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[Resolved]  Misty Abacus Pvt. Ltd — Fraud Company

Dear Sir,

I was a Ex-employee of this Faud Co. . Misty Abacus has not taken any service tax no which is mandatory.
Not only this, this co. has a debt of many lakh to different people.
Infact they are not in a position to pay the salary to even their employees.
So I advice all people to not deal with this co. in any form.

Misty Abacus Pvt. Ltd is a fraud company whose owner Mr. Prafulla Verma (Satish Verma & Ankita & KM) iare cheater who is even not in a position to pay salary to his employees.

These people also cheat parents so plz dont send ur kids to their abacus centre.

These people will have work from you for two or three months without giving any salary and then they will kick off you.


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Aug 14, 2020
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I totally agree with what the above person says. I was in touch with them for the past 6 months to start a franchisee. I got the ad. from Woman's Era. I did all the ground work and tried my best to check if they were good. At that time they always suggested to me that they were good and had a very great reputation. I paid up the franchisee fee. They got me in touch with Virtual Academics and they promised to run the show from then on. But once the money reached Misty, they vanished.

My repeated attempts to reach employees of the company failed. Infact, the office in Barton center in Blore was closed and all employees had quit by then. The company CEO Mr Prafulla Verma washed his hands off the issue saying it wasnt his responsiblity. Wonder what kind of CEO he is!!! He was very very clear that no refund will happen and he also suggest we shud try and trace Virtual Academics, even though our receipt of payment of franchisee fee was with Misty Abacus.It is only then that I realised that I had been tricked by the fraud company.

All my hard earned money is down the drain now. I am at my wits end. I have not even got any service or support they promised and no refund.

My sincere advice to anyone who wants to have any kind of dealing with these guys is, DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALING WITH MISTY, THEY ARE CHEATS !!!

I am trying hard to get my money back. Any suggestions?
hi Ex franchisee what i can do .. i can provide the address of prafulla verma ..u can make a FIR against this person.
I[censored] need u can mail at sameer.[protected]
he lives near west uttam nagar and right now he is hiding from every one.

Dear Mr.Malhotra,

Great to see you here.It is my moral duty to say that you was never our employ and all words you say that is 100% worng and bessless.My mobile no is[protected] if some one search me then just give him for prompt action.Please give publicly your complete address and phone number so public can trust on ypur words.Other wise i personally suggest you that please don't think over smart.Our all or any enquirer are know the fact and they never believe in your BAKWAAS.For your information in future write only Mr Satish Kumar not Satish Verma.It is for all the public i say that company was never closed in past.
Prafulla Verma
336/2nd Floor, Sant Nagar,
New Delhi-110065.
Mr Prafuula,
It is good to see you on this forum because normally you can not be find in office as all the creditors are demanding for their money and it is really next to impossible to catch you.

If you really concerned about the truth of address and my mobile no. then why don't you give your home address near somewhat janakpuri in delhi so that all people can ask for their hard earned money which is taken by you by providing wrong info. about your company.

If you really speaking truth why do you take all your new customers to few selected centres like gurgaon, preet vihar.???
Bcoz you know the reason that these are the only good centres with you and your mosty centres have just 15-20 students in their centres .

Why dont you provide your actuall no. of franchisees with their addresses as you wrongly misguide the people by claiming more than 280 franchisee ???

Why dont you fullfill your commitment of providing 40 students to each centre ?????

Why your employees always feel cheated as you kick off them after each 2 or 3 months without paying them any salary ????

If this is also BAKWAAS then we are waiting for your ans Mr Prafulla and one thing more write in proper english because it took me a lot of time to understand your msg. Atleast it was not expected from a CMD of a company

and finally thanks for correcting me Satish verma as Satish kumar .. i am sorry for that.

Thanks & Regards

Rajeev Malhotra
Dear Mr. Rajiv ?????????? I am sorry Mr. Sameer as you mentioned in your email address.

It is nice to see how peple throw mud on others and save guard themselves concealing their identity.

If one goes through your comments, it is verymuch evident howmuch truth is there in it. I need not add more to that.

Rest with respect my english, it is only medium of conveying one's thought and could see my anguish that atleast i dared to address your grouse, never mind if you have the courage like me you should have come out with your address and phone numbers so that people could talk to you and could get the same verified from you.

However thanks for the publicity and I have learnt one thing it is easy to malign any one over internet and such situation less said is more for people like you.


Prafulla Verma
New Complaint against Misty Abacus by AJAY SHARAD YEOLE
Misty abacus pvt ltd
Posted:[protected] by AJAY SHARAD YEOLE Send email

ISO certification claim bogus
The companys claim that it is an ISO[protected] company is a fraud. They have not replied to my mail asking them to give their certifcation details(which they claim on their Home page?)Here is an extract from the website:-

Oblasť platnosti/scope of certification:

C'mmon Mr Prafulla don't try to change the topic and answer the simple qtns asked by me and regarding my name.. can't you see i am writing it as rajeev Malhotra you try to find the people from their mail-id, it can be of someone else ??? Don't try to be smart and answer all the qtns if you really want to prove ... We all know you are answer less.
Dear All consumer of India,

This is to inform you all that Misty Abacus Academy Pvt.Ltd. is big Fraud Company they dont have any service tax number, and praful verma is the CEO of the company who sent in Jail Before 2 Years ago and spent 1 year in jail due to His Bad and froud activity, h had not paid salary to His staff before or today also, due to his behavour, after releasing from Jail he did not stop his work ( Like Fraud), he has several cases in different states, due to His Misty Abacus Pvt. Ltd.

even they had a around fourteen cases against of Paraful Verma in mumbai, Juhu police station, (b4 this they was running the company which name was kalcomp system Pvt. mumbai) as cheating and froud cases.
kindly save the inocent people from there.

we all are request you to please verify this company's all details and save little childrens from them.
Virtual Academics which is running their office from Sahara Hotel also seems to be a big fraud company.

They have purchased goods from us on credit and after postponing our payments tilldate now it seems that they have run away. The diamond center at Sahara Hotel seems to be closed for virtuals.

Even, only 2-3 persons were seating at their office and we think they must not have paid to them also.
I will not say much but I can prove Prafulla Verma is professional cheater and criminal.

He has cheated in mumbai, pune Delhi & Bangalore with more then Rs.80cores
Mumbai CCB branch any many other state police is search of him
People know only Misty Abacus P LTD, virtual academics limited & kalcomp systems P LTD but he has created many more companies for doing fraud and criminal work

In his reply in this forum he has ask some people to give the address and phone
So people to believe them but fact is that he will threat them

Below I am sending the news, which was published in Indian Express march 28 2007 so people can believe the fact

Ins officials say accused cheated news publications of over Rs.6 core in ad revenue

Accredited ad agencies conned police arrest 2 look for 5 others

Smita nair
Mumbai mach 28

The economic offences wing (EOW) of the mumbai police is investigating a con job spanning five states over nearly three years and involving at least six Men and a woman who cheated 25 news publication of advertising revenue amounting to more then Rs.6 core and bankrupted several accredited advertising agencies. The size of scam be came apparent as investigators probed deeper after the first arrest by the eow on January 24 kriashan Mohan and alok dalmia are presently judicial custody charged with cheating forgery and creating false document five others are named in the case Prafulla verma mukesh chopra vibhay agrawal Anjani Ray, Jayswal and Ankita mohan all five are on the run there are similar complaints against the accused register at oshiwara police station said additional commissioner of police (EOW) SV date the economic offences wing got involved after A Dadar based agency filed a complaint with us investigations are in progress “
The EOW has found that accused had started their operation in mumbai a year before ad operating out of makeshift office in oshiwara and Andheri

According to EOW and Indian news paper society (INS) official the seven accused took advantage of the 60 day credit facility that news papers and magazines offer to advertising agencies which are accredited with INS the accredited agencies also received a standard 15 per cent commissions from the newspapers on the total bill

The EOW probe has found that accused forged relationship with mid-size accredited advertising agencies across mumbai, suburbs claiming they have established network which will ensure they got bulk business from non accredited agencies as they enjoy 60 day credit facility

The accused also promised a higher commission –25 per cent. In all cases the bait was advertisement assignment for up coming resort apparently being developed by a company GSM private limited the accused claim to have floated as the accredited agencies prepared advertisement for the resort they were given bulk advertisement for the others services and companies these advertisement got published in the newspapers. The accused would collect the money from the clients (companies) or non-accredited agencies but not pass it on to the accredited agencies. In turn the accredited agencies are unable to PAY the newspapers many agencies went bankrupt and lost their accreditations say ins official adding that by the accused bounce they have left the scene according to pawan chopra Secretary general INS new Delhi at least nine reputed accredited agencies across country were served with noticed of disaccreditation after they failed to clear the outstanding credit. He said the loss of ad revenue to publication is over 6 crore
The scam according to INS credit monitoring records seems to date back 2004 when chandigarh based agency Mohit advertising floated by director Prafulla verma and shikha verma ___ defaulted in the payment of tune Rs.1.4 crore. And with that starting defaults in the payment to leading newspapers by accredited agencies across north India who alleged that they had been cheated by Prafulla verma and Krishna Mohan in one instance Mohan introduced himself to Delhi based kolson advertising whose clients include Akai, Videocon and kinetic
The accused allegedly offered to buy the agency and the meantime got it to release advertising worth lakh through them. They also convinced the firm to open a branch in mumbai as they promised business from new territories

The advertisement were placed the client’s payment were collected by Mohan but the money never reached to kolson finally at the time of payment to the tune of Rs.3.7 crore to the newspapers. Mohan had fled

Another agencies in Patna suffered huge losses after Gold Diggers an agency floated by Mohan field with lakhs. According to ins official they keep switching identities so every time they float a new company there is planned pattern that follow to dupe agencies”

The bail application of the Mohan and Dalmia will come up for hearing tomorrow in the city court[prote...

Mr Verma

I have more then this what you can think

For others

Please share the all information related to this case so culprit will behind bar & ask any information which can help you to prove him as culprit

Write to my email ID [protected]
I have Some contacts for Virtual Academics if you want !!

They were running business from

1st Floor, Diamond Business Centre, Sahara Star Hotel, Near Domestic Airport, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai- 400099
Mr.Imran Khan - [protected] (Responsible for Admin and HR)

Mr. Avinash - [protected] (Responsible for Admin)

[protected] - Unknown person from same company

Mr. Anupam Bhardwaj - CEO
Ms. Ankeeta - Priciple Director

Now they have vanished from Mumbai address however some managemt team is in Dehradun office these days.

Office is in Tagore villa, Dehradun !!
Misty Abacus Pvt Ltd is surely involved in fraudulent practices by adopting various names.

In Dehradun they committed fraud to the tune to Rs. 10 lacs in the name of “Virtual Academics Limited”.
Mr. Anupam Bharadwaj & Ms. Ankeeta were involved for Dehradun fraud.

On verification to their deception in the website of Company Law Board it translucent that they uses different names such as the Director & CEO – Mr. Anupam Bhardwaj signed as Mr. Anupam Bhardwaj in the documents of the company “Misty Abacus Pvt Ltd” whereas he signed as “Mr. Anup Bharadwaj” in the documents of the company “Emerge Professional’s Management Senate Pvt Ltd”
Same as Ms. Ankeeta sign as Ms. Ankita some where and Ms. Ankeeta some where.

We have checked the website of Company Law Board & found that no company is formed by the name “Virtual Academics Limited”.

It was rightly warned by Mr. Himanshu in advance that they are present in Dehradun.

Now I advise people to be cautious & alert as they must be looking for a new city & new people to cheat.
Further they had plans to open up in KOTA, Meerut, Agra as during our only meeting they talked about manpower hiring in these regions.

Poeple from these regions can easily Trace them !!
Started their office (only for name sake) in may09. Purchsed 20-22 Desktop LCD Computers, 4-5 black berry phones. (Persons Involved - Anup Bhardvaj, Ankit Krishna Mohan and bloody Arun kumar). They have also purchased School T-shirts, Caps, bags, Books etc.. All the goods were puechased on 2-3 months credit period. As their mind was culprit they were asking all the vendors to even charge some more price but forced them to supply at credit terms giving the reason that the company is new. But everyone now knows that they never wanted to pay but wanted to runaway with in 2-3 months without paying anybody. Even I have heard that they have not paid to any of their Mumbai employees but on the contrary they have used their mobile phones to make local and STD calls. All these above name 3 bloodies used to travel by flight which was booked thru travel agents. (no need to tell that the agents are also not paid for these). They hired their employees by one consultant "Mafoi" who is also not paid his consultancy fees. They were staying in 5 star hotel to attract good people & vendors and were telling that will buy office at powai/BKC/Worli etc. But the other reson 4 staying in hotel is they were paying hotel charges by credit card but I think they have not paid the Credit Card bills. Even the possibility is they must have paid from any employees credit card who must be crying at this moment. (may not have got his salary but on the contrary will have to pay from his pocket for Credit card bill)

The main story is about their last day at the hotel (As told to me by the hotel reception):

One fine morning they made a story that all (4 to 5) laptops have been stolen from the hotel premises. (Actually anup & ankita booked a room on the previous night in the same hotel and transfered the laptops to their room from the diamond room). Than they complained to hotel mgt about the theft and asked them to check in their CC TV camera. (Here their intention was to check wether they themselves have been caught in the CC TV or not). But the hotel mgmt was smart and they informed that they can not show the CC TV footage to them but they will check it them selves. After some time hotel mgmt denied to show the CC TV footage to Anup but asked them to lodge a police complaint and informed that they will show the footage only to the police. (No nned to say that hotel persons may have found anup or ankita transfering the laptops than making all these drama). The reception told me that when mr. anup went to complain to the airport police station, the plolice instead of accepting his complaint arrested him 4 wrong complaints and for fraud as there were already 4 to 5 complaints lodged against him for cheating the vendors.

The above may be a game plan and fraud for some money but these bloddy people don't understand what could happen to those poor vendors and employees. In this recession many vendors are anyway incurring losses and these bloddy are cheating them only to add burden. The worst case is with the employees: they must have left their good job and might have joined this company for better future but this bloody people don't think all these. They just want to enjoy with money by pushing many persons in to troble and depression.

Be careful.

My sincere request to
Mr. Anup, Arun kumar & Ms. Ankita

Please stop playing with poor and innocent people for all the wrong money but use your mind in some positive business so that you can also earn abd along with you youe employyes and vendors also earn something.
I Know i m speaking cheap... But i believe infact i wish Prafulla's Daughter "MISTY" on whose name he has ruined many homes will suffer definitely in her future bcoz of her DAD.
I daily wish from GOD so that later Praffula realises his mistake.
Let's pray
dear allcustomerand fr This is to inform you that Mr prafulla verma is a Big fraud, cheater and wanted
Dear All Sufferers,

Can any body share the details or whereabouts of Anup Bhardwaj.

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