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[Resolved]  Karthik Homes — Poor quality construction

The Karthik homes, saligramam is a worst company to construct poor quality homes.There is a quality problem in every where.
1.When he started the building he gave one plan and later he reduced the size of the living space and increased the common area.
2.The walls are cross and poor surface finish throughout the house.
3.Within eight months there is a seepage problem throughout the building and the constructor didn't turned back after hearing complaints.
4.No sunshades at required places
5.Poor quality tiles and poor layman -poor workmanship.
6.The rates for modular switches he collected were double the rate of good quality brand.
7.He did fraudulent activities in almost from parryware basin to everything.
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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes, you are 100% correct. He is one of the WORST/FRAUD builders in Virugambakkam/Saligramam Area. Karthik HOMES & its Owner MANI are the cheaters. We really suffered a lot. Until you book the apartment with some advance he talks very nicely. but after he receives the payment. He will show his reality. He is a PAKKA villan. For each and everything he will suck money from your pocket.
Till this day we are sheading tears.. He cheated us almost 15 lakh rupees.
Please take this note very very seriously. Below are the complaints that we faced.
1. First thing he will not show the floor plan of the Property.
2. He will always say +500 rupees from the current market rate & will pretend to reduce the rate for you.
3. Poor construction.
4. Poor Quality doors/ grills.
5. He will do cheating in the over all square feet area also.
I too agree with that. Thanks a lot for sharing this block. I was really searching like this one to give my worst experience with Karthik Homes / Kartik Homes ( Virugambakkam / Saligramam ) area. My freind suffered the same sort of experience. At last he sold the property .He was cheated by almost 10 lakhs up above the market value. This builder is a big culprit. I have heared that there is a complaint agaist him raised in police station. BEWARE of these cheaters guys!!!.
I too agree with what people say. He speaks to us nicely initially and after that he keeps extracting money for everything. Since I had gone for a loan take over by Indian bank after 2 years, the bank was asking me for some CMDA approved plan which I was not having and when I asked him over the phone he replied in a discourteous manner and dropped the phone abruptly. The quality of bathroom fittings and the wood work is of very inferior quality( Western Closet seats got broken in both the toilets and both the flush tanks were not having sufficient water pressure to clean the toilets).
Wood work is very very poor and all the doors are coming off.

He always writes all the expenditure in pencil and when we ask us for discounts he some shows that he has given too much discount. He is very good in calculation.

Added to it he has not handed over the parent document of the flat until now and it is almost 3 1/2 years since we occupied this flat. He initially was holding this saying that one of our house owners had a due of Rs.15000 and subsequently after settling he now says that he may handover after we get the flat painted through him after 3 years of completion.

Fortunately the construction is somewhat better in our house. since it is in a prominent landmark. In short we will suffer lot of mental trauma and disrespect with this builder and never ever we should fall a prey to such kind of people.
The truth can never be hidden, one day or the other the beans will have to be spilt and the true color does come out, this is the typical case of Karthik Homes and wow! he knows how to cheat people, and such a liar and a professional at it. I really wonder how the law does not do its duty inorder to curtail such peoples activities. he has swindled so much out of so many people and he has the backup of the politicians and the amount of bribe that goes with it to the officials is no joke.
Now the same builder has started building in pallikaranai and the quality of construction is very poor. On top of that he does all sorts of fraud. Never buy a home from him.In Pallikaranai It is managed by a person named Balaji. He talks very nicely before nicely but once you enter into an agreement he shows his true colour
Guys please let me know whether the comments about kartik homes are true
I found a Builder name karthik Builders his office at Nelson manikkam road. He is constructing duplex house in pallikarani near kamatchi Hospital. But the guy name is different. His name is ramalingam... So i think i am good..
Dear All
We, a seven families are also a victim to his sweet words with his brother in law Balaji. He is yet to hand over the balance undivided share though it is almost 19 years. Almost all o[censored]s have spent nearly two lakhs each for rectification of closets, leakage in the floors, electrical wiring, plumbing and so on. Only God has to take catre of these persons

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