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[Resolved]  Naidu Government Hospital — Swine Flu H1N1

Hello Sir / Ma'am
I am having severe Cough and Cold, so I went for a check up at Naidu Hospital, Near Le Meridian Hotel Pune India at 5 pm 03-Aug-09. Two persons were sitting idle there. When I asked for a check up for Swine Flu H1N1 they started finding link do I have any contact with Swine Flu person & and they said no for check up, I was ready to pay for it but they bluntly said NO. How would I know a person is affected with Swine Flu or not. This is really ridiculous & worst part is only they have facility to do Check up for Swine Flu in Pune. Indian government has no money to serve their citizens even if citizens are ready to pay for their health, Indian Government is really poor taking chance on citizen's life.
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Aug 13, 2020
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I wish I die untreated
(Better never than late or incorrect)

Pune, 17 August 2009: Pandemic (H1N1) is in the air for quite sometime now. India marching towards being “Developed Nation”, I live in dismay.

Aug 8: I have been suffering from mild fever, soar throat and body pain for few days now, maybe it is because of the sudden climatic change... In the lazy evening, resting in bed, I came to know that a senior management of our company has been infected with H1N1 (Swine flue). Am I also H1N1 positive? - “Naah, he sits around three meters away from me. I need not panic”, is what I said myself.

Aug 9: My boss who spends some quality time discussion various aspects with him decided to undergo a test. I waited for him to confirm on his report before deciding on my course of action. As a safety measure for all, I decided to skip work for a day.

Aug 11: Before I got off the bed, I got a call from my boss that he together with another person from our office, both of who sits around half a meter away from me are both +ve for H1N1. Gosh, damn, I need to work on this... I decided to rush to the nearest hospital for a test.
I went to the Naidu Govt. Hospital (recognized and authorized by Govt. for Swine flu testing) to get myself tested. After hours in the queue, I got my chance to see a doctor, to get myself screened. I told him of the mild symptoms I had and also that I have being in direct contact with three persons who have been tested positive, I wish to undergo the test. He refused saying that I had no need for a test. I insisted on getting myself tested and finally he agreed to send me for testing. (Note: I went together with another colleague of mine and he was seeing another doctor, in the same room same time, knowing he being in ‘direct contact’ recommended him for a test immediately without any fuss). Importantly, the doctor who firstly refused sending me for a test also recommended stating medication (Tamiflu) immediately, without even waiting for the report.

• Does the diagnosis, strategy or the protocol of a Govt. Hospital vary drastically with mood, even in am epidemic?
• Is Tamiflu a vaccine against Swine Flu? Isn’t the medicine most effective for first time treatment?

Again, waiting in queue surrounded with sneeze and cough, I finally got myself tested and got a pack of Tamiflu. They took my contact number and complete address and told me – “in case you have been tested positive, we would call you up”. Wow, now its caring…

Aug 13: Death toll of 15 in Pune (out of 23 in India), left the city in panic. No call yet – I am happy that I have been tested negative for the deadly flu. Also, I thanked my general physician, consulting whom I decided not to take the tables until I am sure on having Swine flu.

Aug 14: My colleague who got tested with me at the same time called up and informed me that he had been to the hospital to get the report for his test but, the hospital authorities informed him that they are still awaiting his report from the NIV, Pune. Humm… I need to wait a bit longer for celebration. I decided to visit the hospital late night around 10 P.M. Reaching there I could find test reports for samples taken on 12th but, mine (sample of 11th) was not there. The available officials said that they would need to see and the computer and would only be able to tell me know in the morning.

Aug 15: I was feeling much better. Much because of a mentally challenged person whom I saw cleaning the roads while the educated passed by wearing mask. He made it my day. Yeah hai India meri jaan – Love you motherland.
Feeling lucky, I decided to visit the hospital again for my test report. They searched and said “Report Awaiting”.

• Did I had the flu (maybe in mild form) and my immune system fought it out? Or maybe I didn’t even have it…. Who knows- NIV, Naidu …?

Aug 16: Visiting again, changed the status of my report from “Report Awaiting” to “It will not come” a.k.a. “Report Missing”.

Me: What happened to my test report? I have given my sample on 11th Aug.
Authority: It is not send to us by NIV. It will not come now.
Me: What does that mean - is it missing?
Authority: Maybe
Me: Are you taking any action for the missing reports?
Authority: My job is to send the samples to NIV for testing and display the reports, as and when it comes. Nothing more than that.
Me: Are you planning to resample the people whose reports are missing. I heard it is over a hundred and you are maintaining a register of the people whose reports are missing.
Authority: No we have no plans for re-sample the people whose reports are missing. We also do not have any registry of such missing reports. We only maintain the list of reports we have received from NIV.
Me: So, it seems you do not care about people health (maybe dying people).
Authority: If you want, you may go and register a police complain.
Me: Okay.

• Were the samples ever sent for testing to NIV from Naidu?
• Did NIV/Naidu lose my samples?
• Is this negligence of duty, lack of organization or corruption?
• Is government cautious of public health at this time of pandemic?
• Did I catch up Swine Flu, visiting the hospital so many times? In this age of IT why isn’t there any online portal to see reports…?

leaves a hundred questions spoken and unspoken, unanswered within me… who care, I am doing well with my health, now. Forget it.

By: Scared, Peace-loving citizen of free India
Location: Oxford of the East.
[P.S. The questions raised are solely my personal view / thoughts, need not be facts]
Yes, this is happening even in Bangalore, and worst thing is that they are selling mask in black and not even giving, even if you order the same day. How can you save pity India from deadly Swine Flue. Just because of lack of ownership, lack of care and irresponsibility, many people will die. What will happen to Govt staffs, they will still get all those medical and other facilities. For government, all leaders are safe in home and if some babu family will get the SWINE, hospital staffs are ready to save them. India is really a poor country still where even if you are ready to pay, they are reluctant to do some work. They don't have any fear of losing jobs and etc. Official staffs in hospital should be accountable for missing reports and should take ownership to provide reports and medicines if needed.

As per me, India is still lagging from western countries, only they can compete in corruption and other money related things ...

Swine Flu Test — Swine Flu Test

Sir This is my personal request to indian government of helth union. pls reduce the swine flu testing fee.Because this testing fee is only affordable by upper class fellow, lower class and middle class people can not bear such a highamount of fee.

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