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 b.anand sudharsanam
Even after the 2 years of the project launch, Mantri could not do anything with Hi tension wire which is going inside the Mantri Tranquil apartment complex. Not sure if they really have all the approvals for this project. You can see this hi tension wire in the mantri website itself under contruction status link. (in one of the photos it is visible)
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I am quite surprised now when I look at the amount of complaints that the Mantri Tranquil investors have on this. Though my brother and I are jouranlists and he has invested in this flat and also eagerly looking forward to move in, we did not know that this project was beseeched with so many problems. It is very frustrating that they have kept postponing their handover dates. We no doubt moved in late but how much of a bother must it be for those who have invested in this property nearly three years back. Also the high tension wire issue is still on, and from the recent letter sent to us it will be taken care of only by next June. When the project was started it was very clear that the high tension wire was there and it would cost health problems. In fact one of the engineers on the site himself was heard mentioning how tired he gets after working there and now he has suddenly realised it could be due to the high tension wire passing.
As you have righly pointed out a ISO9000 company should take care of all these issues and they should have had the grace to at least tell that they would pay us the penalty. On the contrary they talk like they have been doing us a favour as there is no escalation cost involved.
yes. its indeed frustrating that even after 3 yrs, the project is yet incomplete and high tension wire problem unresolved. the promoters have taken the investors for a ride.
Agree totally. There is a disdain for people who have reposed trust in the builder and the attitude smacks of occupants needing to be thankful to the big hearted builder who has deigned to build a shelter for lowly mortals. Shame on you mantri!
one mantra for mantri is... global slow down
dear all
I am aslo owning two houses, three years passed, the houses were not delivered, now that they have given still keeping their mistakes they are riding on us.
there is no club house now they are making temporary arrangement.
i am coming to bangalore on 31st and staying till 6th sept.

some were paid compensation and we are not paid.
there is suprrem court ruling that, the builder has to give even rent to buyer besides interest for causing inconvenience.

ashok kulkarni
anjani udyog ltd
mantri block- D-905 and E-805
Hi All,
Just a recent update... if you are owners of a flat in Mantri Tranquil, suggest you get on to search for Mantri Tranquil and register yourselves.

Yes, the problems are plenty and are infact increasing. HT line is still hanging... clubhouse construction is yet to start - no approval from BBMP. Swimming pool - digging is going on but no approval as yet. Landscaping is still at tortoise pace.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should just sell the flats I have invested in or wait and see what happens.

Get on to the commonfloor and get more updates...
Cheers !!!
Yes I agree, with the problems and not at all happy with the mantri Developors!!, They have not paid any compensation for the delay. and also lot of issues are still cropping up, It is a shame on Mantri..

Sewage Faulty — Incomplete work and Negligence by builder

We constructed a new house in June 2009 and according to plan, the septic tank is 4000 liters. Its got filled more than four times in the last 6 months. The house is in Madambakkam, East Tambaram.

I am unable to find out a solution. The engineer who constructed the house says:

1. The soil is rocky so theres no absorption of water.
2. The dimensions of the tank are 7*7*4 feet, Is this tank 4000 liters in capacity, with 9 inches wall around.
3. The tenant says, the bottom of the septic tank looks like cement and has no gravel. When asked the eng. he says, Its some lining and gravels are only for soak pits and not for septic tanks. They are only 4 people in the house, 2 adults and 2 children. They say, they do not pour any water into the latrine other than for latrine use.
4. Its such a nuisance to empty the septic tank once in a month.
5. Eng says there are 3 soak pits, one for each bathroom and one for the kitchen, So its only the water from the latrines that flow into the septic tank.

We have left 3 feet * 55 feet in the sides and the engineer says, he did not connect the septic tank to any other soak pit as theres no space.

Mantri Developers Private Limited claims to be a "quality" builder.
They have still not removed the High Tension cable from the Mantri Tranquil site where nearly 750 families live in a huge complex of 10 Towers (2 more under construction, practically touching the HT line) and soon there will be 1000 families living here at Mantri Tranquil. The residents have been fighting with Mantris for more than 5 years now and still without any signs of the HT lines being removed. This is gross negligence and callousness on the part of the so-called "quality" builder.
Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd is supposed to be a "quality" builder! Oh, really?
- So far 117 flats have their floor tiles popping off.
- More than 170 flats have complained that their toilet seats have broken. Mantri
Developers have installed a Sewage Treatment Plant under the residential towers
creating more than 60 dBA of noise level even at night in violation of KSPCB norms.
- Their maintenance crew shuts off the Water Treatment Plant without informing the
residents, pumping up raw tanker water, and it takes a week to 10 days before the
potability of the water is back to normal again.
- There are instances of gross violations of the National Building Code, Section 4
concerning Fire Safety. Staircases do not have the required width, K & L towers
have only one staircase each, instead of the stipulated two staircases; there is no
back up lighting of stairways in case of a fire at night, etc., etc
Can't we do something like Citizen Journalist on CNN IBN? They know the all the Mantri owners are paper tigers!!
I am a resident. Toilet seats are of poor quality. If you are 90+ in weight, toilet seats are sure to be broken. It is replace though with better quality ones, but there is pre-criteria: It should be broken and wait for 3-4 months. Waiting period is because there is no stock. Toilet seats are like best selling cars - have waiting period.
If this is the situation for toilet seats, one can think of how things of greater magnitude(High tension wire, tiles popping out, etc) are treated by Mantri.
Also, I am saddened by tiles popping out issue. Mantri's dont know the magnitude of mental harassment residents are going through. First, there is no clear cut idea about when the problem will be resolved. Second, the replacement is only for the tiles that has popped out. Third, it takes around a week for the work. And residents have to stay in the same house with all their furnitures and with kids around. Lot of dust, dirt lying around.
In Mantri Tranquil, the number of issues to be resolved by Mantri (2, 000+) has surpassed the number of flats (1, 300+) constructed by Mantri developers.

As a Flat owner and resident, we have bought the flat and also inhertied the problems and mess created by Mantri. We have bought the flat, but lost the peace of mind :-(
We believed that Mantri is a good builder with, experience, expertise and knowledge in constructing residential complexes.
They don't even know, how to buy a quality western toilet sets, toilet seats broken within 6 months of moving. - Here, Mantri proveed that they don't have any expertise. They are as good as a layman constructing house (new kind in the block!!)

Flooring and roofing are the work delivered by the experienced workers in construction industry. The floor tiles are popping up, within 1.5 years - Mantri has proved once again that they don't have any experience in judging the quality of work delivered. They just outsourced it to third-party and simply watch. Zero experience.

-You can laugh at this fact. I was interacting with one of the cloth ironing guys in Mantri Tranquil, and i was asking him, what were you doing before this job. He was telling me that he was doing tiles work in the complex. Now that the tiles work is over, he moved into an employer taken up cloth ironing contract in J tower. Now, you can judge the quality of flooring work delivered by Mantri.

When I heard about the conditions of the equipments for sewage water plant, water treatment plant, rain water harvesting and solar panels in the complex. There is no intent to deliver good job, they did it for the sake of it (name K vasthay). There is no knowledge they brought into the table. We have paid for all these things; it’s not something they are offering free. It is absolute cheating, after collecting money, if you don't deliver fair job (if not good job), it is really sad with this builder.

This builder need to know, just building the brand and doing enough marketing doesn't help in long run. For any business, it’s the customer and customer satisfaction (CSAT) counts a lot for the consistent performance and survival. The customer movement should prove a lot to these business houses in India.
Mantri, such reputed builders, thier cliche line is, most of sale is from referrals.
Based on this confidence and earlier experince of Mantri Residency, bought Mantri Tranquil. Also referred to further friends and relatives.
And just in a year experiencing tiles popping up, water seepage, toilet seats breaking.
Then the delay and worse quality when they come to repair.
Can you'll believe they are replacing with tiles of different colours.
After paying for a premium flat and getting the interiors done, I now have to live in a house with different colured tiles.
God only knows what more to discover.
And the HT line when ot would get removed.
And when we would get our khata's
The high tension cables were to go a long time ago. The way they have built around them, it looks like they are there to stay for sure.
yes iam the owner of one of the flat in mantri tanquill, as promised the builder is not taking any necessary steps all should be carefull with this promised, as whenever we approach the staff people say he is busy,

i urge we should some immediate action on this

all should kindly co-operate
Hello All,

I am a non-residing owner of an apt in Mantri Tranquil. Is there any update on the BDA approval of the site and the payment of betterment charges?

I have written this space in 2011 about Mantri developers and their emotional and financial damage to the Mantri Tranquil flat owners. Most of the problems like High Tension wire moving in the middle of the complex still there and it is not removed. MD of Mantri assured in 2010 in person to all the residents/owners that he will take necessary steps to remove this HT line. Nothing moved and we are in 2013. The issues of tiles popping up in each flat is increasing, the kind of flooring work they delivered is sub-standard. My neighbours have to completely change the flooring tiles (on their own cost) to resolve this issue permanently.

Propcare, which the facility management company owned by Mantri developers didn't maintain the assets in an approriate manner and damaged some of the common assets of the apartment complexes. We as flat owners are suffering now. There is not even a single effort from the builders to regain the confidence and trust of the flat owners (their customers) in last 3 years, where the association is following up with them on each and every line item to be completed by Mantri developers, the timelines and excuses just moves on to new date/time. There are so many issues and not / half completed work in the complex. but builder is not thinking to set things right. Just to give an example, The back gate is not constructed fully, left the way it is. The commuting roads are not fully completed, becoz, they have problem in constructing one more tower.

Simple things like name tranfer of BESCOM connection is not done for all the residents, eventhough they are around for 3 years to so called maintaining the property. It is done for few and not for others

Khata transfer no progress.

Now they are delaying the refund of the maintenance deposit collected from all the residents. Future customers beware!

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