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The kolangal serial is one of the popular one while it get started.years are moving but the story stands in the same place.my mom will watch this serial very interstingly before.but now she is not at all interested.if we put that serial also she doesnt want to watch it.i agree with mariathass that all actors and actress are working hard.but the story should also move more fast.By making the serial more longer and longer, people avoid watching this serial.Must take effort to make the serial "come back" to the form.Most of the peoples avoid watching this serial in our area.please stop telecasting this serial without abi.Director tiruchelvam should understand onething.Every channel has a competition in telecasting the interesting serial.They skip up to other serials which is more interesting.the Director does not know how to utilise the oppourtunity to get the serial telecasted in sun tv.just wasting 15mts in telecasting this serial.if the channel telecast some other program in this time it would be better.which is one of the most popular one in and around india.he spoils the channel name too...this is not only my thought.When all o[censored]s form group, they will discuss about the serials telecasted in every channel.in which this serial gets the last place.Mr.tiruchelvam is loosing the kolangal fans Day by day.

Thank you,
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Aug 14, 2020
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Yes i agree to the above comment. Kolangal is dragging day by day and abhi disappears suddenly and we don't know where the story goes. Tirushelvam is just adding some masala to the existing story and i cannot stand Adhi's acting. It's the same acting every day no changes. I believe the serial should be completed soon otherwise as u said people will stop watching the serial completely. So Thiruselvem please bring abhi back to the serial soon !
Horrible serial ever found on earth. my peace of advice to Sun TV viewers, as it is now almost all people ahve stopped watcvhing this serial. I requet the remaining people also not to watch this stupid serial. My request to sun tv is pl. utilise this time for any other sensible serial.
Mr.Thiruchelvam shows the same expression for all type of emotions.His face is woodden most of the time.Also when he takes one idea, we know that 3 to 4 episodes he will continue on that idea alone.There is no plausible/logical explanations for many things.Totally the serial is drifting. It is very clear that Thiruselvam does not know how to carry on or how to end . It seems he is confused. That is why he brings in new things and fills up many episodes.I do not know how Sun TV gets the rating for this serial.
Kolangal serial is Utter waste! How long to prolong. Abhi went to USA for 2 months. but actually returned actulally after 3 full calender months! is th director joking? watch-out. Other channels are catching on fast. Mr. thiruselvam - use your brains otherwise your next serial will not be watched at all!
This serial is the worst serial that had been telecast by Sun Tv. It is boring and dragging. You can miss several episodes and yet follow the story. It is pity that Sun TV is telcasting this stupid serial in prime time. It is known fact that Abhi will emerge victorious and why drag the story. It is clear that the director is going with the serial without any direction. He has already left several loose ends and he cannot correlate the events. At last the serial will come to an abrupt end. Sponsors do not waste your money on this silly serial.

there is no need of your(tholgapian) flash back in "kolangal".

There is no story at all. You are just dragging it.

try to finish the serial as early as possible
pls make adhi-usha to join both have love inside them and r a good pair .this rekha's true colors should be known by adhi
You know why kolangal is not ending?
The anser is in the tiltle song itself...


so kolam azhiyadhu
that is the moral of the story
This serial is dragging too much. It is high time this serial is ended. Abhi has the same expression throughout the serial. It is high time the serial is running out of ideas, and the director is acutually running out of fresh ideas. Mr. Thiruselvam please end the serial and save us and do a favour to Sun TV viewers by ending the serial
I never came across such a worst serial in my life.. It started when i entered my college.Now i have graduated and started working also..Its still going on.. I dont know wot the heck the director thinks..He just dragging it like china wall..I request Sun Tv to stop dis serial and put some other good program during this time.
It is one of the worst serial. Thols please dont waste our precious time. you are purposefully dragging the serial. I want you to read this blog. Please end this serial.. It has almost lost its shrine..
your serial is so boring and very stupid sentiment !!!
please end this serial .and please throw a way aathi's mother and abi's mother from the serial!!!
Kolangal is being dragged and diverted as such, making fool of its viewers. The most notorious character Dhilla has come back yesterday. His over-actions and silly behavior makes us just to switch off the tv. We have decided to switch off the tv between 9.00 to 9.30 pm. Instead we have planned to spend time as a family discussing something else. Mr. Thiruc, helvam doesn't know how to proceed and is confused.

How long will Adhi's character behave as such? That poor fellow will surely get high Blood Pressure. Mr. Adhi take care of your health. don't act in such characters for long. Very silly.

What has Usha achieved ? nothing but wearing jeans and tops and lot of ear rings! shame ! no work for u.

Abhi, Ananthi and Usha are destroying the family values of Tamil culture. Is it that all business ladies and aspiring women enterpreneurs should lose family life, rather destroy family values? Are married business women unsuccessful in family life? Very awkward!

Mr. Thiruchelvam, compared to your act in this serial, we enjoyed your act in Metti oli. (though silly, atleast we could laugh on your jokes then)

Please stop it
Dear Mr.Tiruselvam,
I am not a regular viewer of TV serials thou some members of my family do watch your Kolangal. I happended to see an episode which made some sense to what a group of people are doing in my city.It is an episode where you take abhi to a a special school.I am a volunteer and well wisher in one such school in Coimbatore called "Rashmika School for learning and counselling which is run with Technical Assistance of Madras Dyslexia Association and similar to the school shown in your serial we are also looking for funds to have our own place.I am making an appeal to people at large to contribute for a cause as under with a request to you also to help Rashmika.Besides monetary help you can also appeal to people at large especially the people of coimbatore to Contribute liberally for the School in your serial. I will apreciate a line in reply in this regard.


I am associated with " Rashmika" for the last six years .I request you to kindly go through the attachment. when the management of the school came up with a proposal to own a school building, I felt that as a volunteer and well wisher of the school i should do something to help them raise funds for building their own school for the benefit of not only 135 special children who are on roll but much more such children waiting to join the school but unable to join in as result of lack of space and poor infra-structure. The school is presently running in rented premises with not much facility and no room for any expansion. The place is already very congested housing more than130 children, 30 members of staff who include special educators, teachers, helpers and occupational therapists.The children here fall in the category of children with Dyslexia, Autism, Down syndrome, ADD, ADHD and slow learners.

I am one who strongly feels that just because the children of Rashmika are special they should not be deprived of the comforts and facility enjoyed by a normal kid in a regular school. Therefore, I earnestly appeal to all of you to contribute for this cause any amount which can be paid by you with ease as I firmly believe in " Little drops of water make a mighty ocean".

The contributions can be made by way of Cash, Cheque/DD. Cheque/DD may be drawn in favour of " Raskha Building Fund A/c." as the school has started a separate account with the bank for this purpose.All contributions will be properly acknowledged by the School authorities.Further, please try to help the school by spreading this message to your friends, relatives, philanthropists and all others who wish to help and contribute for a cause.

Please feel free to write to know more details about the functioning of the school and the activities carried on therein.The school is now closed for summer vaccation. People interested in helping the school can visit the school with prior appointment in June 2009 for checking the authenticity, assessing and evaluating the need..

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
5, Eleventh Street,
Tatabad, Coimbatore-641012
Tamilnadu, South India.

Mobile No[protected][protected]

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Kolangal is really a worst serial which i nvr came across in my life... at first i love to watch the serial without fail but as its dragging day by day...i really lost interest in it... even Ahbi has given birth to 2 kids, but the serial has no ends... Please kindly look into it... KOLANGAL IS A SUPER BORED SERIAL...
Hello thiruselvam sir.
*Before that its very interesting 2 see that serial, now its boring...
*There is no proper story at all, ther is no logic in that serial...
* Abhi has the same expreesion throughout the serial...


its a meaningful serial...bt pls don't drag it...abhi and usha r gd frs...
Kolagal is very long episodes. Aati love usha very much but now he love Rekha, Menaka is too bad story.
Abhi never win in this serial because serial is never end life long.what a bore serial kolanga. all are marry two two times.story changing and serial is soo bore.please end the kolangal serial soon. If you never ending this serial than serial is so bore.Please i request you Mr.Thiruselvamsir end the kolangal serial.
Thiruchelvem you are a real . I consider you a number 1 . I have a doubt do you really know how to direct a serial. In your serial what are you really proving. Are you a hero, villain or comedian. To my understanding all three post you never fit in and the only post that suit you very well is being a stupid director. Stop your drama and do something else better. Don't jump into the field that you are not well verse. I recommend you a job how to pass time, if you are married stay at home and wash your wife clothes and if you are not married stay home and whole day eat lolly pop.

Sun tv is a disgrace to you for broadcasting this kind useless serial anyway most the entertainment or serial show you broadcast are all waste of time. Employ smart people in your tv and produce some real entertainment and quality show like other tv are doing. Wake up sun tv.

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