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[Resolved]  Indian Embassy, USA — Complaint AGAINST Indian Embassy, USA

No Indian Embassy in USA neither answer any phone call nor rely any email.
This is really a big problem for Indian in USA because we may need their help any time.

Even there is a web page for this problem (by some other person):
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Aug 14, 2020
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embassy — not give visa to my husband

sir myself is jasdeep kaur wife of kuljeet singh.i want to camplaint against him.he want to leave me and want to go i requst you to not give visa of any country.his full address is given bellow .
Kuljeet singh
s/o Mohinder singh
arya samaj road, uttam nagar
nobody does their work i want to know where i can complaint against indian consulate
Indian Consulate in US are useless organizations and show how backward they are. They are still making hand written passports, PIO Cards etc and NEVER answer any phone calls even in the customer service time period of 2-4pm. The whole consulate should be revamped and all existing people fired. Does anyone know of an official address to make a formal complaint.
I totally agree with you..

I have been trying to reach the Indian Embassy in Houston for 3 weeks. Have called them at 5 dofferent numbers (listed on their website) at different times but always have been on hold for 2 hours and no one picks up the phone. How do we depend on our own government at times of emergency..

Also at the same time I called the TRAVISA -outsorced company for India Visa. very quick got my answer in just few minutes.

THis tells me something... For foreigners our government have set up a outsourced company who has probably americans working with profressionalism and work ethics .. however for their own citizen and services for Indians we have no answers no replie son emails or no proper information available on the website.
oh my God!!
let me post my experience..
I have been faxxing few documents related to my husband's SON.From the past 3 weeks, i have done it thrice.There is one person, Vishwas sitting there at the consulate, Chicago at extension 240...eeks!!!i am nauseated to even think of him.everytime i send them, i call him and he tells me that he has recieved the fax and three days later my husband calls me to ask them the status of the application and they tell him that he hasnt recieved the fax.What a shame?Today afternoon, I called him to find out why its happening?He keeps the reciever every time I call him.What kind of attitude is that?Then I ask his name and he doesnt reveal.Then he calls me back to talk to his officer, another chap of the same type...He instead of asking me what the problem is, yells at me to change my behaviour.Is there no reason for me to get angry?From afternoon, I have been trying to reach them and they disconnect the phone and this man asks me why I am angry.Such a waste set of people working for Indians there...they dont have basic decency and they ask us to behave ourselves...I dont know if i had a reason to get angry...i could have handled them in a better way...but their attitude sucks!!
and by the way SON is statement of need

Indian Consulate Houston — Does anyone work here ?

Looks like the Indian consulate is full of , nincompoops whatever you want to call them.

I have been trying to reach these guys by phone, email and there is absolutely no response from them. I have been trying to reach them for the last 2 weeks but there is absolutely no response at all.

Somebody should do something about these guys.
This complaint is for Houston consulate.

If have not had any family/ relatives/ friends in India, i would not have liked to go back or associate myself with the country. I send everyday a new email asking for the passport status. Last time i got a reply that its ready to dispatch and need money for Fedex. And i immediately reply the fedex details, after didn't hear anything from frustrated sending an email every day, there is just no reply and not received the passport. Don't understand why are we taking all this crap. I was told people who work there are not qualified enough and they have been appointed through higher officials recommendation. Its Disgusting !!!
Is there any solution to this problem ever ?!!!

Anyone trying to call Houston, please don't because they do not take the calls. Email them and they reply back but ITS LIKE THEY HAVE SOME KIND OF MEMORY PROBLEM OR SOMETHING, the reply is never complete, so next day you have to go from the beginning. There is only one reply everyday which is incomplete.


Don't they feel anything for treating all o[censored]s like this !!!
My experience with Washinton DC Embassy is the worst - They took the app and said every thing is okay. but not received the passport no status.. They dont lift the phone.. I dont know what happened to my passport... it is very difficuilt to travel every time on working day to check the status...

No one from government bother to correct these dumb guys...we have to live like putting these crap messages in forums .. no body listens...

Namratha Devi
Gifts to Hyd
Regarding Constulate General India, Toronto.

My 70yrs old Canadian friend sent 62.50 $ for visa fees by m.o. ( original fees is 62 $) for getting a tourist visa for India by Post. He had to travel to India within 10 days. After a week he gets passport back without visa with no reason stated. He drove all by himself to consulate ( because he had to go to india to attend wedding) and found the reason - since he paid 0.50 cents extra the passport came back. He pleaded and pleaded to get it done. After full day of struggle at consulate, finally he could get hold of a person who could listen to him and he was promised to be issued visa next day. He went again next day and got his visa. For that he made another m.o. for 62 $.

Had CGI Toronto been little courteous and professional they would not waste 7 days plus 2 days and four up and down trips to consulate at this age by another extra expense of 50 dollars in parking and gas, apart from two days off from work. They could have called him on phone and conveyed same if it was technically wrong to accept 0.50$ more. You can imagine the the way red-tapism in Indian offices work and lethargic babus who will not even spare seniors, disabled people, leave alone normal people.

This is the fate of CGI TORONTO . Seniors are busy in their cabins leaving people on their fate with no mercy. We simply cannot use word "professional" or "customer service" as staff related to Indian govt are born to rule, but not to serve. The very meaning of PUBLIC SERVANT doesn;t arise, they are often termed as lord of their choice. This is the reason why India remains one of most corrupt country in world and it tops the list in terms of amount and resources wasted in corrupt practices.

I remember the word "incredible india", wonder how they are suppose to develop their tourism. India lacks even with the most poorest and underdeveloped countries.
I am an Indian national living and working in Malta. Recently I had to submit police conduct certificates for the last five years as part of my move to Belgium. I stayed in India, Malta, Austria and I was able to get the required docs from Malta, Austrian authorities.

No surprise for guessing, the Indian consulate here is still in the 'we have forwarded your request to New Delhi' mode. It's a shame that the Indian consulate, which is expected to look after the welfare of it's citizens abroad is the most lethargic of all the consulates I have ever been to.

So my friends, the problem is not just with the embassy in the US, but in Malta as well and i'm sure in rest of the world too.
Is there any way to complain about these dumb guys in Indian embassy? or to complain on the way they are operating?

If anyone has details about where to complain. I am all up for complain.

I am waiting for my son's passport renewal from Embassy in Washington DC, it's been over a month now. When I am calling to[protected] number, after several trial - a lady picks up the phone and says "She is just an operator and has no idea on passport status" She gave me a number to call[protected] and that number never picks up the call with voice mail box already full. I have tried almost 100+ times.

We Indian citizen gets much better services anywhere else in the world except our own embassy. We need to complain but where?????
I have to agree with all the complaints about the Indian Embassy. It's a shame that a country that produces the TOP IT PROFESIONALS in the world can't soryt out their own technical issues. They don't have a concept of customer service and still operate as if they are in India. You can't get anyone on the phone, you're lucky if you can even get to an operator. i have been trying to contact someone for a week now and have not been able to get a live person. I can't leave a voice mail because it's always full. FULL OF !!!
yes!! it is so annoying! their website is not very good either, so there is no way to find out facts or clear your doubts. my son's passport is expiring this year. as a minor child, he was issued a short validity passport of 5 year validity last time. now its time to reniew, and we are not sure if we should apply in the form for passport for a minor child or in the form for renewal of a short validity passport. both application forms are very different and the accompanying documents requested are very different as well. there is no way to find out as they can not be contacted, nor do they explain things clearly in their website. so we will end up filling up both application form, preparing documents required in both forms etc. its just lot of extra work for us as well as for the embassy eventually. very irresponsible behavious for the overseas representives of such a great nation...
I haven't sent in my application - because I CAN'T EVEN DOWLOAD THE FREAKIN' FORM from Houston website!...somebody mentioned it, we have the top IT industry in the world, but we don't have a proper website of the CGI. Guess the message that appears after I try to download the passport renewal form - 'the website's security is not confirmed' or something!'s embarassing. I haven't even sent in my application, but now I am afraid to do so. These guys working in CGI better be making less money than I am!
Indian Consulate Toronto

1) The consulate office administration is not organized, poor customer service, and less attention towards people who are uneducated no respect towards older citizens, Never answer phone calls.
2) There is no internet and photo copy machines in the consulate office where any general people can use especially in-connivance to the old people.
3) While we represent a modern world so out sourcing is good choice which the consulate general officials has out-sourced to speed up the application process to VSF-global for processing visa, OCI cards and other Pass Port related jobs.
4)VSF global got there own rules and regulations and consulate genereal of India has there own rules and regulation.
5)VSF Global is an out sourcing company where they accept all the application on behalf of consulate general of India (Toronto).
6)Canadian citizens who apply for OCI they have to give up there original Documents in order to get OCI approved.
7)People travel for job and across the borders they have no option to get there Pass Port until they take there own processing time for OCI Processing till that time you loose your job.
8)VSF global is charring extra money for each application in the family even they are mailing to the same address
The Indian Consulate at Houstan is pathetic. They are not bothered at all about Indians. These unprofessional people are a shame for India. My OCI card status shows the date of 27th March 2009 as being received from Delhi, India.Now its 10th June 2009 and still Hosutan guys couldn't send the card to me. As usual no one answers the call or replies to any email.

I am fed up with these guys and wish to make a formal complaint. Anyone knows the right forum or should we all write to President and PM house.
I'm about to have a nervous breakdown courtesy the Indian Embassy in Berlin. They are sitting on my passport for two months now. All the telephone numbers lead to answering machines that have exhausted their capacities and cannot record any messages. The size of the passport photos demanded by the staff at the Embassy was mentioned nowhere on the Embassy website. After having sent them extra by post, the next excuse is that my passport is somewhere in India.I wonder if they understand my dilemma in a foreign country without a passport. Unfriendly, incompetent, ignorant and arrogant, that's how I would describe the staff there. Does anyone know where one could officially complain against this atrocity. If they don't send me my passport in a week I'm going to lose a lot of money (plane tickets, hotel reservations etc.) Please God - HELP!
The problem is not only in US. I am staying in Tokyo and the mother [censored]ers in the Indian Embassy here in Tokyo have the same issues. You go ans ask them something and they will treat you like street dongs. I went there once and the lady on the counter keeps telling me that its not her job and its not related to embassy, I gave here a good shout to cool her down and then she kind of came in shape. But I totally agree that we need to find a way to [censored] these people over.

We are INDIAN CITIZENS and we are being treated like ! I have made 200 calls in 1 month, no one ever answers the phone.Still wating to get the job done.AND we are EX- INDIAN ARMY OFFICERS. This is their way of saying THANKS to their ARMY MEN. The lady at the front desk is a monster, some one needs to tell her she is not a teacher in a classroom with a cane. The guy in charge of emergency services is a sad man who hates his job.AND THEY GET PAID TO DO THIS JOB!!! AMAZING!!! My prayers go out to people who have to go there ...

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