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[Resolved]  ILS — Standard Chartered Credit Card - Harassment

Manager – Customer Services
Standard Chartered Bank
19 N S Road, Kolkata 1
Dated: 25-May-09
SCB Card Account Number: [protected]

I have been getting continuous calls on my mobile and have received emails and written communications on my outstanding amount on this card. However, I have pointed out a number of times to representatives who have called me (in addition to me calling and speaking to a number of customer service executives) that I do not have an active card since April 2008. I am sure your records will speak of all the facts. To reiterate: I was called in March 2008 to inquire/inform that I will be sent a Platinum Card. The privileges of the same were read out and I was also told how much the card will cost me (the initial amount, etc). I agreed to the same and thereafter an address verification was done. The card never came eventually. When I called to inquire, I was told that the card was dispatched and since it did not reach me (don’t know how that is possible since all statements and other correspondences do come), another one cannot be issued. In the meantime, the earlier Gold card (the one in question) has also been blocked/discontinued. They also told me that they will not be able to restart the card but they will try in the following month. This was in April 2008. Thereafter, I went on making regular payments till Jan 2009 but my card was never started again. I did not pay in February 2009 and was hounded my calls from your collections department. I explained the whole thing again to everyone who called me. My pitch was simple: either you reissue me a card (since the earlier one was blocked/stopped and I don’t have it anymore) or we agree to terminate our relations. In that case, my submission was that since my card was last used in April 2008, please do not take the interest costs thereafter since the fault was not mine and I was always keen to continue with my relations. I did not have a card but usual credit card charges were brought upon me on a regular basis. But, I went on paying for 10 months without any solution. Hearing all this, your executives promised me that a new card will be sent in 2 weeks if I would make a small payment. I heeded to that. I paid again on March 21, 2009. Subsequent address proofs, etc were done but the card again did not come. When I inquired, I was told that the card was never to be sent and that was done to get payments out of me! Since April 2009 till date, I receive calls everyday. I receive all of them and have stated my problems to everyone who has spoken to me. In the last 2 months, I have been verbally abused quite a few times including instances when I received threat calls when I was told that I will face dire consequences if I don’t pay. I was told “that the bank has other means (besides the course of law) and knew exactly where I live and work. They have people who can ensure that people like me pay”. In total I have received 2 threat calls, both emerging from Delhi (presumably your ITO office). This is besides the usual threat of going to court about the matter. I am not averse to going to court myself. But the threat calls were most unfortunate. Incidentally, since the calls usually come during the day time, both the times, my colleagues in my office heard the abuses and the threats. It is true that I have not paid again in April and May. But, I may not be wrong in asking if all that is happening is correct or not. Either give me a new card (which may not be the right solution after all that has happened – I use other Bank cards and have not encountered any problem like this, let alone threat calls) or let us close the matter, in which case, kindly take into account my outstanding as of March 2008. Please deduct my payments so far thereafter and tell me the outstanding amount and I shall clear this. In every call of mine, I have stated that my intention is to regularize my relations with SCB and I never intended to shortchange anyone but the same should be applicable to me from your end. I am, frankly tired of receiving calls from your end and being abused and threatened. Although, it seems obvious that SCB does not care about customer relations (at least in my case) but just for the records, I have been a SCB cardholder since 1998. When I came back to the country, this was the first card that I held and has had a mutually satisfactory relation till March 2008. Ten years is a lot of time to understand and nurture any relationship. I hold current and savings accounts in your bank (which I must confess that I am scared to use now). I have friends who work in SCB across the world and I have at least a 100 CA students who work for SCB in various capacities across the country. I cannot believe all this is a SCB policy and I am being victimized specifically but the fact of the matter is that it has happened and continues to be a major botheration. I have tried to speak to my friends and students who work for SCB and asked of them but have never taken it to any great length since I have inherently believed that your laid down structures and systems can resolve this. So far, it has not yielded any result besides jarring me with threat calls! I do not know what happened post March 2008, as to why my card was cancelled and why did I go on believing that a new card will be issued and went on paying every month and why should I be intimidated by your executives in a democratic country with a functioning judiciary. I still intend to resolve this with grace and hope senior executives of one of the best known banks in the world will look into the matter personally and not just consider this to be an usual case of a client trying to avoid his responsibilities – and shoot auto generated letters/mails.

As on date, yours very disappointedly but still hopeful

Kaustav Majumdar

cc: Manager-Collections, SCB Kolkata
Mr. Surojit Laha, Head – Customer Care, 19, Rajaji Salai, Customer Care Unit, Chennai 600001
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Aug 14, 2020
Complaint marked as Resolved 
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This is very unfortunate. Especially when a bank of SCB's stature is doing this! I know the customer personally and I know how he is been pained for something, which is ridiculous and baseless. This is gross and should be stopped at the earliest. I do not see a reason why a public litigation against the bank and the employees in particular cannot be filed! If this continues then possibly a legal route is the only option that stays open.


Rana Dutta

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