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[Resolved]  Lok Housing — Poor quality and after sales services.- Even after 3 years OF not received

I have a similar view for Lok Housing. The company is very incompetent. The quality of work and finish of walls is very poor. The way of handling grievance is very poor and equivalent to nil. The complaints are not addressed at all. There is no warranty period once you take the possession. Generally the builder does all the maintenance till the time the society is build. But the builder does poor maintenance.
Few of the problems in my flat are:
1) The finish of the wall is very poor. Just within 1 year it had many cracks.
2) Electricals switches and wiring is also very poor.
3) It has many leakages and seepages in most of the wall. Even after three years it still has leakages.
4) The tiles work is also very poor many tiles is hollow ie; there is not enough cement below it which cannot detected unless we tap and hear the hollow sound. 5 tiles in house had crack within 1 year and the tiles was not replaced with new one.
5) The Taps are good but the plumbing work is very poor and because of which there is seepages even in the inner walls of the room.
6) Even after 3 years ( since 2006) of taking the possession builder has not provided the OC and society not formed yet.
I stay at Lok Vruksha, Lok Upvan PhII Thane West. And the builder still not formed the society since 2006. We have several meeting at the builder people at our building to ask about the status of OC and the society formation and every time a new person comes for the meeting and gives same answer the process has been initiated and will happen in another 3 months and now 3 years have passed and we have neither received the OC nor society has been formed. They have build a Club house and swimming pool and still not operational. This is for nearly 500 flats. This is for both phase I and Ph II of the building. The Ph I was build some 12 years ago and they were promised the Club house and swimming pool and also paid the money for the same but still not received.
Lok Housing have also deceived the flat owners of Lok Vruksha by showing garden in the plan and once the all the flats were booked the garden area has been sold and a big wall has been constructed which even do not allow the vehicles around the building and the people cannot even park in the slit parking allotted them.
I would request all the Flat owners to give their feedback about the builders. And spread the awareness about the builder. This way we can check the activities of the builders and put pressure on builders to build good buildings and give better after sales service. Builders of the opinion they can easily deceive and cheat the prospective customer.
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Aug 14, 2020
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I agree, Lok housing and Azofen Builders has shown swiming pool in the layout plan and collect money for the club house and swiming pool but even after 12 years still not ready for use. I would suggest not to buy under construction house from Lok Housing. We have ample options from good builders these days. In this competative market only the builders who give good quality product would surwive and satisfactory level of after sales service should get business.
Lok Housing is cheater company. They have cheated so many. They promise so many things while booking but thier workmanship and quality is very poor.

We recieved possesion late by almost three years. And we too have still not recieved the OC yet. Thier buildings are build by Azofen Builders. There is no support near the site office and compalints are not entertained. We still have leakage problem in our building even after 3 years. Lok Housing means poor quality buildings. And Lok Housing is a bogus company.
I Stay at LOK nisar and its a fantatic place .. their quality is good . as far as swimming pool & other amenties is concerned ..please give me one builders name who has promised all his commitments
I stay at Lok Upvan and i disagree with all those people who are just giving wrong information about the builder ...
I recently sold my flat at lok everest Mulund, where i was staying for the past 8 years.I booked this place in 1996 where i was shown a beautiful brochure with many amenities.Moreover i paid the market price prevalent at that time but now after 13 years the building is a utter mess.The builder who earlier promised to keep his word & written promises is now saying that since he was in money trouble he sold the flats cheap & we cannot ask for all that he promised.A few residents inspite of various threats & intimidation from his henchmen(security) managed to initiate registration of society but the builder smartly bought his own man one Mr. J to stay in the building( this Mr J was earlier fighting the builder but now they joined hands for great rewards)Thru this man he formed society & together with a chamcha committee are controlling the place. After society formation no accounts given The builder is enjoying huge amounts of interest collected towards swimming pool club house(till now not completed), corpus fund etc The builder has not even painted the buildings(4 towers) Every time he says he'll do it but no action.Lok group strategy 1) sell flats by promising many things & never keeps up 2)Keep his own person staying there& control (this strategy used in all his projects-the managing committee are his loyalists)3)Keep unprofessional security(old men of 60 to 70 yrs old)4)Keep some goondas employed near the entrance gate to intimidate the people4) Delay OC, Society formation etc.Be careful when buying here & don't believe smooth talk of person controlling the place.So many resales Crores of money involved The complex looks good but lobby etc very bad, leaking.Ask for all original documents (all previous owners)Location of Lok Everest -good, Place -big but beware of hidden liabilities & huge maintanence cost for very bad service.My experience -harrowing, felt cheated & so quit.Not good for educated people who know the law.Majority of residents are traders they like to enjoy dandia etc. Not interested in grave important issues.Once Again Be careful
Mr. Matoshree does agree that Lok Builders have not given everything what they had committed. Do you mean to say if the builder commit that they will provide the swimming pool and club house they are just bluffing and you should not expect the same from them. Please think is this making any sense? I have many of my relatives and friends staying in societies where builders had given everything in operational condition immediately on possession. They have hired third party vendor for maintaining and managing the swimming pools and they do excellent job at a very nominal cost. These costs are easily managed by the corpus fund and the society members do have to spare a penny for the operation.
And Mr. Sathe seems to be the ‘Lok’ person.
I too agree that they have accumulated huge sums in corpse fund but they have not disclosed. Also I agree that OC is still pending from past 3 years. I have also heard they have huge sum pending to be paid to TMC and so they are not giving the OC to LOK Vruksha Apt H-3 and Lok Upvan Phase II J1 and J2.
I had done the whole plastering and wiring again because it was very poor. The walls were uneven and electrical wiring was all haywire. Neutral and line reversed and several points didn’t have the earthing. So I went for rewiring. The craftsman ship was so poor that I also had to re- plaster for smoothening and straightening the uneven surface.
When I was getting the interiors done the walls were so uneven that no furniture would remain straight on the wall and there used to be large gaps in some places. So I went for re-plastering first. In the second year there was so many leakages that I had to go for tiles on the walls near the windows and the walls which were exposed outside. Totally I had to spend around Rs.2 lacs more for these.
Getting a good quality house .. one needs to shell out that kind of money
take an example of RNA .. their projects at Mira rs are horrible but at santacruz and kandivali are good .. reason prices .. mira rd they are selling one bhk at 11lakhs ...
Lodha Aqua & Lodha essanza are a part of same project in same society in dahisar check naka but as theere is price difference the quality differs a lot
Recent development in Lok Vruksha;

Lok Builder has gone ahead to form Society under Non co-operation without OC. They are using Sanjay Sethi's (Lok Builder employee) as the flat owner and forming the society. We have asked LOK to form the society along with OC and not without OC.

They have a strategy of giving pathetic service and asking for maintenance. The service offered is not even worth half of the maintenance they are charging. It is other thing that we have upheld the payment and demanded that unless we get the OC we will not pay the money. But the more the delay more we would have to pay for the pathetic service. We cannot escape the payment of the maintenance. And then the flat owners will get frustrated and ask them to hand over all the maintenance work.
We had planned a meeting with Darshan Gandhi today 23rd Oct but he has at the last moment refused to meet. This clearly states Lok Housing is trying to run away from the responsibility.
It is now 3 years and we have still not received the OC. Also in none of the case (Lok Puram and Lok Upvan Phase II or Lok Upvan Phase II) have they conveyed the property to society. They still own the land.
Lok housing is a cheat! I to feel cheated and am fed up of the false promises given by the builders. Now the Lok employees are saying we have no authority and nothing is in our hands and also the authorized people are not ready to meet for dialogue
Lalit C. Gandhi. Executive Chairman of the board, Managing Director
Lok Housing & Constructions Ltd.

Review: No comments on the quality of the buildings.

But be careful while buying new under construction building. The title might not be clear and will delay the OC and conveyance never happens.

Please get the papers vetted by some lawyer.
Please please please do not buy under construction flat from the Lok Builders. Lok housing takes long time for construction and after construction takes long to get OC from the municipalities.
The service in the interim of forming the society would be pathetic and will prolong the society formation to get extra money in the form of maintenance. The maintenance charged is lot more for the service they would be providing.
If you visit the office at the lok bhavan the office looks like a some Govt office.





I have booked a flat in Lok Raunaq Phase 2 Marol. Its been 2 years and no sign of flat. Lok Group guys are shameless crooks. I think after the death of Mahatma Gandhi, they should have been a law stopping other's from using the Gandhi surname.

other who have booked flats in this project may please contact me Sunil ([protected]). maybe together we can do something.

Sunil Barretto
I[censored] are planning to buy in lok everest complex (It is better u don't buy here)ensure you have the following. 1) The approved building plan 2) if resale flat get the original sale deed which the 1st owner had with the builder & make sure to incorporate that the amt paid towards swimming pool, club house (still incomplete)Charges towards electricity deposits, 1year maintanence deposit, etc amting to about 3 lacs etc are specifically transferred to yor accont & get the NOC possession letter given by the builder to the original owner.3) Do not trust the brokers as far as this project is concerned & ask him to clarify all ur doubts.Do not pay commission till u get all the original relevant papers Many people have suffered becos of this.The chairman Suresh Jain will talk very sweetly but as he is builder's man he will show his true colors as u proceed to deal with him.The managment committee are interested only in organising cultural festivals & demanding money for the same.The builder & the society committee collect huge sums for many things but never give any account. I[censored] have unaccounted black money u can buy here, but if you are an honest taxpayer &educated with progressive values this is not the right place.
Do not buy under construction buildings from Lok Housing. They are cheats. The managementg is a cheat. It is a very risk proposition dealing with the Lok Hosuing. My relatives have burnt thier fingers after buying flat from the builder they still do not have OC to a buliding which was ready on 2006.
may death befall all the member and realtives of the Gandhi family for cheating common people may they be stricken with aids, cancer and all all horrible diseases, I recently heard Lalit Gandhi has expired, may his sould burn in hell for cheating the people who put their trust in Lok group and are now denied flats
Be careful Testy! An undeserving curse can backfire. I hope n pray it dosent hit u back!
I know there have been issues about Lok in the past but I have hundreds other testimonials about customers who are happy and satisfied. (Pls note: I am not a customer, just an unbiased reporter who has reported about Lok in the past). But I do know (My relatives stay at Lok Everest and Lok Dhara) that things are on the mend. And all the issues...OC or otherwise happened not because of the wrong intention or misuse of the Gandhi name. I think they happened because of an economic crisis. And if that is the case ... shouldnt u be a bit careful about what u write?. Think about it.
Tina, it appears these hundreds of testimonials of satisfied customers is a myth, anyone who has dealt with Lok is aware of their business methods, ethics and practices, why even LOK employees admit that their projects never complete on time .

Its ok if the flat being purchased is for investment however for genuine home buyers LOK projects are bad builders to deal with.
As for the press there is only bad press regarding LOK everywhere you see, recently there was an article in Mumbai Mirror where LOK Raunak project was featured and the project seems to be delayed by 3 years, surely no economic crisis can be the reason for the delay that long.
Plus with recent news about the company trying to upsurp defence land in Malad, income tax evasion news, I am amazed at your defence of such unscrupulous people, are there any vested interests at work here ?
For Lok Builders, Lok Housing Lok Group, building residential buildings is not merely constructing concrete structures but it is also harrassing the buyers. Their projects are never completed on time. They have lousy management team to deal with. Do not directly buy from the Builders. At this particular time they do not have money and highly likely that thier projects will not start and complete. In past 4 years they do not have any projects going on. This company is as good as closed. They have sold most of thier land to show number in the topline. The son of Lalit C. Gandhi is hopeless and is spoiling the name of his father who was a very respected person. Since the time his son Darshan L. Gandhi has joined the company the compnay is not making losses. He has not managed the company properly and so the LOk Housing has come to brink of closing. Very small land bank is left and all of those are in despute.

I stay in Lok Vruksha ... though it look very long time for posseion the rooms are very big and loading is very less. The build up area is 850 but it look similar to 1050 sq feet of Kanakia in Pokran road II or 1100 sq ft of Hiranandani Medows. Loading is very less that is the best thing about the Lok Vruksha Apt. But we are still having disputes of extra money they took for maintenance and deposits etc and now they have no money to return.
My dear arindhamc, I just felt I had to reply (usually I dont bother but u were adamant on making it personal). In answer... when i talked of economic crisis i dint mean the country economy only. The said company is facing a financial crisis for which the present problems have generated and not because of money laundering. Project delays, income tax are a part of each and every business be it builders or salaried employees. And it is no myth abt the hundreds of satisfied customers. There is a complaint site but no 'satisfied'' site. If there were, it would prove to people like urself that all that u read in papers is not always the whole story. Chk any other builders site(I am a real estate reporter), u will find similar complaints...some genuine and some malicious. U fall in the category of gullible... who only believes what is read. The key thing before accusing anyones character is to get your facts right. As far as vested intersts are concerned... well... just think abt it..u accused a company by reading and forming ur own judgements without daring to learn the real truth and now u r having suspisions on me.. a perfect stranger!... Dosent that tell u something abt ur own character? Stop acting so childishly paranoid and dare to learn the facts. The real truth. We in media take an oath before entering the written world that we will examine our facts 10 times before maligning anyone. U should do it too.
I am a shareholder of Lok Housing. Recently I was attending their AGM and I have to say that I was very happy with the new management team. Mr. Darshan Gandhi(The new MD) is young and dynamic and humble. The last year has seen a tremendous resolve of most of their liabilities. The company is on the brink of a turnaround. Mr Darshan Gandhi is undoubtedly showing his IITian qualities and intelligence for taking the company forward. He is the best choice for leading the company in the new era. My compliments. Bravo.
Please let me know if anyone has any idea about the status of Lok Ishan in Malad (E). I have read that the area on which the project is to come up was mired in legal tangles. Now, Lok Housing says that the legal issues have been taken care of, but the Defence has gone to court against the project.
Ive got my doubts if lok ishan wud ever see the light of the day . .

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