IRWO Kolkata Phase IIIA at Rajarhat Newtown — Delay in completion of project by more than 8 months & poor quality of materials

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 Dr Arabinda Ray
Indian Consumer Complaints Forum.

Through your forum we intend to draw the attention of the IRWO Authorities in New Delhi to the plight of the Allottees of the IRWO Kolkata Phase IIIA project at Rajarhat, Newtown.
After allottment of the flats by lottery in September/October 2008 letters were issued for taking possession of the flats by 31.12.2008. Full payment for the flats was taken at the same time. Also it was mentioned that failure to take possession by the owners would be penalised and an administrative charge would be levied.
There after there was no communication from IRWO and the date came and went by the flats were not ready neither was any communication made regarding the cause for delay. Subsequently a letter was issued by IRWO for taking possession of the flats by 30.06.2009 by the allottees failing which again the clause of administrative charges being levied was mentioned.
Accordingly the allottees were made to submit an undertaking on a stamp-paper and take possession of the flats in the following condition:-
No Electricity was available at the site for common facilities as the common meters were not installed. Operation of lifts, illumination of the common passages & staircase was not possible. A erratic generator was being operated by the site staff for running the water pump and the lift occasionally.
The approach roads were incomplete, the gate to the complex was not installed, the provision for street lights was not made.
Construction materials for the next phase are being dumped in the open spaces of the complex presently.
No efforts have been made by the Builders i.e. IRWO to convene a meeting of the allottees by mailing them as the mailing list is with them. The meeting is essential to form an association by the residents for further works Incidentally the officials at the East Zone Office refused to hand ove a mailing list to the representatives on 5.8.09.
The purpose for taking early possession of the flats after making all the payments with the escalated costs and penalties was defeated as the interior work could not be done since there was no electricity connection. Incidentally the bulletin published by IRWO from Delhi in July claimed that electricity has already been given.Even in the Website a scrolling message is running for sometime with this false message.
In view of the inordinate delay in handing over the completed flats to the allottees are we eligible for an explanation & compensation from the IRWO authorities?
The officials manning the IRWO East Zone Office at Kolkata are not answering our queries and also misbehaving with the allottees.
Do the Railway empoyees who have paid their life's earnings to purchase IRWO flats deserve to be insulted by the staff of the East Zone Office repeatedly?
Can we not expect an iota of justice from a Government Organisation like the IRWO?
Repeated letters by Speed post and Emails have failed to evoke any rsponse from the IRWO Head Office.
It seems that we have no one to listen to our plight and help us hence this appeal.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Arabinda Ray,
Hony Secretary (Adhoc)
Rail Vihar Residents Welfare Association, Rajarhat New Town
Kolkata Phase IIIA on behalf of all the residents.
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I am shocked to know the ground reality of Phase III A Kolkata.Last I visited the IRWO office in Nov 2008, at that time being told by the official that it will take another 3-4 i am posted more than 2000 km from kolkatta so many thanks to Dr Arabinda Ray for raising the plights of allotes through this forem.
The total notified cost of type II flat in the IRWO/SONEPAT scheme is 15.25 lacs
out of which till date the allottees had already paid Rs.10.00 lacs each upto 5th installments and your further call for 6th and 7th installments by 07.04.2010 & 07.05.2010 (Rs. 1.50 lac each) would raise the paid amount to 13 lacs i.e. more than 85% of the total notified cost.

What is the meaning of progress based installments. Is Management in
a position to complete the 85% work by next 6-8 months while not a
single roof has yet been casted out of the so called 13 storey building. Is
the IRWO Management not behaving like private builder to collect the
almost entire money without providing satisfactory/concrete progress for

Repeated letters have failed to evoke any response from the IRWO Head Office on the petty queries in regard to the scheme viz:

a) Total Area and Cost of land purchased for Railvihar, near Kundli/Sonepat Project.
b) What is the total estimated cost of the Kundli/Sonepat Project.
c) The Number of each type of Dwelling unit viz Type II, III &IV proposed to be constructed in Kundli/Sonepat Project.
d) The Number of application received for each type of Dwelling unit viz Type II, III & IV.
e) Projected date for the completion of above project.

It seems that we have no one to listen to our plight and help us. Do the Railway employees who have paid their life's earnings to purchase IRWO flats not deserve to be replied properly in regard to the information sought in connection with the said scheme. Can we not expect an iota of information from a Government Organisation like the IRWO in this era of transparency in all fields?
I am worried about what is happening in Rail Vihar. IRWO should justice to all the flat owners who purchased the flat with hard earned money. Ironically, all members who work for IRWO are all retired railway staff. The insipid behavior is the least to be expected from government employees whose life time earnings come from poor tax payers' resources. In IRWO I in EMBy Pass area, the present BOD is not allowing the sale of flats to non-railways staff. They say such clause exist in the agreement between IRWO and KMDA. While such agreements have not been brought to the public notice, sale/lease deed of flat owners nowhere specify such binding factor, sale and resale has been banned to non-railway staff. I shall appreciate if a representative from IRWO could provide an explanation. I also advise IRWO IIIA/B occupants to find out if they might suffer for the existence(?) of such a mysterious clause. In the meanwhile, an puzzling problem has occurred in the original Rail Vihar. Senior office Pravash Bhattacharjee sold his flat no 337 in RV, EM ByPass to one Mr Dipankar Ghosh in 2007. He took loan from SBI to buy the flat. Known as the "wealthiest man" in Rail Vihar for his/his family's wealth- flaunting approaches, he evaded paying bank EMIs and as a result, the Bank using SARFEASI ACT has initiated measures to auction off the flat ( SEE Times of India 1st Nov, 2012). Now will the SBI auction off the flat to only railway staff? In that Mr Dipankar Ghosh might be in trouble as the auction price may not rise as in case the bid were open for all. I suggest if some one well accquainted with this, come forward with useful advices.

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    IRWO Kolkata Phase IIIA at Rajarhat Newtown - Delay in completion of project by more than 8 months & poor quality of materials

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