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I have got the offer from janet memorial medical center from madrid spain which is very much lucrative.What I am feeling It is fake.What your suggestion?Is it medical center exist?
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Aug 14, 2020
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these are fake as I have also received offer letter with agreement and they want me to pay their travel agent
I have also got the same email. Its a scam keep away.

4 weeks back another similar email for a hospital in Nigeria was circulating around. Same approch you have been shortlisted. They scan all job websites to get email id's to fraud people.

It is a complete scam. Do not get taken no one gives you a job just like that. all they want is to get you to send them USD to them under different guise.
I also got same type of e mail its a scam keep away
Thank you and to those who posted their comments. I would have fallen into a trap by submitting my personal profile to Janet Memorial Medical Center. I got an email from them telling me to answer the online interview.
hai.. i too got a same offer from spain petroleum company.they asked some online interview question. after tat i got one more email with the same question from janet memorial medical center. and i submit my profile. i think now its fake. is they misuse my cv ? reply if any one know
Hi All,

Thank you very much for all of your comments in this forum. Even I too received one such kind of email with the offer letter attached with my email. I think these guys are fraud people.

i think it's a scam. this morning i received e-mail with online questions. thank you people for your messages here in consumer complaints. i myself would have fallen in their trap.
Dear All,
Its all fake and I have also received appointment letter from Sheraton Park Hotel, UK for the post of Administrator without any interview and they were asking to deposit Work Permit fee to their travel agent. When I mailed them that y don't you deduct this amount from my salary so straight way they refused. So friends be aware of these fake mails and my request don't spend your money on these fake appointments.

I do receive the same e mail from Janet Memorial Medical Center, Madrid Spain, And when I tried to search on google about that memorial medical center, I found this page where you already passed comment on that issue. So there's no doubt now that its all scam & fraudulent mail.

Thanks community to keep aware the people about this type of fraud.

Hi every body, me too received this mail, so i have to do ? can have your idea ? is that reality or just Fu..
hai.. i got one email from janet memorial medical center. and i submit my profile. and answered to the online interview. Do they misuse my cv ? thank god i didnt pay any money. reply if any one know
I have received a very ridiculous offer about janet medical center (spain). They offered me a position of Sr. Production Operator. Where in the world would find a hospital has a "production department" and a position of "production operator????". What the hell woud they produce if ever?? It sucks!
Hi Folks,

Yesterday (01-Jun-2009), even I do have the same spam email and they do also asked me several questions and its an ONLINE interview questions it seems. When I searched over the Internet about the "Janet Memorial Medical Centre" its located in UK and they were many complaints against it.

Even I did not apply any jobs nor haven't heard about this "Janet Memorial Medical Centre" Please do not PAY any money from your pocket for Nothing.

Hi people,

I have also gotten a similar email.What makes it look like a scam is that they do not have website.They have no online presence and the interview questions are full of typing errors.definitely a scam.
Hi There
i also received a lucrative offer from janet memorial medical centre offering me a job, so confused at the moment, not so sure wether its a scam or not
I also got job offer from janet memorial medical centre spain madrid, i think and am damn sure its scam, they are just making us fools.
This is the website the administrator send me in my offer letter.
this is the website of janet memorial medical centre which i got in my offer letter
i received one offer letter from JMMC on 2nd june 2009. for further information i make a call to the JMMC but nobody responding. i thing its fake they are trying to make us fool and later i understud its happen not only with me lot of people trapped in this JMMC so please somebody need to stop this type of nonsense.
I received an email from Jannet Medical Center on 04/06/09, but after looking at the mail id what they have used as [protected], but none of the company or hosptial do this.
if any offer is been made. the e-mail will come from HR Team with the respective companies mail address. example..123, this is 100% fake & many people are trapped in this, so please somebody need to stop this and guys take care, don't pay even a single penny to this sucks mails.
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