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The kolangal serial is one of the popular one while it get started.years are moving but the story stands in the same mom will watch this serial very interstingly before.but now she is not at all interested.if we put that serial also she doesnt want to watch it.i agree with mariathass that all actors and actress are working hard.but the story should also move more fast.By making the serial more longer and longer, people avoid watching this serial.Must take effort to make the serial "come back" to the form.Most of the peoples avoid watching this serial in our area.please stop telecasting this serial without abi.Director tiruchelvam should understand onething.Every channel has a competition in telecasting the interesting serial.They skip up to other serials which is more interesting.the Director does not know how to utilise the oppourtunity to get the serial telecasted in sun tv.just wasting 15mts in telecasting this serial.if the channel telecast some other program in this time it would be better.which is one of the most popular one in and around india.he spoils the channel name too...this is not only my thought.When all o[censored]s form group, they will discuss about the serials telecasted in every which this serial gets the last place.Mr.tiruchelvam is loosing the kolangal fans Day by day.

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Aug 14, 2020
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Some on in tamil nadu help thiruselvam how to proceed the serial to the next step. I think he is confuse even his own brother who had succeed in his own serial do not want to give a hand. He knows the serial is already in a . Abi i am very disappointed with your acting in this serial. You always talk but no action. Your name is down now compared to before when you were acting in the movie so don't spoil your name by further acting and many like you to stop in this useless serial. Go on do something worth that bring up you name. Some nice character are dead in this serial why don't you make yourself and abi as a dead person then you will see how many people really enjoy the serial.

Thiruselvam just a reminder don't go to any stage to boast yourself because it is confirm you will get a rotten egg as a welcome gift. So stay at home and watch cartoon and you know something even cartoon are more enjoyable to watch at this age. Take care thiruselvam
Iam not a regular person watching this Kolangal serial but whenever i watch that serial we can understand because all are doing the same reactions So please stop the serial and telecast some other interesting stories.
Plz stop telecasting this serial...
Its really very boring...
No one in this world would have ever and never suffered lik Abhi...
It doesn't seem realistic at all...
I cant tolerate Adhi character...
Loving brother's wife and killing him... Its better to finish it off as soon as possible...
Dear Tiruselvam,
You are having a golden egg like Sun gaints in the slot.Why the heck you dont seem to understand?
The serial is boring, aweful, worst.where is the story ...hope you read many many forums like this so you can change direction.Please stop this bull immediately.Cant bear nay more.This is depressing to see you are using Actress devyani for this stupid character.She is not expressing Her side is very weak alwasy.What happened to the character menaka, Where is this Drug addict, Please stop You dont now what you are doing to others...Adhi's character is much better than yours.
You are killing us daily...i hate sun tv because of you...Go away please go away...

Devyanai kindly stop acting this stupid serial it does not suit you...Manjal magimai was much better...choose your directors always.

Mr.thols infactyour name is Thola kapian ...and your serial name is Aliyatha kolangal.

Stop! I myslef had written mails to sun tv to stop this it immediate...
mr tthiru selvam, please spare us the torture called have made switching on tv at 9 an absolute no no. do you think we are all fools ? what are you showing ? are you in your senses? does devayani have nothing better to do? stop this nonsense at once
Mr. Thiru Selvam,

Are you really a director? I doubt so, because you just give problems to only good people always. i think you enjoy it.

Mrs. Devayani, please stop acting in this serial. You will never win Aditya and your family members who are going against you now.

Mr. Director, please please stop this bloody nonsense serial, which has no sense at all. You should be professional always in your work but don't make public fools by taking these kind of serials.
No matter what you guys complaint or giving bad/sarcastic remarks its not going to change anything till the serial come to an end. One of the fact is that the serial director which is thiruselvam nick name drug addict is a real dump who has no sense of humour so the only way I can think of is stop watching that stupid serial.

To all viewers spend your quality time wisely and there are more interesting show in other channels and tv's.
Kolangal is becoming worst serial nowadays.Please take effort to finish it off.If it goes longer the name of Deivayani and Sun tv name will get spoil.


I am from Pune, and this serial is one of the most boring awefull serial. The Director is not in a position to do value addition to the society, at least he should not repeatedly show negativities, which the entire serial has in abundance. As it is, we all have so many problems of our own, and watching such serials, gives more of head aches, it is request to the SUN T.V. Channel to immediately stop telecasting such kind of serials. We the job goers, who come home after a hectic day's work would want some light entertainment, not such a serial, wherein tears, scheming up, spitting hatered, killings, dirty games of politics, are repeatedly tele-cast. Earnest request to stop tele-casting these kind of serials immediately. Let there be value addition to the society, as T.V. is a multi media and people including kids tend to learn from this very fast, please have some value addition done to the society. Let us strife towards having a good society, with love and peace and not this kind of serials.
Kolangal serial indeed spoil the hindu culture. Nobody can understand what is the story and how it will end.Everybody started hating the serial kolangal.Devayani`s makeup and overaction is untollerable. THUKLKAPIAN in short he is called by THULLS is very bad word in KANNADA.who are watching our tamil serials also. THULLU in kannad is name of the PRIVATE PART OF THE FEMALES.I brought to the notice of this matter to SUN TV, but gone vain.
U are correct .I think Thiruselvam want guiness world record to continue till his death and give to his son and say please son continue this its your job to make the Viewers Mental and increase Their Bp.
Mr Depak I agree with your comments 100%. I hope thiruselvam son should not continue the serial. Thiruselvam had prove to everybody he is an so what do you think his son will be. The saying goes like father like son. The serial must end with thiruselvam.
Yes, this serial is becoming endless and boring. Even if you skip watching it for a week, you don't feel having missed anything ! The characterisation and the scenes are turning an insult to our intelligence. The look in my friends' and relatives' faces when I mention to them that I watch Kolangal is something which I would like to forget. I think the producer and director should learn from serials like " Enge Brahmanan ", " Jannal ", Engiruntho Vandal " etc, which were upto the point and completed within reasonable time frame.
Kolangal is the worst serial that i have ever seen. It's sooooo stupid. Nowadays, serial is very slow. They show to many advertisements and not the serial. I dont know why Menaka came in the middle and now she dissappeared. In the serial abhi's mother she always used to cry i get sooo irritated when i see that lady. Adhi's just knows only to shout. This serial is going for about 4 years there is no end. I dont know when this serial will be over. GOD KNOWS!
Mr.Boreselvam(Thiruselvam), Koolam potathu poothum, konjam nirutharenegala.
What is the story about?
Already there was one CBI handling the case about Menaka, but now another comedy CBI was introduced..
Commisioner gave some work to that Bharathi regarding Menaka Case but he is not doing that work inspite he is always sitting with Anandhi...
What is going on in this serial?
Where that Tholkappian and that Menaka went?
Why that Abhi again joined with Nalini?
This serial is becoming very very worst...
Pls stop this serial so that all will be very happy...
kolangal is very world worst and bore serial, it's wasting the time, i will get very irritate to watch that serial, thiruselvam is one director, he doesn't have brain and sense long this serial is going on, he should learn from others serial director, how many good serial is there, but not like this bore serial, this serial is spoiling our culture, stop this worst serial ...
What do you think a clown, drug face, no sense of humour, thick skin, insufficient of knowledge, low IQ and etc etc etc... is a directoer of a serial. Well the result is kolangal.
It moves in less speed than snail. I was watching once daily but now only in 15 days it speaks poor about our police talent, poluce can not be at the feet of adhi aiways
Last 4 episodes were wasted in only showing the chase between Thozhar and the Billa gang. Why could he not have contacted any other number than Abi's when there was no response ? Is it that none of his own comrades has any cell phone ? It is a deliberate attempt to drag the serial beyond one's comprehension. Whatever happened to the musician lover of Menaka Is he not concerned about her disappearance ? I think Tholkappian and Menaka have gone for a long trip outside the country and just to cover up their absense the whole thing is being stretched to ridiculous lengths. It is high time that Sun TV puts an end to this serial somehow . I suggest that this may be done by subjecting all scheming evil characters in the serial to some sudden accidental death and blaming it on God with an ending slogan that it is all His Kolangal!!

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