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 Pankaj Kumar
No Indian Embassy in USA neither answer any phone call nor rely any email.
This is really a big problem for Indian in USA because we may need their help any time.

Even there is a web page for this problem (by some other person):

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Employees in DC consulate should be FIRED..
No one has decency, they cant even be polite.. phone calls are answered very rude.. Gives u an Indian govt office impression. Heavily disappointed...
Suggestion is to replace the employees with American Citizens...
Indian Embassy should be very careful in providing VISA to anti-India racist people whose motive is to encourage mass terrorism.I am talking about the fraud Muslim Black American Historian Runoco Rashidi.Freedom of speech is fine but distorting history to encourage mass terrorism is not right.

He addressed the poor people in India with his hate speech based on color discrimination which is not in Indian society.His main agenda seemed to divide the people and bring about hatred in them.He heads the new African propoganda of establishing that all religions were started by the blacks.Indian Embassy should be very careful in providing VISA to anti-India racist people whose motive is to encourage mass terrorism.


Rashidi claims that the Dravidians and Siddi of ancient India are part of the black race .He claims that until 3500 years ago the Dravidians had a technologically advanced society that was well-known in the ancient world. These black Dravidians portrayed their gods as blacks and portrayed evil beings with white skin. He claims the Aryans were “barbarian” whites who enslaved the indigenous black Dravidians in the caste system after they stole the advanced technology of the Dravidians 3500 years ago.

More details on my BLOG
Complaint against "The Embassy of India" Washington DC..

The person serving at the consular wing is terribly rude. I was there to apply for a PIO card for my daughter and she was asking for 4 photographs whereas in the website it clearly mentions to provide only two photographs along with the application. Because of their mistake and irresponsibility of maintaining the website well and rude and sick employees I have to make another trip to the embassy which is 2 hours from my home to submit the application.

If anyone knows a formal email or telephone no. where we can address these kind of issues please respond to this comment.
Thank you.
i finally got passport renewed after more than 4 months, embassy does respond to email or ph calls. My new passport is valid for 1 yr from the date i applied, so it is valid for next 8 months only. I will have to apply again in couple of months. I am unable to find address where i could file complaint, i found this website, but it is not official.

Please post address/ph # where i can file complaint.
washington dc office is a monster. we have been applied for oci since may 27th 2009 and till today they did not process yet however they already cash money $1150.00 oci is cheating indian people by indian govt. Indian govt. find a very good way how to make more money ? oci is just making money. if you want to stay more in India you can get entry visa and stay more than 6 months easy and cheap then apply for oci and give more money to govt, and get headache. I tried to complain everywhere as they never pick up the phone never reply to e-mail very bad indian embassy...I think now a time to get hold the media to address this issue because everyone talking to complain about indian embassy in washington dc and everyone paid lot of money...thos $$ not come from tree ...
It happens in US as well. I think all consulate officers are like that. They are not friendly & reply in very hard possible way.
This is Hong Kong case
They have just one phone line for passport enquiry between 2-4 PM. Iam trying for the past 3 days. No one pickup the phone. Please let us raise this issue as public grievance.
They hardly work.. Daily work from 9:30 ( usualy 5-10 min late) to 12:00 pm 2 -4:30 pm..
enjoy public holidays of both India & the consular country ..
Still the behaviour or reponse we get from them is very worse.Please train them how to treat person in overseas or employ NRI from that country instead of sending from India
please comment on this..
truly agree with your comment...but who is going to trained them ? all are same. i e-mail media reply neither they address the issue, i e-mail ambessadoe meera...i e-mail even Prime minister of india...I e-mail another media person specifically Lalit Jhaa...who is appreciating this stupid indian...govt. schem...All are same...they never going to change...that's why more and more indians are going to foreign country and do hard work instead of their own country...why because no one care for their own country...
this would be the first chance of my life that i heard about missbehaviour activities of indian consulates and other staff members in indian embassies usa, canada and others who badly treats with americans and american indians too in solving their problems of visa and immigrations who useally comes to the indian embassies. no body in indian embassy usa never attended any phone enquieries.

from this type of reactions with publics every body could guess the dealings of indian embassy consulates in usa or canada. where they should provide the freindally cooperations in other countries. every indian consulate in abroad, is appointed on this post to represent his/her/their home country. they are just to obey there duties in place of indian prime minister on behalf of p.m. this is very great oppurtunity and greatest houner for few luckiest peoples who have great chance to represent there country and to serve there country on behalf of prime minister of the country.
but as i heard today about indian embassies consulates in usa and canada, i wondered ! i feel my self very much ashamed. but i will never liked to do this. im telling you the way to file complaints against such undissiplened officers and co-workers.




I have applied for the passport renewal 3 months back which was returned saying that the visa is not valid but the empoyees working in the US constulate does not know that in US they are using the US date format and they didnt like when I pointed that out. No one is picking the phone so I have gone there 2 times to check the status but no luck. They are still 50 years behind and dont have any idea how the service industry is now ..
hey i am one of you guys who has to go to indian embassy for four time to get my passport with all the necessary documents but they either gave me stupid reason or will say we will call you after its ready.and my passport was issued from the same embassy in ny.but i think its not there fault cause its not only in us or any other country or india, anywhere you go in any department you go they are all same and who they are (us-indians) we discriminate with our own people more than anyone else does to us .go to any department in usa they wont bother you unless they have a very strong reason .so bottomline is we should be ashamed of ourself and those who are not doing what they suppose to and what about the indian government they are sleeping or they are in the ministry to enjoy themselves, if they are not aware of whats going on in the embassies or other government offices then these ministers no need to be there cause its not going to make anything worst than it is right is really shamefull how kids, ladies, elderly people and everyone has to go through hell to get what they could get much easier if they were dealing with embassy of any other country.

comhem — I cannot call to India

I paid Euro 50/ toGlobal telelinks to Bangalore.I got Account no 5754926 and Code no is 6186.
When I call this no 0200/89 01 65.They asked me my card no.I have no card no. In india they are telling me to use my account no+code no when they ask me ,i shall theese numbers. Can you help me in this matter.

my telephone no is[protected].My no is concealed.

Yours sincerely

Why is the Indian embassy discriminating against US citizens not born in the US when it comes to issuing visas? The embassy should know we don't practice "caste" system in this country (US) and should respect all that carry the US passport.
Houston Consulate,

I have sent my original marriage certificate for name change in passport.I got my passport and I didn't receive my original marriage certificate.Past 1 month every day I send an Email and phone call.But no response.Now I understood that I need to forget about that one and need to make one more(again you know the pain of making one more).Never seen such a irresponsible people, there is no system to escalate the issue, If any one knows any site to complain pls share.

Indian Embassy/Consulate USA — NO REPLIES

I am surprised because nobody either in Consulate or the Embassy picks your calls for queries. The calls are forwarded to the mail box which are full and there is no way to reach them. WHAT IF AN INDIAN HAS AN EMERGENCY ????
This problem is not only in USA, in Paris, no response when we call indian embassy and the another big problem is they compul everybody to make an urgent visa for a departure after 8 or 10 days. Is this normal? For me an urgent visa is reserved to person who wants to go in 1 or 2 days to India. If someone know how to complaint please send me a message.
This problem is also in Paris. Here they compul you to make visa in urgent for a departure after 8 or 10 days after. Because the urgent visa is expensive (more than 100 euros). Because the employees of the embassy don't do their work normally. They wants only money money like a beggar.
I am fed up with these guys and wish to make a formal complaint. Anyone knows the right forum or should we all write to President and PM house.
I have applied for passport renewal in New York at the beginning of dec 2009 and today even after 45/50 days I do not know the status.

I wrote several emails to them; no response absolutely. I submitted my inquiry via the firm on their site and nobody responds to it either. The joke is the don't even bother to answer the damn phones at any time of the day on any darn day. The phone is always offline; sometimes asks you for voicemail and guess what? The don't even bother to return any voicemails either. There is no way to find the status of the passport. They said it might take between 4 and six weeks to receive it but it's way beyong that time frame now.

I don't get it. What do they do? Who will take care of this problem? I know a lot of ppl that are in a similar situation as me. The foreign affairs ministry in India should look into this absolute recklessness and lack of working sense among consulates and their employees in USA. Terrible people and terrible work ethic. No sense of responsibility either. If my inquiry was sent to India, I'd like to know how the he'll long it will take. Why can't they post their processing times online somewhere? I hate those ppl and the damn consulate in NY. What is the Indian govt doing?

I need to travel and I need a passport asap.
The Indian Embassy in Washington DC is horrible!! Even in this day and age, no one will answer a phone, nor is there even a voicemail (not that they would even call back!). I've tried multiple lines and numbers.

They are not here to help us. They all need to be fired and need to hire staff with at least a little bit of work ethic. Listen up Indian Embassy, it's 2010, get with the times, change your image, stop being known as backward and unreliable. Seriously this gets old. I remember my parents having these SAME complaints 30 years ago!!!
My husbands mother is really really sick in India...We sent his passport to get renewed URGENTLY but still have heard nothing back from them! We had to change our tickets 3 times cuz we did not have our passports back!! They really dont care about their own citizens and I feel like this is NO WAY TO TREAT ANYONE! We both work and have to travel 20+ hours in the car to go the Indian Embassy in Washington...It's impossible I have called over 120 times to get intouch w/ them...when a few months back we sent them our passport to renew and it had the wrong form (cuz we couldnt get the website to work and got the wrong website) they replied right away..but now that we have done everything the correct way NO RESPONSE! I am a pakistani and i am so proud to say that the Pakistani Embassy returned my passport in 5 working days!!! I really have lost respect for these people! My husband can not even go to see his own mother in her last few days... THIS IS CRAP!



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