Car Co to pay me Rs.70, 000/-(Rs SEVENTY Thousand) For Reimbursement of cost incurred for damaged tyres and taxi fare as Noted Above Till date and All Additional Cost Till Co is Able to Deliver Certified Road Worthy Car. The Co be Also Directed to Immediately undertake proper and Including Quality repair/ replacement of defective parts at full cost to be borne by Honda Car Co OR In Case CO Fails To Repair ITS OWN Car then They be Directed to Replace/ Provide new car in place of defective car sold to me.
20. I would request for your direct intervention to enforce Honda Car Co to undertake immediate and expeditious action within fixed time limit on your directions and To Also Submit Timely progress Report to your office on day to day basis, as these so called Big MNC’s Will only Expedite proper Action On Your Instructions and Direction and Forced to ACT on Consumers Greivances. I shall be Very grateful that “Gharakh Jagao Abhiyan” Can and Surely Be Made Most Effective and Successful with Kind Assistance and Intervention Of National Consumer Cell and Forum.

Thanking You
Col B K Shaktawat
65 Lal Niwas
Udaipur- 313001
Mobile : +919928899945
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Customer Relations Management
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.
Surajpur Kasna Road
Greater Noida(U.P.)

Sub: Replacement of honda accord

I purchased a honda accord in June2008, from your dealer Ring Road Honda, Peeragarhi, Delhi. My car no. is DL4CAH6518, chasis no. is MAKCP252F8N000407, engine no. is K24Z20000884.

I have another two cars CITY and INNOVA and I am happy with their performance.

I purchased Accord for more comfort but i regret to say that not a single trip i enjoyed this car as i have run only 5000km approx. The car has gone for repair more than 12 times till date. And is now also in your service station from 27th february at Ring Road Honda, Peeragarhi, Delhi. What it means, you know very well.

It is requested that the defective car may please be replaced at your earliest to stop further inconvenience to us.

Please just tell me the reason why it should not be replaced.You should be ready to accept complaints or loss.

Awaiting for your earliest reply.

please give me reply this time as i have complained you so many times earlier, but no reply came from your side.

Thanking You

Rajesh Jain
( prop. of Shakti Overseas, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-6)
ph no: [protected]
ENGINE # R18A11972704

I am appalled and indignant about the level of build quality and engineering put into my Honda Civic Automatic. I have owned it for almost 2 years now. It has never returned an average of more than 6 KMPL in city and around 8 KMPL on the highway.
In addition, the whole car has started rattling and seems like is falling apart with only 30, 000 on the Odometer. This has been reported to Honda several times in writing and through e-mail. I will be moving to consumer court shortly as well.
Technically the car has ABS and EBD, but it's more of a joke. I have got the brake pads replaced thrice already but the car shudders like a bicycle everytime brakes are applied. I have stopped taking this car on the highway and instead prefer my Toyota Corolla which I must add is a much better engineered vehicle and something that your company can take as an example. My Corolla has 90000 KMS on the odometer and feels newer than this Civic. The brake problem is just the tip if the iceberg.
Now the service station has informed me that the RHS engine mount is broken and will need replacement. This is caused due to the low ground clearance of the car. I as a consumer is not responsible for it. Just to let you know this is my third Honda (Have owned 2 Honda City cars in the past). I was more than happy with their performance.
I want to get an answer from your company about the fact that the Civic's brochure states the fuel consumption to be around 10 KMPL for the automatic version. This is a blatant lie as I have checked with other Civic automatic owners as well. The best this car can manage is around 7 KMPL in city. I refute all claims made by your company.
The car has been exclusively maintained by Ring Road Honda (Gurgaon). All periodic maintenance has been carried out as per their directions. The low mileage problem has been dictated at every service. No result has been provided despite of the fact that every paid service costs around Rs. 6000 and up. This is hard earned money and spent on just mere words and no actions on your part.
Kindly get back to me as soon as possible on this or await a letter from my lawyer. I have had enough of this unprofessional behavior on your part.

Sameer Sharma
D-8/9 Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 110057

Honda Siel / Honda City Gxi — Faulty Master Switch

I have purchased a honda city - Gxi (automatic) in mar 2005. since the time i've purchased the vehicle,
the matser switch has been faulty and not working properly. i have complained about this swveral times but in vain. now it's official that the vehicle does have faulty master switch issue and hinda is recalling the cars for replacing the swicthes.
i called up the service centre linkway honda chandivali but they have refused to serve it saying that my car is not covered in the recall.
this is ridiculous as i've been complaning about this issue since last 5 years and it is a factory defect.
please look into this and help me get the swicth replaced

- thnaks
gopal khandelwal

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