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NH66 from Krishnagiri to Tiruvannamalai is extremely bad. Loads of people tarvel to Arunachalam on every poornima to make Girivallam. A night drive in this road is very very dangerous. Deep potholes can strand a Suv to a small car. If you travel in the night on a rainy day, every kilometer in the road has a death trap. Because water is filled in the potholes, you would not know how deep the pothole and your car will land up in the ditch and you need to sleep there. The trucks and buses with huge headlamps will make you to literally make a stop and proceed. They never used dimmer and you can imagine..

If the authorities feel at least the moral responsibility, they should immediately take action to lay good roads.. Otherwise, one day, their children will face the music..
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Aug 13, 2020
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I recently took this route (from Krishnagiri to Thiruvannamalai) by bike. (Dated: May 2016.) As I was travelling less than 80 kmph, so breaking was easy at places where the road was broken. In fact at some places the left side of the road was non-existent, in its place there was a 6 feet deep ditch stretching a 100 meters or so. There was also no warning for the ditch. Because I am a very careful rider so I was able to avoid this ditch, but I can only imagine how a car can avoid this ditch travelling at 100 kpmg in night!! Impossible! Other than this there were several places with patches of broken road & I had to slow down the bike a lot. You can make a bike to zig-zag in between, but it is very difficult for SUV cars to do that. I will still say that this road is manageable if you travel at maximum 80 kmph very very carefully. Because the road is mostly fine except for those patches here & there. But don't even think about travelling in dark!
Forget about the night drive its not possible to drive even in day time.
Government should lay a new & wide road.
I was travelling on this road on 17-Jan-2011, I really don't understand what is happening, the road is so worst that it is unfit for motoring. Are the highways people blind and not able to notice this, this road connects major temples like Tiruvanamalai, Melmarvathur, Melmalayanur and also pondicherry. Even if these temples provide some funds these road could have been better, what is happening to the tax collected is the government is such a poor condition its a shame. If a CM or PM will travel on this road will it be in this condition, imagine if a carrying lady will travel in this route she will surely have a miscarriage or the baby will born while travelling in this strech. Officials responsible for this will face this surely some day or other...
The road from Krishnagiri to Pondicherry (NH 66) is a sheer torture for the driver and the co passengers. Forget about driving in the night, its a rigorous exercise to drive during daylight as well. It took us close to 9 hours to drive from Krishnagiri to reach Pondicherry. The pot holes on the roads can surely put the best of the best drivers and tehir vehicles to test. In case of a break down there is no place to stay over or eat as well...
Suggestion: If you intend to go to Pondicherry by raod, from Bangalore, taking the Bangalore-Chennai-ECR-Pondicherry route is highly recommeded.
The road (NH66) between pondicherry and krishnagiri being a national highway is so worst that it cant be even compared to village roads. Once our car got punctured when it fell into the pot hole while we were travelling from pondy to bangalore. Driving in this road during night time is unimaginable. i hope that national highway authorities of india wont fall deaf ear to our complaints and they wud take proper and immediate action to repair the road..
I have travelled from bangalore to pondicherry thru thiruvannamalai, and this road from krishnagiri to thiruvannamalai is a nightmare you dont know from where the pot holes suddenly appear every inch of the road occupied by pot holes. Pot holes are so big that you can burry elephants in it. I dont know what the tamil nadu government is doing even if a small portion of the 2g scam money was diverted this road would have been done. Tiruvannamalai and pondicherry is such important tourist centre and the Mr Karunanidhi is simply ignoring things, The roads in tiruvannamalai town is worst it is such important town, I dont know how the people their are tolerating such roads. Mr Karunanidhi's government is so busy stashing the illgotten 2g scam money they have ignored the entire state and forgotten about roads. Krishnagiri tiruvannamalai road is a classic example as how the Mr Karunandhi is leading us back to STONE AGE. God save the people of Tamil Nadu.
I Travel Every week to my home town from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai, stretch from Bangalore to Krishnagiri is fine After which you will have a most unpleasent experiance of your life if you are going
to Tiruvannamalai or pondicherry.I have to face this Torture every week worst if you travel in night time
very dangerous for Preganat ladies to travel i will advise them to never tarvel by this road use Train route
to vellore and then come to tiruvannamalai.The temple town tiruvannamalai has lakhs of people visting
every month govenment gets heavy money as tourism tax but could not understand why no one has acted
to lay down a proper road which leads to the town This road should be rated less than Third categary roads atleast Roads in extreame sub sahara poor countries will be better.It is shame as part of both tamil nadu government and Central government not fixing NH 66.Their are deep holes every where making it extremely difficult and dangerous to travel any time.I wonder if none of these politicians travel by this road
as its been months since the road has gone into horrifying conditions which nobody taken it as a issue in
state assembly or local assembly.Morever two years back travel from hosur to tiruvnnamali was 3 hours 45 minutes which now takes more than 5 hours because of which people travel for work to banaglore frequently have suffered a lot.
This road is in very bad condition. You will practically stop in many places even during day time. Several pot-holes are capable of breaking your axle. Avoid this road if you can. It is a shame this is called National Highway.
I have sent mail on this and pasted for your ref...

Dear Sir

Good Morning...I want to share the BAD experience which was happened yesterday while Travelling from Thiruvannamalai – Tinidivanam Highway (NH-66) where we were travelling in normal speed & have got struck due to big cavity on the road which is not at all a normal one. We have enquired the same with the local people whether it is there for short period or long period and they have conveyed it was there for very long period and due to this so many accidents are happening for the persons travelling in the bike too. Please share the same with your local people’s and help people in accident free travelling on that road.
As it is NH, if you can travel in NH-66...you will never come to know that it is NH. Even SHs are better than this road. Patches plays a major role in this highway and definitely your vehicle require overhauling for this 80 Kms from Tindivanam to Thiruvannamalai.
FROM KRISHNAGIRI TO TIRUVANNAMALI its non stop as the bus jumping between the earth and sky.
i felt for 3 hours i was in rolar coaster in a theme park...life is very hectic by travelling with this road...Please avoid this road..and use vellore route...
I Travel Every month to my home town from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai, the stretch from Bangalore to Krishnagiri is fine After which you will have to meet a most unpleasent experiance of your life. Severe action to be taken by the public otherwise thinks will happen.
I traveled in my Alto two months back and it is in pathetic condition. The drivers can experience Off-Road driving in Krishnagiri - Thiruvannamalai stretch. Don't even think to take your car in this road. The highway authorities should atleast do the patch works.
did anyone travel in the Krishnagiri - tiruvannamalai road recently? any improvements in that stretch?
There is no improvement, it become wost compair to last month.
From TN gov should take acction on this, we are facing lots of issue while traveling from Banglore to Tiruvannamalai, When ever we are try go by car, we are loosing on weel cap, that is road conditions.
Is it really bad?? I want to visit Tiruvanamallai temple on the way from Bangalore to Pondy...is there any other route?
Transstroy taken project contract of Tindivanam to krishnagiri stretch...
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